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Sleazy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It's kind of sleazy.
2. That makes it sound sleazy.
3. Sleazy private eyes hopped the.
4. Ok, sleazy sales pitch is finished.
5. You can’t fall in love with Sleazy.
6. He lives in a pretty sleazy area by the way.
7. That's OK, I've been in sleazy areas before.
8. She was sexy in a sleazy way with thick black hair.
9. You betrayed your country and you’re a sleazy traitor.
10. What was a sleazy little blackmailer doing reading that?
11. What a sleazy character who was acting in perfect character!.
12. Your boyfriend may desire the sleazy but his heart would break.
13. If there is one thing that makes me cringe, it’s sleazy people.
14. On one such occasion, Sheri came home with another sleazy story.
15. It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks.
16. Surrounding him was the racket of drunk, sleazy men and young, hormonal girls.
17. Jeez, what a shitty way to die—in some crappy little dung-hole sleazy diner.
18. She hated looking at his face and hearing his voice, everything about him was sleazy.
19. In the 1900s most of the Balkans were still ruled by the sleazy and corrupt Turkish Empire.
20. This letter is prompted by "straight in Buffalo" and what her husband called a sleazy outfit.
21. Jillian used the day to sleep and heal, bathing twice to get rid of the sleazy feeling of the jail.
22. No-one but Needham could call Jonny Ingram a sleazy bastard, and Casales loved him for it.
23. Still, besides her, Robert Keppler and Sleazy Eric, I haven’t had too many problems with customers.
24. Sleazy, sexy, violent & dirty-dialogue shows, along with death-dealing smokes now have to have warnings on ‘em.
25. At least you have better sense and taste than to go in such sleazy establishments—it could have been you that was killed.
26. I was watching in the background with a sudden urge to puke, they were so sleazy! Trying to do the subtle flirting thing was not so subtle for them.
27. The dirt can be eliminated in some way by sending messages to those who employ those underhanded, sleazy tactics that they just won’t be elected.
28. Without waiting he got to his feet, his back crooked and bent, his belly sticking out, and he roared in a furious voice, You sleazy bastard!.
29. Now see that pile of masonry? said Ryan in his sleazy Liverpool drawl, I thought the superintendent's garden might need something a little more.
30. From being raped and abused by Kleon's sleazy men, to being rescued by a rough soldier looking for his wife, to extracting information from a drug dealer.
31. As if he needed another problem! And this a complaint with nothing to back it up but an opinion—based on personal malice, he felt certain, and sleazy rumors.
32. They will feel this through the light fibers you have in them as a sleazy vibe, a sexual expectation, coming from you; and they will raise defenses against it.
33. The hug was one of those sleazy hugs that men give women when the woman is small enough for the man to wrap his arms all the way around and still reach breasts.
34. Before I could answer, Abigail screeched, You were leaving that sleazy massage parlor on Connecticut Avenue where Mad Man Francones was murdered! They have it on tape.
35. Ben was with me and he was invited, too, but—ever the protective big brother—he said we shouldn’t go because he didn’t trust the guy, he thought he was a sleazy creep.
36. There were the Merryweathers, a nice, simple couple who’d sunk their savings into a small home that was now being threatened by a sleazy sub-prime lender suing for the entire balance.
37. Leesa sat on her bed, her back propped comfortably against two pillows, while her friends took turns trying to persuade her to wear something sexy and sleazy to tomorrow night’s big Halloween bash.
38. The children grow up wholesome, with few of the sleazy, salacious attitudes towards their bodies, natural functions and sexuality that Australian kids and adults have, so we decided to build a house like that.
39. But it’s not only the sleazy televangelists that trouble me, but it’s also the evangelical groups that are never finished soliciting a donation via emails and letters in order to expand their ministry.
40. And even though it camouflages its true selfish agenda in the benevolent language of "environmentalism" or the "social good", anyone who knows anything about history or politics should be able to see through the State's sleazy veneer.
41. They defend companies who dump chemicals in rivers, pollute the oceans, hide toxic waste, violate clean air standards, discriminate against employees, rig government bids, you name the sleazy or illegal behavior and Casper Slate is there to defend it.
42. I remember a wonderful punch-up at a sleazy hotel in Pretoria West where we’d had a running battle with locals who had barricaded themselves inside the building and refused to submit to arrest to the local station policemen despite being asked to do so.
43. Number one, he’s already heard from his slimy colleagues that I’m less than zero because I allowed one sleazy accounting recruitment office to conduct a background search on me who spread the flaming news; and number two, what the hell is this dude doing here, his snappy dress code replete with hair goop begging for him to be among the corporate sycophant, toadies licking some boss’s ass.

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