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Sate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was like a starved man, using my mouth to sate his hunger.
  2. We felt very glad to sate our thirst before filling up the casks.
  3. Tearing at each other's flesh to sate this thirst, this lust, this craving, forever.
  4. It did nothing to sate his anger, but the pain that shot through his ankle felt good.
  5. I love a really good Sate Lilit, or Balinese Grilled Mackerel, or Ayam Bali, our Balinese Chicken.

  6. I wanted to be there to see her walk, approach from the distance, to sate my starving soul with her image.
  7. At last they are on a fast track to sate their appetite to tell those beneath them how to ruin their lives.
  8. My suit was damp and my stomach growled, but it was nothing compared to the hunger I needed to sate this night.
  9. I soon learned there are a lot of easier things to do than to run an outdoor advertising company in New York Sate.
  10. That is, and as mentioned before, consciousness itself is always in a sate of flux, going through the same stages of waxing and waning.
  11. The more you have, the more you crave until nothing can sate your craving and you’re willing to give up anything, to have more of it.
  12. Unfortunately it is in the nature of some predators, that they will prey upon the weakest and most vulnerable to sate their desperate hunger.
  13. This is the pornography of the wealthy: making us slaves to the golden trickle down, believing their indulgent excesses sate our appetite for gold-leafed shit.
  14. The fact that hydrogen remains a gas and so does helium in outer space says nothing about the sate in which outer space is, regardless of our interpretation of the temperature gauge telling us what we wish to hear.
  15. No I only found out myself before I came out here, it’s one of the reasons I came here to see Hamish but when I saw the sate he was I knew there was no way I could ever tell him, he had enough to deal with as it was.

  16. They can sate me with sorrow,.
  17. Will sate itself in a celestial bed,.
  1. This was two consenting adults sating their physical needs.
  2. Final witnesses the death of this young man, last sating his.
  3. They been buying sating yardage in at the big store in Madison for a month now.
  4. As much as I desire physical contact with others, or they with me, I am prevented from sating my desires.
  5. No longer some satyr, sating himself on the mountain, but a man who was once a boy, who loved his mother, lost her painting, found a new friend and lost him as well.
  6. Most of the leaders of this city risked their lives to protect it from Jeanine and died, and I will not jeopardize it now for the sake of sating your selfish curiosity.
  1. Feeling very sated from the.
  2. When he had sated his hunger.
  3. He was sated now, but he enjoyed.
  4. The hunger abated, the spirit sated.
  5. I have fed well though and feel sated.
  6. Sated and really trying to catch my breath.
  7. He couldn’t remember ever being this sated.
  8. Mm, she agreed, apparently too sated to speak.
  9. Lying sated with her still in his arms, he should.
  10. And when I was lying in your arms, I felt – sated.
  11. And their demands and expectations could not be sated.
  12. I felt sated, too – more so than you could ever know.
  13. Singevor sated his blood thirst and stood up facing Nero.
  14. The Elizabeth had sated his old lust and left a new one.
  15. When baby Nigel was sated, Natalia covered him in a fuzzy.
  16. With her appetite sated for the moment, the wolf drifted off.
  17. It was almost morning as they stumbled, sated, back to their.
  18. Davy Byrne, sated after his yawn, said with tearwashed eyes:.
  19. While we sated ourselves, the storm eased as rapidly as it began.
  20. Later, with their camp in order and their passions sated, Dono-.
  21. By the time I was sated, it was dark and the full moon was rising.
  22. Kortrax was on the mountain by the time they were sated with love.
  23. From what I gather it was a shootout between two cars, Archer sated.
  24. His hunger is nowhere near sated, and it takes more effort than he expects.
  25. But when one of his appetites was sated, he was sad and ashamed and lonely again.
  26. Jesus sated he was the corner stone, or the head of the corner, and a capstone in.
  27. Quite the contrary, he satisfied her so well that she was sated with just once a week.
  28. She sprawled over top of him when she was sated, still amazed at herself for doing this.
  29. She paused at the door, gazing at the moonlit features of the sated and dozing princess.
  30. Who could have thought it would be so exhausting? My limbs are deliciously heavy, sated.
  31. For once the initial madness was sated, they both became aware of the risks involved, and Dr.
  32. Damon and Samual lay cuddled together on the huge bed, both fully sated from their love making.
  33. He is not a believer that who sleeps sated while he knows that his neighbor is hungry next to him.
  34. And in this quiet moment as I close my eyes, spent and sated, I think I’m in the eye of the storm.
  35. Afterwards, when they were lying side by side, sated, Colling began moaning and sighing dramatically.
  36. He had always been adventurous and restless, with a wanderlust that would never be sated in the Mountains of Selene.
  37. Storming down the street where he used to live, anger and despair came in waves, and both desired a drink to be sated.
  38. In paradise, people never feel sated, and nor do they feel bored of anything, and nor do they feel hungry or thirsty.
  39. In cartoons, when the characters slurp down some delicious food or drink, they smack their lips and seem totally sated.
  40. When they had woken after their sated sleep it was late afternoon and with the dying sun the temperature was starting to drop.
  41. In their worldly state, people sometimes feel sated and do not perceive the flavor of food after eating a certain amount of it.
  42. When the pulsations finally stopped, she was spent and sated like never before, or certainly like never before in this universe.
  43. This love that is not some appetite sated or drive fulfilled, but rather care rendered according to the need and desire of the other is rare.
  44. The sated groups, or the less visionary, or those who fear that the old yoke may be followed by an even more oppressive one, tend to hang back.
  45. Hunger sated and thirst slaked, the young badger moved his body around in a circle a few times, until he had cleared a depression in the pine needles.
  46. Devotion which is weary, heroism which has grown old, ambitions which are sated, fortunes which are made, seek, demand, implore, solicit, what? A shelter.
  47. I slept soundly through the night, sated with both the physical and emotional bonds that I had forged within the loving arms of my own true husband, Marcus.
  48. Here – our home, our Earth, our life – is where we find ourselves, first, invited to the Earth as table: a sustainable banquet where all can be ever sated.
  49. The first beauty is a sated leisure where one can dream without fear or want; the first dream, an eternal peace where one can create forever without threat or need.
  50. She went on with the orgy for another half hour before leaving the lounge with her clothes in her hands, truly sated sexually, pretending to need to go to the washroom.
  51. The warm water washing away our perspiration, I slowly pulled out of her, my desire for her not even a little sated, but then again there was the bed, and the couch….
  52. Visualize the ferocious Gaia of the Green brigades’ imagination, now rotund and sated, smiling at these events as she whiles away long winter evenings deep in the earth.
  53. Her eyes glisten as she counts up the mounds of rubies and opals, baskets of emeralds and diamonds that shall never sparkle in the sun, sated in the ravenous grasp of her wealth.
  54. With one hand splayed against his chest, she pushes herself up to look into his face, some mixture of curiosity, pleasure, and pride just visible under the sated tint in her eyes.
  55. They are a fast-fading race, drowned in lotus dreams, stimulating their waking hours by means of the golden wine which heals wounds, prolongs life, and invigorates the most sated debauchee.
  56. Our hunger sated and labors abated, we discovered the bounty of shared labor and collaborative leisure: sharing work produced not only a plentitude of food, but also created a surplus of time.
  57. The spirit’s rays also reach fruit and other food, and since on that day all of it is a tongue, the spirit tastes continuously and enjoys increasing bliss without feeling heavy, bored or sated.
  58. If the spirit has passed through a great many sensations, possibly it can no longer be sated with them, but grows more excited, and demands more sensations, and stronger and stronger ones, until at length it falls exhausted.
  59. Sated with a hearty breakfast the children examined their position, standing at its base they could now make out in the brightness of day that the range extended in both directions like a wall or a barrier as far as they could see.
  60. So named because early explorers having braved the tempests of the plateau and thus sated their appetite for all further adventuring, by the time they reached the coast they sat still awhile, before whispering into their cups a single word.
  61. But Ralf’s tastes had eventually matured and his lusts partially sated, and he’d become much more selective, choosing only those transitions that would benefit him materially and in terms of position---those that would better ensure his passage.
  62. But before we can do this, we must throw it into the form of a general principle, which, briefly sated is this: That when in the course of our Lord’s teachings he introduces distinct characters into his narratives, they are real events and not parables.
  63. After Hu Lyang had sated his lust, he took control of the video camera and ordered his biltong-chewing cameraman to enjoy himself as well, while he directed the action – the excesses he conceived were demonic and indicated a totally deranged mind……….
  64. In addition to all that, the spirit will not be able to enjoy things vastly and infinitely, as the body will be sated by a certain amount of food and drink, and if it has more than it needs it will become confused, and consequently, the spirit will start to feel pain.
  65. A few years ago the Queensland government couldn’t afford $25,000 for an Aboriginal volunteer group desperate to buy a ute so they could patrol the town at night, but spent two million dollars on a fireworks display that barely animated a populace sated with extravagance.
  66. That crumpled and disreputable--yes, now he knew what was the matter with her appearance--disreputable-looking figure cynically pouring itself out tea while he, her father whom she had been deceiving, was left to wait for her explanations until such time as she should have sated her appetite.
  67. The sisters, handsome, clever, and encouraging, were an amusement to his sated mind; and finding nothing in Norfolk to equal the social pleasures of Mansfield, he gladly returned to it at the time appointed, and was welcomed thither quite as gladly by those whom he came to trifle with further.
  68. Hester, gifted with a beautiful imagination and more than enough words to express it, compared pulling the book out from under a rock by the campsite to the water from the rock that sated the thirst of our Jewish mothers and fathers in the desert, and also as New Life rising from the tomb of Christ.
  69. Only afterwards, after the trolls were sated from a full meal of Petey’s Perfect Pizza Pies and snoozing with loud grumbly snores and snorts, after everyone had pretty much gone home, and after Fred had spent a sore weekend recovering from his long night of superhero endeavors, did he realize that he had delivered his last pizza.
  70. For as he lay in bed on the night of the seventh day of his government, sated, not with bread and wine, but with delivering judgments and giving opinions and making laws and proclamations, just as sleep, in spite of hunger, was beginning to close his eyelids, he heard such a noise of bell-ringing and shouting that one would have fancied the whole island was going to the bottom.
  71. Our heart thirst ever sated, for never thirsty with you, never not soul drinking when we are with you, for being with you is being immersed and in that overflowing flesh-whelming us into you and all into that – that which we are: the beautiful unfolding ever unfolding and flowing past that dreamer ten years hence and looking back, immersing us then even from here now – a kundalini love moving backwards and forwards through time.
  72. In good time, nevertheless, as the ardour of youth declines; as years and dumps increase; as reflection lends her solemn pauses; in short, as a general lassitude overtakes the sated Turk; then a love of ease and virtue supplants the love for maidens; our Ottoman enters upon the impotent, repentant, admonitory stage of life, forswears, disbands the harem, and grown to an exemplary, sulky old soul, goes about all alone among the meridians and parallels saying his prayers, and warning each young Leviathan from his amorous errors.
  73. What is the virtual-similitude of love, hate, longing to touch? How physically will our emotional selves be sated by a virtual embrace? What is the machine equivalent of a hug? Is it a frequency in the ear, a stimulation to the eye, or a vibration on the hand? Will humanity substitute, translate or metaphorically feel it as a flesh to flesh pleasure? Perhaps the next generation of emo-games will master resonance and frequency oscillation to create unique vibrations that mimic neurochemical sequences, thus triggering in the gamer virtually generated emotions.
  1. They claim that this sates their bloodlust… for a time.
  2. When a man sees the diffusion of God through all the various sates of.
  3. The United Sates I might as is not the worse in the way of divorce world wide though.
  4. In the Bible sates a king or ruler of a nation or state is God’s agent for justice or.
  5. My understanding is that the President of the United Sates himself got him off the hook and Mr.
  6. There are still millions of people in the United Sates who preach and speak hate towards blacks and other races out of fear.
  7. A false and dangerous situation, which sates public power or private misery, which sets the roots of the State in the sufferings of the individual.
  8. Not the State's inherently, but by enculturation, and our culture is an endless race for the gold that neither decays nor sates, leaving most in a state of hate.
  9. Touching again on the importance of family values and cohesiveness there was a recent study done in the United Sates that proves strong families and marriage is declining in our county.
  10. Or his Cardnagy riding chaps and his ivory-handled United Sates Army thirty-two caliber, long-range pistol (which was more accurate and easier to shoot than the large-bored sidearm generally worn out West and could kill a man just the same).
  11. There is also a seal applied to us by the Holy Spirit, at salvation, this seal sates,.

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