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Shake dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A shake of the head.
  2. A shake of his head.
  3. I shake out my hands.
  4. He tried to shake it.
  5. I shake my head sadly.

  6. I shake my head at him.
  7. And that he shake her.
  8. Katy had begun to shake.
  9. She gave herself a shake.
  10. I should shake his hand.
  11. The egg starts to shake.
  12. His hand began to shake.
  13. I've got to shake it off.
  14. Why did you shake me?
  15. Instead, I shake my head.

  16. Then I started to shake.
  17. Only us; we shake, and.
  18. Gave her a little shake.
  19. Then it started to shake.
  20. I shake my head, confused.
  21. Again a shake of the head.
  22. My hands started to shake.
  23. I scoff and shake my head.
  24. We shake hands at the door.
  25. I shudder but shake it off.

  26. But his hand didn't shake.
  27. John tries to shake it off.
  28. If you had your shake at.
  29. It would shake the sleep.
  30. I could only shake my head.
  31. Come, shake us by the hand.
  32. But can’t shake the clown.
  33. Robert began to shake again.
  34. I’d sadly shake my head.
  35. She gave Trid another shake.
  36. To shake of the insecurity.
  37. Then I began to shake again.
  38. I shake my head and stand up.
  39. I actually started to shake.
  40. This wil shake the negative.
  41. Possibly a shake of the head.
  42. A shake of the head all round.
  43. Shake over the fire until hot.
  44. The building started to shake.
  45. I couldn't shake the feelings.
  46. He hadn't managed to shake him.
  47. He had to shake his head and.
  48. Shake it up a bit' said Jack.
  49. He was careful not to shake it.
  50. Shake the hat to mix the cards.
  51. You usually need to shake the.
  52. Then let's shake hands on it!.
  53. He held out his hand to shake.
  54. Both PPW began to cry and shake.
  55. It was my turn to shake my head.
  56. Mitch only could shake his head.
  57. It was hard to shake the dream.
  58. Lov felt the whole trunk shake.
  59. Why not shake hands with him?
  60. Now just shake your head for me.
  61. Cancel it? I shake my head.
  62. Jessicas body started to shake.
  63. He gave a slow shake of his head.
  64. All she could do was shake her.
  65. He just couldn’t shake it off.
  66. Help me LORD! I can't shake this.
  67. One or two men shake their fists.
  68. She could not even shake her head.
  69. Venarya could only shake her head.
  70. Lafête turned to shake his hand.
  71. Shake the bag to coat thoroughly.
  72. The whole castle started to shake.
  73. Jessica was now starting to shake.
  74. I rub my mouth and shake my head.
  75. The ground began to shake and I.
  76. I shake more than the wheels slip.
  77. I marvel at him and shake my head.
  78. He turned to shake hands with Will.
  79. I look back now and shake my head.
  80. Making a shake is simple as it is.
  81. Before he could shake, I blocked.
  82. I got up so I could shake her hand.
  83. Claire’s body had begun to shake.
  84. You shake his hand disappointedly.
  85. The walls around us began to shake.
  86. I shake my head, still taken aback.
  87. I shake my head at the realization.
  88. He moved forward to shake her hand.
  89. Don gave a little shake of his head.
  90. That’s when she started to shake.
  91. I smile at him and shake my head no.
  92. Should he offer to shake her hand?
  93. I tried to shake off the uneasiness.
  94. His hostage began to shake his head.
  95. Sporadic explosions shake the Earth.
  96. I made the nations to shake at the.
  97. Rohan gave a small shake of his head.
  98. Do it in the shake of a lamb's tail.
  99. I shake my head, but I see his point.
  1. My hand was shaking now.
  2. He was shaking his head.
  3. He was pale and shaking.
  4. Shaking sleep out of it.
  5. I'm shaking like a kid.
  6. There will be a shaking.
  7. She was shaking him then.
  8. Mac was shaking his head.
  9. He was shaking with rage.
  10. She was shaking all over.
  11. I sat there still shaking.
  12. He was shaking in my arms.
  13. I stood up and was shaking.
  14. Boy, was my voice shaking.
  15. She stood up shaking and.
  16. My whole torso is shaking.
  17. My hands are shaking, too.
  18. My voice was still shaking.
  19. She was soaked and shaking.
  20. Carol sat shaking her head.
  21. He was shaking with nerves.
  22. This left one shaking for.
  23. Garann was shaking his head.
  24. His whole body was shaking.
  25. He smiled, shaking his head.
  26. His hand was shaking badly.
  27. When the earth was shaking.
  28. But the shaking didnt stop.
  29. By that time, I was shaking.
  30. For a moment she sat shaking.
  31. He stood up, shaking himself.
  32. Cook said, shaking her head.
  33. He laughed, shaking his head.
  34. Her tiny hands were shaking.
  35. My body is shaking all over.
  36. Sampson was shaking his head.
  37. Annette was shaking her head.
  38. More head shaking on my part.
  39. The boy was pale and shaking.
  40. Her hands had started shaking.
  41. He chuckled, shaking his head.
  42. Faith enjoyed the rug shaking.
  43. I to the captain, shaking him.
  44. His hands were shaking like.
  45. Briz smiled, shaking his head.
  46. Shaking with anger and doubt.
  47. Samantha was shaking her head.
  48. Yellelle was shaking her head.
  49. While shaking his hand, she.
  50. His body was visibly shaking.
  51. Charles was shaking his head.
  52. She herself was still shaking.
  53. Glen laughed, shaking his head.
  54. Grover was shaking my shoulder.
  55. Shaking his head, he muttered.
  56. It sat there shaking its head.
  57. Even his mustache was shaking.
  58. His fingers are still shaking.
  59. I got scared, started shaking.
  60. He is already shaking his head.
  61. He was white and shaking when.
  62. He drew back, shaking his head.
  63. Alex chuckled, shaking his head.
  64. He stood there shaking his head.
  65. He walked away shaking his head.
  66. Crystal was shaking her head no.
  67. The only one shaking was Diana.
  68. He hugged me, shaking all over.
  69. Could use a little shaking up.
  70. Someone was shaking her gently.
  71. By the end of it I was shaking.
  72. You are the one shaking the can.
  73. Long Fei was shaking in his head.
  74. Again, I could feel her shaking.
  75. My hands were literally shaking.
  76. He withdrew it, shaking his head.
  77. But I was shaking on the inside.
  78. She kept her hands from shaking.
  79. The young Initiate was shaking.
  80. Olaf retreated, shaking his head.
  81. Steve hung up, his hands shaking.
  82. You can hear her breath shaking.
  83. His knees were shaking slightly.
  84. I stepped back, shaking my head.
  85. The earth shaking thud continues.
  86. He steps back, shaking his head.
  87. No, really, the earth is shaking.
  88. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking.
  89. I started shaking the cell bars.
  90. Boy, I was shaking like a madman.
  91. She was shaking from head to toe.
  92. The rope ladder was still shaking.
  93. Murphy chuckled, shaking his head.
  94. Porky was shaking Nikko’s hand.
  95. Shaking my head, I pursed my lips.
  96. Tobias listened, shaking his head.
  97. The shaking was so intense that.
  98. His body was shaking with misery.
  99. He backed away, shaking his head.
  100. Shaking her head, she says, No.
  1. He was too shaken up.
  2. I'm shaken to the root.
  3. He is shaken when he.
  4. But he was shaken now.
  5. You appear to be shaken.
  6. He was still shaken by.
  7. This news had shaken me.
  8. He was still quite shaken.
  9. Even I was shaken by the.
  10. He was shaken and at a loss.
  11. And he wasn't being shaken.
  12. Wings and paws were shaken.
  13. Hands were shaken all around.
  14. Devotion is shaken by sus-.
  15. She’s shaken off the wet.
  16. Lee was visibly shaken and.
  17. I own to you, I am shaken, Mr.
  18. But deep down, he was shaken.
  19. She had just shaken her head.
  20. Talking to Rob has shaken me.
  21. They had shaken their heads.
  22. A bit shaken, but a lot wiser.
  23. Conan rose, shaken with nausea.
  24. Scarlett had shaken me up bad.
  25. Reinhardt was shaken and angry.
  26. No, their fine a bit shaken up.
  27. She was shaken, and while she.
  28. You’ve never shaken his hand.
  29. The conversation had shaken him.
  30. She was roughly shaken back to.
  31. But a west wind has shaken the.
  32. He looked pale, shaken, fragile.
  33. Remembrance is shaken by delu-.
  34. It was a grim and shaken assembly.
  35. Ozzie’s reaction had shaken her.
  36. They really were shaken to behold.
  37. Darek tumbled off his bed, shaken.
  38. I could see Dark Singer was shaken.
  39. Everyone was shaken up but unhurt.
  40. He was visibly shaken by the news.
  41. The Chinese was only shaken up.
  42. Schlickman was shaken by her offer.
  43. He must’ve been pretty shaken up.
  44. I was shaken but kept my mouth shut.
  45. Shaken, I stare at him for a moment.
  46. He’s shaken, nervous and confused.
  47. She was shaken after the loss sand.
  48. Amanda still shaken, No he wouldn't.
  49. That you be not soon shaken in mind.
  50. Shaken with love; and laugh; and cry.
  51. She was in shock, shaken to her core.
  52. Alan was shaken by the whole incident.
  53. Whatever the case, she was shaken now.
  54. Betty Boop? It had shaken him deeply.
  55. When the earth is shaken with a shock.
  56. You still look shaken, Your Majesty.
  57. The English army was profoundly shaken.
  58. But instead of that, he is shaken by.
  59. I am shaken and in truth sick of this.
  60. Marilyn was very shaken by the accident.
  61. The episode in the library had shaken me.
  62. Something had shaken the mill violently.
  63. He grinned but looked white and shaken.
  64. When the earth is shaken with its quake.
  65. Haven't you shaken hands before?
  66. At first the woman was shaken and shy.
  67. His shoulder was being shaken insistently.
  68. He started again, shaken from his reverie.
  69. Siri, deeply shaken, returned to May Ling.
  70. The situation with my father had shaken.
  71. Elizabeth, still shaken, looked at Amelia.
  72. The drinking hoard in the car was shaken.
  73. Grant was shaken, his face torn with grief.
  74. Merthin had been deeply shaken by her news.
  75. Cami had never been so shaken over anything.
  76. He mused at how shaken and affected he was.
  77. The rest were all shaken by the possibility.
  78. He was as obviously as shaken as Kiera was.
  79. The voice on the radio sounded a bit shaken.
  80. He is at my right hand, I may not be shaken.
  81. I bet every other time he’s shaken a hand.
  82. Alex shook his head, still noticeably shaken.
  83. She was still shaken and Mary did not argue.
  84. Before Fats was found shaken up but alive.
  85. She sobbed, and was shaken with convulsions.
  86. Two hours later, I was well and truly shaken.
  87. His words had shaken something loose inside.
  88. By now, the shaken cage had stopped trembling.
  89. We had shaken off our pursuers and were safe.
  90. They had said that Laino could not be shaken.
  91. He was a bit shaken and his pulse was racing.
  92. Shaken, I pulled over to the side of the road.
  93. He was still shaken from his daymare, as he.
  94. His touch seemed to restore her shaken sanity.
  95. She was a little shaken and somewhat confused.
  96. He may be shaken by how much you already know.
  97. They are pretty shaken, he said quietly.
  98. His paradigm was suddenly shaken to its core.
  99. He's just pretty shaken up by the whole thing.
  100. The other man froze in his tracks, shaken by.
  1. He just shakes his head.
  2. Aaron shakes his head no.
  3. Jason shakes his head no.
  4. He shakes his head again.
  5. He shakes his head slowly.
  6. He shakes his head sadly.
  7. She shakes her head, hard.
  8. Workman 1 shakes his head.
  9. Workman 2 shakes his head.
  10. It shakes the whole house.
  11. She shakes her head slowly.
  12. The wind shakes the trees.
  13. He shakes his head bleakly.
  14. His enemy shakes his head.
  15. Enoch shakes his head sadly.
  16. He shakes his head, bemused.
  17. John shakes his head, grins.
  18. But Declan shakes his head.
  19. Wozza shakes his shaven head.
  20. She smirks, shakes her head.
  21. Russ laughs, shakes his head.
  22. He grins and shakes his head.
  23. Mark winces, shakes his head.
  24. He smiles and shakes his head.
  25. Aristeus shakes his head once.
  26. Duncan smiles, shakes his head.
  27. The general shakes his head.
  28. Connie shakes her head sharply.
  29. He shakes his head in response.
  30. She shakes her head, laughing.
  31. She smiles and shakes her head.
  32. Another thud shakes the room.
  33. Noël sighs and shakes his head.
  34. Mother shakes her head, smiling.
  35. Sergeant Miller shakes his head.
  36. No, Johan shakes his head.
  37. He shakes his head deliberately.
  39. Brian sighs and shakes his head.
  40. He shakes his head, sighs again.
  41. Denson shakes his head, I see.
  42. Mikkel snickers, shakes his head.
  43. She shakes her head with a shrug.
  44. She takes his hand and shakes it.
  45. Emerson shakes her head slightly.
  46. My subconscious shakes her head.
  47. Chris smiles and shakes his head.
  48. The officer shakes his head and.
  49. The pistol never wavers or shakes.
  50. Gregory frowns and shakes his head.
  51. Patrice laughs and shakes her hand.
  52. Bullhead shakes his head and sighs.
  53. He shakes his head, unable to speak.
  54. Then he shakes his head and laughs.
  55. His chest shakes as he laughs at me.
  56. Thus shakes the hare when suddenly.
  57. He laughs and shakes his head at me.
  58. After a moment she shakes her head.
  59. He looks at me and shakes his head.
  60. He rises and shakes hands with them.
  61. Something still shakes you, however.
  62. Bolt shakes his head, grins stupidly.
  63. No one gets rich trading the shakes.
  64. She shakes her head and moans lazily.
  65. And he shakes his feeble head,.
  66. And in her grasp the letter shakes,.
  1. Ava shook her head.
  2. Alex shook his head.
  3. She shook her head.

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