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Severance dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. No severance, nothing.
  2. Consider it severance pay.
  3. That his death would spell our severance.
  4. A severance package if the bank was sold.
  5. Maybe your company provides a severance program.

  6. I qualified for severance pay if the bank was sold.
  7. The incision and the severance of head from body was.
  8. It doesn’t matter at what level the severance occurs.
  9. The lay-offs and the severance packages were high profile.
  10. National Education had the most attractive severance package.
  11. Audrey had built up a nice severance package with the Miami.
  12. The new manager wouldn‘t let Chris give me any severance pay.
  13. The information about the severance package didn’t seem to register.
  14. She will be given full severance pay and you will never see her again.
  15. You said that would be enough severance pay for the last time, if I remember.

  16. In fact he had never seen such accurate and impressive human limb severance as these.
  17. You are entitled to two week's severance pay, which will be paid in full on your next paycheck.
  18. Three days had elapsed since the affair with the Baron, and I could bear the severance no longer.
  19. Does the company have an unusual severance pay contract, especially in case of merger or buy-out?
  20. Sammy got wind of it and sent his guy around to see about getting the debt paid off with his severance package.
  21. When he wasn’t doing that he could be found in the break room griping about how little of a severance he was going to get.
  22. Although the hotel gave her severance pay, I thought it was inhumane to fire somebody who has a husband and four kids, with no money.
  23. Furthermore, after pulling in $38 million in 2006, Nardelli was also given an astronomical $210 million in severance when he exited the business.
  24. Selfishly I asked her to quit the stage on pain of severance of our mutual insanity, our rampaging up one side of a chaise-longue and down the other.
  25. My work permit was invalidated, so I could not look for work elsewhere in America, and I was given no gratuity, no severance pay, and no pension - nothing.

  26. Based on salary/bonus levels at the time of his departure, David Bright, chairman of the board and CEO, would have received severance payment of approximately $7.
  27. When he had parted from her before, he had been in ignorance of facts which gave a new aspect to the relation between them, and made a more absolute severance than he had then believed in.
  28. When the people of the present United States began to contemplate a severance from their parent State, it was a long time before they fixed definitely the name by which they would be designated.
  29. After trying child severance cases for my first six months with the AG, an opening occurred at the much more prestigious Arizona Corporation Commission, the equivalent to other states’ public service or utility commissions.
  30. Eventually, I shut down the reconditioning section of my business, giving generous severance pay to the workers involved to secure their trouble-free resignation, and concentrated on the production of cylinder liners of my foundry.
  31. Her mom and dad were managing to keep their protective instincts in check, her job with Jill was hugely satisfying, and she’d used some of her severance package to refurnish her condo and buy a new wardrobe – and still had enough left over to start building a small nest egg.
  32. But when it is a beloved and intimate human being that is dying, besides this horror at the extinction of life there is a severance, a spiritual wound, which like a physical wound is sometimes fatal and sometimes heals, but always aches and shrinks at any external irritating touch.
  33. His name she had obviously never used during their separation, and her dignified sense of their total severance was shown not much less by this abstention than by the hardships she had chosen to undergo (of which he now learnt for the first time) rather than apply to his father for more funds.
  34. On the day when in the drawing room of the house in Arbaty Street she had gone up to him in her brown dress, and given herself to him without a word—on that day, at that hour, there took place in her heart a complete severance from all her old life, and a quite different, new, utterly strange life had begun for her, while the old life was actually going on as before.
  35. He went to study in Paris with the determination that when he provincial home again he would settle in some provincial town as a general practitioner, and resist the irrational severance between medical and surgical knowledge in the interest of his own scientific pursuits, as well as of the general advance: he would keep away from the range of London intrigues, jealousies, and social truckling, and win celebrity, however slowly, as Jenner had done, by the independent value of his work.

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