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Situation dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I told her the situation.
2. When in a situation where.
3. It was a no-lose situation.
4. Let me pose this situation.
5. It was a no-data situation.
6. No change to the situation.
7. This was a tricky situation.

8. It was a perfect situation.
9. It was a strange situation.
10. We've got a situation here.
11. Try to think the situation.
12. This was one ugly situation.
13. It was not a good situation.
14. I was in a no-win situation.
15. This situation was a sad one.
16. We have a critical situation.
17. It was a ridiculous situation.
18. That situation caused me to.
19. The situation you are going.
20. It was a difficult situation.
21. They took this bad situation.
22. More study of the situation.
23. It was not a happy situation.
24. She focussed on the situation.
25. Another situation is lack of.
26. Thane weighed up the situation.
27. Or, we can use the situation.
28. The situation was better for.
29. This situation can be avoided.
30. It was an impossible situation.
31. A situation of ultimate danger.
32. He knew the situation with them.
33. David was in a bad situation!.
34. We have a very unique situation.
35. This is a situation where you.
36. The fact that the situation in.
37. I explained the situation to him.
38. It all depends on the situation.
39. Did I misread their situation?
40. The situation was dire and Lee.
41. To me it was a no win situation.
42. I tried to lighten the situation.
43. In any situation, you can find.
44. Try finding humor in a situation.
45. Situation Room, The White House.
46. Then, he assessed his situation.
47. Situation elaborated in the group.
48. The situation was rather amusing.
49. He finally grasped the situation.
50. This situation was damned stupid.
51. When one analyzed the situation.
52. Yet this is a dangerous situation.
53. The situation was all too similar.
54. It's a total win-win situation!.
55. Max thought through the situation.
56. Also, the situation with Kareem.
57. We have to recreate the situation.
58. That was the situation at contact.
59. She viewed the situation intently.
60. The situation is still critical.
61. This was just the situation Jean.
62. It means the situation is serious.
63. The situation won’t ever change.
64. I got out surveying the situation.
65. It’s not a perfect situation.
66. I summarized the situation for him.
67. He considered the situation long.
68. He read the situation and relaxed.
69. The most enigmatic situation the.
70. Now, let me explain the situation.
71. He would find the situation more.
72. The situation was just intolerable.
73. It will not be an ideal situation.
74. It is a win win situation for all.
75. But the whole situation is absurd.
76. The situation did not need a con-.
77. He was conflicted in the situation.
78. We are the social situation so far.
79. Meaning: in the same bad situation.
80. The story is about our situation.
81. We have a delicate situation here.
82. The situation was too close to home.
83. That will not do in your situation.
84. They seek to rectify this situation.
85. The entire situation was ludicrous.
86. Sven knew he was in a bad situation.
87. Paprika out of her sticky situation.
88. I was now in a desperate situation.
89. You can’t have a situation where.
90. It’s a privacy obligate situation.
91. Because of that situation I lost my.
92. In that situation, it is extremely.
93. Speak life into your situation.
94. Despite his situation, Adros laughed.
95. So tell them the situation as it is.
96. Chief King addressed the situation:.
97. He was directing the whole situation.
98. He hung up saddened at his situation.
99. The Situation Room, the White House.
100. What is the situation, over?’’.

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