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Shade dans une phrase (en anglais)

move for a shade.
103 in the Shade.
A beer in the shade.
A shade from the heat.
Plant trees for shade.
Come into the shade.
the shade of friendship.

Shade plants as needed.
The shade screeched up.
pulled me into the shade.
Treatment: Move to shade.
was there need for shade.
Granma, she needs shade.
The subtle shade of the.
better place in the shade.
There is not a shade of.
The window shade was down.
possible to seek the shade.
shade was well appreciated.
The kid went a shade paler.
back to the trees and shade.
The abbe lowered the shade.
the shade of the trees above.
That shade is nice on you.
in the deep shade behind them.
The shade of it was familiar.
If the unusual shade of the.
in the cedars’ deep shade?.
special nuance of shading.
in the palm of his shading hand.
Shading her eyes with her hand Mrs.
You will then get a shading effect.
to be shading his eyes with the other.
Lines of shading, different, 102, 123.
Softness indicated by shading, 102, 123.
She leans back shading you facing outward.
large trees shading the front of the building.
Fulness of form indicated by shading, 102, 124.
I’m shading toward the dead end of the middle.
spread a canopy of green over them, shading them.
opinions, spin, deceptions, or any shading of facts.
He said, the dim twilight partly shading his face.
As the use of shading became systematized the contour.
Jack turned to face me, shading his eyes from the glare.
The crossing of lines in shading gives a more opaque look.
Shading her eyes from the glaring hot sun, she peered about.
Portraits, he answered, a faint smile shading his lips.
I know it will be tricky but leave to the shading to others.
’ He rested for a moment against the pump, shading his eyes.
puzzled thoughts, he slowly nudged the door open, shading his.
You can help cool your home by shading the windows with awnings.
The glass here had taken on a shading tint against the sunlight.
He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun.
Meanwhile he’d made a good living, in part by shading the truth.
First the rose (which is a form of red) then the yellow, shading.
Legolas gazed ahead, shading his eyes from the level shafts of the.
She drew herself up slowly, shading her eyes with her hand to look.
It shaded everything.
the shaded bench outside.
Plants For Shaded Areas.
a picnic in a shaded spot.
face was completely shaded.
Within the shaded lagoon.
stream into the shaded room.
This cliff shaded the area.
to form a sort of shaded seat.
Thankfully, I was fully shaded.
an area outside shaded by trees.
What do the shaded areas mean?'.
He shaded his eyes with his hands.
His eyes were shaded and looked brown.
shaded from the sun in both directions.
They do best in a shaded part of a room.
For example, the shaded area in Figure 4.
Shaded ledges and rests it shall be you!.
The beginnings of a bruise shaded his jaw.
The rear of the building, shaded from the.
I shaded them and looked toward the groves.
shaded visor concealed the brunt of his face.
0, if it is at one of the un shaded positions.
The support area around 72 is shaded in gray.
solid and distilled behind honey shaded lashes.
We shared a cool soak in the shaded pool and.
Keep it covered and shaded to avoid evaporation.
We walk off the court to rest by the shaded seats.
They were shaded brilliantly in hues of purple,.
She shaded her eyes to follow the eagle's progress.
There are shades.
all shades of green.
Shades of Sherlock.
rather shades of gray.
who lowers shades and.
pull the shades back up.
Nice shades, Dracula.
Joey returned the shades.
All shades of its blue,.
Last word in art shades.
The shades were pulled.
million shades of grey.
shades of meaning in the O.
About three shades darker.
Maybe it was the shades.
Colored by pale shades of.
Thorn took off his shades.
was shades of grey and pink.
shades of orange and yellow.
colors and shades of crystal.
shades seem to cover the sky.
The shades of stone, organ.
Her look had shades of panic.
His shades were steaming up.
I had no texture, no shades.
All in vivid shades of green.
As usual, he wore his shades.
Blending into shades of grey.

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