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Rook dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The rook represents a chariot.
  2. With his own pawn alas! his rook!.
  3. Jaden raises his sword at the rook.
  4. Who'll read the book? I, said the rook.
  5. Rook pulled at the reins and started of.

  6. Jaden tries to lift the rook, but he can’t.
  7. The black knight moves towards the white rook.
  8. The giant rook begins to run after Jaden again.
  9. With water praying and call of seagull and rook.
  10. Now I’m bigger! The rook says in a hideous voice.
  11. Rook pulled at the reins and started of his own accord.
  12. The sound of a rook soaring overhead breaks the tension.
  13. Jaden calculates the distance the rook monster is behind him.
  14. The rook extends his rocky arms and crowns Jaden on his head.
  15. Well, young cavalryman, how is my Rook behaving? he asked.

  16. The rook creature shoots fiery rocks from his arm the size of cannonballs.
  17. The rook continues to pound Jaden on the head into the ground with two hands.
  18. The monster rook forms back together and stand back up with an angry look on its face.
  19. The gigantic rook monster is knocking over trees trying to get to Jaden about to get up.
  20. The rook monster looks confused while Jaden rolls forward at it and cuts its right leg off.
  21. Lightning strikes in the woods where the giant white rook was killed and turned into bricks.
  22. The queen moves out of the way and the white rook punches his head all the way into the ground.
  23. A bishop or a rook, while powerful can only move in two directions and thus they are vulnerable.
  24. On the battlements of the gatehouse a rook stood like a sentry, the sun glinting off his glossy black feathers.
  25. But when I snatch his rook right out from under his haughty nose ten minutes into the game, I have to crow about it.

  26. And having this job, we had plenty of time on our hands, with very few demands, so most of us played checkers, or Rook every day.
  27. Deep in the gorge, the morning broke quietly, with just the cawing of a rook, warning his friends that there was another days foraging ahead.
  28. And now I can recall the picture of the grey old house of God rising calm before me, of a rook wheeling round the steeple, of a ruddy morning sky beyond.
  29. No speech could have been more thoroughly honest in its intention: the frigid rhetoric at the end was as sincere as the bark of a dog, or the cawing of an amorous rook.
  30. Now go soak your smelly big rock feet in a swimming pool of commercial bleach, Jaden says, while cutting off the rook monster’s huge head as it lays helpless on the ground.
  31. The king, along with a pair of loyal pieces, a knight and a rook would be there to the end thinking they were still in the game, but no, that wasn’t included in the master plan.
  32. It’s all over; but I am a coward—yes, a coward! thought Rostóv, and sighing deeply he took Rook, his horse, which stood resting one foot, from the orderly and began to mount.
  33. Ever since the tree had first raised its huge crown to the skies the rooks had made it their home, passing their history and their grandeur down through every generation until the present day, so that the bird city teemed with life and every resident rook knew that he or she was a true aristocrat.
  34. Then the boys took to it, which was the same thing for it as getting into the hands and mouths of all the devils of hell; and braying spread from one town to another in such a way that the men of the braying town are as easy to be known as blacks are to be known from whites, and the unlucky joke has gone so far that several times the scoffed have come out in arms and in a body to do battle with the scoffers, and neither king nor rook, fear nor shame, can mend matters.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. The C rooked Man.
  1. Rooks then,’ said Topps.
  2. Detective Rooks had said Vince had.
  3. Detective Rooks would not confirm if formal.
  4. The two rooks fall into the pit of lava behind Jaden.
  5. Rooks assured me Vince had plenty of irons in the fire.
  6. The rooks on the battlements laughed mockingly at him.
  7. Crass AND Vince were sweating it up with Detective Rooks!.
  8. I had forgotten to logout of it when Detective Rooks had turned up.
  9. The two rooks combine into a forty-foot high stone monster and grows its arm back.
  10. Topps handed me the letter we’d carefully written and to Detective Rooks and a.
  11. Detective Rooks had found a substantial amount of pirated discs in the store basement.
  12. The rooks cawed a sarcastic welcome as Merthin and Caris crossed the inner bridge to the keep.
  13. If the assault charges stuck, Robert could be in more trouble than that, according to Detective Rooks.
  14. He was convinced that if the tree was chopped down he could make real use of the land and be rid of the screaming rooks to boot.
  15. A colony of rooks inhabited the high trees around the keep, and strutted on the battlements like sergeants, cawing their dissatisfaction.
  16. The last of the swallows had gone long ago, and now the black outlines of rooks could be seen flying around the plowed fields looking for grubs.
  17. Noirtier, for whom France was a vast chess-board, from which pawns, rooks, knights, and queens were to disappear, so that the king was checkmated—M.
  18. Instead of thick green leaves hanging from its branches, the ancient oak was covered in the large, round twig balls that made up a great city of rooks.
  19. Getting up in front of court had totally freaked me - it still does - but Detective Rooks told me to be calm and worry about it when the court case came around.
  20. Two rooks cawed to each other from the pine tree nearest our door; and Rose-Marie Schmidt said her morning prayers then and there, still clinging to her shovel.
  21. From the cottage chimneys smoke went up straight and blue into the soft sky, rooks came and settled over her head in the branches of the elms, and every now and then a yellow leaf would fall slowly at her feet.
  22. I was yet enjoying the calm prospect and pleasant fresh air, yet listening with delight to the cawing of the rooks, yet surveying the wide, hoary front of the hall, and thinking what a great place it was for one lonely.
  23. It was a lovely afternoon; the leaves from the lofty limes were falling silently across the sombre evergreens, while the lights and shadows slept side by side: there was no sound but the cawing of the rooks, which to the accustomed ear is a lullaby, or that last solemn lullaby, a dirge.
  24. She and the rooks were very good company; it was a perfect moment of the afternoon; and she could think of him boxed up and examined with wide-awake affection and sympathy, because she wasn't being lulled into absent-mindedness by his unceasing and curiously monotonous flow of eloquence.
  25. Ever since the tree had first raised its huge crown to the skies the rooks had made it their home, passing their history and their grandeur down through every generation until the present day, so that the bird city teemed with life and every resident rook knew that he or she was a true aristocrat.
  26. He, in this seclusion, was able freely to illustrate his worship by gesticulations suited to his words--he was taking modern languages, and had a great choice of words,--while she listened to the rooks, whose cawings from a child had fascinated her, as they loved and quarrelled among their nests in the ancient elms.
  27. I don't know exactly what 1 did dream though : it was just as in the picture, a corner of the Grecian Archipelago, and time seemed to have gone back three thousand years; blue smiling waves, isles and rooks, a flowery shore, a view like fairyland in the distance, a setting sun that seemed calling to me—there's no putting it into words.
  28. So here we are, installed in this beautiful old house, and from both my bedroom and the drawing room I can see the great elms of the cathedral close, with their great black stems standing out against the old yellow stone of the cathedral, and I can hear the rooks overhead cawing and cawing and chattering and chattering and gossiping all day, after the manner of rooks--and humans.
  29. The cathedral chimes had at once a sadder and a more remote sound to me, as I hurried on avoiding observation, than they had ever had before; so, the swell of the old organ was borne to my ears like funeral music; and the rooks, as they hovered about the gray tower and swung in the bare high trees of the priory garden, seemed to call to me that the place was changed, and that Estella was gone out of it for ever.

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