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Rip dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I turned to face Rip.
  2. She'll rip out her I.
  3. That was my oath, Rip.
  4. Now rip out the prey's.
  5. Rip it off like a band aid.

  6. She’ll rip him to pieces.
  7. Him of all people! RIP Will.
  8. Where is he? asked Rip.
  9. Out of a rip in the sky some.
  10. They're here to rip me apart.
  11. She wants to rip me to pieces.
  12. Like when they rip off the OWG.
  13. Rip and Wilx were not my saviors.
  14. Spock let rip a thunderous fart.
  15. You heard him! shouted Rip.

  16. Rip went a little loud and crazy.
  17. Back to Lincra! shouted Rip.
  18. And it means he may rip me off.
  19. Clamorous claws that rip and tear.
  20. After that he didn‘t give a rip.
  21. Holly felt a shiver rip through her.
  22. Rip me open to see what’s inside.
  23. Hey! I shouted at Rip and Wilx.
  24. Rip had attended prep school with me.
  25. They try to rip everyone to pieces.

  26. Rip and Wilx were nowhere to be seen.
  27. I wanted to rip this guy’s head off.
  28. Don’t worry about it, said Rip.
  29. Your words always have a pull, Rip.
  30. That's more something Rip would do.
  31. I felt the bullet rip into my chest.
  32. Rip her clothes off and hold her down.
  33. Holly felt her hair rip from her scalp.
  34. Without it the world would rip asunder.
  35. My heart felt as if it had a rip in it.
  36. Once again, he wanted to rip her apart.
  37. Look at that hand-thing! said Rip.
  38. Wanted to rip her face off, as one does.
  39. What have you got there? asked Rip.
  40. No, that can't be true! argued Rip.
  41. He felt his skin rip and his flesh burn.
  42. Rip and the others went in the girls car.
  43. This is definitely designed to rip you off.
  44. Wilx, Rip and I were now on the big screen.
  45. The archivists are robotic, said Rip.
  46. I’m good, Rip, but I’m not that good.
  47. Rip did genuinely want you to be his friend.
  48. We have to leave now, said Rip to Wilx.
  49. I might be able to rip it out of its socket.
  50. I have a mind to rip her heart out myself.
  51. May I have a glass of water? asked Rip.
  52. Otherwise I’ll rip his head off, servant.
  53. A bit overkill, don’t you think, Rip?
  54. What? Oh God, he’s going to rip me in half.
  55. I had not seen Rip or Wilx in at least a day.
  56. But this Greeg is intelligent, said Rip.
  57. I am panting and vaguely hear the rip of foil.
  58. Actually, we took care of them, said Rip.
  59. The universe knows you hate each other, Rip.
  60. What were you doing back there? said Rip.
  61. He needed to burn her alive and rip her apart.
  62. He tugged it so tight I was sure skin would rip.
  63. I had to just rip it off as quickly as possible.
  64. What can we do to pass the time? asked Rip.
  65. I don't think it'll be that easy, said Rip.
  66. He would rip the bastard who did this to shreds.
  67. No! shouted Rip as he clung to his stomach.
  68. That guy looks as if he could rip your limbs off.
  69. But if we leave, there's no proof, said Rip.
  70. He put it on the floor and began to rip it apart.
  71. We have to act tough or they'll rip us to shreds.
  72. Enrich the world instead of making a lame rip off.
  73. Nope, nope, there it is! shouted Rip happily.
  74. The whole family structure was about to rip apart.
  75. It was like watching a hurricane rip apart a house.
  76. They wanted nothing more than to rip our heads off.
  77. This must be the legendary archives, said Rip.
  78. When my son was younger, he would rip the keys off.
  79. When they get a hold of a monkey they rip it apart.
  80. They can rip things out of the car and inspect them.
  81. We still have some of those? said Rip elatedly.
  82. He felt the fragments cut his face and rip his suit.
  83. Marie was about to let rip but Linda shook her head.
  84. Rip was puzzled over the sudden interest in the beard.
  85. I just thought it was a costume piece, said Rip.
  86. I wanted to rip out the armrest and beat him with it.
  87. We"re all dancin" and kissin" and what not, and Rip.
  88. But he was doing so as if he intended to rip it apart.
  89. He twisted them, aching to rip them off to get access.
  90. True, said Rip as he pointed at Wilx and Krimshaw.
  91. Not necessarily, said Rip as he covered his mouth.
  92. That fucking bastard, I’m going to rip his head off.
  93. There was another thunderous roar as the rip grew larger.
  94. That is a rip off whether it is justified as science in.
  95. In the end we couldn’t keep the rip open, but something.
  96. I wanted to rip the head off the first man to confront me.
  97. I’ll rip the armoire to pieces if need be, he said.
  98. Claire suddenly wanted to rip off her cheerleading uniform.
  99. Not unless you try and rip my face off again, she thought.
  100. Adros was certain his body would rip in half at any moment.
  1. There was a ripping sound.
  2. Ella, nearly ripping it in two.
  3. That dealer was ripping you off.
  4. The zip ties were ripping into her skin.
  5. He will kill by ripping the stomachs of.
  6. A storm was indeed ripping the place apart.
  7. The prison guards were already busy ripping.
  8. The darkness came followed by the ripping pain.
  9. He can feel Simon’s pain ripping through him.
  10. Tanned, relaxed, and ripping on his latest ruse.
  11. All who looked intent on ripping them to pieces.
  12. But this time the ripping pain was twice as bad.
  13. The rocket ripping open the rear delivery doors.
  14. She stepped back, ripping her body out of his hands.
  15. Then, from up the stream there came a ripping crash.
  16. Ripping Drapaku’s chest, the axe finally came out.
  17. It was as if they were ripping the soul out of the.
  18. His heart seemed to be ripping slowly in his breast.
  19. The room is full of the sound of crinkling and ripping.
  20. She cries between coughs while ripping off her blanket.
  21. He sliced his head across my gut, ripping open my shirt.
  22. She started ripping it off when the crying ceased for a.
  23. Simon tore off his jacket and began ripping it into strips.
  24. The bird screamed and clawed at her, ripping into her side.
  25. I didn’t want to be responsible for ripping his hand off.
  26. Hey! I’m the one that does the ripping! I exclaimed.
  27. Only my hands to her throat kept her from ripping out my own.
  28. We even saw some zombies ripping flesh off a decaying corpse.
  29. Ripping cars in parking lots had always worked for fast cash.
  30. Now please sign my chest, he said ripping his shirt apart.
  31. The snake struck, ripping off their heads one after the other.
  32. The ripping sound of her underwear sliced through the silence.
  33. Stone’s aim was true, the bullet ripping into Rolf mid-chest.
  34. The car tires made a ripping sound on the smooth road surface.
  35. And then the ghost appeared, ripping its own head from its body.
  36. Health and safety costs are ripping the arse out of his profits.
  37. The lion raked me with its claws, ripping off a chunk of my coat.
  38. Ripping that fucker apart would be the icing on the cake for me.
  39. It yelped and tore away, ripping at her cheek, and staggered off.
  40. What the fuck was I doing? Ripping Carl because he was a bit off.
  41. Another vicious attack followed, this one ripping a hole in the.
  42. He felt a ripping pain dart from the necklace, Cathy Jo’s pain.
  43. They were both afraid of the veils that were ripping between them.
  44. We slipped off the boar's back while he was busy ripping up cacti.
  45. Ripping his suit jacket from his body, he charged at the two, his.
  46. Gideon nodded his understanding but it was ripping him apart inside.
  47. Godel struck back at the raven, ripping at his wing with his talons.
  48. I grabbed at my hair and pulled on it, almost ripping it out by the.
  49. The bullet catches the thing in the throat, ripping most of it away.
  50. Lov tore into the dead dragon, ripping hunks of flesh from its body.
  51. Max pulls out; ripping the condom off that John Smith agreed to wear.
  52. Ripping off the gloves as quickly as possible, he gazed at his palms.
  53. A barn-owl, screeching overhead with a ripping sound, startled the men.
  54. Emily tore at her wrist, ripping open her own vein, and she watched as.
  55. He fell towards the sea, so fast he could feel the wind ripping at him.
  56. The dogs hated me, viciously ripping the remaining flesh off of my body.
  57. She removed the last of her clothes ripping them from her infested body.
  58. But no matter; he turned around and returned to ripping the rope to shreds.
  59. Something held his head and reached inside his mouth ripping out his tongue.
  60. Her nerves felt as if they were steadily were ripping apart inside her body.
  61. She grunted in frustration and started ripping the picture into little pieces.
  62. As the car came to a complete stop, he heard a ripping sound and then a thump.
  63. Buster grabbed hold of the wizard’s arm, nearly ripping it from its socket.
  64. Enduring the bone twisting, muscle ripping pain that scorched him head to toe.
  65. Then she got her fingers through this tear and pulled up, ripping open a flap.
  66. Ash got a hold on its throat ripping and tearing at it with his powerful fangs.
  67. If you punch the accelerator, you’ll be slammed back in the seat and ripping.
  68. Here we are 14 years later and he’s still ripping us off! Can we sue him?’.
  69. Lov swung his ax up, catching the first hammer and ripping it from Tormac's grip.
  70. Its brain realized that truth just as Samson killed it by ripping its jaws apart.
  71. Just then a ripping tearing sound filled the forest and they all abruptly stopped.
  72. The talons raked his breast, ripping through mail-links as if they had been cloth.
  73. He released the energy -- thousands of snakelike tendrils ripping through the air.
  74. The phasor bolt hit the hooded enemy full in the chest ripping his heart into two.
  75. She thrashed at her torso pulling her tea-shirt, ripping it from her swarming body.
  76. He tried to stop ripping off wallets and stealing credit cards and running them up.
  77. Fennsen got to his feet, knocking his chair over, and started ripping his pants off.
  78. She struggled to turn her chair around, ripping the handles out of Clarene’s hands.
  79. Ripping a cloak from the shoulders of a soldier, he wrapped it about the naked queen.
  80. I’d felt the tearing sensation before, the feel of my soul ripping away from my body.
  81. There was a loud ripping noise, and the whole back seam of Parker’s jacket had split.
  82. She remembered him towering over her, ripping what was left of her clothing to shreds.
  83. An avidactyl peck Joey on his hand and held on, ripping the clothes and the skin on it.
  84. Once he became successful, he pushed her aside, ripping the foundation of her stability.
  85. She started forward, into a face-full of leaves – a twig snatched at her cheek, ripping.
  86. At that moment splendid fires tore across the black, stormy sky, ripping this way and that.
  87. Before he even finished, they began ripping apart the grounds, destroying whatever was near.
  88. The cloth held fast for a second or two, before it sundered with an almighty ripping sound.
  89. But at the same time my nose was telling me that I shouldn’t be afraid or even ripping mad.
  90. Miller heard more ripping canvas, then furious hissing followed by the snarl of a large cat.
  91. The room was whirling round, and he had felt something go like a ripping seam behind his ear.
  92. A roaring, ripping sound came from somewhere beneath her, and she was jarred back in her seat.
  93. And then I heard him fall, and rise, and fall again, with a sound like the ripping of sacking.
  94. Bill: Women ripping Michael off were a constant source of aggravation while he was in prison.
  95. It is a token symbol of the skinning of an entire continent blood-red… ripping its skin off.
  96. Apparently he’s spending a lot of time out in the garage, ripping apart old microwave ovens.
  97. Ripping Joseph's flesh with his teeth, the Snaggle thought he'd moved into a dominant position.
  98. Sully’s hands tightened around my ankles, and the ripping sound of my trousers filled my head.
  99. Ripping at the flesh there Leora lifted Damalis up before dropping her back to the rocks below.
  100. Johnny turned, ripping his arm from Jeb's grip to gape at the tramp, Sippers, as if upon a ghost.
  1. He ripped it out of.
  2. He ripped down my pants.
  3. He ripped off his jacket.
  4. I watched TV and ripped.
  5. She ripped away his shirt.
  6. I ripped into the pancakes.
  7. The sucker ripped me off.
  8. Probably ripped him off too.
  9. Louise ripped up the letter.
  10. He ripped off all my clothes.
  11. Ripped right down its length.
  12. Cmon son, the guy ripped you.
  13. The hair ripped out was false.
  14. She ripped the blindfold off.
  15. Probably someone he ripped off.
  16. Pages ripped out, pages missing.
  17. The rifle was ripped out of her.
  18. Was something ripped? It felt so.
  19. A shudder ripped through his body.
  20. A howl ripped through the forest.
  21. It had almost ripped completely.
  22. My innocence ripped from my soul.
  23. The man searching him ripped off.
  24. Zar’s claws ripped open my skin.
  25. My dress was ripped in the process.
  26. And then she ripped up the ransom.
  27. Steve settled in, and ripped a beer.
  28. Dogs that ripped the calves off men.
  29. Norah ripped the tape off his mouth.
  30. He ripped the letter out of her hand.
  31. Yeah, I got ripped off but who cares.
  32. She had put back on her ripped dress.
  33. Houses would totally be ripped apart.
  34. Wind ripped the breath from my lungs.
  35. Seeing this, The Handyman ripped off.
  36. Love had been ripped from their lives.
  37. Greta ripped the clothes from her body.
  38. He ripped a page out of the typewriter.
  39. I literally ripped off of their hinges.
  40. She ripped the duct tape off his mouth.
  41. She’d ripped up the earth, leaving.
  42. I think it ripped early in the ascent.
  43. The jaws of the lion were ripped apart.
  44. Some hair was ripped off from her scalp.
  45. The captain ripped pages from the books.
  46. Then the phone was ripped from her hand.
  47. He ripped a branch off and held it out.
  48. With my torn and ripped net of delusion.
  49. He sawed and ripped at the tough belly.
  50. Stupid bastards! They ripped it off.
  51. Michael ripped the strap off his rifle.
  52. I ripped open the lid and wolfed it down.
  53. The weeks passed and the judges ripped.
  54. That's because they have ripped of and.
  55. I ripped it off to ease their breathing.
  56. Feel that feeling of being ripped off.
  57. Inch by inch he ripped the envelope open.
  58. Her things had been ripped and torn and.
  59. A second explosion ripped through the air.
  60. And when the fisherman ripped the brassy.
  61. A bullet ripped through the guy’s heart.
  62. She hissed and ripped her mouth wide open.
  63. I ripped a chunk off a chocolate doughnut.
  64. He ripped the letters open and read them.
  65. I jumped at Rat-face and ripped his shirt.
  66. The speech she had just ripped him with.
  67. A deep, gut-wrenching sob ripped out of me.
  68. Jerry’s death ripped our hearts out.
  69. Pain ripped into my body and dominated me.
  70. The captain watched as the General ripped.
  71. Separated by miles, Ripped from the heart.
  72. He was ripped open and fell to the ground.
  73. His pockets are ripped and his pouch lies.
  74. He was almost sure to have been ripped off.
  75. He ripped the sleeve of her over shirt off.
  76. It had been ripped apart, its sole dangling.
  77. He… The phone was ripped roughly from.
  78. He tore it off and ripped open the envelope.
  79. The bolt was finally ripped out of the wall.
  80. Hg' and he ripped the card into tiny pieces.
  81. I’ve swept the streets and ripped most of.
  82. I ripped off my prey’s clothing and then.
  83. He blurred to them and ripped Travis off of.
  84. The harsh wind ripped the paper off the pole.
  85. He's ripped, and carrying a sword of his own.
  86. Joyce grabbed the box and ripped off the tape.
  87. I sat sideways on a ripped vinyl seat in back.
  88. The shock ripped through the fabric of this.
  89. The shots ripped into the snout of the Kraken.
  90. Kay’s voice was ripped out of her in anguish.
  91. His coat was ripped, with stuffing coming out.
  92. But happiness had been ripped from their lives.
  93. He ripped me out of the car and punched me.
  94. The thick doorway had been ripped completely.
  95. She ripped free of it, then slipped in the mud.
  96. My crime-scene team had ripped apart her house.
  97. With a panicky curse Conan ripped out his sword.
  98. These are older, ripped, soft, and over-washed.
  99. The control is ripped from you with a stranger.
  100. Its handlebars were rusty; its seat was ripped.
  1. Skin rips when they’re old.
  2. The wind rips at our clothing.
  3. A metal stake rips through the bed.
  4. Not unless someone rips it off.
  5. Enzo rips the staff out of the ground.
  6. Love is the Devil that rips you apart.
  7. He rips the excess tape with his teeth.
  8. Jayson rips his sunglasses off to glare.
  9. He rips the plastic wrap with his teeth.
  10. Rips them in half, and juggles with the.
  11. They catch the big rips before the big rips.
  12. Rips and tears populated the couch and chair.
  13. When you lose a dog, it rips your heart right out.
  14. Enzo rips the blackout shades off his face, revealing.
  15. The frozen torrent rips through the colossal hippo’s.
  16. The anchor tethered to his kevlar vest rips as a result.
  17. I pulled apart the rips, so I could shove my head inside.
  18. Will throws the axe upon the altar and rips the ceremonial.
  19. He even looked for rips in the carpet cover and came up empty.
  20. They look dirty indeed and show some little rips here and there.
  21. He seizes the limb and rips it from the dog’s devouring teeth.
  22. Automatic gunfire rips into the side of a taxi flanking your car.
  23. And I can't lie now and say my eyes didn't scan it for any rips.
  24. Down on all fours, the transformation rips his body apart once more.
  25. To his shock, she rips her hand away before it even touches his lips.
  26. Faith stop it! He rips free of me and tries to catch his breath.
  27. Oh, thank god, says Daniel, and all but rips the bag in his haste.
  28. Loki stares as the surface of the egg rips apart and a tiny hole appears.
  29. SHE FOUND A sweater without rips in the armpits and a pair of khaki slacks.
  30. Kyle turns to face Tonya, rips off his polo shirt and then dives into the pool.
  31. Leah nods and rips another strip of hair off my body, then scrutinizes her work.
  32. Skin rips and his hands, slippery now with blood, tear helplessly at his attacker.
  33. He's cut off as a howl rips through the air, long and unearthly and ravaged with pain.
  34. Thor rips off a piece of bread, looks down at his plate and says, Friend of Hoenir.
  35. He discussed how he rips through charts and makes notes on promising technical setups.
  36. He always thanked her politely for the food she made, the clothes she washed, the rips.
  37. I realized one way to improve my numbers was to eliminate the one/two big rips a month.
  38. Leah presses one hand flat against my abdomen and rips the wax strip off with the other.
  39. He lunges at the wall just as the nearest mountain dog rips into his already injured leg.
  40. Weeping oil rips a reflection of your memories and puts it into the cup you drank from.
  41. It rips asunder not just limbs, bone, and blood, but the thoughts and desires of the soul.
  42. There were no tears or rips in the sails and the boats woodwork was not damaged in any way.
  43. He rips at the broken planks of wood with his bare hands, Where is it? OW! DAMN IT!.
  44. And then a noise rips the night in half and it’s as if a bowling ball has barreled into pins.
  45. Thor rips off a piece of bread, looks down at his plate and says, Friend of Hoenir ….
  46. And then one day perhaps the city returns and rips out the sore and builds a monument to its past.
  47. Those heavy nuclei moving that fast… just rips right through flesh, but not the way you’d think.
  48. I put the Mike Schmidt photo in a frame, and he’s speechless when he rips the wrapping paper open.
  49. Aargh! I cry as I feel a weird pinching sensation deep inside me as he rips through my virginity.
  50. He was able to get it into some resemblance of it's old self with some re-tying around some of the rips.
  51. Before it can strike with another limb, Jet rips his attacker from the swarm, hurling it against a wall.
  52. Inside the contents are protected by a thin waterproof casing made of thin plastic which Grailem rips off.
  53. Suddenly they were both talking at each other in rapid rips and slashes of life story and love professions.
  54. Boy’s wool socks, elastic long since sprung, drooped over ancient school shoes with rips along the toes.
  55. A flooded creek during an unexpected storm rips two children from their mother’s arms and they go missing.
  56. Big bodies humphed and blumped in the darkness, snapping large twigs and stripping keltoid fronds with loud rips.
  57. Tori stands up and rips at the jagged edges around the hole in the roof until it is large enough to climb through.
  58. The only time Ulysses strays away from Ithaca, when he is an adolescent, a boar attacks him and rips open his thigh.
  59. The market pauses, drifts down, then picks up steam and rips through all the stop losses, pausing when the run is over.
  60. She merely said in her fretful mumbling way, "What foolishness are you young rips up to now?" and thought no more about it.
  61. As Duncan finishes speaking, a roaring torrent rips through his blood and bone and flesh and he opens his mouth and screams.
  62. And for the sake of clarity and sessions without unnecessary trading rips, I said sometimes, as in these occasions are rare.
  63. Chuck, Rips, Ox, Tommy and Axel’s eyes widened, almost as large as the plates that were floating in mid-air just behind my head.
  64. Half an hour later, a peal of thunder rips through the joyous din, and the clouds that have been swelling all afternoon spill open.
  65. With a great heave, Simon rips some of the crumbling stonework from the wall and flings it with all his strength in their direction.
  66. Not wasting any time, Joris, using a knife I didn’t realise he had, rips off the sleeve of Berndt’s tunic, and inspects the damage.
  67. Magic rips the water molecules apart into oxygen and hydrogen, and excites the hydrogen atoms to the point where they burst into flame.
  68. About an hour or two ago it would a been a little different, but now it made me feel bad and disappointed, The king rips out and says:.
  69. One of the thugs rips a chunk of undercooked meat off a skewer and chews it viciously before spitting a hunk of gristle out onto the floor.
  70. Bella: Well, you have more guts than the ordinary trader to be able to deal with the rips that are inevitably going to come from trading this strategy.
  71. A nine-foot-tall, horned, black-skinned slathering monster with feral crimson eyes slams his fist through the wall of Lor’s chest and rips out his heart.
  72. She throws him back again with one hand and her shoulder and her chest, and yanks down on his hair with the other, and a searing pain rips through his neck.
  73. Even the hungry "young rips" did not feel it any great deprivation to abstain from the "lumpy porridge and blue milk" which had aroused the scorn of Mary Vance.
  74. As Robbo gets his hit in Smitty see's whats going on and the fat prick rips of his blue screws shirt and comes running from the office and in to the sandwich room.
  75. A gust of air the intensity of a newborn kitten sneezing rips down the plastic tarp the contractors affixed to the twenty-foot hole they cut into the side of your house.
  76. So, without a single word, Ralph steps forward, staggering as the bright pain rips through his leg, all but blinding him again, and throws the sparkling emeralds up into the sky.
  77. For even the thundering rocket, which rips the soul on Earth, walks silently some few miles high, treads the stars without footfall, as if in awe of the great cathedral of space.
  78. Another thing that helps me is my knowledge from experience that most of the time when someone rips me off for something, whatever he ripped off is something I’m better off without.
  79. I have the buckle end of the belt in my hand, but I can’t see to fight her, my eye is watering too much, and she soon rips away my grip, leaving a burning scrape of fingernails on my knuckles.
  80. It dashed and flashed in aurora-like splinters through bright crimson rips in the bruised purple clouds fuming over the vast reaches, carrying complete conflagration for the large island it struck.
  81. I replied, I saw the same thing in my mind as you, Night Stalker, but I saw more—I saw that that the hawks will be as fierce as Ghost Hunter and that they will fly with him when he rips the seal between worlds.
  82. Impatiently he rips open the cardboard box and takes out the television putting it on the floor, ignoring the instructions he takes out the remote control and wiring and throws the empty box out into the back garden.
  83. Infinity plus one? A hollow ringing laughter rips through the moist jungle air, filling it with… Nothing? Everything? Lemurs, monkeys, and birds cry back, pleading for mercy or cursing the fates, giving their primitive thanks or celebrating life.
  84. Cali had dressed down for the occasion—rule ninety-nine: don’t make the relatives think I’m a bad influence, she had joked—wearing her pink hoodie with the checks on one sleeve, hip-hugger jeans with no rips, and a pair of gray Nike running shoes adorned with pink swooshes.
  85. We used to joke that the big status symbol for one’s office at O’Neil was not getting new carpet, but getting new duct tape to repair the rips in your old office carpet! All joking aside, you will not find a Google-like habitat where extravagant and self-indulgent perks are an intrinsic part of the environment.
  86. What is the same fate doing to Christian, even as we speak, who was highly unstable to begin with? He certainly hasn’t had an easy time of it since I arrived in Dublin: catapulted unarmed into the Silvers for years by a botched ritual, fed Unseelie by myself, locked in a desperate battle for control over what he’s becoming, and now held captive by a monster that rips out his guts every time he heals.
  87. When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….
  88. The man grabs at Landa again! He grabs Landa by the arm! Suddenly, he pulls out a knife! He holds the knife up to Landa's face! Landa suddenly kicks the man real hard in the groin area again! She breaks hold of his grip and rips her jacket in the process! She starts to run away! The man starts to chase after Landa! He chases after Landa with the knife in his hand! Landa runs as fast as she can! She runs a couple of blocks towards her grandparents' home! She approaches closer towards her grandparents' home with the strange man still in hot pursuit!.
  89. Not because they couldn’t not make any sense: but because your dreams are inhabited and poisoned and affected by the wishes of so many unseen, undead insane auras… that the combined effect of their wishes in your dream: break up your dreams, like a kaleidoscope of broken fragments: flashing and changing with no rhyme or reason… as first one entity manages to take control of your subconscious… and then another entity rips that control away from the first and impresses his wishes on your dream so it can vicariously live out its fantasy, as all the other insane entities, crowding into the dream-fantasy… turning into meaningless chaos of conflicting wishes, a nightmare of horror, fear, terror, violation, etc… that leaves you unable to do anything.

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