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Ruffle dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Kalik’s hurrying had caused the leaves to ruffle.
2. He released his hold on me to reach down and ruffle her hair.
3. Brock bit his lip; he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but he did.
4. I sat without lifting my eyes, and pursuing the hem of a ruffle with the.
5. He scratched his hair quickly causing it to ruffle up, making Ryan giggle.
6. Learn that it is not wise to ruffle the feathers of your lord and master.
7. She was dressed in a short, strapless, body wrap held by ruffle and pops on the left.
8. They walked to the fore of the ship; she could feel the ruffle of air from all sides.
9. She was wearing black shorts from Alice + Olivia with a ruffle teal tank and blazer from Theory.
10. His dress was as debonaire as if he were going to a ball, well-hint of ruffle on his shirt bosom.
11. His dad laughed at him, but Micah was able to duck out of the way before he could ruffle up his hair.
12. The birds are motionless, the only movement being the slight ruffle of a feather here and there as the wind passes.
13. The yacht moved rapidly on, though there did not appear to be sufficient wind to ruffle the curls on the head of a young girl.
14. Snakes act on the same principle which makes the hen ruffle her feathers and expand her wings when a dog approaches her chickens.
15. And it was difficult, I may mention, as a rule, to astonish the girl or ruffle her calm for long—whatever she might be feeling.
16. It was upholstered in imported brocade, with piped rolls of silk plush, and it had a parasol hooked on at the back, with a deep ruffle.
17. She popped a bead from a tiny pocket in her ruffle and tossed it on the cup stand next to the end of the cushion his butt was heading for.
18. Howth settled for slumber, tired of long days, of yumyum rhododendrons (he was old) and felt gladly the night breeze lift, ruffle his fell of ferns.
19. They were expecting capacity crowds to flock through the gates by early morning, even though overcast windy conditions would ruffle a few feathers and hats.
20. Puckering up his face though smiling, and showing his short strong teeth, he began with stubby fingers of both hands to ruffle up his thick tangled black hair.
21. It’s early spring, and the window is open, letting a jasmine-scented breeze flow through through the room and ruffle my blonde-silver hair and white nightgown.
22. The plants had leaves like North American pond lillies with a ruffle of lavender flowers along the edge, but they were a species of lon, a class of plants that is a local staple crop.
23. One of the next arrivals was a stout, heavily built young man with close-cropped hair, spectacles, the light-colored breeches fashionable at that time, a very high ruffle, and a brown dress coat.
24. He crouched to lower the bird to the paving, and the eagle hopped off, re-settled his feathers with a shake and a ruffle, and looked expectantly at nine-year-old Jind with his head cocked to one side.
25. This short man had on a white leather apron which covered his chest and part of his legs; he had on a kind of necklace above which rose a high white ruffle, outlining his rather long face which was lit up from below.
26. Sometimes he would ruffle Camilla’s hair and say things like, ‘How can such a pretty girl have such a loathsome sister?’ Then he would lock his daughters into their room and settle down in the kitchen to have more to drink.
27. Asking then for her, he easily made a beginning of acquaintance by bespeaking some millinery ware; when, as I sat without lifting my eyes, and pursuing the hem of a ruffle with the utmost composure and simplicity of industry, Mrs.
28. In There was a ruffle of drums from the street below, the tramp of feet, the admiring cries a moment, the Home Guard and the militia unit in their bright uniforms shook the narrow stairs and crowded into the room, bowing, saluting, shaking hands.
29. The outraged lover brandished his naked sword; his guipure ruffle rose with jerks to the movements of his chest, and he walked from right to left with long strides, clanking against the boards the silver-gilt spurs of his soft boots, widening out at the ankles.
30. Perhaps it was the unexpected pleasure of being out on a warm Friday evening with a man who held your eye as he spoke and had the kind of hair you slightly wanted to ruffle with your fingers, or maybe it was just the second beer, but I finally started to enjoy myself.
31. At a table laden with bottles sat the Governor, the commander of the expedition, attired in his semi-military uniform, eating his luncheon and quietly discussing the weather with some friends he had met, as though the business that called him hither was so simple a matter that it could neither ruffle his equanimity nor diminish his interest in the change of the weather.
32. And after that, why did she have to get attached to him all over again once they got here? Why did a simple peasant have to look so manly at the controls of that needleboat on that stupid ride? Why couldn’t Tdeshi’s hormones let her be unmoved by the line of his jaw, the ruffle of his hair in the breeze as they cruised the canals all the way to the north end of the burbs and back?
33. Wemyss, who was never tired and slept wonderfully--it was the soundness of his sleep that kept her awake, because she wasn't used to hearing sound sleep so close--would fling himself into the one easy-chair and pull her on to his knee, and having kissed her a great many times he would ruffle her hair, and then when it was all on ends like a boy's coming out of a bath, look at her with the pride of possession and say, 'There's a wife for a respectable British business man to have! Mrs.
1. I can feel something ruffling my fur.
2. A ruffling of feathers and they were silent.
3. Edgar had a deep-rooted fear of ruffling her humour.
4. As the breeze was ruffling his hair, he seemed mesmerized by the.
5. Squeezing past again, ruffling my hair, smiling, smiling, smiling.
6. Yeah…uh, what he said… shrugged Corin, ruffling his wavy.
7. He is a Prince, Carron said softly, ruffling the boy’s hair.
8. He kept looking at the wheat and the wind bending and tipping and ruffling it.
9. We might as well be brothers, he said, ruffling the back of Steve’s hair.
10. I stopped the car and got out the sea breeze instantly ruffling my long white hair.
11. As the crows observed the coyote, a southwind rose, ruffling their own fine feathers.
12. He sat down by his wife, his elbows on his knees and his hands ruffling his gray hair.
13. There was the sound of windblown leaves ruffling around and the sound of birds chirping.
14. Glancing along the sweating rock walls, he shivered, ruffling his coat against the cold.
15. Ruffling his hands playfully in my hair every time I broached the topic by saying laughingly.
16. Eva sat with her back to the window as a slight breeze blew in ruffling the white lace curtains.
17. The father swan looked at the ruffling hedges, flapped its wings towards the policeman’s arms.
18. There were his friends, crowding around him, clapping him on the shoulders and ruffling his hair.
19. With two smiles, if you counted mine, and a ruffling of hair, with no water to rinse one's greasy hand.
20. His arms had not given up the ghost feelings of holding his son to his chest and ruffling his brown hair.
21. How about Midnight? he eventually suggested, ruffling the fur along the dog’s neck as it stared at him in wonder.
22. They were the eyes of a happy woman, a woman around whom storms might blow without ever ruffling the serene core of her being.
23. The Black Dragons were on hand, wild with rage, swearing and ruffling, with their hands on their hilts and foreign oaths in their teeth.
24. I can see you still, standing on the stool with your back arched and your hand on my shoulder, proud as a cock turkey ruffling its feathers.
25. The hens were loose and a few feet away two of them shivered into a patch of dirt, ruffling their feathers and wiggling, sending up little clouds of dust.
26. As Veynes drew near, the dance became a little more flamboyant, still further ruffling him; the spaces of dainty petticoat seemed to enlarge his grievance.
27. A light breeze moved through the trees ruffling their leaves, but it was an even lighter sound, or rather a resonance of a sound that caught his attention and ear.
28. Brock poked aimlessly at the ground for a moment, the gentle breeze ruffling the guard hairs on his ears, wondering what else he could do to win the old Custodian over.
29. He sat and listened as his habit was, all ruffling up his feathers like a sparrow in a cage, silent and serious, with his puffy face and his untidy, flaxen-white hair.
30. With the force of the air Corvus and Sorus were thrown in the opposite direction across the room, the wall of air passed harmlessly around Athene, merely ruffling her hair.
31. There was a ruffling, scuffling sound and a roar of whispers as two hundred and twenty eight Chieftains, minus the Chieftain of the Bear Clan, started crowding their way to the front of the stage.
32. Space, freedom, quiet; the wind ruffling the rye; the water splashing softly against the side of the punt (there was a punt, she had extracted); the larks singing up in the sunlight; the shining clouds passing slowly across the blue.
33. It happened at Thirty-Fourth Street, and ever since, they’ve been minding their business like proper New Yorkers, perched at the far end of a scuffed plastic bench, ruffling wings every so often as though shaking folds from a paper.
34. Shatov cried like a boy, then talked of God knows what, wildly, crazily, with inspiration, kissed her hands; she listened entranced, perhaps not understanding him, but caressingly ruffling his hair with her weak hand, smoothing it and admiring it.
35. I looked down between the slender stems of some silver birches that hung over the water; every now and then a tiny gust of wind came along and rippled their clear reflections, ruffling up half of each water-lily leaf, and losing itself somewhere among the reeds.
36. Geez Levi, can’t you take a hint? I want to speak to Mallika on her own, you can leave your girlfriend with me for a few moments, she said lovingly ruffling his hair the way she had obviously done since they met for the first time when he was five and she was eighteen.
1. The ruffled temper of the.
2. I smiled and ruffled his hair.
3. The pigeon ruffled its feathers.
4. My feelings are easily ruffled.
5. Poor Deena was thoroughly ruffled.
6. I reached over and ruffled his hair.
7. It’s ruffled quite a few feathers.
8. It was that kind of a ruffled shirt.
9. Aidan smiled and ruffled Nathan's hair.
10. He pulled her close and ruffled her hair.
11. She ruffled my hair and said, Thanks.
12. He ruffled through the papers on his desk.
13. Still there were a few ruffled feathers.
14. The hawk stirred and ruffled its feathers.
15. She smiled, and smoothed his ruffled hair.
16. He ruffled his spiky hair and smirked at me.
17. Then he ruffled Stephen's short curly hair.
18. His short ruffled hair was bleached blonde.
19. A light breeze ruffled the curtains at the.
20. A dark ruby, ruffled tunic to go underneath.
21. A gentle breeze ruffled the ends of his black.
22. You’re bad, I said and ruffled her hair.
23. The raven ruffled its feathers and did not move.
24. The wind stirred and ruffled her sleep-tangled hair.
25. The bird ruffled its feathers and let out a low honk.
26. Sorren wondered what had their feathers all ruffled.
27. He ruffled Max’s hair and straightened his glasses.
28. Silas ruffled his feathers, incensed seeing the fire.
29. Robert looked at Bart, who smiled and ruffled his hair.
30. He ruffled some papers on his desk and held up several.
31. But he was already on the TV, smoothing his ruffled fur.
32. Father Haralambos embraced him and ruffled his dark hair.
33. The blue bristles on their backs ruffled with excitement.
34. He waves and grins, so cute with ruffled clothes and hair.
35. Of course, she ruffled his hair and he smiled at her.
36. He had ruffled, gray hair, and faced slightly to the right.
37. She looked rundown, and her clothing was ruffled and dirty.
38. But still some had burst, and their gold ruffled and glowed.
39. Meagan sighed and ran her hair through her then ruffled hair.
40. His neatly trimmed gray hair was ruffled a bit by the breeze.
41. Hal ruffled his head absently, listening to the conversation.
42. Damien chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair with a playful hand.
43. The pink ruffled bed set was still on the bed collecting dust.
44. Gary had an air of superiority that ruffled some tail feathers.
45. Chevalier smiled at them and ruffled Allens hair with his hand.
46. His father ruffled the boy's hair and said, She's busy here, Son.
47. She was wearing a ruffled white bandeau top and matching bottoms.
48. If I said that we'd ruffled three blades of grass I'd be exaggerating.
49. She ruffled the flowers on the bed into ruin and mumbled poetry again.
50. How so? I saw that I had ruffled a few of his Crane’s feathers.
51. The wind ruffled his hair as he shot demons back from entering Temple.
52. He ruffled her ears and set out at a brisk walk, his shoulders hunched.
53. It was strapless, black, with a ruffled out waves of red at the bottom.
54. I was on top of ruffled bed covers and comforter, and it was very cold.
55. The slightest of breezes ruffled his damp hair and moved the long grass.
56. Yep, I think we can gather what you meant, and I ruffled his hair.
57. Hugo smiled and sat back with his ice cream while Harry ruffled his hair.
58. Pumblechook, though in a condition of ruffled dignity, could not protest.
59. The assistant ruffled his fingers through his shaggy chestnut brown hair.
60. I kissed his cheek, ruffled his hair, and tucked the covers under his chin.
61. Of course not! Why would I be mad? Gabriel ruffled his hair playfully.
62. Herndon was even more ruffled by the time they got into the elevator capsule.
63. With a thunderous roar, that ruffled Athene’s hair, it made its last charge.
64. He was tall and wore his suit with its fashionable ruffled blouse with aplomb.
65. A little wind, coming from the sea, blew across her body and ruffled her hair.
66. Mohammed smiled lovingly at his family, ruffled Ali's hair as he wished him a.
67. Her thick dark curls, wildly ruffled up, were the only bit of head to be seen.
68. To her utter amazement, Reinhardt ruffled her hair in passing her out the door.
69. How could you say such a thing?! Frank was thoroughly ruffled by my zinger.
70. He wore tall black boots, flared red pants, a black jacket with a ruffled shirt.
71. On the other, it was swept away as if the wind ruffled it on divine instructions.
72. The room was in semi-darkness and a light breeze ruffled the thread-bare curtains.
73. The conservatively cut blue dress with ruffled arm hems she wore brought out the.
74. He had his coat on, glasses perched on his ruffled hair, and his keys in his hand.
75. She wore a green silk blouse with ruffled lace sleeves and waist and gold buttons.
76. She ruffled my hair playfully and kissed me on the mouth but her heart was not in it.
77. The owl ruffled his feathers and flapped around a bit at the din the dog was making.
78. Sensei stopped, observing the desperate twittering of this ruffled sparrow, and 364.
79. The engineer sat, as it were, with a ruffled air, and listened with awkward impatience.
80. So Edwin sat on the floor and shivered, his plumage ruffled against the night-time chill.
81. The children all laughed and Jason reached over and ruffled Jordon’s hair with his hands.
82. The body lay unmoving where it had fallen, its fur occasionally ruffled by a gentle breeze.
83. He could hear as she ruffled through papers before answering, No, nothing like that, Sir.
84. There you stand, lost in the infinite series of the sea, with nothing ruffled but the waves.
85. The morning breeze ruffled the gray hair on the head of the dead man at the thirdstory window.
86. Jo was through the last wicket and had missed the stroke, which failure ruffled her a good deal.
87. Sebastian had even bought a job lot of ruffled shirts, dinner jackets, and bow ties for the band.
88. I nodded my understanding in silence as his warm breath ruffled the hair framing my ear and chin.
89. He stretched against her, ruffled up her hair with both hands and put his face all close to hers.
90. But I am becoming a bit of a mother hen, clucking over my chick, feathers ruffled, all out of sorts.
91. Silas felt so elated, he hopped over and ruffled Harvey's feathers with his beak, ignoring the filth.
92. I was told by my superiors in Washington that we’ve ruffled quite a few feathers over all this.
93. I gulped the rest of my wine, gasped with pleasure, ruffled Stadler's hair with a quick hand, and ran.
94. His strong, reassuring hand reached up and ruffled Hal’s hair, then carefully stroked it flat again.
95. His kiss lasted for a second that stretched into eternity, and was enough to calm my ruffled feathers.
96. Joey repeated himself, and as he was about to hug her she ruffled his hair and said, Sure thing Joey.
97. Humid ocean air blew in and ruffled Jess’s hair, drying the sweat that was already beading on his face.
98. The door burst open and the assistant, looking more than a little ruffled, interjected, It’s upstairs.
99. The wind ruffled his short hair, medium brown with just a touch of auburn where the sunlight glinted off it.
100. The oranges and reds mixed with greens of foliage ruffled by cool and clean winds were among the many charms.
1. There's too many ruffles.
2. The king kind of ruffles up, and says:.
3. Anger and something deeper ruffles his wings.
4. She had never had to sew tiny rows of silk ruffles.
5. She was wearing a day gown that was full of ruffles.
6. There were ones with ruffles and other’s with tails.
7. Many of the ribbonleaves here had ruffles of flowers along their edges.
8. Brodeski was fluffing her ruffles and preparing for her fifteen minutes of fame.
9. He noticed the pretty sparkles that shone at random on the ruffles of the dress.
10. There were Pollyanna ruffles upon ruffles, upon ivory-colored satin and lace bows.
11. There are dozens of brown scallop shells that resemble lasagna ruffles on the floor.
12. White eyelet lace trimmed the ruffles on the matching floral printed canopy and bedspread.
13. Aside from that, it would also help if it has prints as distraction, and ruffles to add more volume.
14. The ruffles were funny--that Ingrid appeared to be considering the piece seriously was funnier still.
15. Ingrid was holding a yellow blouse with the most bodacious ruffles he had ever seen running down the front.
16. Your chart, he ruffles through some papers pinned to a clipboard, says that you have stomach problems.
17. A strong breeze ruffles my hair as I step on to the porch, the sky is heavy with rain clouds and I sense a storm brewing.
18. Ruffles! That brought up another have to put ruffles in her bosom to make them look larger and she had always had thought.
19. Between them, Darkburst, head thrown back, the white fur on his throat separated into ruffles that exposed the pink skin beneath in thin stripes.
20. The person who works the lace of a pair of fine ruffles for example, will sometimes raise the value of, perhaps, a pennyworth of flax to £30 sterling.
21. The dress, flounced with ruffles, had been pulled to accentuate its lady's every curve, whilst beneath the hem a pair of black boots lent a full inch to her height.
22. Her gray organdie dress, with its cherry-colored satin sash, disguised with its billows and ruffles how childishly undeveloped her body was, and the yellow hat with long.
23. As if saluting a funeral procession, a murder of crows hopped in a line by the path to let them pass, lazily addressing them with casual insults, wing ruffles and sideways looks.
24. O there were Times when I myself wisht to be Belinda, lying amidst the Ruffles of an Infant’s Gown, crying and spitting, laughing and feeding, drooling and playing with her tiny Hands.
25. From small arching bushes she picked a few large golden fruits, other similar bushes had ruffles for leaves and grew things the shape of string beans but bright red, of which she only took two.
26. He also affects ruffles and lace, a long cassock, and a voluminous cloak like many of those of Geneva combined together; black silk stockings and low shoes complete the clerical array of the higher ecclesiastics.
27. She wore a pale-blue, pansy-sprinkled muslin dress with more ruffles than one would ever have supposed economical Janet could be guilty of, and a white leghorn hat with pink roses and three ostrich feathers on it.
28. We came to Richmond all too soon, and our destination there was a house by the green,—a staid old house, where hoops and powder and patches, embroidered coats, rolled stockings, ruffles and swords, had had their court days many a time.
29. She had no bust and her hips were as flat as little Beau’s and as she had neither the pride nor the good sense (so Scarlett thought) to sew ruffles in the bosom of her basque or pads on the back of her corsets, her thinness was very obvious.
30. She took the precaution of wearing a full skirt on the days she expected him, a charming skirt from Jamaica with red flowered ruffles, but with no underwear, nothing, in the belief that this convenience was going to help him ward off his fear.
31. I don’t care what you do with the weeds around it, but you are going to pot up this one right here, with all possible care! Thaddeus said, indicating a small tropical bush that was covered in huge blue flowers that were pepper streaked with a crimson red radiating out from their centers, with hints of peach along the ruffles of the petals.
32. Another then put in his word: And they dressed him, says he, in a point shift and petticoat with a tippet and girdle and ruffles on his wrists and clipped his forelock and rubbed him all over with spermacetic oil and built stables for him at every turn of the road with a gold manger in each full of the best hay in the market so that he could doss and dung to his heart's content.

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