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Savage dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was a savage Antinous.
  2. She looked like a savage.
  3. He is ruthless and savage.
  4. But the beginning was savage.
  5. Savage by our standards anyway.

  6. Seeking in those savage regions.
  7. We are listening to Father Savage.
  8. It is a trifle savage, this crowd.
  9. A savage growl confirmed his words.
  10. That savage trinity warily watching.
  11. She looks fierce, savage, stunning.
  12. That made me do some savage thinking.
  13. The storm had been swift and savage.
  14. This soothing savage had redeemed it.
  15. She was in a very savage humor indeed.

  16. Apart from the savage wounds she was.
  17. A savage place! as holy and enchanted.
  18. He had a savage side, but then so did I.
  19. She thought about the savage attacks of.
  20. I offer everyone equal and savage honesty.
  21. The red man was seen as a noble savage.
  22. You brought a savage onto our ship?
  23. On thee; thou rugged nurse of savage men!.
  24. He scared me the way a savage animal would.
  25. Bring back the tidal waves and savage storms.

  26. The friendly and flowing savage, who is he?
  27. Roth while his lusts for her grew more savage.
  28. However, the beating was savage and prolonged.
  29. Savage back there and Cumberland is coming up.
  30. I would sooner have a savage wild animal loose.
  31. He is shot because of Allah’s savage truth.
  32. I announce a race of splendid and savage old men.
  33. The captain whooped with savage joy at that sight.
  34. She said herself that her grandmother was a savage.
  35. I've--'; but just then a savage kick warned Pippin.
  36. The savage killing of millions of Jews, as well as.
  37. American Consul Thomas Savage and relayed on to Rear.
  38. Their howls, booming across the sky, had been savage.
  39. Simon screamed as a savage laugh exploded in his mind.
  40. He aimed a savage blow at Merry who stood in his way.
  41. Savage teeth grasped her leg and she screamed and fell.
  42. Savage, and always mute with the secret of the future.
  43. Heathens and savage tribes hold that doctrine, but.
  44. It is the savage heart in men that must ever be tamed.
  45. Her face was also still healing from a savage beating.
  46. The savage urge within us is more unruly than we think.
  47. What frightens me is the savage nastiness of my opponent.
  48. The press have been pretty savage, online and in print.
  49. After the savage heat of the day, it was a welcome relief.
  50. This statement brought a savage grin to Conan's hard lips.
  51. They have a savage bite and guard their holes tenaciously.
  52. In his savage, untutored breast new emotions were stirring.
  53. Maybe as an offering to his savage The Maiden’s Odyssey.
  54. Father Savage had a hearing problem so he wore hearing aids.
  55. Needless to say they are less savage than the human tigers.
  56. The savage ring of steel on steel, punctuated by the cry of.
  57. But why such savage persecution of the unfortunate husband?
  58. You have a barbarian, the monk, and a savage, the lazzarone.
  59. But Kolbasnikov is savage with every one now like a green ass.
  60. The savage began to earn his living as a day laborer in Geneva.
  61. As he unzips, a savage pain shears through the back of his neck.
  62. Savage, The Foundations of Statistics (Nova York: Wiley, 1954).
  63. A chanting rose to the night, vibrating with savage exultation.
  64. There followed a scene savage and repulsive in its gruesomeness.
  65. I would sooner have a savage wild animal loose about the place.
  66. Human trafficking is probably the most savage and cynical kind.
  67. Mary shook her head and felt a savage stream of tears trying to.
  68. Upon any other principle we give the savage foe every advantage.
  69. But even with his savage reputation, it wasn't Caelis he feared.
  70. The sound came from deep within his chest, a deep, savage growl.
  71. When the voice called out again, it had turned savage, predatory.
  72. That the animal eating it is not a brutal, vicious, savage beast.
  73. Conan snarled in savage satisfaction; but he was still a prisoner.
  74. He's the best animal in the whole circus; but he is awful savage.
  75. I was forced to see this man-child turning more savage every year.
  76. Conan snarled a savage curse and hurled his ax with ferocious will.
  77. There can be no more savage a stab to the heart than a harmed one.
  78. The savage recognizes life only in himself and his personal desires.
  79. Maclin went out and gave the unoffending new doormat a savage kick.
  80. Others were burned to death, or put into a coma by a savage beating.
  81. It was a town of unnatural colors like the painted face of a savage.
  82. Wolf cries filled the night air, snarls and barks and savage growls.
  83. This cunning savage beheld, and instantly profited by his advantage.
  84. Had she then to be killed, I could have done it with savage delight.
  85. Ah, the Savage Garden of this Earth that hath such creatures in it!.
  86. The Nazis countered resistance with savage punishments and reprisals.
  87. They boast a decent selection of the most savage Greegs imaginable.
  88. Those savage beasts will probably direct the rescue guys where to go.
  89. Full combat against a savage enemy, who were relentless and desperate.
  90. The Cowboys/Mercenaries had been attacked by a band of savage Indians.
  91. Is there a God or not? Ivan cried with the same savage intensity.
  92. Our ancestor of this early period he refers to as the noble savage.
  93. He expressed savage ingratitude by trying to destroy his host country.
  94. That earned her another savage blow, this time a direct in her left eye.
  95. He waved the gun in the air, and leapt in a kind of heathen, savage joy.
  96. They were all watching now; Nicky was their captain, primordial, savage.
  97. Someone had broken in during the night and committed this savage attack.
  98. At last, at last I have found you with her!' There was a savage struggle.
  99. Gently he maneuvered the savage to where he became watchman of the night.
  100. The things I saw were wild, savage, poverty-stricken; but they were free.
  1. Fernández watched a bloody, savaging civil war engulf his country into flames.
  2. Daughter Patti has written a book savaging her father and the entire Reagan household.
  3. She would play incessantly, rolling over on her back and savaging pieces of wood, leather or cloth.
  4. They were very hungry, jumping and snarling and twisting at him, savaging each other to get at him, deafening in their din.
  5. This rosy garden had its thorns as well when familiarity was exploited and brought out contempt between us, whilst feeble characters that took longer to mature tried to balance out this anomaly by savaging those who had more possessions than them.
  6. The dogs flew to the right and to the left, up and down the aisles and rows, savaging all of the dignitaries with their massive fangs until there was nothing left of the government ministers, the judiciary and upper echelons of the police service but rags and bones.
  1. I savaged my lips and tongue with my teeth.
  2. The wolves savaged him until he lay deathly-still.
  3. One bullet to the face had savaged his nose and left cheek and come to rest in his brain.
  4. I spend more time remembering the Cordeaux family in France: how their lives were savaged by Peter.
  5. Who else had been savaged this way? Did these killings connect with my unsolved case, John Doe #24?
  6. His ship had been brutally savaged by the Charisians, no doubt because they’d recognized her as one of their own.
  7. Bleeding white blood as the vampires savaged on him, the Vangel screamed, ‘Sun,’, and it rose, breaking through the darkness.
  8. We’d patch in the changes the best we could and send it back up for final approval, only to have it come back looking like Attila the Hun had savaged it.
  9. Another savage broadside screamed across the water, trailing the red streaks of burning fuses, and HMS Riptide shuddered in agony as the exploding shells savaged her.
  1. The rest were mere savages.
  2. I told you they are savages.
  3. They were savages all of them.
  4. Generally these savages were naked.
  5. Bunch of savages in this world.
  6. The unnamed savages came upon us one winter.
  7. Ah, but they're still pathetic savages, sir.
  8. Some men are savages that don't know how to act.
  9. The dancers at the opera are pink female savages.
  10. The Greek police are savages, and I mean savages.
  11. They were savages, yes; but the savages of civilization.
  12. Two of the savages almost wished they had remained pirates.
  13. We have one of those savages traveling with us, remember?
  14. She had seen the savages and the hermits on her way thru the pass.
  15. There’s no honor and less loot, scrapping with these savages.
  16. They thought these natives were the most ignorant savages on earth.
  17. The knives are in ye fort, and ye debts from savages utterly denied.
  18. They are savages stalking among the ruins of a strange civilization.
  19. Among savages, the poorest of all nations, they are scarce of any value.
  20. I live in Peckham, London and these savages were out of control for years.
  21. Peter and Liz had more than their fair share of trouble from these savages.
  22. You will be sufficiently occupied in defending your frontiers against the savages.
  23. But savages are strange beings; at times you do not know exactly how to take them.
  24. In any case, she was not prepared to be torn apart by the savages, so she ran off.
  25. If indeed there are cannibal savages there, I will personally fight them if I must.
  26. The savages dress in the near-nude ways of old, their Bibles and crosses cast away.
  27. Reversing 7 thousand years of being treated as ignorant savages back at the Chinese.
  28. I can’t believe you agreed to that savages suggestion about tying in the desert.
  29. This island and all adjoining it are inhabited by hairy savages, who are certain to.
  30. The savages answered the insult with a yell, and immediately another volley succeeded.
  31. I had a head start, those savages stayed to destroy the city, but it won’t be long.
  32. Christian Rauch soon won the confidence of the savages and excited their astonishment.
  33. These they fought and drove beyond the Arctic circle, to perish, as the savages thought.
  34. Most others regarded them as barbaric savages who needed slavery to bring them salvation.
  35. On its eastern borders wander clans of nomadic savages, already known as the Sons of Shem.
  36. The driver and his sidekick started yelling and swearing at us, calling us a bunch of savages.
  37. They think we are pagan savages because we chose our image of the almighty in female form.
  38. Your parents tried bargaining and reasoning with savages and they were killed for their trouble.
  39. The savages approached without running, but they favored us with a show of the greatest hostility.
  40. We are all savages by nature, responded Roger as if Linda has said the most absurd thing ever.
  41. The impatient Heyward, inwardly execrating the cold customs of the savages, which required such.
  42. When cannibalism is spoken of, we smile with pride, proclaiming our superiority to these savages.
  43. When people talk of cannibals we smile contemptuously with a sense of superiority to such savages.
  44. The Indians believe something and so do the savages of the Cannibal Islands, but that proves nothing.
  45. And treating the Chinese as ignorant savages instead of the Chinese treating them as ignorant savages.
  46. The savages now fell back, and seemed content to let their enemies advance without further molestation.
  47. And violence, they say, is necessary to keep savages and criminals from annihilating our civilization.
  48. Twelve hundred United States troops at last scattered the savages and took about five hundred prisoners.
  49. I kept hearing noises from the savages, who were stamping on the platform and letting out deafening yells.
  50. Perhaps no missions to the heathen have been more blessed than many of these to the wild, painted savages.
  51. Call yourselves Guardians? You’ve guarded nothing but yourselves and those savages up in the mountains.
  52. Even by savages certain objects are held sacred, for whose sake they are ready to suffer rather than submit.
  53. Who were supposed to be civilized in comparison to the supposedly lowly uncivilized savages they encountered.
  54. They only started coming to the peace table after we killed enough of the savages out there, I told him.
  55. What about all her knowledge about the local savages? She didn’t pick that up while living with Frenchmen.
  56. For a Time, these Animals were tended by the Natives of the Caribee, those Savages who call’d themselves Caribs.
  57. Miners have followed and pitched their camps in every sort of lonely spot, exposed to the attacks of these savages.
  58. Settle down, children, you’re acting like a bunch of savages, she said as she hit her ruler harshly on the desk.
  59. Compared with such as these, the savages of New Guinea or the Red Indians are immensely higher in the scale of manhood.
  60. You really went into battle with only one hand and fought a horde of Picts? I have heard about them, they are savages.
  61. How come that our settlers, armed with muskets, haven’t killed yet all those savages in the woods of New France?
  62. He neither speaks nor understands any European tongue—and his ornaments and weapons are those of the West Coast savages.
  63. But when this Race of Savages dy’d out, the Animals ran wild upon the Isle, which turn’d again to Wilderness and Scrub.
  64. To the Continental kingdom of the Atlanteans, from sunken areas, swarmed myriads of beasts and savages – ape-men and apes.
  65. They only started coming to the peace table after we killed enough of the savages out there, I told him.
  66. To the south of them the Picts remain savages, apparently defying the laws of Nature by neither progressing nor retrogressing.
  67. But rich and civilized nations can always exchange to a much greater value with one another, than with savages and barbarians.
  68. Among the savages a frightful stillness succeeded the explosion, which had just been heard bursting from the bowels of the rock.
  69. They sit on their lofty perches in Stonegard and drain the soul from our land, passing it on to those savages in the mountains.
  70. When the fact was generally understood, the savages raised a frightful yell, which declared the extent of their disappointment.
  71. European culture was supposed to superior to the backwards culture of naked savages who did not know how to make guns and cannon.
  72. The savages were successively and successfully charged and driven until daylight, when they disappeared like the mist of morning.
  73. Fancy a set of hideous savages regarding a white man, regarding your uncle, as a strange outlandish creature frightful to behold.
  74. Voices grew loud and angry, and a hundred savages appeared, as it were, by magic, where a dozen only had been seen a minute before.
  75. Which are the savages, the real savages? Those who fight to eat the conquered, or those who fight to kill, for nothing but to kill?
  76. There were but two nations in America, in any respect, superior to the savages, and these were destroyed almost as soon as discovered.
  77. Centuries later, Cooper’s novels were widely translated and read throughout Europe in a quest to better picture these noble savages.
  78. At that moment the woods were filled with another burst of cries, and at the signal four savages sprang from the cover of the driftwood.
  79. Here and there about the world are scattered clans of apish savages, entirely ignorant of the rise and fall of the great civilizations.
  80. Among the less arid stretches of desert, in the jungles, and among the mountains, lived scattered clans and tribes of primitive savages.
  81. The impatience of the savages who lingered about the prison of Uncas, as has been seen, had overcome their dread of the conjurer's breath.
  82. These two narratives gave a proper direction to the subsequent inquiries, which were now made with the characteristic cunning of savages.
  83. Nothing more they found, and it was a thoroughly awed and frightened group of savages which huddled around their king a few moments later.
  84. Not content with mounting a confirmed pedestrian on a wild horse of the Pampas, you must needs turn him loose among a horde of savages.
  85. He had been fond of believing, from the uncommon forbearance of the savages, that he was reserved as a prisoner to be delivered to Montcalm.
  86. The savages were so near, that the least motion in one of the horses, or even a breath louder than common, would have betrayed the fugitives.
  87. If we were to attempt a landing we don't have the firepower to hold off a tribe of determined savages with spears for a great length of time.
  88. There is no way I’m running around those woods, not with those blood-thirsty savages that are killing our people living in those same woods.
  89. Such savages had an absurd obsession with virginity, and it’s a clear parallel of jealousy, insecurity and rage among God and man in Judaism.
  90. After which, by the rustling of leaves, and crackling of dried twigs, it was apparent the savages were separating in pursuit of the lost trail.
  91. Fifty glittering axes and barbed spears were offered unheeded at his life, but the savages respected his rank and calmness, even in their fury.
  92. It was necessary to pass within a dangerous proximity of the dark group of the savages, and the voice of the scout grew louder as they drew nigher.
  93. Beyond him again, Duncan could look into the vault opposite, which was filled with savages, upturning and rifling the humble furniture of the scout.
  94. Where will he get the Ship? And why the New World? I thought Lancelot hated all Mention of the Colonies and thought America a Land of Savages!.
  95. Since before the time of Egypt and Sumer, no group of people have been spared the yoke of slavery at the feet of conquerers, savages and even traders.
  96. At the time of the Cataclysm, a band of savages, whose development was not much above that of the Neanderthal, fled to the north to escape destruction.
  97. Only they had organized an entire class of civil servants to run the entire empire regardless of which bunch of murdering savages came in to rule them.
  98. Until then, we will have it where big savages rule by expertly speaking the big lies and little savages learn to rule by awkwardly telling little lies.
  99. But, the true savages weren’t apes or monkeys, of course, but it was those assailing Darwin’s character for presenting the brilliant, honest truth.
  100. By such tact England rules some millions of savages just emerged from cannibalism, by a few companies of native soldiers and a score of white officers.

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