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Signaling dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Who would he be signaling?
  2. It may actually be signaling the.
  3. It all came down to a process of signaling.
  4. She bucked her hips, signaling it was time.
  5. Travis signaling him to open the brief case.

  6. Mike raised his hand, signaling me to keep quiet.
  7. The station master was signaling the green light.
  8. It was a point in finality, signaling the coming.
  9. Garcia waved, signaling the group to move forwards.
  10. In summary, the signaling modes that govern com-.
  11. He saw Aquarius signaling a time when we will no.
  12. Wiggles curtly nodded to her as if he was signaling.
  13. Now the birds of Praia da Luz were signaling sunrise.
  14. He reached out and turned on his blinker, signaling a.
  15. An electric bell rings signaling the beginning of class.

  16. My watch beeps on the hour, signaling that my time is up.
  17. Carter nudged Travis signaling him to open the brief case.
  18. Costumes or uniforms are in the service of signaling the.
  19. He had become convinced, in practice, that even signaling.
  20. Mary signaling her not to pay attention to what I was doing.
  21. Mark placed a hand on Vinny's knee signaling that he could.
  22. Walid patted him on the back, signaling for him to step back.
  23. A bell chimed in the distance, signaling the end of the lesson.
  24. Alvin raised his hand signaling that he would take care of the.
  25. Uh-oh, they’re signaling for us to pull over, Noah said.

  26. The brain along can’t think, only when signaling into the mind.
  27. Fowler suddenly raised his hand, signaling Hamilton to calm down.
  28. She stood up and nodded again to Edna, signaling for her to leave.
  29. Originally 3 shots were fired in the air signaling me to the scene.
  30. I started to respond, but Alec held up a hand, signaling for silence.
  31. Ananya’s father tapped his wife’s shoulders, signaling departure.
  32. This signaling scheme is called Pulse Amplitude Modulation 5 (PAM-5).
  33. After a bit Rayne landed and bowed again signaling the match was over.
  34. We have only focused on dopamine signaling here, although many other.
  35. Figure 2-8 illustrates a simple signaling scheme called polar signaling.
  36. Drug Effects on Dopamine Signaling Measured Over the Course of Seconds.
  37. Drug Effects on Dopamine Signaling Measured Over the Course of Minutes:.
  38. Yosef quickly went to the door and opened it, signaling Nauca to come in.
  39. He had become convinced, in practice, that even signaling had its price.
  40. Kelly pointed a finger gesture signaling him to hold on while she’s on.
  41. He must have been signaling one of his highway lessons to another driver.
  42. It almost felt like he was signaling someone but that didn’t make sense.
  43. Idiot I thought as I pushed the button on my mic, signaling Jesse to come.
  44. Note that the 50 MA is significantly below the 200 MA, signaling a strong.
  45. FAAH inhibitors to enhance anandamide signaling in the brain has shown the.
  46. Akt (also known as protein kinase B) is another signaling molecule that is.
  47. Next, she said, signaling to the man standing at the head of the line.
  48. In this example, the market breaks out to the upside, signaling a buy trade.
  49. They are not signaling but their mission orders are still being transmitted.
  50. We held our hands up in the air, as if we were signaling a halt to each other.
  51. The signaling scheme is determined by the data link layer protocol being used.
  52. To further investigate the temporal dynamics of dopamine signaling in animals.
  53. The doctor tented his hands and raised his brow, signaling the closure of a deal.
  54. Gaps have generally been thought of as signaling a strong directional price move.
  55. His tone softened and drifted with each word, signaling a similarly drifting mind.
  56. Token Ring uses Differential Manchester signaling, while Ethernet uses Manchester.
  57. Signaling the man who had appeared, remembering where I had seen this face before.
  58. The week ended with a Doji Star, signaling indecision, just below resistance at 168.
  59. Then, without signaling, the Porsche hooked a sharp right into a strip mall entrance.
  60. Class I hubs are intended to support cable segments with different types of signaling.
  61. All of the standard copper and fiber-optic media use various forms of digital signaling.
  62. After setting the hatch down quietly, he nodded to Jose, signaling for his part to begin.
  63. Outside, they both heard the throaty roar of two dragons signaling their orgasmic release.
  64. As Massie was walking with Olivia, her iPhone buzzed loudly, signaling she received a text.
  65. The exhaustion gap formation occurred after price dipped, signaling the end of the uptrend.
  66. A world signaling a prison but without security, events of atrocities are possible anytime.
  67. Upon hearing sounds outside the tent signaling the return of his commanders, Myserrah just.
  68. The explosions ended signaling a conclusion to the mages battle for dominion of the heavens.
  69. Runner smiled, wiggled his eyebrows up and down at Ben, signaling they should both be pleased.
  70. Signaling Youssaf to halt the main body that was closing on them from behind, Moshe took the.
  71. If these people are signaling the start of a war, Lemouz laughed, I say, let it unfold.
  72. Signaling the valet to stay where he was, she examined more carefully the envelope and the seal.
  73. Because what she wanted, she’d obviously been signaling, was for him to act on those feelings.
  74. He could hear a rustling from the clearing, signaling the NVA were preparing their final charge.
  75. After signaling Nurse with his fingers what number they were in, he shrewdly slipped her the key.
  76. Hey! There’s no reason to be rude here, Tolro said, signaling his men with a hand gesture.
  77. Hi, she said excitedly, signaling to Rafael that it was her doctor friend returning her call.
  78. June 2, 2000, was a follow-through day for the market, signaling that it was now in a rally phase.
  79. If talking was out, still, furtive signaling could be done where a point of interest piqued their.
  80. Her guide visually searched its banks in both directions, while signaling her to stay out of sight.
  81. Then there were the genes that seemed to increase the speed of electrical signaling between neurons.
  82. Enzymes were a signaling agent that stopped the cancer-like invasion of the placenta into the uterus.
  83. The referee blows the whistle and holds up a yellow card, signaling we are in violation of the rules.
  84. Then, through a gap between leaves, she saw children and finally Jorge signaling for her to come out.
  85. His smile faded and his head turned towards the front door as it slammed, signaling Sam's arrival home.
  86. For completely different signaling technologies, such as fiber-optic cable, you need a separate device.
  87. Again, this indicator has limited history, but it seems to have performed well signaling market reversals.
  88. If talking was out, still, furtive signaling could be done where a point of interest piqued their curiosity.
  89. A Vietnamese reporter then raised his hand to ask a question in French, with Ingrid signaling him to speak.
  90. After the hour had nearly elapsed, Phillip smiled through his exhausted face, signaling his true resiliency.
  91. The Mafia muscleman thought that over for a moment before signaling her to wait and hen knocking on the door.
  92. Then the indicator moved upward into the mid-range area, signaling the conclusion of the oversold condition.
  93. About a week later, on July 28, a reversal signal shows up on the chart at point 2, signaling an exit at 112.
  94. The only creature they saw from the boat was a woman dressed in white, signaling to them with a handkerchief.
  95. Joe Billie‘s mind remained clear as he made his way through the denseness signaling the fringe of a hammock.
  96. The group came to a halt as Hans stopped, signaling two of the Guardians to go ahead and search the perimeter.
  97. After that thoughtful snippet of silence, a digital sounding alarm emitted, signaling the sessions expiration.
  98. I was only there for a couple of minutes when I heard some twigs snapping behind me, signaling I was not alone.
  99. Marsh stood up and placed his empty glass on the bar, signaling the barman Same again and went for a pee.
  100. Outside, the big old plane trees heaved in amber light, as though signaling to the rush-hour buses on the avenue.

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