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Sideboard dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. At a smaller sideboard in one.
2. Elijah picked a key off the sideboard.
3. Merthin went to the sideboard and poured from a jug.
4. Madge staggered, and clutched the sideboard for support.
5. The sideboard, the silver and the spindly chairs were gone.
6. A heavy sideboard and serving-table stood against opposite walls.
7. What occupied the position originally occupied by the sideboard?

8. She put back into the basket the apricots scattered on the sideboard.
9. Jess poured himself a glass of wine from the decanter on the sideboard.
10. He saw his Gran’s old sideboard and realised he was in the spare bedroom.
11. I could wait no longer and went over to the sideboard to pour myself a drink.
12. The house had been swept, and there were daffodils in a jug on the sideboard.
13. He put the hammer in the sideboard next to the television and locked the door.
14. I waved him over to the sideboard for a second fill-up, which I was doing myself.
15. Rapp skirted the sideboard at the bottom of the steps and ascended to the door again.
16. The top of the closed square piano served also as a sideboard for viands and sweets.
17. I notice that one of the photograph frames on the sideboard has been turned facedown.
18. Light from the varsity ballfields coaxed oaky fire from the bottles on the sideboard.
19. He took his laptop from its usual resting place in the sideboard drawer and booted up.
20. Just then, Aaron saw a reflection moving in the mirror over the sideboard behind Cindy.
21. The younger one held a torch while James looked in the sideboard for a picture of Emma.
22. The sideboard hit the floor a moment later, barely holding together as it came to a stop.
23. It wasn't on the table, and when he looked in the sideboard drawer it wasn't there either.
24. In front of them, a heavy wooden table and chairs, a sideboard and glass doors standing open.
25. He walked to the sideboard, grabbed the red rump of a hind, and swung it into Luka’s chest.
26. I buttered a piece of toast and took two eggs from the sideboard and joined her at the table.
27. Above the sideboard on the rear there were two portraits juxtaposed, one of God and another Satan.
28. On the sideboard were arrayed dishes and plates, and glasses and bundles of knives and forks and spoons.
29. There were two prayer books on the mantelpiece, and one on the small sideboard, still in the same position.
30. In addition to this the dining-room was ornamented with an antique sideboard, painted pink, in water colors.
31. On a sideboard, dinner: lobster, wild rice and a fresh salad, and to his left, a bottle of white wine on ice.
32. Basilio, who had been waiting at table, shrinking within himself, clung to the sideboard with chattering teeth.
33. The crockery rattled on table and sideboard, and the whole house seemed to sway in the deafening wave of sound.
34. Everyone walked on tiptoe, and spoke in whispers, afraid even of coughing or of clinking a teaspoon on the sideboard.
35. She wouldn’t understand the hint, but followed me to a sideboard, where I went to lay my bonnet, and importuned me.
36. Eagle eyes failed to find the articles or even a mantelpiece but I did see something on a sideboard that took my interest.
37. Instead, there was a blank sitting on the empty sideboard, open to the first page, and Jess walked over to read what it said.
38. He ignored the superficial wound and retreated behind a heavy sideboard, using his shoulder to shove it toward the open door.
39. He, I believe, was at the table, and, when he saw or heard me, he started, jumped to his feet, and retreated to the sideboard.
40. It was a karaoke type bar thus Bob was able to exchange Figaro driving his cavalier for Beelzebub and the devils’ sideboard.

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