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Shite dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Aye, he's a stubborn wee shite.
2. He’s shite, another boy said.
3. Perhaps not, he would still be in the shite!.
4. What was all that shite about then? I replied.
5. Shite! We only have another minute or we're stuck here.
6. They’d tell you how shite you were and drink all your beer.
7. They were either in our budget and shite or what we wanted and expensive.
8. Do you believe this shite? Nigel said to Chofsky, who remained silent.
9. Told him if he didn't patch up the pot, Jesus, he'd kick the shite out of him.
10. Shite, he said, the accent finally returning in all its ridiculous glory.
11. Hey, you, turn that shite off and put this on, shouted Placid as he tossed a CD up.
12. Aye, a right pile of shite that is, Bruce added the second nuathreen, Gil apparently.
13. Fieldsie doesn't take that shite, laughed Jeb, snatching the scrap of paper from the boy.
14. You hear that shite Mack was saying to Kate on the porch, I say with my best Irish brogue.
15. In the next row, pickled vegetables and in the third something that looked like dogs’ innards floating in indiscriminate shite.
16. During my chat with Tracey a loud bang kept echoing through the club but being as off tap as I was at the time I ignored it and kept talking shite.
17. It was bad enough being assaulted by a crazed in-bred, but these people were supposed to be government fucking officials! On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and all that shite.
18. I looked at him thinking and you believe that bag of shite that he sold you I could not understand it but then again the first one to tell his story was believed and I had no one now to back up mine.
19. One day master Bellack had summed up the acolytes’ position to him clearly, ‘Kerric, you should all have the sense to know that you are nothing more than just plain scum, should you eventually grow in power – you will just be a larger pile of shite.
20. To be taught the ways of extreme power was not an easy path, his masters treated everyone in their household with disrespect because it was simple, they were all powerful and he was no more than a clump of shite on their shoes, trying to learn the path to such power.
21. I challenged them saying what the fuck are you doing and then when they turned round I saw that it was that little shite Stanley and Tommy Smith I had left my rifle in the crater when I went and these two both fired at the same time and I took a bullet in the gut and one in the chest.
22. We loaded the real Wilson and the tool bags into the truck covered it with a canvas and the tool bags then told Crow it was almost finished, he walked in shot us both not knowing that the drug he used was ordinary tap water, he drove the van to the boat where no doubt his friend was waiting to help, meanwhile our friendly shite hawk was arranging my demise, the lesson here as far I can see, Shirl, is that greed makes you stupid and blind, the sad truth is there was no sense to it at all, I went along with Mr Hawk hoping I was wrong about him having his own agenda, there is easily enough money here for everyone, greed Shirl, possibly the most costly of human frailties.
23. My job is shite, the boss is a wanker,.

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