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Romanticize dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The smart marketer will romanticize these traditions.
  2. It's nice to romanticize about ski-boots rather than al-.
  3. Having said that, it would be a mistake to romanticize him.
  4. He wondered if being safe at home and bored was causing him to romanticize his trek on a starship.
  5. When you are away you either romanticize things or vilify them, neither really holding true on your return.

  6. Many of us have a tendency to romanticize the past, and when investors engage in such fond reminiscence, they often speak wistfully of Graham’s era.
  7. The reason why humans obsessively worship and glorify the dead past, the reason why they romanticize the past and worship dead artifacts; is because their human-past is missing inside them.
  8. Once you come to truly understand something in context through the sense of Pure Wonder: then any urge to lionize, glorify, worship, romanticize, idealize and distort what you truly understand vanishes.
  9. As she rushed towards them, she recalled that incident on the train, and felt, ‘If that weird episode could romanticize my gloom, wouldn’t his vivacity have overwhelmed her in a romantic whirlwind?’.
  1. She was romanticizing those days, she knew it.
  2. I prefer the terrifying face of vampires over the romanticizing of them at this highly impressionable age for her.
  3. What is the culture of civilization? It is the romanticizing of killers and rapists and human scum: who should have been despised and killed and wiped out long ago.
  1. At least this is our romanticized and idealized form of learning, i.
  2. So quaint, so romanticized, as a way of describing your refugee status.
  3. She had romanticized about her over the years and hoped to have a relationship with her.
  4. The time and place where this was done has been romanticized on Earth til it's now a legend.
  5. In my mind I’ve romanticized it as the tragic price you pay to be gifted, like Mozart dying at thirty-five.
  6. Modern American culture was all about love, and love and more love… idealized and romanticized and idealized.
  7. Even the fact that the entire population of poor at that time were illiterate, and could not read a word of English, was romanticized.
  8. For now the romanticized idea that we could just run away from all our problems and live happily ever after was the dream that clouded my mind.
  9. She had cut her reading teeth on those romanticized tales of the Old West, and had been hooked ever since, reading just about anything she could get her hands on.
  10. The movie is a complete romanticized lie… which millions of uneducated viewers who never study history have gobbled up and taken into their hearts as the actual truth.
  11. She has this highly romanticized view, of ending her days with him, but I have seen his dark ways, and his cruel controlling of her, and the way he uses her to suit himself.
  12. It did not seem as if Balder gave interviews, and because of that, there was a sort of mythological gloss over all of the details of his life – as if they had been romanticized by admiring students.
  13. There is nothing in the second description equivalent to the sexualized, romanticized flirtatiousness in the first, which reflects the father's unresolved oedipal complex, as outlined in the previous chapter.
  14. Fidel Castro is coming to town! This poorly stylized villain, who for years has fed off the (romanticized) illusions conjured up by left-leaning individuals, will undoubtedly receive a warm reception in some quarters by disaffected groups whose alienated affections for this great nation have grown naturally disposed toward honoring every ideological enemy of America as some visionary liberator in their incorrectly perceived fight for ―freedom.
  1. The connotation around the phrase has morphed into one that romanticizes violence and places the blame on the victim, wherein the batterer’s violent response was justified by his emotions.

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