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Shred dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Let not a shred remain.
2. You can shred the papers first.
3. As they shred you with their eyes.
4. Shred the salmon into tiny pieces.
5. Zombies will shred me to pieces.
6. I fear the rope will tear to shred.
7. Then, I shall shred you into pieces.

8. There’s not a shred of evidence.
9. It was one more shred of evidence that.
10. Miguel was waiting for material to shred.
11. She tore off a long shred of the smoked.
12. The other kind of juicers shred bigger.
13. At least now they had a shred of a lead.
14. Shred the carrots and add to the cabbage.
15. Not a shred of his former aplomb remained.
16. There was the tiniest shred of hope, then.
17. Andersons I could shred them to pieces!.
18. He found a shred of comfort in that thought.
19. And wearing out the wretched shred of life.
20. Shred cheddar cheese and spread over the top.
21. There is not a shred of evidence that this.
22. What wretched shred e'en at the best of all!).
23. Shred any beef that hasn't shredded on it's own.
24. You will know, without a shred of doubt, that.
25. The enemy tried to shred him with a fresh barrage.
26. I had just gathered up my last shred of dignity and.
27. Anyone with a shred of backbone would have helped her.
28. Until I heard something shred the Homestead to bits.
29. The manufacturer bragged this rifle could shred steel.
30. I’m glad there is some shred of dignity in this town.
31. Not for a story like that, without a shred of evidence.
32. You will end up as a big stupid and not a shred of friends.
33. Not a shred of truth, Butterfield said of the charge.
34. Gloria could see the teeniest shred of doubt in her young mind.
35. This will shred the outer surface exposing the fibrous centre.
36. Can’t you send a golden eagle to shred him with its talons?
37. Medium build, not a shred of hair to be seen beneath that hat.
38. There were only flashes, a shred of foliage, and bright glares.
39. I possess not the least shred of doubt about who and what I am.
40. The dog began to shred the left half of the map that contained.
41. I’ve got a nice brace of kalic, let’s shred some of that up.
42. I didn’t have a shred of evidence to back up my argument that he.
43. If I shred papers and check my credit reports, will I be protected?
44. All this despite the fact that he doesn’t have a shred of evidence.
45. Frodo hid the Ring away, and the shadow passed leaving hardly a shred.
46. If you had some shred of restraint, we would have a bargaining chip.
47. The vague recognition of a voice was his only shred of hope at present.
48. I assure you: Muslims do not have a shred of real historical proof to.
49. What type of material do you need to shred and to what dimensions?
50. As cited, the RCMP adjudication board found that there was not a shred.
51. If you saw the Supreme Court today, and how they shred the Constitution.
52. I was dying to see how they would fare tonight without one shred of offense.
53. Even a broken-to-harness shawl carrier has a shred of cautious decency about him.
54. It seems they shred cedar bark into a soft flexible state with a shredding device.
55. At least, if there is a shred of the old Leonard still there, he could not bear it.
56. Her eyes flicked across each person’s face, searching for some shred of humanity.
57. Another gust of wind tore in off the ocean, threatening to shred the tent to pieces.
58. She could lose her best friend and any shred of respect she had left for her Father.
59. He had known in that instant that there could be no hesitation, no shred of indecision.
60. He showed up on the scene just at the time of her death and hasn't a shred of an alibi.
61. Kareem, was that tiny bit of humanity that indwelled within me, and gave me a shred of.
62. He had lost his mates, he had lost his way, and he had long since lost his last shred of.
63. But Needham knew better than anyone that there was not a shred of evidence of such a thing.
64. With each missed workout, with each slice of cheesecake, another shred of integrity is lost.
65. They loved you, I said, hoping that Harry could find a shred of conviction in my voice.
66. Your Administration wants to shred some of the oldest materials on the history of this area.
67. I think they were hoping you’d demonstrate that Stargazer veracity and shred me to pieces.
68. Weeping not a single tear, bearing not a single warm thought, not one solemn shred of reverence.
69. I searched inside this man’s mind and soul, and found out some shred of love for me was true.
70. For any woman with a shred of sense, that man is a gift from Divine Providence, said the nun.
71. There was a shred of comfort in the knowledge that he would heal spiritually, and mentally in time.
72. He, ex-Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have managed to shred the Constitution.
73. It was fortunate they did; plastic is easy to shred and the prisoners would have been free in an hour.
74. Henry took the clothes and without any shred of shyness, he stripped off his uniform and threw it away.
75. In the package:—Baker's Dry Shred Coconut—sugar-cured—for those who prefer the old-fashioned kind.
76. But if there was even a shred of a clue buried somewhere inside them, Calvin was determined to find it.
77. Baron Sarmouth took the cigar from his mouth, blew a smoke ring for the stiff breeze to shred, and nodded.
78. The Empire has trained away every shred of family loyalty and love that ever existed under those uniforms.
79. I decide to respect whatever shred of privacy these two have, and at least not mention anything to Eugene.
80. We must explore the only shred of an artifact which accounts for the great knowledge reaching to our age.
81. If you have a shred of evidence that my man Makienko knew your man at all, I should be pleased to hear it.
82. You have been chasing this dream for three years, and you don’t have one shred of evidence to show for it.
83. But there wasn’t a shred of self-control left in him; he couldn’t have prevented the tears, he knew that.
84. Billy knows instinctively that Ken is dead, just like he knows without a shred of doubt that Jock is still alive.
85. You can shred the card, remove yourself from the pre-approved credit card mailing list and get on with your life.
86. It was a small thing that tipped the scales—merely a shred of silk hanging on a bush that caught his uneasy glance.
87. Scrap companies buy the old airframes and drag them to a remote corner of the airport to chop them up and shred them.
88. Circumstantial evidence points to him, but there isn’t a shred of real evidence to link any of this business to him.
89. He smiled, and I decided to humour him, even though it took every shred of self-restraint not to just leap on him then.
90. A hood covered the head of the image in the pool, a tattered shred of cloth sown together with what appeared to be yarn.
91. A tiny part of him, a tiny remaining shred of logic deep within his being, knew that she was right, that this had to end.
92. Shred the onion, put it in the stew-pan with the butter, sprinkle the curry powder over, and fry gently until quite brown.
93. He was severely damaged, but the constant moan coming from his lip-less mouth indicated he still had a shred or life left.
94. You see, immigrants (like my parents) never leave a shred of meat on a chicken wing—we can all learn something from them.
95. Tem wrapped a shred of apron around one jagged end to protect his hands so that it looked like a grotesque sort of scimitar.
96. Vic stood there without a shred of emotion, Dave, drive this muppet down to the docks and get rid of him and crush the car.
97. But just as he was about to shred the document, an item stayed his hand: an arrest for attempted arson in Bushwick that June.
98. At first this Bohemianism pleased me, but before very long it led to my losing the last shred of respect which I felt for her.
99. She spent sleepless nights analyzing details and phrases in the anonymous letters in the hope of finding some shred of comfort.
100. You are weaving an ingenious web of fiction, but you cannot have a shred of evidence to link me to any of your wild theories.
1. The web was tearing and the net shredding.
2. Sam and Miguel were keeping up with shredding.
3. The shredding program is already on my machine.
4. Also consider the significance of what you are shredding.
5. It was nearly 19:30 when they had completed the shredding.
6. Immediately prior to the shredding mentioned above, David’s.
7. The shredding of her heart when she locked away her love for.
8. It helps to complete shredding of the endometrium and stops the.
9. RCMP Spenard thought he covered his tracks by shredding documents.
10. Use the claw to move the materials for shredding over to the shredder.
11. Shredding personal papers is a great step to protect your identity, but you.
12. Devon fidgets with his cup holder, shredding the cardboard between his fingers.
13. The pieces should be no more than 10 square centimetres in size after shredding.
14. He batted wildly at his target, shredding through marble columns in the process.
15. It seems they shred cedar bark into a soft flexible state with a shredding device.
16. Annie gripped the counter, her own exhaustion shredding her already frayed patience.
17. The shredding of a singularity into the building blocks of space-time reminds me of the.
18. Slowly he began shredding her diaries as he didn’t like them to see the light at dawn.
19. Smoking fog began to curl from the ground, shredding as the speeding car blew through it.
20. Yes, this idiot had torn off some major control surfaces, lots of shredding on his ship.
21. Annan ordered the shredding of thousands of documents potentially of relevance to the Oil.
22. It only took 45 minutes before the sophisticated machine was in sections of scrap ready for shredding.
23. It exploded before he could throw himself down, shredding him to pieces, along with his two bodyguards.
24. Angie could only look with rage as a 85mm shell struck a M20, shredding it and making it roll on its side.
25. The first shells missed, but then four of them hit, shredding the fuselage, port side wing and engine pod.
26. Fortunately, the bullet had torn into the soft tissue of his outer, upper arm effectively shredding his triceps.
27. A rain of explosive shells however enveloped them before they could fire a single shot, shredding them to pieces.
28. She glanced up at him before returning to shredding the croissant in her hands, But that’s about all I can do.
29. They moved together, their panting mingled as Sage dug her claws into the sheets to keep from shredding his back raw.
30. The ring floated away on the breeze, shredding as it went, and he frowned, wondering if that was some sort of oracle.
31. The remainder of the elves also joined in as well, shredding the giant’s limbs nearly as quickly as they could grow.
32. I guess it’s checkout time, he thought as he waited for a pair jagged fangs to start shredding his exposed bare flesh.
33. Anup, meanwhile, is still shredding the first assailant's neck, even though the man has ceased scuffling and is now dead.
34. Instead of shredding them, it slammed into the junk and peppered the hull with little flashes and hot spots from the impacts.
35. The boy was shredding the edge of another newspaper page between his fingertips, slow, perfectly spaced tears of uniform length.
36. Can you tell me what the latest most efficient shredding machine is on the market? I have to shred several tonnes in only a few hours.
37. Canister round after canister round fired from the M48A3 90mm guns tore into enemy positions, shredding as many tree limbs and branches as bodies.
38. She could easily imagine her alternate self calling a shredding service to destroy everything rather than pay to have it put into storage or moved.
39. Mary Vanderbilt then opened fire with her heavy machine gun, shredding one of the attackers to bits and making the lone survivor run away in panic.
40. They collided at belt buckle height and the grenade exploded ripping and shredding his entrails and flesh and erupting all over the men beside him.
41. Its weapons ablaze, shredding the nearest Rotham ship like it was made of paper—the only ship standing between it and the one holding them prisoner.
42. The retaliation rained down on us for quite some time and it gave me the shakes because these counter strafes could be nerve shredding to say the least.
43. As the charging human aims his rifle, the creature becomes immediately all animal, shredding any humanity he felt in those brief seconds with the human child.
44. Since no real information is connected to the card you don’t even have to worry about shredding the card or it getting into the wrong hands because with no money on it the card is useless.
45. With still some speed advantage as she pulled level behind a third Me 262, she lined up her guns on it and fired from a distance of a mere hundred meters, shredding the rear half of the jet to pieces.
46. She thus kept on her collision course towards the lead bomber and waited until nearly the last moment to fire her next burst from her six heavy machineguns, shredding the cockpit and right side engine of the NELL.
47. Utterly terrified but resolved to stay at his post, the young officer did not have the chance to witness the first hit on the KIRISHIMA before a fourteen inch shell exploded against the base of the tower, shredding him to pieces.
48. I will tell you another thing one of them was gut shot and you lot have no idea how bad that is the pain is terrifying and that Turk had one of the worse I have ever seen the rounds had ripped through his stomach shredding it.
49. The key to personal shredding and to working with the lower capacities you will find in the smaller machines is to shred daily, or on an as needed basis, rather than letting your papers pile up and trying to shred them all at one time.
50. When it comes to shredders there are really two different kinds: the kind that cuts documents into several long strips (known as strip-cut shredders), and the kind that cuts them into confetti-like shreds (known as cross cut shredding).
51. The cover story of the current issue features their woefully incorrect interpretation of Our Constitution, with an image of the shredding of that document covered by the question „Does it still matter? This in addition to the word.
52. On and on your laughter echoes, shattering the stillness of the perfect void, collapsing it, and everything (which is nothing) in it, to a single point, shredding it into an infinite number of pieces and an oxymoron that become… all there is.
53. All its people were poor, and many of them were sitting at their doors, shredding spare onions and the like for supper, while many were at the fountain, washing leaves, and grasses, and any such small yieldings of the earth that could be eaten.
54. Zar lashed out a taloned hand, tearing out the throat and leaning his head back to swallow it whole, and the primes fell onto their bloodfeast with a renewed voracity, shredding and tearing away the meat and the sinew, stripping the bones of marrow and spitting out the broken shards.
55. As the catastrophic loss of the MOSKVA registered on the rest of the shaken Terran main force, Patricia O’Neil switched her fire to the nearby cruiser PARIS, shredding that cruiser to pieces in fifteen seconds of fire and leaving it dead in space, its radars, propulsion and main power offline.
56. For shredding confidential documents which could prove damaging were they to fall into the wrong hands - such items as bank statements, junk credit card offers, credit card statements, and tax records, we really can't recommend that you use anything but a cross cut shredder that is rated at a Security Level of 3.
57. She was just turning her head to smile at Adam, who was staring in fascination at the man, when at least seventy-five quarter-inch steel balls driven at 2,500 miles an hour by the explosion tore through her upper body, instantaneously shredding her heart and lungs and smashing her face into a pulp beyond recognition.
1. The old tire was just shredded.
2. The thin paper shredded from the.
3. Stir in the shredded cheddar cheese.
4. Add a cup of the shredded pineapple.
5. I explained about my shredded clothes.
6. Serve immediately and top with shredded.
7. Serve with some extra shredded cheese on top.
8. Tori fell to the floor, her shoulder shredded.
9. Sprinkle shredded mozzarella over the chicken.
10. Those tiger cubs probably shredded him by now.
11. The lasers shredded trucks and personnel alike.
12. Shred any beef that hasn't shredded on it's own.
13. They shredded limbs from her torso; some they.
14. My mind was resolved, but my heart was shredded.
15. Please tell the jury why you shredded your notes.
16. Remove from heat and serve hot with shredded cheese.
17. He could feel his body being shredded away, piece by.
18. Do nothing but attempt to repair a shredded reputation.
19. I totally destroyed that rabbit! I shredded it to pieces.
20. The dishes had mounds of shredded stuff piled quite high.
21. Still, it shredded her nerves to simply sit here voiceless.
22. Metal scraped glass as the shredded rubber flopped in the wind.
23. It’s not deep, but it’s wide, and shredded in areas, Dr.
24. They opened and I threw the shredded money on their worried faces.
25. The pain as their teeth shredded his living tissue was unbearable.
26. I didn’t want to look underneath the ruins of my shredded armor.
27. Spread the chopped vegetables over pan and top with shredded cheese.
28. Then, he shredded a length of the flour sack to wrap around his face.
29. That way the skin is shredded far too badly for any doctor to repair.
30. The massed cannon shredded their attack and they fell back in confusion.
31. It looked like several shredded ribbons at first and then a ripped cloth.
32. Parathas are sometimes stuffed with herbed potatoes, shredded radishes and.
33. He lay back as shredded leaves and branches fell into the ditch around him.
34. The men stepped from the small foyer into a room piled deep in shredded paper.
35. With a few large swipes of her giant claws, their rifles were shredded apart.
36. Bits of shredded cabbage flew everywhere, and the door was torn off its hinges.
37. Deep rifts where the material had been shredded and tufts of padding protruded.
38. Buried in the shredded debris was evidence of why Canada had failed to take.
39. The shock wave shredded his ear drum and he stumbled against the side of the car.
40. They will be in the discarded shipping containers with the shredded materials.
41. I didn’t want what little flesh I had left to be shredded by this crazed animal.
42. The impact broke his neck immediately and shredded his face, leaving skull exposed.
43. The resulting explosion had shredded a large portion of the yard’s infrastructure.
44. Any other important evidence you shredded that would have exonerated my client?
45. She was trembling as she tried to draw the shredded strands of her memories together.
46. Mix the eggs, cooked meat, shredded zucchini, basil, and salt and pepper in a bowl 4.
47. Vicky’s shredded clothing was on the floor and Vicky was slumped in the chair with.
48. Day 1: The bottom layer is shredded manure, The next layer is of plant waste shredded.
49. Brambles and prickly bushes shredded my skin like a grater, but I was behond pain now.
50. Lightning shredded a huge crater in the roof, but an angry wail from inside told me Mrs.
51. There was the deafening crack of splintering wood as the yacht was chopped and shredded.
52. The giant was in midstride when its flesh shredded apart in a bloody rain of torn parts.
53. Inside, Doc Russell turned from the shredded body of Haskell to kneel and examine Travers.
54. I quickly waded over to where he was and raised the shredded wingtip up above the surface.
55. His long face twitched nervously, his gnarled hands quietly shredded a plastic coffee cup.
56. Whack! Whack! The switch had shredded the man’s shirt, which was now blood-soaked as well.
57. Half of him was still at the bottom of classic seas with the battered and shredded sailors.
58. He stared at the dead animal that would have shredded him to pieces if it wasn’t shot down.
59. When Lezura and Heliri hurried over they found that the flesh in Joey’s palm was shredded.
60. I leaned forward so that he could see the back of the shredded hoodie, still soaked with blood.
61. He didn’t even flinch when the nurse put the antibiotic cream on his cut and shredded fingers.
62. His shirt was literally shredded and soaked with his own blood from maybe a half a dozen strikes.
63. Chicken Pesto: For a heartier version, replace the spinach with 1 cup cooked chicken (shredded or.
64. His sweater was shredded, and his face and arms were laced with cuts, but he was otherwise unhurt.
65. Every ounce of his self control was almost shredded to pieces and she seemed to be affected as well.
66. These are my rapists, the ones that turned me inside out, ripped my mind from my body and shredded it.
67. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner The man in the hole was now a mangled mess of blood and shredded rags.
68. Dominic grimaced as he slowed, the friction had shredded his sweater and ripped the skin from his back.
69. The entire roof structure had been shredded after the disc-craft had reformed itself and then taken off.
70. The loggers sat back in the comfort of their chairs as they enjoyed the fragrance of the shredded leaf.
71. He wondered what was worse: being torn apart by the man-dog or being shredded by the Akashi gate itself.
72. A fearsome explosion couldn't have slashed, torn, or shredded these fleshy masses with greater violence.
73. I shredded them, Conklin said, the cords in his neck straining against the white collar of his shirt.
74. In spite of the two saucer sized black patches of shredded jacket near his shoulders, he was still conscious.
75. It was a surprise that they’d stolen her shredded marmalade if she was that high up in the pecking order!.
76. The very finely shredded hearts of raw Brussels sprouts are excellent, and even the heart of a Savoy cabbage.
77. Enjoy this topped with sour cream, shredded Cheddar cheese, avocado slices, fresh coriander and Spring onions.
78. My fledgling will ten thousand times over could not withstand that great will that shredded my flesh and mind.
79. I ground up the pill and mixed it into gourmet cat food, and after that into a small piece of shredded chicken.
80. The soft, tinkling song was instantly replaced by a high pitched whine which shredded the tranquillity she felt.
81. Doubts still shredded his soul and through the gaping wounds he saw the truth about his relationship with Lance.
82. Super Man sat by the airstrip, listing left on its peg-legged landing gear, the shredded tire hanging partway off.
83. Have the bodies covered with a layer of the shredded materials! Tell Nelson to cut vent holes in the containers.
84. I tried looking out the window, but all I saw was chunks of shredded flesh and blood; that was the view I would have.
85. Along one of the walls sat three young boys, cross-legged, on a mattress covered with a blanket with shredded borders.
86. A case of cartridges had been shattered into matchwood, and one of the brass shells lay shredded into pieces beside it.
87. Immediately, we slowed down now that we were on level ground again, the shredded tire flapping uselessly on the ground.
88. Conan stared down on the travesty of a man, a broken, shredded, bloody heap that gibbered and gnashed splintered teeth.
89. Now, though, they squatted at every street corner, dressed in shredded burlap rags, mud-caked hands held out for a coin.
90. With her entire race Linked under her control, she then attacked Zarkog psionicly and shredded dozens of his mental shields.
91. Thirty minutes later, as she clutched the pillow to her burning chest, staring down at her shredded emerald dress on the floor.
92. I’m sorry to have to tell you, but any report your friend would have submitted would only have ended up shredded and burned.
93. He carefully pushed the shredded remains of my hoodie and t-shirt up my back, sliding his hands across the smooth skin beneath.
94. Sensitive waste should be placed through a slot into locked waste bins and shredded at the end of the day within the secure area.
95. The largest of them perched at the pinnacle, wrapped in a shredded banner that read Gusto the Magnificent, Miracle of Science.
96. Ben thought that maybe she would escape the same fate as the others given the fact that her small body was very literally shredded.
97. The great bear swiped at the villagers, those too slow to dodge were sent flying into houses or were shredded by the scythe like claws.
98. All that Billy Whitlow wants is a quiet life, that same untroubled groove of a life that is now being shredded right in font of his eyes.
99. Only to be cut-down and shredded by machine gun fire just a few yards from their trench to die a meaningless and hopeless sacrificial death.
100. The fishing boat’s rigging had been shredded by the machine gun, and long lengths of line whipped out from its mast, cracking in the wind.
1. My house was in shreds.
2. His jeans were torn to shreds.
3. And shreds of shadowy laughter;.
4. A king of shreds and patches,--.
5. They’ll tear him to shreds back.
6. We cling to shreds of self respect.
7. Clay) has said, of shreds and patches.
8. A werewolf will tear you to shreds.
9. Their clothing appeared to be in shreds.
10. Then he began looking for the shreds of.
11. Her emotions were worn out, into shreds.
12. Tear little the clouds to bitty gray shreds.
13. It shreds concrete and shatters the windows.
14. If you should gather up the poor, pale shreds.
15. He would rip the bastard who did this to shreds.
16. We have to act tough or they'll rip us to shreds.
17. He was busy tearing the rest of his bread to shreds.
18. They will tear the Hunters and their allies to shreds.
19. The shreds of the black cloak he tore off and scattered.
20. Shreds of high cloud were overhead, running on a stiff.
21. His arm hung loosely and the cloth had been torn to shreds.
22. Moisture was whipping past the window like shreds of gauze.
23. The English language is whittled into shreds by that trick.
24. The interior of the building had been ripped to shreds, the.
25. By the time I was done with it there was nothing but shreds.
26. Hitler had just broken up their artificial alliance into shreds.
27. The ferocious little beasts could rip a man to shreds in seconds.
28. You had better confess that you took it and lashed it to shreds.
29. It’s an honour and a privilege to hear Karen tear him to shreds.
30. Jake tore into several of the abominations and ripped them to shreds.
31. He was for shreds with her after that and threw her out of his house.
32. You’ve lost your mind––you’re tearing your hands to shreds.
33. Then came another request that almost tore Cap’n’s soul to shreds.
34. Then she popped over to his house and proceeded to tear him to shreds.
35. He did it himself, and his son tore my shirt and trousers into shreds.
36. This continued for several blissful hours, as Wendy ripped Al to shreds.
37. The spread of the shotgun pellets ripped nearby storage boxes to shreds.
38. The remaining shreds of mystique that had once surrounded these ancient.
39. It was as though I was the one torn to shreds and lying in their bellies.
40. I am sure you did not, for a duster would have swept away these shreds of.
41. But no matter; he turned around and returned to ripping the rope to shreds.
42. Then he did the only thing he could to maintain his last shreds of dignity.
43. Rip grabbed a stack of the maps and tore them up until they were tiny shreds.
44. When I free myself and kill your pathetic witches, I will tear you to shreds.
45. Eddie picked up the card, then and slowly and deliberately tore it to shreds.
46. He had no clue that I was more alive than ever, and ready to rip him to shreds.
47. Trevor screamed and swore until he thought his vocal chords were torn to shreds.
48. Above him, the mist gives way in shreds, and a deep summer blue reveals itself.
49. His leg dangled below him, his pant leg hanging in shreds and his boot blasted.
50. Some others were showing only pieces and shreds of the remains of human bodies.
51. Cries rang out as the explosion ripped everything in the force field to shreds.
52. The shreds fluttered away, sank in the dank air: a white flutter, then all sank.
53. His chest and legs were scraped raw from the sand, and his clothes were in shreds.
54. Seems likely to be torn to shreds by the waves, each rib scattered over the ocean.
55. I am sure you did not, for a duster would have swept away these shreds of varnish.
56. It was hanging in bloody shreds, but whether it can be killed by steel I know not.
57. The torn shreds of gift-wrap were picked up and placed in a huge lawn-and-leaf bag.
58. Out of the hood hung lank shreds of brown, at which the hungry birds pecked and tore.
59. On the table in the window were several shreds from a pencil which had been sharpened.
60. All ten of the hens lay cut to shreds, feathers and heads littered the reddened floor.
61. She remembered him towering over her, ripping what was left of her clothing to shreds.
62. He had gotten the helmet off, and shreds of the duct tape were still stuck to his ankles.
63. I lay on my stomach in a pool of blood with my new clothes in shreds scattered around me.
64. As they swung around the males extended their claws and ripped the smaller ones to shreds.
65. Once the leaves were properly aged, Louie would return to shave them into smokable shreds.
66. Sal and Wille left Padlimaird with a bucket of water and a few shreds of Sal’s petticoat.
67. How come we’re still alive? Aren’t the trees here supposed to rip you to shreds?
68. A moment later the pack attacks and shreds the blonde's white figure-hugging dress to pieces.
69. Above, the storm blew through the tattered remains of their sail, which had been torn to shreds.
70. His pack was several feet away and the shreds of the chute still billowed out weakly behind him.
71. But I rallied my self-command and such shreds of gallantry as my life and my convictions had left.
72. He screamed, blood splattering onto her face as he managed to pull away; his tongue was in shreds.
73. There were the remains of his old clothes, ripped to shreds, and his shoes trampled into the dirt.
74. She felt another charge of electricity, light filled the cavern; her clothing fell away in shreds.
75. When the case came to court, Walston’s lawyer knew he would rip the government’s case to shreds.
76. Tony was going through her closets, slashing his mother's clothes to shreds with a pair of scissors.
77. Once the chutes hit the water, they would likely rip to shreds and no longer provide the needed drag.
78. I half expected the conductor to toss me, but I think he knew I’d be ripped to shreds and took pity.
79. If he could fix on the knob of its lid a loop made of thin shreds of narrow linen straps it would hold.
80. And the blast from the Sputty ripped the tree near her face to shreds, sending splinters flying her face.
81. But he managed to rise shakily onto his feet, bruised heavily, his clothes torn to shreds, but still alive.
82. That Araknu’s upper body tore into shreds, the lower half flew into the air along with a humanoid figure.
83. She picked up the plastic bag shreds and pushed them to the bottom of the hole where she had seen the hand.
84. Clinging to the shreds of his wishes, Jericho attempted to break the awkward silence that was sickening him.
85. With road noise, radios and the business of life, even if he screamed his lungs to shreds no one would hear.
86. Unashamed, she sucked at the shreds of meat and barbecue sauce on each rib until it was bare as a fossil bone.
87. And putting the shreds in a bucket of water to turn them into pulp, he vowed to carry her secrets to his grave.
88. And at last but a few shreds left on the staffs, (and all in silence,) And the staffs all splinter'd and broken.
89. I found the mess to consist of indifferent potatoes and strange shreds of rusty meat, mixed and cooked together.
90. When Roland appeared, Ralph was sitting in a field of ripening wheat that had been trampled to shreds by the army.
91. He looked; in his right hand he held the shreds he had cut from his trousers, the sock, and the rags of the pocket.
92. Trailing from his left hip were the remnants of a leg that sharks had reduced to shreds of meat, gristle and vein.
93. Deflenoix’s twins turned their attention to him and got ready to pounce and tear him to shreds with their claws.
94. If she was wrong, she, or the boy, or both of them would most likely be torn to shreds within the next few seconds.
95. Why couldn’t Papa have stayed? Wasn’t she the most important thing? She swallows the pulped shreds of the paper.
96. Through a tear in his shirt, I noticed an exposed ribcage with decaying flesh hanging off of it in grotesque shreds.
97. Going under the railway arch he took out the envelope, tore it swiftly in shreds and scattered them towards the road.
98. Here it seems like we pluck shreds of paper with tweezers for its fuel value and there's shiploads of it down there.
99. The crockery lay smashed on the floor and the picture of the Faun's father had been slashed into shreds with a knife.
100. How the wild winds blow it; they whip it about me as the torn shreds of split sails lash the tossed ship they cling to.

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