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Riskiness dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. One aspect of a stock’s riskiness is captured by its beta to the VMG factor (i.
2. This reasoning allows creating an indicator indirectly expressing the extent of combination riskiness.
3. Probably this was mostly due to self-conceit, for I wanted to astonish the bystanders with the riskiness of my play.
4. If the riskiness of the combination is close to the average riskiness of the portfolio, this indicator converges to one.
5. Time-varying risk premia may reflect either assets’ changing riskiness or investors’ changing risk aversion over time—or both.
6. As an example of the potential riskiness of this strategy, the November 2008 volatility market pricing was applied to these option prices.
7. Hence, the riskiness of the strategy estimated on the basis of maximum drawdown should be weighted with respect to the testing period length.

8. One method that traders sometimes use to compare the relative riskiness of potential strategies focuses on the risk-reward ratio, or efficiency, of the strategies.
9. Spread widening and rating downgrades tend to boost an asset’s measured riskiness and maybe its required relative risk premium (the causality can work both ways).
10. This evidence is in line with January outperformance of small-cap stocks and corporate bonds—which may reflect these assets’ inferior liquidity as much as their greater riskiness.
11. These assets warrant an extra premium because of their illiquidity and poor performance in liquidity droughts, while infrequent price moves artificially understate their measured riskiness.
12. Moreover, a strategy of writing equity index options earns positive long-run returns, a justifiable reward given the inherent riskiness of effectively selling financial catastrophe insurance.
13. We discount both those values back to the present using a required rate of return, which reflects the riskiness of the cash flows due to things like industry cyclicality, competitive threats and the rate of technological change.
14. Risk-averse investors do not use the riskless rate for discounting, unless the cash flow being discounted is itself riskless; the discount rate also reflects the required compensation for the riskiness of an asset’s expected future cash flows.
15. As we have seen, an estimate of the company's current intrinsic value on the basis of its earnings power requires two steps: first, adjustments to the reported earnings in order to arrive at a figure that represents the cash the investors can extract from the firm and still leave it functioning as before; second, selection of a discount rate that reflects both interest rates and the riskiness of the firm relative to other investment alternatives.

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