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Rone dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Rone Sonéz enters his office.
  2. Rone, however, quietly dissembles.
  3. Rone excuses them to their faces and yet he laughs!.
  4. In addition to him there are also two doctors and Rone.
  5. Rone is convinced that he has the situation under control.

  6. Sammy, however, thinks that he should have a word with Rone.
  7. While Rone is collecting himself from the ground, Murphy says:.
  8. Rone showed up after a half hour and took her away, end of the story.
  9. Sammy comes to Rone and enjoys that his competitor's face looks somewhat uncertain.
  10. Rone creates a virtual display with statistics with a wave of his hand in front of Mimzy.
  11. His girlfriend Susan almost cheated on him with agent Sammy and Rone can't stop think about it.
  12. We have to delete this part of the record from John's mind, so Rone doesn't eat us for breakfast.
  13. Rone doesn't fight back, because the room is full of authorities and Sammy's error will certainly have its consequences.
  14. It is obvious that in this situation Rone has no choice but to clean it under the carpet somehow, on the other hand, Sammy got now a perfect opportunity to 'correct' his face and to redress his reputation in front of Susan.

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