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Shop dans une phrase (en anglais)

I left the wine shop.
His shop is upon the.
No Costcos to shop at.
She went into the shop.
I bought it in a shop.
Come to the wrong shop.
The donut shop that I.

Back in the Repair Shop.
We came out of the shop.
We went back to the shop.
When her shop is a buzz.
The shop was very quiet.
The shop was dark, the.
They have a sports shop.
I felt the need to shop.
We’ve got a dive shop.
Or his shop burned down.
No favoring in this shop.
Our shop now offers both.
This shop in the temple.
It was in a charity shop.
The men entered the shop.
Meet me at the tuck shop.
Smith ran out of the shop.
But I don't want to shop.
My shop is at the temple.
I shop there all the time.
Next to it was a toy shop.
The new shop foreman was.
There was a record shop.
Also a shop often noticed.
The shop is too confining.
He smelt like a lolly shop.
It’s still at the shop.
Before exiting the shop, I.
So I came back to the shop.
I bought it in a junk shop.
You have to close the shop.
They ran by the barber shop.
He was now at the shop door.
Then we had a shopping.
She drove to a shopping.
One with a shopping trolley.
And they were … shopping.
He held up the shopping bags.
Then I left and went shopping.
With a shopping list in hand!.
I need to make a shopping list.
Paris for a weekend of shopping.
I hate shopping for food there.
So they all carried on shopping.
Oh, yesterday, we went shopping.
I haven’t been shopping yet.
He was shopping in a nationwide.
Can we at least go shopping?
I even went shopping with Bonnie.
Today, she was doing the shopping.
They did their shopping together.
Your shopping power would increase.
Two shopping expeditions in a week.
I dropped the shopping on the table.
It was her turn for a shopping spree.
They then started shopping for Charly.
I am shopping around for a sporty car.
The other four girls went shopping.
Price shopping and haggling is a must.
It is odd shopping for two again ….
Once you start shopping around for a.
Lizzie Street provided a shopping strip.
We had servants who did the shopping.
Shopping list – files and marker pen.
The rest of the plan was a shopping list.
In his case, he owns the shopping center.
Instead of taking the kids shopping at.
Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping Jobs!.
They went shopping together, did their.
She had one suitcase and a shopping bag.
In the shopping cart at the grocery store.
Shopping malls are indeed cathedrals to.
Well what was in the shopping bag?
He shopped at the Fifth Season.
She is the one who shopped you.
I‘d stay in the car when we shopped.
They went to the market and shopped a lot.
Carla shopped for food while Amy made her call.
His technique was , he shopped for very cheap.
They shopped for almost 2 hours buying a grand.
But I still had not shopped for clothing as Kenna.
They window shopped, stopping to pick up souvenirs.
Walter tells me that you have been shopped?
There, in full color, were photo shopped pictures of.
Then he was off and running, To save money he shopped.
That should be enough to get the shoes if he shopped around.
Andrew Presbyterian church who shopped and ran errands for me.
Though I tired easily, we walked, shopped, and ate till we dropped.
She had shopped there most of her life and everybody knew her there.
These women all shopped and lunched and attended book clubs together.
The other one was a few miles from my home but close to where I shopped.
Peter and Jane shopped for uniforms for him to start school the next day.
And then for the first time in their lives they shopped as partners in one concern.
I stood near the cash register instead, scanning tourist brochures while Greg shopped.
Something you’d see in the home of the royal family (if the royal family shopped at IKEA).
She shopped with her mother in midtown, battling the crowds but enjoying the frenetic energy.
I was looking for any patterns in their responses about why and how often they shopped at the store.
Maybe if I shopped only for a few seconds, Mom wouldn’t notice, he thought, while contemplating the situation.
Saturday—for a touch of mild excitement—they shopped in Gettrick, taking advantage of sales at a big grocery.
A few of the shop assistants had informed him that they were certain that Mikhail had shopped here a few days ago.
The man who was currently moving through the darkness had originally set out to find a restroom while his wife shopped.
I sat in the shade of their lumbering camp van, reading The Novel in the parking lot of a grocery store as they shopped.
He only needed to claim he shopped there, but that was only every month or two because his partner usually did that shopping.
Greg continued to maintain a low profile, but Avi and the girls routinely shopped at the supply depot they had helped liberate.
During the six hour layover at Heathrow, I organized my notes, surfed the internet, and window shopped at the terminal retail stores.
Once in the stores, I looked for people purchasing more than 20 items, which indicated to me that they shopped at the store frequently.
He was not one of those men who never shopped for clothes, and he owned lots of jeans and sweat shirts and whatever else caught his fancy.
Then I found pizza pockets, a treat that had disappeared from British shelves when I was a teenager or at least where I or my mother had shopped.
Ingrid simply nodded but didn’t say more: her watch had been given to her by Ken Dows ‘B’, who had shopped for it in the United States of 2014.
My goal was to understand how customers made the decision to shop at 99 Cent Only Stores, rather than trying to guess why they shopped at the store.
Constant eating meant I was gaining half a kilo a day, and when the food ran out I was as big as a five-year-old, weighed fourteen kilos, and shopped at the local store.
They shopped, walked, rode, and called all day, went to theaters and operas or frolicked at home in the evening, for Annie had many friends and knew how to entertain them.
For example, when I first researched 99 Cent Only Stores, I paid for the items of more than 50 customers in order to solicit their feedback on why they shopped at the store.
My home was wine shops.
I took her to the shops.
The pound shops are great.
None of the shops I found.
I stopped at the shops to.
Ski shops have a gizmo you.
He had two shops and a house.
All the shops would be closed.
It too is famous for its shops.
Their shops sell kosher foods.
The shops are closed on Easter.
Is walking with me to the shops.
On most streets there are shops.
They enjoyed the shops immensely.
I found down in the city's shops.
The shops are packed and hardly.
No, all the shops where closed.
Shoe shops, lingerie shops, 104.
The butcher shops could afford it.
A few shops were still open a few.
Gift Shops that cater for you both!.
Ski Shops have always been notori-.
There were busy torchlit shops here.
It was a busy road, many shops and.
Shops rather, because the first two.
Each of the shops is about 40m3 each.
Ski shops tend to sell poles on the.
The poulterers' shops were still half.
They would be less dependent upon shops.
Supermarkets and shops ran out of supply.
He took me in shops, bazaars, and towns.
There used to be shops here and hotels.
He had two shops and a house of his own.
Charity shops are a great way to do this.
All of the shops and houses were closed.
People pay up to ten pounds in some shops.
Several coffee shops in South Africa have.
The things I need are not sold in shops.
Cobblestone roads connected the busy shops.
Commissioning of the new production shops.

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