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Savage dans une phrase (en anglais)

She looked like a savage.
He was a savage Antinous.
He is ruthless and savage.
But the beginning was savage.
Savage by our standards anyway.
Seeking in those savage regions.
We are listening to Father Savage.

A savage growl confirmed his words.
It is a trifle savage, this crowd.
She looks fierce, savage, stunning.
That savage trinity warily watching.
That made me do some savage thinking.
The storm had been swift and savage.
This soothing savage had redeemed it.
Apart from the savage wounds she was.
She was in a very savage humor indeed.
A savage place! as holy and enchanted.
He had a savage side, but then so did I.
She thought about the savage attacks of.
The red man was seen as a noble savage.
I offer everyone equal and savage honesty.
On thee; thou rugged nurse of savage men!.
You brought a savage onto our ship?
He scared me the way a savage animal would.
Bring back the tidal waves and savage storms.
The friendly and flowing savage, who is he?
However, the beating was savage and prolonged.
Roth while his lusts for her grew more savage.
Savage back there and Cumberland is coming up.
I announce a race of splendid and savage old men.
I would sooner have a savage wild animal loose.
He is shot because of Allah’s savage truth.
The captain whooped with savage joy at that sight.
She said herself that her grandmother was a savage.
I've--'; but just then a savage kick warned Pippin.
The savage killing of millions of Jews, as well as.
American Consul Thomas Savage and relayed on to Rear.
He aimed a savage blow at Merry who stood in his way.
Their howls, booming across the sky, had been savage.
Simon screamed as a savage laugh exploded in his mind.
Fernández watched a bloody, savaging civil war engulf his country into flames.
Daughter Patti has written a book savaging her father and the entire Reagan household.
She would play incessantly, rolling over on her back and savaging pieces of wood, leather or cloth.
They were very hungry, jumping and snarling and twisting at him, savaging each other to get at him, deafening in their din.
This rosy garden had its thorns as well when familiarity was exploited and brought out contempt between us, whilst feeble characters that took longer to mature tried to balance out this anomaly by savaging those who had more possessions than them.
The dogs flew to the right and to the left, up and down the aisles and rows, savaging all of the dignitaries with their massive fangs until there was nothing left of the government ministers, the judiciary and upper echelons of the police service but rags and bones.
I savaged my lips and tongue with my teeth.
The wolves savaged him until he lay deathly-still.
One bullet to the face had savaged his nose and left cheek and come to rest in his brain.
I spend more time remembering the Cordeaux family in France: how their lives were savaged by Peter.
Who else had been savaged this way? Did these killings connect with my unsolved case, John Doe #24?
His ship had been brutally savaged by the Charisians, no doubt because they’d recognized her as one of their own.
Bleeding white blood as the vampires savaged on him, the Vangel screamed, ‘Sun,’, and it rose, breaking through the darkness.
We’d patch in the changes the best we could and send it back up for final approval, only to have it come back looking like Attila the Hun had savaged it.
Another savage broadside screamed across the water, trailing the red streaks of burning fuses, and HMS Riptide shuddered in agony as the exploding shells savaged her.
The rest were mere savages.
They were savages all of them.
I told you they are savages.
Generally these savages were naked.
Bunch of savages in this world.
The unnamed savages came upon us one winter.
Ah, but they're still pathetic savages, sir.
Some men are savages that don't know how to act.
The dancers at the opera are pink female savages.
The Greek police are savages, and I mean savages.
They were savages, yes; but the savages of civilization.
Two of the savages almost wished they had remained pirates.
We have one of those savages traveling with us, remember?
There’s no honor and less loot, scrapping with these savages.
She had seen the savages and the hermits on her way thru the pass.
They thought these natives were the most ignorant savages on earth.
They are savages stalking among the ruins of a strange civilization.
The knives are in ye fort, and ye debts from savages utterly denied.
Among savages, the poorest of all nations, they are scarce of any value.
I live in Peckham, London and these savages were out of control for years.
Peter and Liz had more than their fair share of trouble from these savages.
You will be sufficiently occupied in defending your frontiers against the savages.
But savages are strange beings; at times you do not know exactly how to take them.
In any case, she was not prepared to be torn apart by the savages, so she ran off.
The savages dress in the near-nude ways of old, their Bibles and crosses cast away.
If indeed there are cannibal savages there, I will personally fight them if I must.
Reversing 7 thousand years of being treated as ignorant savages back at the Chinese.
I can’t believe you agreed to that savages suggestion about tying in the desert.
This island and all adjoining it are inhabited by hairy savages, who are certain to.
I had a head start, those savages stayed to destroy the city, but it won’t be long.
The savages answered the insult with a yell, and immediately another volley succeeded.
Christian Rauch soon won the confidence of the savages and excited their astonishment.
These they fought and drove beyond the Arctic circle, to perish, as the savages thought.
Most others regarded them as barbaric savages who needed slavery to bring them salvation.
On its eastern borders wander clans of nomadic savages, already known as the Sons of Shem.
The driver and his sidekick started yelling and swearing at us, calling us a bunch of savages.
They think we are pagan savages because we chose our image of the almighty in female form.
Your parents tried bargaining and reasoning with savages and they were killed for their trouble.
The savages approached without running, but they favored us with a show of the greatest hostility.
The impatient Heyward, inwardly execrating the cold customs of the savages, which required such.

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