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Skeleton dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Chapter 20 – The Skeleton.
  2. The Skeleton spun about, tall.
  3. The other half was a skeleton.
  4. Skeleton and muscles and blood.
  5. My skeleton collapsed within me.

  6. The skeleton was in room number 3.
  7. Thalia charged the second skeleton.
  8. The fisherman's skeleton is still.
  9. In these chains a skeleton dangled.
  10. Measurement of The Whale's Skeleton.
  11. He was a skeleton covered with skin.
  12. It was a skeleton, a female skeleton.
  13. Get out your skeleton, little Simsen.
  14. The skeleton is well wrapped in flesh.
  15. In front of us was a skeleton of a man.

  16. And then, in this grim grisly skeleton.
  17. Everywhere, there'd be skeleton staffs.
  18. It’s the skeleton key to the castle.
  19. The old man was almost a living skeleton.
  20. A fully clothed skeleton blocked his way.
  21. We will produce the skeleton of that cat.
  22. He much preferred sitting by the skeleton.
  23. BUT A SKELETON! screamed his subconscious.
  24. Skeleton doors hung open on leather hinges.
  25. She must be rotting and becoming a skeleton.

  26. And how can the gender of a human skeleton.
  27. One of the rooms contained a skeleton on a.
  28. The hat-stand looked like an empty skeleton.
  29. Nearby, he found another Reptilian skeleton.
  30. The sight of the skeleton gave me the jitters.
  31. Stewart ordered the skeleton kings to attack.
  32. The skeleton itself fell to pieces immediately.
  33. In the tomb was a skeleton, obviously very old.
  34. Their frames collapse to mere skeleton and bone.
  35. Only a skeleton crew will remain at the orbital.
  36. Dawning on Hanor what it was, the skeleton of a.
  37. Wife locked up at home, skeleton in the cupboard.
  38. It was like the dress was draped over a skeleton.
  39. I knew the skeleton warriors were still chasing me.
  40. Most consecutive wins of the bobsleigh skeleton.
  41. I’ve got a couple of skeleton keys that—.
  42. This is the skeleton of which we are going to work on.
  43. Yes, the fat man's skeleton was luxuriously closeted.
  44. She watched the skeleton for a few moments, and then.
  45. In the proper order, it constructs the skeleton, mus-.
  46. Wouldn't want to find your bleached skeleton tomorrow.
  47. Yes, the fat man’s skeleton was luxuriously closeted.
  48. A further glance revealed a second skeleton upon the bed.
  49. Your nights are spent with the rest of skeleton patientry.
  50. Stewart ordered the skeleton kings to attack, and they did.
  51. A clothed skeleton rolled out of the chair and floated away.
  52. Gold, the skeleton said to them—its first true word.
  53. Watch this skeleton climb, he said with a deathly grin.
  54. It was like the ultimate skeleton key, able to open any lock.
  55. While Ralph stares at him, a skeleton hand rises up to one side.
  56. Most of us have a skeleton we do not wish to keep on exhibition.
  57. That night, the villagers wore skull masks and skeleton costumes.
  58. The skeleton stood next to a large, green archway as the sun set.
  59. They hold up his key ring and count seven different skeleton keys.
  60. There was a single cot in the sparse room and on it was a skeleton.
  61. Whereas the male human skeleton and the female human skeleton are.
  62. It slowly raised its hand and pointed a bony skeleton finger at me.
  63. Why do you think he’d have a picture of an old skeleton in his.
  64. What about the picture of the skeleton you saw in his locker? How do.
  65. And against his weak skeleton, was his hardened flesh shrunk tightly.
  66. She walked in, carefully avoiding the skeleton crumpled in the corner.
  67. Only a skeleton staff manning the communication center and I remained.
  68. The poor skeleton was lost; it could never fight clear of that blubber.
  69. One of those skeleton charts on the dim wall seemed to quiver and jump.
  70. In 2001 ancient skeleton of a Hominid type found in a cave near Beijing.
  71. Skeleton frames of steel beds, most with no mattress, filled the rooms.
  72. Looks like an office block back home, he thought, with a skeleton staff.
  73. You’re not suggesting the skeleton could be Aaron’s parents, are.
  74. Her hands seized him beneath the arms; they were the hands of a skeleton.
  75. OA is a universal consequence of aging among animals with a bony skeleton.
  76. This skeleton was a--a traitor! They would fix him for once and for all!.
  77. A bony, skeleton like hand reached out of the black mass and pulled me in.
  78. Principal Hartman ate as he drove to his castle, seeing the same skeleton.
  79. But just look at yourself! A skeleton giving your body a definite shape.
  80. Jessica looked and it was a skeleton man with an old beat up cowboy hat on.
  81. In more serious cases, sometimes the facial skeleton will be altered by a.
  82. He was stunned, however, when the bloody pulp of a skeleton started to move.
  83. This skeleton was a—a traitor! They would fix him for once and for all!.
  84. A shattered world, and the black skeleton of a golden city—Ora pro nobis.
  85. I was a mere skeleton, and fever night and day preyed upon my wasted frame.
  86. Male skeleton found in 1996 in the banks of the Columbia river, Washington.
  87. His eyes were uneasy, shifting up along Terwilliger’s tall skeleton frame.
  88. The interiors it skims seem distorted, as in a body reduced to its skeleton.
  89. Her face was so sunk in it was like seeing a skeleton with just the skin on.
  90. He jumped when he saw the clothed skeleton but forced himself to look closer.
  91. Because there are skeleton authorities you can refer to, to test my accuracy.
  92. They sat there awhile, the skeleton showing no sign of doing what it was told.
  93. One had deep scars across his face and his body was full of skeleton tattoos.
  94. One skeleton wore what appeared to be a decayed and well-worn baseball glove.
  95. She was absolutely certain she had her body and that she wasn’t a skeleton.
  96. Those who had not had the opportunity to see the skeleton were very surprised.
  97. When the Romans took Joppa, the same skeleton was carried to Italy in triumph.
  98. The age of the skeleton of the dinosaur is estimated at 185 million years old.
  99. Grover's lunch hit the skeleton and knocked his skull clean off his shoulders.
  100. These parts, too, were where his skeleton was shoving, indignantly growing out.

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