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Shuffle dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I hear the shuffle of feet.
  2. You may now shuffle places, ladies.
  3. The shuffle of boots down the stairs.
  4. Shuffle the cards and meet each test….
  5. Newer players like the iPod shuffle are.

  6. He began to shuffle through the papers in.
  7. You tend to get lost in the shuffle in big.
  8. Only the slight limping shuffle could be heard.
  9. They shuffle about and groan around their davits.
  10. I shuffle toward the room where I was interrogated.
  11. I could shuffle across a carpet and hold more charge.
  12. He waited for the domestic creak and shuffle to subside.
  13. The crowd started to shuffle away, their despair obvious.
  14. He wanted to isolate his problems, not shuffle them around.
  15. She heard the shuffle of papers and boots being kicked off.

  16. Thus, only combat units will shuffle positions in this change.
  17. Mitch, anxious and jittery began to shuffle on the gravel laid.
  18. I shuffle toward him, closing the gap, less than ten yards away.
  19. He was ordered to shuffle quick time back to his hut and as he.
  20. But there are certain elements you will need to shuffle around.
  21. They shuffle out of my cabin, Jeff grabbing his beer on the way.
  22. Trying to think in the shuffle and buzz of the human ebb and flow.
  23. She stares at me, ignoring the people who have to shuffle around her.
  24. He could hear David shuffle in the background, Omar had no friends.
  25. I was tipsy and just about managed to shuffle around on the dance floor.

  26. They had tennis courts, shuffle board, miniature golf and swimming pools.
  27. Another shuffle forward and I felt the rim of the bucket against my thigh.
  28. She moves across the empty lot with the relaxed shuffle of a spent athlete.
  29. The members of the group turn and shuffle a little to let us into the circle.
  30. Cora didn’t turn when she heard a shuffle at the blazing, sun-filled door.
  31. She reached the stand and stopped, pausing her comments to shuffle the cards.
  32. We shuffle into the candlelit room and dispel the chilly air with our breath.
  33. For now, people in wheelchairs don’t shuffle about with any sexual innuendo.
  34. Maybe she called and it got lost in the shuffle around here, Jason explained.
  35. Behind him he hears her shuffle, the rustling of fabric, the patting of her feet.
  36. His legs tried to shuffle him back away from the cell but his feet would not obey.
  37. There was a shuffle as the officer asked Devon for his permit papers, which he had.
  38. His heavy steps shuffle across the metal deck back towards the stairs leading below.
  39. At that they both started singing along with the Super Bowl Shuffle music video.
  40. As she rounded the corner, she heard the shuffle of running footsteps against gravel.
  41. Dennis, now more pissed than scared, tried to shuffle in his restraints and get loose.
  42. They don’t just stand outside the mall doors forever and moan and shuffle aimlessly.
  43. For all her prettifying exertions, she came to the kitchen in a heartbreaking shuffle.
  44. He tried to shuffle backwards but, as he edged away, he felt a searing pain in his back.
  45. Her legs were as big around as the stumps of trees, and she moved with an ungainly shuffle.
  46. And he stared out at the sea, watching the dark waves shuffle under a shaded and faltering sun.
  47. Somehow his helmet was lost in the shuffle, leaving the flesh of his face and neck fully exposed.
  48. Have a shuffle through and find me about a dozen or twenty that aren’t too bad, that’s all I.
  49. He then turned and began to shuffle through a swarm of students as he trekked toward the school bus.
  50. If I could rest my legs enough that I could shuffle over to the door, unlock it, and then bolt out.
  51. As they shuffle through the dining procession, Dewey points his tray at any voice that offers food.
  52. A shuffle came from the flap of his tent and he spun around quickly, half-expecting Amelia to appear.
  53. Behind it, Mavis was supported by her son, the oldest, and they moved along in an anguished shuffle.
  54. She tripped on something, but she didn’t know what, and when she stopped, she heard it shuffle away.
  55. They took places opposite each other at the table under the light, but George did not shuffle the cards.
  56. Several times, he attempted to run, but found himself far too weak and kept walking his wobbly shuffle.
  57. A soft shuffle from behind me, and I went very still, a warm breath whispering down the back of my neck.
  58. The river flowed black between the buildings, with a rustle and a creak and a constant whispering shuffle.
  59. Barr also explains the money shuffle and business appointments made possible by having a seat in congress.
  60. As I shuffle down the hall, the house feels humid and sticky as usual, with almost a wet smell of nicotine.
  61. Kai purchased Shuffle Master’s beaten-down shares in March 2009 at $2 and still owns them a year later $8.
  62. Nursing staff wheeled in those who couldn’t walk or shuffle, and an awkward scattering of visitors hovered.
  63. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area.
  64. A print machine to his side began to shuffle back and forth as squeaking and scratching sounds jostled from it.
  65. He managed to shuffle and drag himself upright, until, bowed and spindle thin, he finally stood free of the wall.
  66. We both laughed and started heading towards our fellow NSR’s that were breakin’ on the shuffle board courts.
  67. I start to shuffle backward, with David whimpering in front of me, still under the influence of the serum cocktail.
  68. Sometimes for half a minute there was no sound, and then came the shuffle and creak which told of a fresh advance.
  69. Outside, the rhythmical clank of harness and shuffle of horses' hoofs welled up through the gold-barred casements.
  70. If you gave this troll a pack of cards she’d be as likely to shove them up her bottom as shuffle the damn things.
  71. Thus, what is considered the definition of art is no definition at all, but only a shuffle to justify existing art.
  72. The angelic don't cough but they do shuffle their feet and that was about the only noise left in this parade ground.
  73. It follows from the Sharpe coefficient formula that we can shuffle summands in any order without changing the result.
  74. Do not take strides but shuffle sideways, using the stick to test for depth and trying each foothold before using it.
  75. Leaning forward, I tried to peer more closely at the inscription, too far away; I’d have to shuffle round the table.
  76. In the shuffle, the paper dropped its daily stock listings and the weekly roundup of district and superior court news.
  77. As each aspirant was called through the door at the end of the hall, the remaining people had to shuffle down 1 chair.
  78. They put their hands up by their faces to protect themselves, as Four taught us, and shuffle in a circle around each other.
  79. Psychology, I found extremely interesting, although the professor sometimes lost me in the shuffle of terms and philosophies.
  80. Sterling had seen him shuffle about a few times now in the spray and he doubted that Jay was as soundly asleep as he let on.
  81. Slowly, Mitchell started to shuffle over to third base, his natural defensive position, always filled with the action he craved.
  82. Bree and I left the old factory building shaken and depressed, with Everett Prough following us in a slow homeless-person shuffle.
  83. The people returning from the harbour filled the pavements; the shuffle of sandals and a low murmur of voices ascended to the window.
  84. Holding on as tightly as he could, he began to shuffle his feet higher up the cliff face, making full use of the available footholds.
  85. The two men returned to the table and started to shuffle papers, making it clear that they had finished with him and needed to get on.
  86. Men stopped drinking, woman stopped swearing, and now no one moved, not even a shuffle, and the room was as calm as a summer’s night.
  87. He decides that he wants to get started right away, and will use the TFSA shuffle to avoid paying a $150 transfer-out fee from his bank.
  88. The sound of high heels and Doc Marten boots were louder than the record that was playing, which was Harlem Shuffle by Bob and Earl.
  89. I suspected that the moment we were gone she would simply retreat into a chair and stay there, or shuffle upstairs and curl up in her bed.
  90. Load after load was pulled, separated, and trucked on to the Village that day, where several more hands there would shuffle the boxes, etc.
  91. The last common thread would be when companies have an absolute jewel of a business that gets lost in the shuffle of a bigger conglomerate.
  92. After Ryan had done his slow shuffle examination of several young ladies chest assets, he asked Slider if his daughter could possibly sing.
  93. The door was just two workstations away, then a ten foot shuffle, which would put me in plain sight, but he was still intent on what he was doing.
  94. Kaite blows kissy faces at him trying to draw him closer to the bunch before navy suited guards shuffle him away back into the general population.
  95. The class began to shuffle towards the single exit, but that exodus quickly halted, because the High Garda soldier was blocking the way, arms folded.
  96. And whilst it’s true he is as wicked a villain ever to shuffle across the face of the earth, this seems beyond the scope of his usual ambitions.
  97. Now in utter blackness he heard a sound ahead of him—the shuffle of bare feet, or the swish of loose garments against stone, he could not tell which.
  98. So, what now? You, uh…said something about…food? He could barely shuffle his feet in time to muffle the grumbling growls of his hollow stomach.
  99. You can dance …, the radio insists, but the best he can manage is a sort of shuffle from foot to foot in time to the boy’s more expressive gyrations.
  100. He could negotiate the corridor easily enough but he would no doubt cause a bit of a stir when he had to shuffle past others in the tightly packed gallery.
  1. He was shuffling his feet.
  2. Shuffling man looked over at us.
  3. He stared down at shuffling feet.
  4. They heard shuffling from within.
  5. Some shuffling, from the first seven.
  6. Then the shuffling sound continued.
  7. This was a shuffling concession of Mr.
  8. PT could hear HA shuffling behind them.
  9. There was a lot of shuffling and staring.
  10. She heard shuffling and more whispering.
  11. He entered the side door, shuffling his.
  12. There was a lull and the shuffling ceased.
  13. A mosaic of low life, shuffling in and out.
  14. That’s when I heard shuffling everywhere.
  15. When they finished shuffling into place, Mr.
  16. The crowd was now shuffling into neat lines.
  17. They moved off as a group, shuffling down a.
  18. There is no shuffling, there the action lies.
  19. Frankie told them, shuffling over to his desk.
  20. Shuffling through the multitude of options in.
  21. He stood there shuffling his feet and finally.
  22. And, then, I hear a shuffling movement behind me.
  23. The man kept shuffling papers without looking up.
  24. That was when she heard the shuffling sound again.
  25. George made a show of shuffling papers on his lap.
  26. Dunno, Jermaine said, shuffling in his seat.
  27. He was shuffling a deck of plain playing cards in.
  28. The scraping of feet, all paper shuffling stopped.
  29. He stood behind the two girls, shuffling his feet.
  30. Darek stopped when he heard a loud shuffling noise.
  31. Pamela had just nodded and continued shuffling the.
  32. All she can hear is shuffling, moaning and banging.
  33. Soon a reluctant shuffling of footsteps grew audible.
  34. Every now and then he could hear a brief shuffling.
  35. She heard more shuffling, and then there was silence.
  36. At last he heard them shuffling back into the dormitory.
  37. With a daze of thoughts shuffling through his mind, he.
  38. His shoulders slumped as he moved on, shuffling forward.
  39. Ted sat at his desk and heard shuffling off to his left.
  40. He heard shuffling noises as the phone was handed over.
  41. Locke heard the shuffling footsteps of Hiss approaching.
  42. Ah, shuffling man, they said without turning round.
  43. The squirming and shuffling turned a little more up-beat.
  44. Counting my steps by sixes and shuffling on the seventh.
  45. Only the sound of shuffling feet floated through the air.
  46. A mirror image of the shuffling footsteps in the morning.
  47. Babbage was shuffling the papers of his speech, the flack.
  48. Fire… Thoughts falling as fast as shuffling cards… Dr.
  49. There was the sound of someone shuffling around and a plop.
  50. The shuffling noise started up again, closer than ever now.
  51. He tossed them aside and began shuffling through mounds of.
  52. I could hear nothing but my own movements and my shuffling.
  53. There was some shuffling noises before Wilson answered back.
  54. Louk returns to the nervous, shuffling boy of minutes before.
  55. There was a shuffling from the interior, but no shape emerged.
  56. A shuffling of feet could be heard from a room above, echoing.
  57. Not with at least twenty zombies shuffling in their direction.
  58. There was a shuffling sound from upstairs on the big mezzanine.
  59. Andrei ran ahead, shuffling through the parchment in his hands.
  60. That’s correct, Samantha said, shuffling for some notes.
  61. Nothing can be done under convictions, shuffling green with red.
  62. Behind him Tom heard a shuffling step, and he turned to look in.
  63. With the goon squad benched, there was major line shuffling done.
  64. Bollobane janitor shuffling toward me as I sat in the cab of the.
  65. A little nervous shuffling and then the girls all emerged at once.
  66. I hear shouts and conversations, laughter and shuffling footsteps.
  67. A shuffling was heard in the motel room before a light switched on.
  68. Your turn, she said, shuffling reluctantly away from the box.
  69. There was shuffling in the corridor as a guard took up his station.
  70. I hear their shuffling footsteps behind me and step onto the ledge.
  71. Seamen stood with their knees bent and walked with a shuffling gait.
  72. He began shuffling to the door, wincing at the sharp stab of pain in.
  73. Outside, the frantic shuffling of the commandos’ feet could be heard.
  74. She turns and hobbles off down the hallway, shuffling in her decrepit.
  75. Our two thousand came down the road shuffling their feet as they passed.
  76. Nurse was shuffling across the wood-slat floor, with Greg a step behind.
  77. Yakovs silhouette, but stopped, startled by the sound of shuffling feet.
  78. This way, Doody said, shuffling back into the sitting room, this way.
  79. I could hear him shuffling around behind the door while he waited for me.
  80. Let’s keep looking, he said, his slender, gangly frame shuffling off.
  81. The sea was shuffling its waves peacefully, its colors turning light blue.
  82. Admirals weren't supposed to sit at desks, shuffling bits of paper around.
  83. She could hardly recognize the unkempt old man shuffling along the street.
  84. The bashing on the door stopped then, and I heard the zombie shuffling away.
  85. Any asset that does not have a ready market is fair game for asset shuffling.
  86. An hour later the beggar could be seen shuffling through the Botanic Gardens.
  87. Once again he found himself in Heathrow, shuffling forward in the seemingly.
  88. There were some shuffling noises and then someone picked me up out of the bed.
  89. I heard a shuffling noise, then the key turned in the lock and he peered out.
  90. Suzy came shuffling back in holding a copy of Hey There Magazine in her hands.
  91. But then it came again, a shuffling sound followed by a harsh intake of breath.
  92. I held her tightly and we started shuffling trying to keep moving with the beat.
  93. Frankensteins shuffling, inarticulate monster had a very high forehead indeed.
  94. A shuffling noise made her turn and she saw Carroll in the computer room doorway.
  95. She could hear Jed barking instructions, and lots of scarecrows shuffling about.
  96. The shuffling and groaning of the zombies ceased; you couldn’t hear a bone drop.
  97. A shuffling noise echoed in the cave and a man wearing raggedy clothing came out.
  98. Jaggers's room seemed to have been shuffling up and down the staircase for years.
  99. Temperature dropping, the noise of his shuffling lessened, clearly approaching a.
  100. Left face! there was a shuffling sound of boots as the men obeyed the order.
  1. Jill shuffled in her seat.
  2. I shuffled it in my hands.
  3. Trask shuffled to the door.
  4. He shuffled his papers again.
  5. Bellack shuffled in his chair.
  6. I shuffled over to the windows.
  7. Feet shuffled and eyes darted.
  8. Will shuffled a foot and stopped.
  9. Knut slowly shuffled to the rail.
  10. And shuffled down the stairwell.
  11. Salamander shuffled in his chair.
  12. The child got up and shuffled in.
  13. He shuffled his feet and sighed.
  14. Johnny uneasily shuffled his feet.
  15. He irritably shuffled his papers.
  16. We all shuffled out into the heat.
  17. The boys shuffled toward the water.
  18. Council, and shuffled up the stairs.
  19. Her footsteps shuffled as she stood.
  20. The men squinted and shuffled forward.
  21. Rick shuffled through the cards again.
  22. Hesper took the milk and shuffled off.
  23. Slim shuffled along in his shackles.
  24. He shuffled rapidly down the corridor.
  25. Willie shuffled nervously on the stool.
  26. Joey shuffled over and eyed the booklet.
  27. Carter shuffled his feet a little bit.
  28. Batistuta quickly shuffled out of the.
  29. Alex shuffled in his seat uncomfortably.
  30. That begs to be shuffled back into life.
  31. Once he was seated, he shuffled closer.
  32. Samantha stewed as Mattie shuffled papers.
  33. Richard shuffled over to it and sat down.
  34. Whitey shuffled, calculated, and recorded.
  35. Lezura shuffled out of her chair in shock.
  36. Once he had shuffled over and reached the.
  37. He shuffled back feeling foolish and waited.
  38. He nodded; and shuffled back into the group.
  39. He shuffled in his seat and leaned forward.
  40. Jean shuffled his feet uncomfortably, but.
  41. Patrick shuffled toward the edge of the roof.
  42. I shuffled through them and the major smiled.
  43. I was marched down the corridor and shuffled.
  44. The boy shuffled self consciously on his feet.
  45. Harry nodded and shuffled back the way he came.
  46. His hooves shuffled in the muck with agitation.
  47. She often coughed, she shuffled as she walked;.
  48. With wide, blank eyes he shuffled towards them.
  49. My legs quivered as I shuffled to the bathroom.
  50. The three of them shuffled inside and took up.
  51. He huffed and shuffled a little before he spoke.
  52. There was another bell and we shuffled forwards.
  53. Unable to see the ground, Lewis shuffled forward.
  54. He shuffled round so he had his back to Ditherer.
  55. Where've you been? He asked and shuffled off.
  56. Grayson, and I shuffled off towards the bath.
  57. A skinny man with stubble shuffled over as if he.
  58. He shuffled over to the second door, kept to the.
  59. Claire shuffled around some of her father’s notes.
  60. Just then my dad shuffled into the kitchen, yawning.
  61. The guard shuffled to an attention stance of sorts.
  62. Jhamed shuffled nervously in his seat beside Simon.
  63. Karamazov? Trifon Borissovitch shuffled in vain.
  64. He shuffled across the threshold and shut the door.
  65. She paused again and shuffled on the concrete floor.
  66. Just then, my dad shuffled into the kitchen, yawning.
  67. Henry shuffled over to Neil’s closet and opened it.
  68. Once, he shuffled around and his fake foot fell off.
  69. Her face lit up and she shuffled quickly out the door.
  70. The bear shuffled into view on our side of the river.
  71. The men shuffled their feet and inspected their shoes.
  72. Tony shuffled in the grass and got into position to.
  73. The child shuffled herself and her rags a little more.
  74. Hilderich shuffled where he lay, and said to Amonas:.
  75. He shuffled around until he was standing shoulder to.
  76. Melvin rolled his eyes and shuffled in his small chair.
  77. The hairy pimples shuffled about the fat man's oblong.
  78. Marianne turned away from and shuffled out his bedroom.
  79. She shuffled into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.
  80. A hopeless and dejected Harry shuffled out of the room.
  81. Vasquez shuffled through a tangle of papers on his desk.
  82. Randy shuffled nervously then looked to the Maynwarings.
  83. Mary rippled the reigns and the horses shuffled forward.
  84. Cap’n shuffled stiffly from the bed into the bathroom.
  85. From the group a man shuffled He was tal with a slight.
  86. His hands trembled as he shuffled through the cricket.
  87. Ramin shuffled the cards and spread them for a new round.
  88. He slowly picked up the five cards, shuffled the entire.
  89. Doc looked down at his feet and shuffled the toe of his.
  90. The tramp shuffled out of the alley to buy rot-gut booze.
  91. Brad, his pants still down, shuffled off to find his wife.
  92. He shuffled the old deck of playing cards and dealt them.
  93. Willie shuffled in his boots and dug a toe into the grass.
  94. Butch unconsciously shuffled in his unpainted wooded seat.
  95. They shuffled along the riverside to the edge of the sea.
  96. He shuffled backwards a few inches, but stopped squealing.
  97. Erica quickly shuffled to the front and stood at attention.
  98. The boys lowered their heads and shuffled towards the door.
  99. More zombies had spotted us and shuffled in our direction.
  100. Howard shuffled his papers, cleared his throat and started.
  1. He shuffles on.
  2. Willie shuffles towards the.
  3. Then Drew shuffles into the dining hall.
  4. Movement shuffles in the webbing above her.
  5. Odd creaks and shuffles of movement behind did.
  6. All you could hear were quiet shuffles and whispers.
  7. Andrews shuffles forward, my heel hits a lip on the walkway.
  8. She shuffles close to him, and then wraps her arm through his.
  9. At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring.
  10. The song ends and the iPod shuffles to Damien Rice being mournful.
  11. Devon shuffles after, still awkwardly carrying most of his possessions.
  12. Teacher shuffles the deck of cards and stores them in a box on his/her desk.
  13. Nothing - the sigh of the wind outside and the grunts and shuffles of the man, the.
  14. Fortunes are told when the client shuffles the Tarot deck, then hands the cards to John.
  15. We get out, and Zeke seizes his mother’s hand to steady her as she shuffles through the snow.
  16. Marlie has just popped the toast, when Frank shuffles into the kitchen, still wearing his dingy gray robe and slippers.
  17. So the UK shuffles off one of its longest standing and most intractable problems on us, does it? asked Greg Harvey.
  18. Michael staggers back up to our row and shuffles through the legs again, then drops into his seat and stares ahead, face blank.
  19. The American manager dare not fly in the face of the wedding ring, and that is why he shuffles about rather uneasily in Paris.
  20. What am I doing here? What is happening to me? A heavy timber door creaks open, and a black-robed figure shuffles into the room.
  21. Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom.
  22. Jerry, a Cockney, was saying, "Yes, yer can always tell big 'uns—they shuffles," and went on to demonstrate with Shsh-shsh-shsh, when someone said "Listen!".

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