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Running dans une phrase (en anglais)

He came running to her.
I am running in the park.
And time is running out.
Some of us are running.
I'm not running from you.
I’m running out of gas.
I spent my days running.

She was still running now.
I was running out of time.
They had a running battle.
And now they were running.
Time was now running short.
Your time is running short.
So I undertook the running.
He was running out of the.
He’d have to keep running.
On the other hand, running.
The kids were running wild.
They are still running free.
We’re running out of them.
The water was still running.
Almost running away from him.
And his time was running out.
And time is running out fast.
The shower was still running.
In a flash, we were running.
Mama came running to our shop.
He was running so fast that.
It is a running joke in our.
His options were running out.
I was running out of topics.
They were running for safety.
I can hear the shower running.
She was running over the link.
The rock dogs took off running.
I was quickly running out of.
Running Horse who had arrived.
The men came running after us.
From behind me came running a.
Son was running, dodging, and.
Just as a car runs.
It runs into my eyes.
It runs in our family.
So runs the world away.
It runs in the family.
Do come! [He runs off].
Sweat runs into my eyes.
He runs the garage here.
Blood runs from his head.
This school runs on them.
It runs under the midway.
The company also runs a.
He runs through the night.
If it runs at less than 1.
A shudder runs through him.
Lunacy runs in the family.
It runs the groove like a.
His long hikes became runs.
She runs toward the stairs.
One runs about 20,000 words.
She runs for the main door.
It runs through these hills.
I guess, or whoever runs it.
Anísya runs into the porch.
My blood runs cold sometimes.
ANÍSYA runs into the porch.
Why? This business runs on.
He runs inside to his phone.
Hell, it runs in our blood.
This is how it runs in your.
Sweat runs through his beard.
The man in black runs inside.
She runs the towel over her.
She runs to look out the door.
She runs in your bloodstream.
The madam runs out of the way.
The teenager quickly runs away.
So much so that it runs over.
Diane D runs to her motorcycle.
Chee-Chee runs and takes cover.
I ran into a cat.
My mom ran to me.
I ran to the door.
I ran to his side.
We ran to the SUV.
I ran to the sight.
We ran as we could.
I ran to the stairs.
I ran to catch up.
I ran over to Josh.
I ran out after him.
We ran for the exit.
We ran up the stairs.
I ran to it, opened.
Danny ran over to a.
We ran down the road.
I simply ran out of.
Jon ran up the stairs.
I ran back to nothing.
I ran as fast I could.
I ran back to the mall.
He ran after Ali and.
I ran out to meet him.
Theo ran to pick it up.
Laino ran to meet him.
Ran into him in Crete.
He ran to the corner.
She ran to tend to him.
A chill ran through me.
You just ran that one.
I ran out into the sand.
I ran this by Max and.
Kirsti ran at his side.
Yukino ran for her life.
They ran out of patience.
I ran to try and keep up.
The guy ran it through.
Adele ran away from Alex.
A chill ran up his spine.
Tears ran down her face.

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So I cut and run.
I have to run now.
I told her to run.
It was run by Mrs.
If they have run a.
In the long run it.
No, I would not run.
I run the website www.
You run my legs off.
Now you 2 run along.
They run the risk of.
Rich men would run it.
It's a close run thing.
She should cut and run.
I could run off if I.
They were ready to run.
And that man could run.
Do I run? Where? Think.
His feet wanted to run.
Playing tag on the run.
Ajax had already run off.
No more love on the run.
He needed to run faster.
And I had nowhere to run.
He had run straight away.
He has an errand to run.
As he tried to run, he.
I couldn’t run or hide.
Same with my second run.
There is nowhere to run.
It seemed to run forever.
I have a business to run.
I only run the business.
I think she could run it.
What if someone had run.
If she did run away, how.
This was just a trial run.
His dog body ached to run.
This is no time to run.
Run and don’t look back.