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Skillful dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Esau was a skillful hunter, a.
  2. She’s not as skillful as Lulu.
  3. Hitler was a cunning, skillful schemer.
  4. Seven Silky Sayin's for Skillful Skiin'.
  5. A skillful commander? replied Pierre.

  6. Being brave and skillful in war was one thing.
  7. And by skillful manipulation you could even.
  8. Alchemists are also at times skillful in the.
  9. But they are very skillful and one cannot see them.
  10. I could tell he was a very skillful baseball player.
  11. Le Renard was too skillful to neglect his advantage.
  12. The skillful tactician may be likened to the SHUAI-JAN.
  13. Unskillful actions are the opposite of skillful actions.
  14. And they say he’s a skillful commander, rejoined Pierre.
  15. There are bunches of hungry and skillful ghost writers out there.

  16. We need to take up skillful intentions which form our character.
  17. That’s good; she’s the most skillful person in these parts.
  18. Shirani could not dispute that the president was a skillful politician.
  19. They were all skillful craftsmen, the men of their houses, peace-loving people.
  20. For my skillful and proficiencies I was awarded the best-qualified soldier award.
  21. Guinevere had never been skillful at lying and she knew the practice to be wicked.
  22. One was stronger but not very skillful; the other was skillful but not very strong.
  23. Renata Ogilvie gives the following example of skillful karma in her lectures:[149].
  24. Skillful actions will, of course, produce happiness; unskillful actions, unhappiness.
  25. She was intelligent, had a sense of humor and was skillful at making him feel at ease.

  26. It was signed, "Your loving senior comrade," followed by a remarkably skillful flourish.
  27. Skillful actions produce beneficial effects; unskillful actions produce harmful effects.
  28. Not so with the Blaisdell thoroughbred, under the skillful guidance of a premier jockey.
  29. Like a skillful artist this was accomplished, and they longed to see Him grapple with it.
  30. Barb was back, and she proved skillful in helping to ease the new client out the front door.
  31. He was sitting with a hand on the mare’s flank, after a thorough and skillful examination.
  32. Never such cunning adroitness of twisting through tight places by the skillful use of ift.
  33. Craftsman–A worker with special knowledge and skills, in other words, a skillful fabricator.
  34. Skillful little booger, tunneling below the fluctuations of the realm and hijacking the anomaly.
  35. She is very expert and skillful in sailing the shikara boat, Rahamed chacha replied, proudly.
  36. The German people were taken in by one of the most skillful liars and cunning deceivers ever born.
  37. But before he could say another word, Gemini launched a swift and skillful kick towards his head.
  38. Consequently, the Book of Haggai is a skillful fraud written for the purposes of gaining wealth and.
  39. Because they are fragmentary and linear descriptors, they are much less effective than the skillful.
  40. In dancing, he was skillful, his movements were agile and punctual, undoubtedly, an excellent dancer.
  41. The bold face Salome was very skillful and her inventiveness was the best that existed in Saint Andre.
  42. Skillful and accomplished liars such as the Vatican and their chief cohorts have grown extremely rich.
  43. As for my Opponent, he was skillful with his Rapier—despite the Fact that he lookt the veriest Booby.
  44. This is a qualification as found in 1 Timothy 3:2, referring to one who is apt and skillful in teaching.
  45. That’s what you told him, that he would be protecting me? That’s a pretty skillful manipulation.
  46. Then I noticed that the stronger one seemed to be holding back a little rather than being less skillful.
  47. Gertrude, skillful and calculating woman, agreed with that request and at once called the family doctor, Dr.
  48. Apparently PE managers are skillful, even on average, but the benefits accrue disproportionately to themselves.
  49. The enemy had proved both ferocious and skillful and had cost her 25 dead and 38 wounded, some of them critical.
  50. Thus the skillful general conducts his army just as though he were leading a single man, willy-nilly, by the hand.
  51. If a person is not sufficiently skillful in constructing, he can conveniently purchase coops from reputed providers.
  52. He was skillful, so arranging the order of the reading of the various passages that the one would illuminate the other.
  53. For example, if a manager does particularly well in a given period, it may be because he or she was skillful (or lucky).
  54. Hitting strikes can sometimes be attributed to luck, but spares are not, since you need to be skillful in pulling it off.
  55. Active investors can try to add value through skillful security selection and market timing, sector timing, or style timing.
  56. The aircrews of 617 Squadron deserve to be remembered for executing a skillful operation under the most difficult conditions.
  57. Critics emphasize fees and agency problems which can prevent the fruits of skillful management from reaching the end-investor.
  58. If we are compassionate, wise, honest, and skillful, we create positive and harmonious circumstances in this and future lives.
  59. Homer became a more skillful flier, and as a result, he and Jennie won the award of number one Air Ambulance in the fleet every year.
  60. Persons severely afflicted with epilepsy are, so the most skillful doctors tell us, always prone to continual and morbid self-reproach.
  61. I was inflicting damage as a result of both my skillful fighting experience and the brute strength I was employing against my hated foe.
  62. There is nothing special we have to do to eliminate unskillful states or to make skillful ones happen, except to be aware of the moment.
  63. With a skillful swoop, he scooped up three eggs onto each plate, then tossed the plates onto separate stones just as the boat sidled up.
  64. She proved to be skillful, brave and resourceful, while her stand on the Heraklion against Israeli air attacks could easily be called heroic.
  65. Mayne was a fearsome and skillful fighting soldier with the ability to read the situation, anticipate how the enemy would react, and then attack.
  66. There were two major reasons why the Allied advance had bogged down; there was the tenacity of the Germans plus their skillful use of the terrain.
  67. All the commercial jet flying in SE Alaska is via Alaska Airlines, which has a virtual monopoly here and the pilots are well trained and skillful.
  68. When he found his friend met with a favorable reception, he bestowed on him the command of twenty men, like himself, active, skillful and resolute.
  69. Allen, the Coast Guard had earned national acclaim for the more than 10,000 dangerous and skillful helicopter and boat in the wake of the hurricane.
  70. Flashes of brown and pink floated over the body as she moved her skillful and well-practiced hands through the reverent ritual of a post-mortem autopsy.
  71. This insinuation was a home thrust, and one that in a more advanced state of society would have entitled Magua to the reputation of a skillful diplomatist.
  72. Why me lies behind the victim repeated phrase calling mercy? A serial killer can be charming as part of the appeal played just before the skillful murder.
  73. This doesn't imply ignoring the past, but that by paying close attention to the present with skillful awareness, the past's hold on us will unravel naturally.
  74. A less reliable way is to pursue active management, in which successful investors (skillful or lucky) reap gains at the expense of their less successful peers.
  75. Sponsors have proven to be very skillful resource converters who appear to be very sensitive to the needs of bankers and the Wall Street underwriting community.
  76. Now, Barak Obama could see for himself how skillful Laplante had been in that interview with the top international affairs advisor of the Iranian Supreme Leader.
  77. Rather, we realize that we can have skillful or unskillful thoughts; we can speak skillful or unskillful words; and we can act in either skillful or unskillful ways.
  78. Manstein, by skillful military manoeuvering, managed to evacuate the endangered German armies which Hitler had recklessly and fatally thrust south into the Caucasus.
  79. Had Hawkeye been aware of the low estimation in which the skillful Uncas held his representations, he would probably have prolonged the entertainment a little in pique.
  80. She was considered the most skillful knight, and that from a child she would wrestle with the boys just to prove that was stronger than them, but her nature was always modest.
  81. The typical PE manager is skillful enough to outperform public indices on a gross basis but the benefits of these skills accrue primarily to the manager and not to the investor.
  82. It was as if a light had been skillful, artistic work on its sides, that previously seemed dark, coarse, and meaningless, was suddenly shown up in unexpected and striking beauty.
  83. I sat there awkwardly, as her skillful fingers squeezed first at my shoulders before then moving to my neck and rhythmically working on the tension she found there in great supply.
  84. She had no strength to resist as he gently slid her garments from her body with a few skillful motions, his fiery kiss uninterrupted while he did so, and drew her down onto the bed.
  85. He is becoming experienced in the skillful wresting of victory from the very jaws of defeat; he is learning how to transform the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity.
  86. Three of the five fisherman were eventually saved, including a retired Coast Guard warrant officer, in one of the most hazardous and skillful rescues in maritime history (Walker, pp.
  87. Very close calculation is always essential in order that a loss in one region may be met by gains in another, thus employing skillful strategy when the contestants are evenly matched.
  88. To then take up the opposite, positive actions, is extremely skillful and beneficial, resulting in not only less suffering in the future but also creating the causes for great happiness.
  89. Since that day we have to be very attentive that no window or door is opened, because the cat is very skillful and fast and always takes advantage of any loophole or circumstance to slip.
  90. And those fingers were skillful, adroit, alert, their every movement carried out with that smooth, indefinable grace which is almost always possessed by the really high-class card sharper.
  91. Upon seeing the vast number of warriors of Kush and the Candace’s skillful placement of them, Alexander turned back for fear of what would be said if he were to lose to a female general.
  92. Hence we must raise our solitary voice against the use of the term investment to characterize these methods of operating in common stocks, however profitable they may be to the truly skillful.
  93. Instead of serried rows of bees sealing up every gap in the combs and keeping the brood warm, he sees the skillful complex structures of the combs, but no longer in their former state of purity.
  94. It can account for our present situation as the outcome (reward and/or punishment) for our skillful ("good") and unskillful ("bad") actions in the past, both in this life and in previous lifetimes.
  95. Those who read and understand document contents tend to be much more skillful at fieldwork than are analysts who ask questions before they have a good documentary background for asking those questions.
  96. Inspired by the thought of Prince Shadursky's newly replenished millions, he devised a plan for the gang which promised brilliant results, and only needed the aid of a discreet and skillful confederate.
  97. By contemplating past actions and associated motiva-tions, we can intelligently admit that we were not so skillful, but given a similar situation in the future we now have the insight to act differently.
  98. An alternative view favors liquid markets, because in illiquid markets it takes a lifetime to distinguish a skillful alpha producer from a lucky one, or from an investor whose apparent alpha is really beta.
  99. The Order, once a legendary guild world-renowned for their skillful sword prowess on the battlefield, had a long and varied legacy dating back to a time when history wasn't written down but instead spoken aloud.
  100. The Americans did attack our ships and barges there and caused some damage, but our fighter cover there seemed to have done better, either that or the Americans there were not as skillful as the ones over Lamon Bay.

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