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Shaver dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I put the shaver in.
  2. He had an electric shaver.
  3. His electric shaver could play MP3s.
  4. Still, her mother’s electric shaver did not get her.
  5. Then Sue picked up the shaver and said, Time for a.

  6. What should I look for when choosing an electric shaver?
  7. Just as we had done before, I handed the shaver to Sue and leaned back.
  8. Never share your razor or shaver with anyone else to avoid skin infections.
  9. So depending on the density of hair growth, select either a single, double or triple head shaver.
  10. Risk of skin irritation if shaver is used repeatedly over the same area or if the shaver is not kept clean.
  11. Home! For the first time since I was a squat little slip of a shaver the word had a personal meaning for me.
  12. Pull the skin gently with one hand, while dragging the shaver against the direction of growth with your other hand.
  13. Some say an electric shaver does not give as close a shave as a blade while others say they can depending on the type of shaver.
  14. The following weekend he packed some clothes and his shaver in the rucksack that he had used in Paris and planned to stay in a Bed and Breakfast.
  15. She was searching the bathroom, looking through the cupboard, finding cologne, shaving soap, a shaver with a blade (perhaps she could use it to escape?) She thought against it.

  16. A day’s growth wasn’t going to make much difference and he couldn’t be buggered to dig his razor out … all the same he swept a glance round the cell – oh well, that underlined the fruitlessness of the exercise – there was no shaver point.

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