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Salacious dans une phrase (en anglais)

2. Hop in babe! Came the salacious statement of the capable looking driver.
3. Ignoring the salacious look in Gilbert's eye, Rafferty asked, 'Did they come in together?'.
4. Only one of Mads drawings sold, three of Bills paintings - the ones with the most salacious titles.
5. Oh my gosh I always laugh when people accuse him of this because their minds instantly go for the salacious.
6. There are muy mucho hot moms around here showing off their Ta Ta’s, he said with salacious MILF eyes.
7. She asked, Has he told you this? It seemed a stretch for Annette to merely speculate on such a salacious matter.
8. David almost missed her salacious signal, but caught her pointed tongue just before it went back in her luscious mouth.
9. All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of Life seemed to drown her in seas of cosmic filth.
10. On Sunday, Jim wouldn’t have the News of the World in the house, as he regarded it as a rag, but he read equally salacious tales in The People.
11. In the midst of the dudes salacious grinding and pumping of his pelvis back and forth, along with his madman porno stud facial expressions, I tried to stop looking.
12. He dismissed modern Hollywood filmmaking as cheap, salacious pornography in a crazy bastardization of a great art to compete for the patronage of deviates and masturbators.
13. It was as if the mute tune of the pipes grasped the boy's inmost soul with salacious fingers and with brutal torture wrung from it every involuntary expression of secret passion.
14. It was exactly such laughter as he had heard bubble obscenely from the fat lips of the salacious women of Shadizar, City of Wickedness, when captive girls were stripped naked on the public auction block.
15. The children grow up wholesome, with few of the sleazy, salacious attitudes towards their bodies, natural functions and sexuality that Australian kids and adults have, so we decided to build a house like that.
16. Obviously that makes it the most important nation Old Earth ever had! And the other reason she told you is because she has a wicked, low, disrespectful, salacious sense of humor which is no respecter of our imperial dignity.
17. Often called salacious, sexy, and never shy, Morgan Rush is a professional writer who has been writing in the technical communication field for fifteen years with dozens of books, guides, and manuals published all around the globe in a variety of languages.
18. Aureliano bore Amaranta Úrsula’s spite patiently and made an effort to show her that he could be as good a husband in adversity as in prosperity, and the daily needs that besieged them when Gaston’s last money ran out created a bond of solidarity between them that was not as dazzling and heady as passion, but that let them make love as much and be as happy as during their uproari-ous and salacious days.
19. She has destroyed the ivory image of the goddess which these eastern Hyborians worship (and which, inferior as it is to the true religion of Mitra which we Western nations recognize, is still superior to the devil-worship of the Shemites) and filled the temple of Ishtar with obscene images of every imaginable sort—gods and goddesses of the night, portrayed in all the salacious and perverse poses and with all the revolting characteristics that a degenerate brain could conceive.

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