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Risk dans une phrase (en anglais)

Risk no more than 1.
He was at risk too.
This was a risk he.
Best not to risk it.
So there is no risk.
She could not risk it.
Could be a fire risk.

Still, it was a risk.
They run the risk of.
It was worth the risk.
Weylyn took a huge risk.
She’d have to risk it.
But it was still a risk.
She was already at risk.
It was too great a risk.
You risk the future of.
Any increase in risk or.
These people are at risk.
Or risk, for that matter.
She had to take the risk.
At other times, the risk.
Cost is a function of risk.
Well, I would not risk it.
Do not risk a third flush.
It’s not worth the risk.
She could not risk asking.
You took a big risk there.
In this option, the risk.
You risk being sold out.
It was an unnecessary risk.
You risk the whole of life.
Then all things are at risk.
But he did risk passing out.
It’s one hell of a risk.
Why would he risk it?
Less risk in their revenue.
The risk would be too great.
He himself could be at risk.
It's just not worth the risk.
No immediate risk, he thought.
Also, we are now risking 11.
He was risking his life here.
We’re risking our lives too.
So in APPL if I’m risking 2.
Another attempt meant risking 2.
I was on the point of risking Mr.
In essence we were risking only 0.
Little was worth risking a thumping.
Stop and think what you’re risking.
I’m not risking this to the weather.
That was worth risking everything for.
There is no point in risking more lives.
At 900 shares we were risking $405 or 5.
It’s one thing risking the lives of other.
She’s risking her life for me, Ailia said.
He’d be risking replacement for making a false.
Some of us may hesitate risking 7% of our position.
You’re certainly the only one risking his neck.
He was risking a terrible row with the nuns, he knew.
So if I’m risking 50 cents, I can trade 500 shares.
Just being this close was risking a Romulan encounter.
The trader buys stock D, risking another $1,000 or 2%.
Although at this moment they are risking their careers.
And believe me I have no intention of risking my balls.
So using Tier1, I am risking the same amount of capital.
There was no point in pushing it and risking her brother.
And it is salely by risking life that freedom is obtained.
I say stop risking the future for one mishap in the past.
Risking a quick glance over his shoulder, he spotted the.
David took his stones and boldly faced the giant, risking.
On my Tier1, I am risking 5 percent of my daily loss ($250).
By only risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade.
Myrkvid and we have perils enough without risking the horrors.
Entering now, so far below the neckline, meant risking too much.
I mean, better than risking the destruction of 1111 universes?
But it was risking the failure of our plan to come up here, love.
She got out, risking another trip to the car, and opened the trunk.
Dantes could not understand a man risking his life for such matters.
Risking a few pecks on her mouth just for the smile I would receive.
She would not stop to telephone, wasting time and risking recapture.
You risked a lot this.
He never risked more than 0.
She risked her life without.
She risked a look at the knife.
Joey risked firing the Gunkshot.
Casey risked his life out there.
Indeed, he would've risked his.
She risked another glance at him.
I risked a glance over at Williams.
But he risked himself for your men.
He risked a glance around the room.
Not now as she had risked all that.
He risked his life for our country.
He risked a quick glance at the map.
He has risked all and saved my life.
We risked our liberty by trespassing.
He risked a glance around the corner.
You shouldn’t have risked that for me.
You risked your life just by being there.
But she couldn't have risked leaving Gary.
He would not have risked his life to climb.
We’ve risked our lives to get it this far.
I blushed and sipped then risked another look.
You risked the life of one of your best young.
Like a fool, Ostedes had risked all for nothing.
Sim was not in sight, so she risked the open road.
Because he had risked his life to save Son, Son.
She loved us and had risked her life to protect us.
Theoton wouldn’t have risked irritating her by.
Eager to learn more, Elowen risked another question.
He still wanted more, so I risked an outlandish lie.
Women have risked and lost their lives on the Lakes.
At the entrance, he risked one last glance behind him.
I risked one finger and scratched him under the chin.
Hearing the car skidding to a stop, she risked a peek.
Miller was gaining ground, and risked a shot himself.
Clara, he said: So you have risked it? Now we have won.
We often risked our lives by sleeping with an electric.
Re-claiming the car, they risked heavy traffic to reach.
He risked the rest of his money over the next two rounds.
We know the risks of.
In view of the risks.
Think of the risks, Wil.
The risks are not serious.
This can create many risks.
There are some risks with.
Their risks are much more.
Take your risks with stocks.
Yet, PE also involves risks.
The Factor of Cyclical Risks.
Don’t take any risks, Mark.
That way all risks are hedged.
It was time not to take risks.
These are inherent risks that.
He risks more than you know.
The Power and Risks of Leverage.
He had known the risks when he.
But he was not taking any risks.
To circumvent these risks, most.
Not enough for the risks I take.
Only the risks involved are high.
There are four risks (hazards):.
You take risks - it might not work.
Trend Trader: What are the risks?
High valuations entail high risks.
For ConocoPhillips, the risks of.
In practice, there are many risks.
Mitch calculated the risks involved.
To the extent that uncovered risks.
Take it easy and avoid taking risks.
More generic risks associated with.
The stick would be the risks asso-.
He was aware of all the risks that.
That is why I take the risks I take.
There are risks with either decision.
This creates great risks of ongoing.
Sirus knew the risks when he went in.
You probably already know the risks of.
The pack needed new pups and the risks.

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