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Reward dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I want to reward him.
  2. I want to reward you.
  3. Now you can reward him.
  4. Love is its own reward.
  5. We just need a reward.

  6. Reward him at the end.
  7. And life is its reward.
  8. It is to reward you.
  9. I have found my reward.
  10. Your reward is in Heaven.
  11. Honesty is its own reward.
  12. This is a reward for you.
  13. For others it is a reward.
  14. For their reward is coming.
  15. With God is a great reward.

  16. This is the eternal reward.
  17. I, at least, had my reward.
  18. The whole reward for their.
  19. The reward had been immense.
  20. A rare reward of his skill!.
  21. That is my potential reward.
  22. Thus We reward the virtuous.
  23. Thus We reward the thankful.
  24. She is not reward motivated.
  25. The system yields the reward.

  26. Verily there is a reward for.
  27. Success is my greatest reward.
  28. I could expect a just reward.
  29. The state’s reward in this.
  30. Christ to receive their reward.
  31. And love is the reward of pain.
  32. Then to reward such confidence.
  33. Reward for clearing the hurdle.
  34. Risk and reward go hand in hand.
  35. It was the ad for reward miles.
  36. Reward her frequently with t-.
  37. And by the way the reward for.
  38. No, no, I will accept no reward.
  39. And see the reward of the wicked.
  40. They received their reward for.
  41. It offered an impressive reward.
  42. They will reward you handsomely.
  43. The flip side to reward is risk.
  44. From the earners? But why reward.
  45. Reward a horse at the wrong time.
  46. But the reward is worth the risk.
  47. Your reward is to work harder.
  48. Our guys had the reward all wrong.
  49. Our reward then is with us as we.
  50. This becomes the giver’s reward.
  51. And of his reward, they are worthy.
  52. This is Unks well deserved reward.
  53. Solitary was my reward for victory.
  54. It is life or death, not a reward.
  55. Risk and reward are all time based.
  56. Hide'n'seek with a bountiful reward.
  57. It was the reward tor her sacrifice.
  59. You know of the reward, of course.
  60. I will reward them with a long life.
  61. Such is the reward for the virtuous.
  62. The reward would be felt in my mouth.
  63. I mean that I have earned the reward.
  64. Our reward then is with us as we live.
  65. Q: Is not self-knowledge the reward?
  66. Life in abundance shall be his reward.
  67. The reward is mine, Rainer said.
  68. Such is the reward for the evildoers.
  69. First Rule of The Game: Have a Reward.
  70. There would be no reward for success.
  71. We are happy to reward hard workers.
  72. See, his reward is with him, and his.
  73. The reward is a lot of patents to do.
  74. Well, I‘ve just the reward for him.
  75. I could have got myself a big reward.
  76. As a reward for what they used to do.
  77. He who gives up only the reward rises.
  78. With each goal, set a reward that fits.
  79. I would reward you most richly of all.
  80. And there is a little reward, I fancy.
  81. This is where knowing how to reward a.
  82. There’s a big reward on this one.
  83. The more saved, the better the reward.
  84. Your reward could be as elaborate as.
  85. Motivation without reward rarely lasts.
  86. Bees: Selfless acts reward the selfish.
  88. Remember to reward in the familiar way.
  89. This reward is not constant over time.
  90. I reaped another reward from that sale.
  91. Getting away with it was their reward.
  92. Then what is the reward for playing.
  93. The purpose of this judgement is reward.
  94. Indeed, they have received their Reward.
  95. The results could very well reward you.
  96. He who gives up only the reward, rises.
  97. Each agreed to a reward for their labour.
  98. In that instant, it was his best reward.
  99. This is how We reward the doers of good.
  100. In their view, death came with a reward.
  1. It was exciting and rewarding.
  2. I’ve had a rewarding career.
  3. For me, it was very rewarding.
  4. However, it is always rewarding.
  5. Similarly a system of rewarding.
  6. There are no riches more rewarding.
  7. Now, for the REALLY rewarding bit!.
  8. It was grueling but very rewarding.
  9. It would have been rewarding to.
  10. To live for the whole is most rewarding.
  11. We can simply stop rewarding ourselves.
  12. It was a very rewarding and instructive.
  13. But it is also the most rewarding of all.
  14. Rewarding a horse with treats whenever he.
  15. Indoor gardening is indeed a rewarding hobby.
  16. Others have found the process so rewarding.
  17. However, the results are far more rewarding.
  18. Parenting is both challenging and rewarding.
  19. I have a rewarding proposition for you!.
  20. Every loving or fearful act has a rewarding.
  21. He is Best in rewarding, and Best in requiting.
  22. You are embarking upon a truly rewarding journey.
  23. So, for me, it is both challenging and rewarding.
  24. It had been a rewarding relationship for all of them.
  25. But the hardest lessons are often the most rewarding.
  26. But the results can be very rewarding, very satisfying.
  27. This is only another instance of rewarding incompetence.
  28. By having rewarding social connections, you become happier.
  29. The position was a very rewarding one which allowed me the.
  30. Fred had been rewarding resolution by a little laxity of late.
  31. It had been both a rewarding experience and a horrendous one.
  32. This sensitization is associated with enhanced rewarding and.
  33. Sometimes she felt that they were rewarding her by giving her.
  34. This is one of the most rewarding things a good ski instruc-.
  35. Quite often, your dog will find this more rewarding than a treat.
  36. Eliminating the price-paid bias can be profitable and rewarding.
  37. It was the most rewarding feeling, and I couldn’t stop smiling.
  38. Assessing Decreases in Incentive-Motivation for Rewarding Stimuli.
  39. Teaching ESL in a foreign country is an exciting and rewarding job.
  40. Opening a hotel is a big job, but one I found immensely rewarding.
  41. The early spring bass fishing can both be rewarding and exhausting.
  42. Nothing would be more rewarding than that! He laughed wickedly.
  43. And, as challenging and rewarding as it is to have a student who is.
  44. Achieving success as an investor can be very rewarding over the years.
  45. The underlying rule here is that life is simpler, more rewarding and.
  46. Feedback should be informative and rewarding whenever the response is.
  47. If it hadn't been for that, their relationship was becoming rewarding.
  48. If it is particularly rewarding then learn to be content with it but.
  49. The next few weeks are the worst of my life, but also the most rewarding.
  50. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences at work and as such I.
  51. Being a long time member for SAW and I can say that it is most rewarding.
  52. All He's going to do is evaluate whether there's anything worth rewarding.
  53. How could getting your body hair shaved off be a rewarding experience?
  54. Recurring Commissions: The process of rewarding an affiliate on a recurring.
  55. The D2/3 receptor is critical to the rewarding effects of all drugs of abuse.
  56. He writes, Eliminating the price-paid bias can be profitable and rewarding.
  57. The endogenous opioid system has also been implicated in the rewarding effects.
  58. This is why I could attract the very best and it was always rewarding and fun!.
  59. I closed my eyes and decided it was going to be more rewarding to just give in.
  60. For doctors and nurses, this was the hardest and most rewarding ward to work on.
  61. I felt it was GOD rewarding me for not being selfish, and showing the world that.
  62. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences at work and as such I strongly.
  63. As such, hypnotic regressions may yield very rewarding results to their subjects.
  64. Their lovemaking must have been wild and passionate and deeply rewarding to both.
  65. The same study also showed that NPY decreased the rewarding effects of ICSS, and.
  66. The rewarding properties of abused drugs, especially psychostimulants, drive both.
  67. Be certain that you’re acknowledging and rewarding what you do want in a timely.
  68. I thank you for being here and I hope that you will find the experience rewarding.
  69. Dopamine plays a critical role in mediating the rewarding effects of all drugs of.
  70. It’s a job that is challenging and rewarding and there is always a new challenge.
  71. Once he sees how rewarding it is to be with you, he would be ready to listen to you.
  72. It’s rewarding to see old students and meeting the new The children are our future.
  73. Watching her rip into someone was only mildly rewarding because we knew that she’d.
  75. There are, of course, very rewarding steps that can be taken to promote better mental.
  76. That stolen money is strictly political vote-pandering, buying votes and rewarding the.
  77. They think we are rewarding their fearful behavior! That means that they are doing the.
  78. If they have only a few hundred million to manage, this strategy might be quite rewarding.
  79. Shippenberg TS, Heidbreder C (1995) Sensitization to the conditioned rewarding effects of.
  80. Lett BT (1989) Repeated exposures intensify rather than diminish the rewarding effects of.
  81. I also have the second, less rewarding moment from someone who heard me speak two years ago.
  82. It was so very much more satisfying and rewarding than to be held up to public approbation.
  83. It was obvious to Alexei that the Queen was rewarding her Captain for his remarkable duties.
  84. Caring for the children of their closest friends was quite satisfactory and rewarding enough.
  85. My 19th year with the Park Companies was rewarding in two respects: I enjoyed helping Roy, Jr.
  86. Working with homeless veterans is richly rewarding and at the same time extremely exhausting.
  87. This is most rewarding because when we give to others we also find we are giving to ourselves.
  88. Why? Because much of tool-hardship inside civilization is unconnected to any rewarding pay-off.
  89. It promised to be a long and mutually rewarding relationship both financially and strategically.
  90. I really wish I could have done something more rewarding with my life than catch a lot of fish.
  91. The captive Shiganzhu I interviewed told me that they are rewarding people for breeding in Venak.
  92. Futures' low margin requirements make them more rewarding than stocks but also much more dangerous.
  93. A properly executed question and answer session can be a rewarding experience for both speaker and.
  94. I found hosting an international student was a rewarding experience for both families and students.
  95. And I find that what I’ve done here is considerably more rewarding than anything I did for Helios.
  96. God will be rewarding you for how well you work for Him, not for what He will actually call you to do.
  97. She found the job very interesting and rewarding as she was good with people and a great communicator.
  98. Lie is to present what appears to be an alluring and rewarding path to follow that is in fact a never-.
  99. An intimate and rewarding friendship was put on hold for many years but a lesson had been consolidated.
  100. The reason is that business owners are independent types and challenges are rewarding when met and faced.
  1. She says we are rewarded.
  2. I will have them rewarded.
  3. He rewarded me with a wink.
  4. His hope was justly rewarded.
  5. You will be greatly rewarded.
  6. But in a way they are rewarded.
  7. Then he was rewarded with the.
  8. She's rewarded with true riches.
  9. I was rewarded for this boldness.
  10. God-given and should be rewarded.
  11. Virtue was with a bride rewarded.
  12. At last my patience was rewarded.
  13. Then their patience was rewarded.
  14. Eve rewarded him with a warm smile.
  15. I deserve the rewarded of health &.
  16. The seeker shall be rewarded wisdom.
  17. And he has been well rewarded, Frodo.
  18. They were only to be rewarded with a.
  19. And now, he was being rewarded for it.
  20. I feel very rewarded when I look at it.
  21. None should be more liberally rewarded.
  22. The last thing is: generosity is rewarded.
  23. The most dogged ones are always rewarded.
  24. You will be rewarded when the time comes.
  25. Self-sacrifice was thus rewarded in Cuba.
  26. This is how traitors are rewarded!.
  27. And I have been rewarded for this boldness.
  28. You deserve the rewarded of health & beauty.
  29. Now you shall be rewarded by a really good.
  30. Sister, you would be rewarded handsomely.
  31. The raids were dangerous and seldom rewarded.
  32. She was soon rewarded by a scream from Nauca.
  33. Note that higher risk is not always rewarded.
  34. I rewarded her with my smiles, laughers, and.
  35. Stacey rewarded him with the rest of the pizza.
  36. Abraham rewarded him with a handful of pennies.
  37. So the Lord rewarded him his punishment, as he.
  38. You shall greatly be rewarded when this is over.
  39. Aurora? His plea was rewarded with silence.
  40. Today, I have rewarded them for their endurance.
  41. The dog was rewarded with a piece of dried meat.
  42. Day 7 rewarded me with the best sugar reading yet.
  43. Many brushed past but still were rewarded with a.
  44. Buyers feel rewarded, while sellers feel punished.
  45. Industry, therefore, must be better rewarded, the.
  46. Whoever brings you to them will be richly rewarded.
  47. However, compliance may be rewarded, but not always.
  48. Then he will be rewarded for it the fullest reward.
  49. Our families are greatly rewarded after you die.
  50. The housemaid found herself very liberally rewarded.
  51. He was rewarded by reluctant nods and smiling faces.
  52. Other empirical factors do not appear to be rewarded.
  53. When you keep at it, you’ll be financially rewarded.
  54. Achievements are recognized and rewarded by the State.
  55. The young man bided his time and was rewarded for his.
  56. For your diligence and loyalty, you should be rewarded.
  57. My boss was so happy that he rewarded me with a larger.
  58. And has justly rewarded that spirit of loquacious youth.
  59. More people will be punished in the grave than rewarded.
  60. This was rewarded with a genuinely appreciative chuckle.
  61. Will you be rewarded except for what you used to do?
  62. But see how true it sometimes is that virtue is rewarded.
  63. In this life we are rewarded by freedom from fear, and.
  64. The students rewarded him by ransacking his office and.
  65. When they are being rewarded for doing their job, they.
  66. She did not give to be rewarded – but she was rewarded.
  67. I became an effective teacher and I was rewarded with a.
  68. It sounds as though you’ve already been amply rewarded.
  69. After all, they’d rewarded her beyond her wildest dreams.
  70. So the Lord rewarded him his punishment as he had deserved.
  71. At long last, it appeared, her patience was being rewarded.
  72. Donovan scooped her up in his arms and was rewarded with a.
  73. The unusual sight caught his attention, and he was rewarded.
  74. When we get it right, the reader is rewarded, and so are we.
  75. Some people may say that she did it to be rewarded from God.
  76. Kearney rewarded his very flat final syllable with a quick.
  77. Anxious nods were rewarded by staccato bursts of information.
  78. Life is gamed into experience points and rewarded with apps.
  79. I kept moving uphill and was rewarded with more fresh water.
  81. But you’ve pleased me today, and you should be rewarded.
  82. John 5:29 And is from the |or Hell - have life and rewarded.
  83. This is why everyone is rewarded for simply being game ready.
  84. On the contrary, the system would have actually rewarded her.
  85. They gave their lives for Him and they will be rewarded with.
  86. Waterhouse rewarded the expression of respect by accepting Mr.
  87. The merchant smiled at Brandela and was rewarded with a radi-.
  88. Hell at death but the saved are rewarded in a place many call.
  89. Should they be compensated and even rewarded for their active.
  90. I was rewarded with those beauties in the months that followed.
  91. When the trend is up, bulls feel rewarded by a bountiful parent.
  92. You will be rewarded for Nature leaves no efforts unrecognized.
  93. In the 'New Europe' Italy would be rewarded with rich pickings.
  94. Twenty years had rewarded him with the trust and confidence of.
  95. Those whom he can find, therefore, are very liberally rewarded.
  96. When you wake, this city will be mine and you will be rewarded.
  97. It wasn’t until one day at lunch that my efforts were rewarded.
  98. It is not the blind faith that we will be rewarded in the next.
  99. This is the good of The Law of The Good – Obey and be rewarded.
  100. Illiquidity is not worth bearing if it is not properly rewarded.
  1. The rewards will be great.
  2. Thus God rewards the pious.
  3. The rewards can be as big as.
  4. Give rewards gives children a.
  5. Include pictures of the rewards.
  6. Or, in this case, no rewards.
  7. What s more, he had his rewards.
  8. Step Two: The Rewards of Routine.
  9. The universe praises and rewards.
  10. But the rewards can be amazing….
  11. We live in a society that rewards.
  12. So why couldn't he reap the rewards.
  13. Plenty Other Rewards to Choose From.
  15. The Potential Rewards Are Outstanding.
  16. She rewards loyalty with her kindness.
  17. Only the fool wants rewards, his just.
  18. Think positively, think of the rewards.
  19. The rewards you reap will depend on you.
  20. Face in testimony rewards the innocent.
  21. Truth seeks its own inestimable rewards.
  22. The work comes first, the rewards later.
  23. Motivation without rewards rarely lasts.
  24. All the rewards and punishments in the.
  25. The sacrifice is great, the rewards are.
  26. He is also the provider of their rewards.
  27. You will reap the rewards of your labour.
  28. A man that fortune's buffets and rewards.
  29. And sanity rewards those who keep secrets.
  30. Thinking over the acquisition of rewards.
  31. He has finally passed to his just rewards.
  32. The business world rarely rewards a whiner.
  33. Yes, he said, and glorious rewards they are.
  34. Because the rewards from shares are limited.
  35. You need to make these rewards very special.
  36. All the rewards and punishments in the Old.
  37. But these rewards are finite and perishable.
  38. Your rewards will be better health, better.
  39. Rewards are earned in a variety of ways, and.
  40. God’s Rewards are Prophecies for the Saved.
  41. The sacrifice is great, the rewards are great.
  42. This is how life teaches us love: It rewards.
  43. It's what you put into life that brings rewards.
  44. It is the symptom of an ideology that rewards.
  45. Life should be played for the profits of rewards.
  47. It rewards the criminals and punishes the honest.
  48. It is a time of receiving your heavenly rewards.
  49. Any move toward intrinsic rewards is discouraged.
  50. And reap the rewards, this time, added Robin.
  51. But these rewards are destroyed along with their.
  52. You will find rewards at the end of the struggle.
  53. It’s important not to overdo it with rewards of.
  54. The more this card is used, the bigger the rewards.
  55. Our purposes and our rewards are starkly different.
  56. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward(s).
  57. The universe rewards those who fuel it and.
  58. Gamizens live in abstract worlds of imaginary rewards.
  59. Be patient, exercise restraint, and the rewards will.
  60. Each strategy has its own risks and potential rewards.
  61. Within that hardness, rewards are given for being made.
  62. It is just that you take the risk, but reap the rewards.
  63. Think about the rewards for having mentally tough staff 2.
  64. The rewards are great for those who choose well in this.
  65. First of all, poker rewards aggression and table control.
  66. Here are some ideas for rewards that do not involve food:.
  67. Expected rewards on all return sources can vary over time.
  68. But the rewards of keeping the commandments is not there;.
  69. In the end, of course, these rewards prove themselves empty.
  70. And the rewards in heaven will be great if you choose for.
  71. High rewards are usually the result of accepting high risk.
  72. If you practice it with care and patience, he rewards are.
  73. This period offered rewards to high beta investors only if.
  74. Different return sources deserve different long-run rewards.
  75. The rewards in the age to come are based on the motives of.
  76. Goals and rewards give your child the challenge to succeed.
  77. That’s why we can’t have these rewards when we do wrong.
  78. He was pleased that his patience had brought its own rewards.
  79. I guarantee rewards! Whoever turns himself in wins it all!.
  80. You are able to enjoy your success, you deserve these rewards.
  81. Rewards and punishments are the great motivators of humanity.
  82. All the rewards and punishments in the Old Testament were in.
  83. Even if you show them what the rewards for long term success.
  84. But, you know, the rewards of life come to the doers, not the.
  85. Discretionary bonuses and rewards can be used prior to a sale.
  86. At the end of the day, give yourself any rewards you have earned.
  87. How’s that for taking a tiny risk and reaping giant rewards?
  88. It’s okay to motivate yourself with incentives and some rewards.
  89. It is not without punishment that little girls earn their rewards.
  90. This creates opportunities and rewards those who do have patience.
  91. Knowing this secret, the yogi transcends the rewards of Vedic.
  92. These rewards in our life would not have become a reality without.
  93. I said that my preference, if any rewards were due, was for money.
  94. We can boast in rewards, but if salvation is by free grace we have.
  95. Indeed, there are lots of rewards and 0% APR credit cards out there.
  96. The knowledge that the rewards of success are worth the effort will.
  97. What will your rewards be for your efforts? Statistically, you’ll:.
  98. But, you know, the rewards of life come to the doers, not the talkers.
  99. SINCE THIS ENTIRE BOOK has been built around the rewards of positive.
  100. Their rewards are not related to their contribution but to their ego.

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