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Rolling dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Rolling over on the spot.
2. Drape it over the rolling.
3. It starts rolling and the.
4. Dark clouds are rolling in.
5. Practice rolling on the spot.
6. Sweat rolling down his face.
7. Frenchy with his rolling J.

8. Hiss nodded, rolling his eyes.
9. Nothing alters my rolling on.
10. The video tapes were rolling.
11. A Song of the Rolling Earth.
12. EXAMPLE: Rolling down and out.
13. Lies me rolling on the floor.
14. I hope we’re rolling on this.
15. Rolling a pen within the hand.
16. With a rolling pin, roll out.
17. I cried, rolling onto my back.
18. Steve started the ball rolling.
19. I just got the ball rolling.
20. Harry sighed, rolling his eyes.
21. They were just rolling around.
22. I also had tears rolling down.
23. I could see the tears rolling.
24. His eyes full of rolling tears.
25. Rolling a globe over the desert.
26. He was in a large rolling chair.
27. A guy rolling around the corner.
28. Job applications were rolling in.
29. He fell aside with rolling eyes.
30. We s'll all be rolling in money.
31. In fact, she had tears rolling.
32. The bus started rolling forward.
33. It's rolling over and over again.
34. Tears were rolling down his eyes.
35. The rolling hills were so green.
36. We’ve got the ball rolling here.
37. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
38. He then heard a faint rolling sound.
39. An idea was rolling through my head.
40. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
1. He rolled to face me.
2. He rolled to his back.
3. I rolled up his window.
4. Now he rolled his eyes.
5. The ball rolled to Ish.
6. The years rolled away.
7. Victor rolled his eyes.
8. I quickly rolled the.
9. Thomas rolled his eyes.
10. Derrick rolled his eyes.
11. Brander rolled his eyes.
12. A thin rolled slip of.
13. The dragon rolled over.
1. That is, if it rolls.
2. He rolls his eyes at me.
3. Serve on buns or rolls.
4. The queen rolls her eyes.
5. He slips and rolls down.
6. He rolls me over on top.
7. John rolls out of 2.
8. Picked up by Rolls Royce.
9. We must check the rolls.
10. She rolls her eyes a little.
11. A tear rolls down her cheek.
12. And rolls through all things.
13. Rolls are an example of this.
14. Eve turns and rolls her eyes.
15. Carol rolls over to face Dave.
16. She rolls over onto her back.
17. My threat rolls right off him.
18. You can grill rolls than for.
19. A soft chuckle rolls in my head.
20. What goes good with rolls?
21. As the clearest of water rolls.
22. She rolls her eyes with a laugh.
23. Matryóna (rolls up her sleeves).
24. Me too, she rolls her eyes.
25. Billy rolls his eyes and gives in.
26. Cold Dinner Rolls With No Butter.
27. A tin rolls out onto the asphalt.
28. Every day he rolls around means.
29. The queen sighs and rolls her eyes.
30. And, of course, how the ball rolls.
31. He rolls his eyes and she snickers.
32. There rolls a wild and greedy sea.
33. He rolls his eyes at me, frustrated.
34. He saw us as his Rolls stormed past.
35. Plated baskets contained fresh rolls.
36. The bear rolls on with many a grunt:.
37. Example: Trader John Rolls His Option.
38. Sam rolls his eyes and shakes his head.
39. A stone rolls down the hillside, stops.
40. He rolls my jeans so they will stay up.

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I was on a roll.
LD was on a roll.
In and On a Roll.
Omar was on a roll.
Roll it and pat it.
Roll of wire & rope.
I pulled out the roll.
I’m on a roll here.
Plus, I was on a roll.
I felt the floor roll.
She landed with a roll.
His name was John Roll.
Rule Two: Roll With It.
The car started to roll.
They can roll in a cot.
Roll out dough into pan.
The train began to roll.
They roll forward at a.
Anna handed him a roll.
This is why the roll of.
Roll on your side please.
Roll over, get up and run.
I was on a bit of a roll.
I used to roll it for a.
Roll top crust out, and.
He felt the tension roll.
You order him to roll over.
When I roll the Rock aside.
She sighs with an eye roll.
This earns him an eye roll.
So the cameras could roll.
The guard began taking roll.
Cameron would roll the dice.
One was born to roll there.
On it, roll out the dough.
Roll, roll, roll in-za hay.
She quickly began to roll.
I shot a whole roll of film.
My eyes seem to roll within.
She reached for another roll.

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