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Skittish dans une phrase (en anglais)

She was skittish and on Doug Green.
I told Pa about the skittish battery.
Ciere was always skittish and quick.
The horses became skittish, but Barron.
The horses remained skittish with each.
This machine is not as skittish as I thought.
The animals grew even more skittish at the.
The other roamed her body like skittish ants.
His sorrel mare was unbarded and skittish as well.
Stokes, causing his horse to whinny and become skittish.
The horses were skittish as the vulture’s curiosity increased.
There is no satire, very little humor and nothing in the least skittish.
Correct me but I always understood that the act so performed by skittish.
Sierra was now so badly shaken by all of her accidents, she had gotten skittish.
The horse suddenly became skittish as the wind blew a new scent to their noses.
It was an Aristrian cavalry mount that had first detected her and become skittish.
Brilliant but unconfident, enterprising yet skittish, all of it described Lucy to a T.
The hippocampi were still skittish, but they stopped swirling around me quite so fast.
Of course, she might be skittish if she didn’t know how secure the structure was.
She saw that he was a wild, skittish thing with great wounded eyes and not quite right.
Upon introduction to your tank they may be somewhat skittish but they should soon settle.
Any filly would be skittish about going into a stable where the ghost of another lingered.
She and Eric had spotted other survivors, skittish people who hid at the first sight of them.
Happy to be finally doing it, but just a little bit skittish at the prospect of what could happen.
Even if the market recovers and reaches a new high, bulls feel more skittish and bears become bolder.
The party stopped some distance away from me, their mounts skittish and terrified at my scent and size.
The advertisers are usually clean-cut, skittish, fairly indistinguishable executives named Patricia or John.
Elena Ivanovna was quite skittish in her raptures over the monkeys, and seemed completely taken up with them.
Her entertainment was this smelly, skittish animal, and the sting of the wounds from the last time it bucked her off.
She was soft-spoken, skittish, and reminded me of a librarian with her constant severely knotted bun and thick glasses.
Some time after setting off again and feeling renewed from the brief respite from the elements, his horse became skittish.
Seven skittish, barking dogs bayed hysterically in the darkness at the base of the stack, eager to get at the passengers trapped inside.
The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley.
The deer that were her favourite meal were big, fat and plentiful, and showed signs of complacency; although lately, they were more skittish.
Now she shook her head---why on earth had she become so skittish? There was no dark history evident here, no skeletons rattling about in closets.
She was very skittish about having sex with him and, to be honest, I don’t think they had a good sex life, ever—despite what Jim later claimed.
Though the horses were perfectly calm under the careful guidance of their riders, both Feltus and Terence were skittish for their own private reasons.
Menachem and I nursed each other through the dull, closed days of January, meeting Aban and the increasingly skittish Beniamin at the whim of our guards.
For everybody's family doctor was remarkably clever, and was understood to have immeasurable skill in the management and training of the most skittish or vicious diseases.
Having been warned by the skittish Alley Team that the phones might be tapped, he maneuvered through the crowds to a more remote bank of pay phones and punched in the number.

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