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Risque dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A matching ring adorned her wedding finger: risque but beautiful.
  2. And who is the Captain of the Hannibal that he takes such a Risque?
  3. The audio was far too risque also, but I would have kept that in the main log.
  4. No, I could not risque putting my Destiny in the Grasp of such a fickle Passion.
  5. Few Spanish Sailors would risque their Lives for Plate and Jewels consign’d to haughty Hidalgos they hated.

  6. I curst my restless Nature, my foolish Adventurousness, my Willingness to risque Life and Limb for mere Curiosity.
  7. Ne’ertheless Horatio ran immediately to disarm the Villain; as Lancelot’s self-appointed Guard, he could not risque Shots being fir’d.
  8. Horatio was only willing to risque sailing to the Sugar Isles (where he was still wanted as a Runaway Slave) because of his great Love for me.
  9. I risque this Missive only upon the Assurance of Littlehat that you will not fail to burn it as soon as you have committed its Contents to Memory.
  10. Whereupon Horatio, seeing the Lancelot he both lov’d and hated in Danger, could not wait and risque the Loss of his Captain and Lover; thus, he open’d Fire upon Bartholomew.
  11. My Love, I think I can submit myself to these hard Rules…for I have pin’d for thee so during these Days past, that I would rather see thee once each Week than risque thy Wrath again.
  12. Hampton Court lyes upon the North Bank of the Thames, close to the Water, yet not so close as to run the Risque of Flood in inclement Weather, and ’tis graced with lovely Gardens extending almost to the Bank of the River.
  13. We might have taken a Pack Horse Carriage or a Stage, but for our Fear of being recogniz’d under such Circumstances; and tho’ we hir’d Horses at Post-Houses from Time to Time, we felt that e’en this was too great a Risque to run.
  14. Infants there were aplenty in London, but no Money to clothe or feed ’em; and oft’ the very Mother who had borne in Pain, at risque to her own Life, put her own sweet Babe out to starve upon the Street for no Reason but Harsh Necessity.
  15. The Weather grew humid and hot as we drifted into the Southern Seas, and many Men sicken’d with the various Maladies to which all Tars are prone (and the Risque of which had been greatly increas’d by those Rotting Bodies upon the Deck).

  16. If I had liv’d but eighteen Years to learn what I had learnt and bear a Babe, well then, sobeit; I could accept my own Dying ere I had a score of Years to tally—yet I could not accept Belinda’s! As sure as I had borne that Babe at Risque of Life, I must do anything within my Pow’r to see her bloom and flourish ere I dye!.
  17. Truly, I would have suppos’d that such Willingness to risque my very Health and Limb would have endear’d me to Lancelot’s Heart (or, at the very least, induced him to trust me as a loyal Confederate), but ’twas not so; for when our Day’s Work was o’er, and ’twas Time for us to retreat to our Thieves’ Hideaway, Lancelot caus’d me to be blind-folded so that I should not see whither we rode—e’en tho’ ’twas Twilight and I knew the Countryside rather ill myself.
  18. If Men had to bear the Babes, I thought, the entire Race would perish! For what Man would risque his Life for a mere Babe? E’en he, who would so readily risque it disputing some foolish Point of Honour in a Duel with another Man, would balk at the very Thought of enduring Pain or Death for a helpless Lump of shiv’ring pink Flesh that can neither walk nor talk to pay him Homage! For the Curse of the Male Sex is its constant Need of Homage—Homage to its Intellect and Wit, Homage to its Gallantry and petty Prowess betwixt the Bed-Clothes; whilst the Female Sex, said to be so vain, is vain only of mere superficial Beauty.

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