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Sieve dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His body was a sieve.
  2. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
  3. The lighter was leaking like a sieve.
  4. Strain out any lumps through a sieve.
  5. Place the grated cucumber into a sieve.

  6. We were using a very large-holed sieve.
  7. Pound into flour, then sieve and store.
  8. Use a fine-mesh sieve to scatter compost.
  9. These sieves are designated by sieve size.
  10. Save the bonito that’s left in the sieve.
  11. Run the tomatoes through a food mill or mesh sieve.
  12. Sift through a sieve with a double layer of filter cloth.
  13. Dry the food, then pound, sieve and store in an airtight.
  14. What did you use on that Iroquois? He looks like a sieve.
  15. I've more holes than a sieve, but I haven't fallen through.

  16. Discard the remaining material that pulls from the sieve.
  17. Israel among all nations as grain is shaken in a sieve, but not a.
  18. Using a sieve, remove barley from the water and transfer to a bowl.
  19. The few ideas that pass through the small holes left by the sieve of.
  20. Scrape up the juices in the roasting pan and sieve them into a saucepan.
  21. Line a sieve with cheesecloth or paper towels and suspend it over a bowl.
  22. Strain through a hair sieve, and serve the clear liquid after boiling up.
  23. Simmer them slowly for about an hour and then strain through a fine sieve or cloth.
  24. Pour the yogurt into the sieve and allow it to drain, refrigerated, for 3 hours or overnight.
  25. Levin had ended the row he was in a great heat, and he stopped and gave up the sieve to Vassily.

  26. Sift through a fine sieve with a sifting cloth and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
  27. Pouring the hot contents through a fine meshed sieve into a heatproof glass bowl she allowed it to cool.
  28. If the women of one house required the use of a sieve or pail, they borrowed it from the inmates of the other house.
  29. If the sauce still has pieces of tomato, pass through a sieve before bottling and storing in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
  30. The two ZEROs, flying side by side, opened fire well before she did, strafing the headquarters building and turning it into a sieve.
  31. A 150-micron sieve is used to filter out larger particles from samples before they are analysed by the on-board laboratory.
  32. I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall on the ground.
  33. With firm confidence, Sheikh Keftaro smiled and turned calmly to his disciples, and said, A perforation does not cause any damage to a sieve.
  34. The gelatin will bind all of the dregs in the bouillon, which is later allowed to slowly thaw in the refrigerator over a sieve with a filter cloth.
  35. Walking was a difficult as on a bog, and by the time Levin had ended the row he was in a great heat, and he stopped and gave up the sieve to Vassily.
  36. Sieve: A strainer; a tool for separating flour from bran; or the fine substance from the coarse; that which retains the corn, and shakes out the chaff.
  37. But what is to be done if the direct and sole vocation of every intelligent man is babble, that is, the intentional pouring of water through a sieve?
  38. It's a miracle that Monygham, standing on the after-hatch with the rope already round his neck, escaped being riddled through and through like a sieve.
  39. After he had prepared a place for his horse to rest, he asked the servants to bring him a quantity of fodder and a sieve for sifting out small stones, so he could feed his horse.
  40. A great rolling sea, dashing high up against the reeling ship's high teetering side, stove in the boat's bottom at the stern, and left it again, all dripping through like a sieve.
  41. To one who would watch the sieve through which justice vigorously tries to separate the wheat from the chaff, the innocent from the guilty, a visit to General Sessions is the best means.
  42. Eisenhower turned the screws on the Europeans: He put pressure on the pound sterling, causing it to lose value like water running through a sieve, and said he’d only stop if they pulled their troops out.
  43. He felt immense satisfaction as he opened fire, spraying the barges and the soldiers inside with over eighty heavy slugs per second and also turning at the same time the hull of the transport ship into a sieve.
  44. The proper season is when the weather is very dry; the special days are those when the moon is in the constellations of the Sieve, the Wall, the Wing or the Cross-bar; for these four are all days of rising wind.
  45. When he prepared the horse place very well in a way that the horse can lie on very comfortably, he turned and requested for animal’s feed and a sieve to sieve out un expected materials like small stones and all the like.
  46. Don Quixote was left with a face as full of holes as a sieve and a nose not in very good condition, and greatly vexed that they did not let him finish the battle he had been so stoutly fighting with that villain of an enchanter.
  47. For to say a person dies, and then assert the real person’ does not die, as is urged, if fallacious reasoning, and he who can establish such a presumption could draw water with a sieve, call up the spirit of Samuel.
  48. It came to a boil faster than expected; he found himself rushing around in stocking feet, looking for something to strain it through, a colander or sieve or any other porous vessel his wife might not have thought to deprive him of.
  49. Note that this function is already available in the math module as fsum(), but we can easily think of other functions that are not available in the standard library and would be useful for our module (for example Pascal's triangle, the sieve of Eratosthenes, and so on).
  50. The servants brought a sieve to clean the fodder as he had requested, he then put the hay and barley into the sieve and sifted it, then removed a great number of small stones which would have caused his horse a lot of pain while chewing its food and would probably break its teeth.
  51. But about the wicked there is another strain; they bury them in a slough in Hades, and make them carry water in a sieve; also while they are yet living they bring them to infamy, and inflict upon them the punishments which Glaucon described as the portion of the just who are reputed to be unjust; nothing else does their invention supply.
  1. All ultrafiltration devices work primarily by a molecular sieving principle.
  1. He sieved a deep sigh then continued his comments.
  2. Dust the paratha with finely sieved whole wheat flour and roll into.
  3. No sooner had his numb body hit the roof than the bullet from Dan’s pistol sieved through the creature’s head.
  4. A tear from his eye sieved right through my shirt reaching my heart as he spoke softly you can never do that to me.
  5. He sieved out a great quantity of small stones from the food, which would have been worrying the horse during mastication.
  6. His boots trod again a damp crackling mast, razorshells, squeaking pebbles, that on the unnumbered pebbles beats, wood sieved by the shipworm, lost Armada.
  7. Bashaa used to feed his animals with it not sieved and they were chewing it with difficulties especially when the small stone contacted with the teeth molars.
  8. However, just before the attack, she hissed again and made a sound of raspberry, when simultaneously her body was sieved through by a thick light beam of another spotlight.
  9. He had mined and sieved the databases, looking for intersecting lines between stabbings of women in San Francisco on May twelfth, as well as murders, bank robberies, domestic violence, and more traffic accidents than I would have thought possible.
  10. As much information as he could possibly gather together had been sieved through and the essential information filtered out and put in summary form as a bulletin e-mail to all his team, printed off and posted on the incident whiteboard on the stage in the hall.
  1. Grain was sorted in hand sieves and.
  2. These sieves are designated by sieve size.
  3. The workers were bent over in the extreme heat, laboring with pickaxes and sieves.
  4. Those not slipping through the sieves pierced with 100 to 800 holes are in the second order.
  5. That task is performed with eleven strainers, or sieves, that are pierced with different numbers of holes.
  6. The many squanderers have not only poured their streams into sieves which can never be filled-they have done worse: they have poured them into stagnant sewers that breed the diseases which most afflict the body politic.
  7. Eleven Browning M2 heavy machine guns and twelve MG42 medium machine guns firing from three different directions turned the remaining four trucks full of troops into sieves within seconds and making minced meat of their occupants.
  8. Loose dirt and smaller debris fell through the sieves, and creatures that appeared to be over-sized and misshapen simians (if one did not look too closely) crouched around each screen platform, snatching larger rocks and roots and clods of dirt and flinging them away.

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