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Smack dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I wanted to smack her.
  2. A smack with a stick.
  3. Mary hit it with a smack.
  4. I wanted to smack myself.
  5. The smack of skin on skin.

  6. You calling me a cheat? Smack.
  7. They then hear a slap or a smack.
  8. The bullets arrived with a smack.
  9. It’s smack in the center of.
  10. Sometimes I still want to smack her.
  11. And he kissed his hand with a smack.
  12. A smack rang through the humble home.
  13. Dive right smack into the middle of it.
  14. Whoever it was, I wanted to smack them.
  15. Why is this place such a shithole? Smack.

  16. You think you’re smarter’n me? Smack.
  17. There, Runner said with a lip smack.
  18. What is that smack? Gracy whispers.
  19. Why is there no food in the fridge? Smack.
  20. Needs a good smack, is what he needs.
  21. That girl needed a good smack, she thought.
  22. Locke had a notion to smack his own forehead.
  23. You could smack her in the face with a rock.
  24. She reached up and pretended to smack his cheek.
  25. And then it hit me, like a smack to the forehead.

  26. The lab was smack in the center of the building.
  27. The French Smack, the first battle on our lands.
  28. Downward he fell with a hard smack into the water.
  29. I heard another smack and Natalie hollered in pain.
  30. Behind the brick wall, Scott and Kenny hear a smack.
  31. It closed around the woman's wrist with a dull smack.
  32. We were to land right smack dab in the heart of Kansas.
  33. It takes a crisis, a good smack on the head to awaken us.
  34. Where does all the money go, Patty? Smack, smack, smack.
  35. I wanted to smack Puppy across the face, or whatever his.
  36. Nick felt the floor reach up to smack him in the forehead.
  37. Lachenel gave himself a great smack on the boot with his.
  38. Unfortunately, snorting smack didn’t yield the same high.
  39. Smack! A larger variety of hailstone shattered on the deck.
  40. It took all my strength not to turn round and smack him one.
  41. The C in putting the smack down on your goals is committing.
  42. I mentioned the numerous fees that can smack you in the face.
  43. I do so and he lands a playful smack on my ass as I pass him.
  44. I wanted to drag him from the car and smack him to the ground.
  45. You saying your old man’s a cheat, Ben? Smack, smack, smack.
  46. Samantha would be smack in the middle of an ugly family brawl.
  47. If I could find a way to smack that look off his face, I would.
  48. But she doesn't smack me with an elbow in the gut like I expect.
  49. Kenny puzzled looks at Scott and says, I just heard a smack.
  50. As she felt another smack she could hold it no longer and let go.
  51. Never mind that the house sits right smack dab in the center of.
  52. His reward was a hard smack to his left ear, with her cupped hand.
  53. This is why claims such as ‘something exists’ smack of near.
  54. When she rushes through the door, she nearly runs smack into Devon.
  55. He would at that moment dearly have loved to have a smack at something.
  56. Her hand connects with his cheek a moment later with a satisfying smack.
  57. Manfred cut loose the horses and gave each of them a smack on the rump.
  58. I smack my frozen self on the back of the head to phase out of the Quiet.
  59. There it was, her dual-yCRO-DNA sequence, smack bang where it should be.
  60. He watched as they too became frustrated and started to smack me around.
  61. Unfortunately, smack in the middle was a somewhat misleading term.
  62. He accented his command with a sharp smack of his club to Moshe and Yigal.
  63. It landed on his face with a smack like a whale�s splash into the ocean.
  64. Broken windows rattle and chinks of glass ring when they smack the ground.
  65. The wards are invisible until you smack into them like a concrete wall.
  66. I hoped it would rise up and smack the taste out of some of todays artists.
  67. The ball hit Sheaar right dead center of his forehead with an audible smack.
  68. Because it's not the first time they had to smack Diane out of her trance.
  69. Those words ‘he’s screwing your flatmate’ were like a smack in the face.
  70. It was so good that he would smack and lick his lips after every single bite.
  71. Smack of glass, a joint, a needle, whatever was going around would have to do.
  72. They covered several miles in this way—but the smack faded into the distance.
  73. You’re asking for a smack in the face, the man replied, scowling at him.
  74. This sack of wrinkly flab is going to smack you in the chops if you’re not.
  75. He looked at me disgustedly and reached across the table to smack me in the head.
  76. She had the side of her mouth right smack on the pillow, and I couldn't hear her.
  77. It was smack in the middle of the roughly rectangular area enclosed by the fence.
  78. Even then some hit the water with a great smack but were not in need of rescuing.
  79. At that moment, there was a loud smack as a series of water bombs fell around them.
  80. He hears Rödel swing the hose, the smack of it across Frederick’s upflung palms.
  81. Frankie cringed at the thought of the smack he got, and rubbed the back of his head.
  82. The old man began to smack his lips and seemed to recover from his mysterious lapse.
  83. We went inside and we were smack dab in the most awesome kitchen I have ever been in.
  84. The tool we created that will help you put the smack down on your goals is GoalTrax.
  85. It's one of those unfortunate incidents that just seems smack you right in the face.
  86. The shovel on his thick skull made a resounding smack, and it sent off another cheer.
  87. By the time we had made it to the mountain top we found ourselves smack in the middle.
  88. Yes, I realize it does smack of tampering with private enterprise--that it sounds a.
  89. Quickly, racing around the corner of the porch, she ran smack dab into a very tall man.
  90. I parked in a lot right on the Mississippi, smack in front of the Mark Twain riverboat.
  91. The pilot ended landing smack in the middle of an open field separating the combatants.
  92. Framed? Really? Cami wanted to reach out and smack Rosemary for not getting to the point.
  93. Smack! The slap was harder this time and Veronique gasped, then let out a pleading moan.
  95. Again a burst of loyalty: I should go to them all, if only to smack ironic road-trippers.
  96. Then, Ferdy heard the smack of yet another softball hitting the hindquarters of his mount.
  97. All of the above instances smack of tyranny – another instance of an unbridled executive.
  98. Smack dab after, and I have to say, Trent so pales in comparison in the kissing department.
  99. She jumped into his arms, her feet swinging off the ground, and gave him a smack on the mouth.
  100. Thwack! My tape-wrapped fist connects with Brett’s blocking elbow, giving a satisfying smack.
  1. Smacking his lips together, he.
  2. The kid is screaming and smacking Mr.
  3. There was a noisy, smacking first bite.
  4. I thrash in the water, smacking the walls.
  5. I could hear smacking noises and I groaned.
  6. What was that smacking sound I heard?!.
  7. She continues with shouting and broom smacking.
  8. The fist came out of nowhere, smacking her cheek.
  9. Did you try smacking her around a little?
  10. There was a pause and the faint smacking of lips.
  11. Ged drank deeply, smacking his lips appreciatively.
  12. All she could hear was the old man smacking his lips.
  13. Ashi could hear Lori smacking on her gum before she could.
  14. I could hear Knut smacking his lips dramatically, cleaning.
  15. But it had a nose, too, and slanting eyes and smacking lips.
  16. He scratched his head and rubbed his eye, smacking his lips.
  17. Mitch’s head shot up, smacking hard against the brick wall.
  18. Her father barely stopped in time to avoid smacking into him.
  19. After a certain amount of savouring and smacking of lips, the.
  20. Her tail flicked back and forth, smacking into the back of the seat.
  21. Become you! You would — Flash mad smacking sounds with his beak.
  22. Don’t touch me, Sonja said smacking his hand away from her hair.
  23. He was smacking her around, yes, said one of his closest friends.
  24. The boy jerked his head back, smacking it against the trunk of the bush.
  25. It will only be satisfied by smacking his ear hard with the flat of my hand.
  26. Is it gin? Asked Shoop dryly, making revolted smacking noises with his.
  27. She was reading a magazine, and smacking a strawberry scented gum in her mouth.
  28. They sat smacking their lips in the dark, with only the one small moth-bulb lit.
  29. She nodded dumbly as he strode off toward the private office, smacking his fist.
  30. I won’t regret smacking that flat-chested moose in the face, Cherry said.
  31. Cristal entertained the thought of reaching over and smacking the back of her head.
  32. The searing pain made Locke fold over, almost smacking his head into Hiss’ chest.
  33. Jimmy started to run, his hard-sole shoes smacking uncomfortably against the pavement.
  34. That was crazy! What comes next grandpa? Trent asked, smacking my shoulder hard.
  35. Hey, that’s the Book you’re talking about! Elmont said, smacking the Ferengi.
  36. Max leapt on the body, smacking the flat face of the spanner down hard on his forehead.
  37. Glau, Onyx and Torquil locomoted behind them, smacking the fairies away from the berries.
  38. He slammed his tightly balled fist into the palm of the other hand making a loud smacking.
  39. Cass tries pushing him out the door, but Unks fights him off by smacking him with the chain.
  40. He did not believe in symbolism, but the meaning of this dream was smacking him in the face.
  41. Smacking into a tree, though, would not have been exhilarating under any circumstances whatsoever.
  42. They swarmed around Dunk’s legs, shouting and laughing and smacking at his calves with their bladders.
  43. He drank his vodka neat, and often he would sit quietly at first, smacking his lips like a hungry animal.
  44. Pete is conveniently smacking the guys head on walls as we walk to the door with Jake and the girls in toe.
  45. Mike and Mitch stand right in front of the other boys smacking and shaking their hands with the other boys.
  46. Gone were the memories of weak cabbage soup, and the only sound emanating from them was the smacking of their lips.
  47. Bryce grabbed Sara and pulled her away just as Kevin lurched toward her, making hideous smacking noises with his mouth.
  48. Bryce grabbed Sara and pulled her away just as Kevin lurched towards her, making hideous smacking noises with his mouth.
  49. Ignoring my outburst, Uncle Hobart hissed open another can, then smacking his lips, he burped, pointing over his shoulder.
  50. But it veered around and returned, once more smacking him on the nose before dropping into the sea to continue its bobbing.
  51. Dominic damn it, what is wrong with you? Can you do nothing right? Haydar yelled while smacking his ebn’ in the head.
  52. The car continued its full 360-degree turn, rolling over gnarled bushes and rocks, finally smacking hard into a full-grown fir tree.
  53. Faintly smacking his withered lips over it for a moment, the old negro muttered, Best cooked 'teak I eber taste; joosy, berry joosy.
  54. The green ball arced upwards and began to fall, but, impossibly, fell back to the same place it had left, smacking Hal on the snout.
  55. Parents can be very forceful in their methods from a pressurized cajoling to angry insisting and right up to aggression and smacking.
  56. Nord took a cut at Lov's neck, but Lov deflected it, spinning around and smacking his uncle in the chest with the hammer side of his ax.
  57. As they progressed, the trail became skinner, branches and vines hanging into the path, smacking their shoulders and faces as they passed.
  58. What is wrong with this gate? said Diamond sitting in her lipstick red Porsche; smacking the remote like it had called her something bad.
  59. He bites down on a red pen and carries the bag out of the room; I hear the books inside it smacking against his leg as he walks down the hallway.
  60. Automatic weapons with suppressors, shouted orders in Rotham, the distinct whine of alien rifles, and of course the thud of bodies smacking the deck.
  61. I walked to one of the counters and asked the plump woman with puffy short blondish hair, who was smacking on her gum, if I could see who was in charge.
  62. She at last drew back the flap and emerged from her tent newly clad, flattening out the wrinkles in the soft leather and smacking loose stray dust and dirt.
  63. She flew off, over its head, smacking her knee on the hard shell of its big middle eye and then tumbling thru yards of splintery brush before coming to rest.
  64. His fingers spread over the glass as the robots fell aside outside, limbs smacking against the walls of the bar as each of the metal creatures was eliminated.
  65. If my glass count was accurate, he had already finished three beers while he had been waiting for us, and he was smacking his lips in anticipation of his fifth.
  66. She caught them by surprise by swinging the door back with full force, smacking the questioning officer in the face so hard that he fell back on to his colleague.
  67. At last he saw him: the rosy boy had tossed about till he lay across the bed with his head lower than the pillow, and was smacking his lips in his sleep and breathing evenly.
  68. But there were still more in front, pushing their way through the crowds of females and smacking their fists into the horny palms of their hands with anticipatory concentration.
  69. Ralph’s dinner ritual unfolded with a combination of eye popping, lip smacking and ‘Oooo’s’ and ‘Ah’s’as Ralph hovered and hunted for the most interesting pieces.
  70. She leaped forward and raced through the shadows, smacking away tree branches that threatened to blind her, stumbling over the living and dead things scattered on the gully floor.
  71. With that thought, Massie grabbed the letters and stomped back up the creaky stairs to confront her mother, who was currently in the kitchen smacking down on a fig newton, big surprise there.
  72. She was particularly fond of pinching and smacking her sister's children, telling tales of their pilfering bread and sugar, and this led to endless and implacable strife with her elder sister.
  73. He is a very stern man, one of those types who think that the education of children should only be done by smacking them and that the more you hit the children, the better educated they will be.
  74. If he was angered, Brumvack wasn’t above smacking someone with that club in a way light enough to do little real damage, but hard enough to leave a red welt and the imprint of those three circles across a troll’s backside.
  75. Although Nekhludoff had often dined with and knew Korchagin well, this evening his old face, his sensual, smacking lips, the napkin stuck under his vest, the fat neck, and especially the well-fed, military figure made an unpleasant impression on him.
  76. Though Nekhludoff knew Korchagin very well, and had often seen him at dinner, to-day this red face with the sensual smacking lips, the fat neck above the napkin stuck into his waistcoat, and the whole over-fed military figure, struck him very disagreeably.
  77. But they are even more in tune because no subject is taboo: child abandonment, melancholia, beatings, murder, disobedience, theft, you name it, it’s all right up front in smacking bright colors balanced by a courage and resilience and skepticism mirroring that of our best poets.
  78. He convinced Washington that only the federal government, and not the states, had the authority to deal with the Indians and that the exterminative strategy of Indian removal east of the Mississippi went counter to the ideals of the Revolution, smacking heavily of European imperialism.
  79. Coxtart, grinning like the very Devil (and smacking her Lips in Lust and Mischief), thrust the ivory Cock again and again into my Cunny, until I was so inflam’d with Pain and Pleasure that I cried out sharply, whilst my Sex contracted like a beating Heart and finally spent its Contractions in an Excess of Pleasure.
  80. She backs up all the way towards the right end of The Dianettes, standing to their right in the front and waves her left arm in the air with the microphone in her right hand! She points her finger in the air twice as she sings to the arena, then smacking her hips a couple of times! The crowd screams and shouts even more as Diane D and The Dianettes continue to sing and dance!.
  81. When the mutton and an omelet had been served and a samovar and vodka brought, with some wine which the French had taken from a Russian cellar and brought with them, Ramballe invited Pierre to share his dinner, and himself began to eat greedily and quickly like a healthy and hungry man, munching his food rapidly with his strong teeth, continually smacking his lips, and repeating- ‘Excellent! Delicious!’ His face grew red and was covered with perspiration.
  82. When the mutton and an omelet had been served and a samovar and vodka brought, with some wine which the French had taken from a Russian cellar and brought with them, Ramballe invited Pierre to share his dinner, and himself began to eat greedily and quickly like a healthy and hungry man, munching his food rapidly with his strong teeth, continually smacking his lips, and repeating—Excellent! Delicious! His face grew red and was covered with perspiration.
  83. Then mother put me in the care of our manager, Xsuno, to learn how to cast a spear with the use of the atlatl, which was a length of wood with a spike on the end on which you placed the spear to make your arm longer thereby casting the feathered shaft further, I was impressed by how far I could hurl the spear with the help of this simple device, but try as hard as he could, Xsuno had no success in improving my accuracy and I resigned myself to the fact that I would remain a bowman not a spear thrower, a fact which my mother acknowledged by smacking me on the side of the head and telling me to stop fooling around and concentrate, this was the first time Mother had ever slapped me and the shock of this first taste of discipline concentrated my efforts to win back her praise, after long weeks of scolding and practice, watching in awe the skill displayed by Xsuno, I achieved a modicum of skill with the spear but I was never comfortable with the weapon always preferring my bow.
  1. I smacked his hand away.
  2. He got up and smacked me.
  3. I lightly smacked his arm.
  4. He smacked into the floor.
  5. It all smacked of a set-up.
  6. Joey smacked me on the back.
  7. He smacked it over and over.
  8. Then she smacked into a wall.
  9. It almost smacked of boasting.
  10. The lid smacked in anticipation.
  11. She smacked his hand with a spoon.
  12. Her lips smacked with appreciation.
  13. He smacked it with his right hand.
  14. Trevor smacked the top of his head.
  15. He smacked himself in the forehead.
  16. I smacked him in the shoulder again.
  17. The folder smacked against my door.
  18. She smacked his shoulder playfully.
  19. She lightly smacked him in the arm.
  20. Raekwon smacked her with full force.
  21. Jermaine smacked the back of my head.
  22. Gary smacked the table with his hand.
  23. She smacked his arm with her gloves.
  24. She smacked me at the back of my head.
  25. I tol’ Ma about you and she smacked.
  26. I smacked him in the back of the head.
  27. I smacked you too hard that last time.
  28. My mother smacked the back of my head.
  29. What he had just done smacked of theft.
  30. Then she smacked me again with her fist.
  31. To repose smacked of luxury and respect.
  32. Turning, she smacked into a broad chest.
  33. That one smacked into his cervical spine.
  34. He smacked Hal yday's make up pad out of.
  35. His body smacked into the hard-packed snow.
  36. Her words had hit home, had smacked of truth.
  37. Then Sue smacked her lips a couple of times.
  38. His hand smacked my outreaching fingers away.
  39. Then she ran in and smacked him in the chops.
  40. For many congregants this smacked of popery.
  41. Smiling, Alicia smacked his shoulder playfully.
  42. Houston rubbed his stomach and smacked his lips.
  43. Dylan walked up and smacked her test on the pile.
  44. Smith smacked the steering wheel with both hands.
  45. Edmund swallowed a spoonful and smacked his lips.
  46. Ardara had never been smacked harder in her life.
  47. This time she smacked me in the mouth for asking.
  48. I smacked his shoulder and danced into my bedroom.
  49. He smacked his fingers on the board in frustration.
  50. I smacked the top of his head playfully and helped.
  51. He smacked the heel of his hand against his forehead.
  52. The son only smacked his lips and went to sleep again.
  53. One of the soldiers smacked Toby with the butt of his.
  54. All of a sudden, Darek smacked himself in the forehead.
  55. I thrust my head upward and smacked it hard into hers.
  56. He’d smacked his flashlight to get it working again.
  57. He smacked his hands together then faced Dominic again.
  58. That stopped cold, when his forehead smacked the wall.
  59. George smacked his huge fist into the palm of his hand.
  60. I smacked the back of his seat and ran back to the bag.
  61. It comes in handy when I’ve just been smacked down.
  62. He blinked rapidly in succession, then smacked his lips.
  63. The boy smacked Draug on the side of the head with the.
  64. I smacked myself on the forehead when I was out of sight.
  65. Don't tell me the girls smacked Diane in the face?!.
  66. Derek gulped the rich contents down and smacked his lips.
  67. Rinaldo raised his hand and smacked her on the shoulder.
  68. Lefty started to reach for her phone and she smacked his.
  69. A spar broke loose and something smacked her in the face.
  70. I flipped a quarter and smacked it on the back of my hand.
  71. I think being smacked in the face by the lock stunned her.
  72. He just smacked me with a club! he said indignantly.
  73. The system smacked Tony up with an extra two years for not.
  74. Then Xavier smacked him and tried to put him in a headlock.
  75. Fred smacked the side of his head realizing that he had to.
  76. He stumbled forward and smacked hard into the opposite wall.
  77. Hortmel’s hand glowed green and with his hand, he smacked.
  78. Jeff hoisted Corey off the bed, smacked him across the face.
  79. As soon as my mother was in the buncher's grasp, he smacked.
  80. He smacked the steering wheel once more and got out of the car.
  81. So I smacked her! shouted Biggs with a bottle in his hand.
  82. Joey smacked away the gufder before him with a blow to the head.
  83. Like a flash her small white hand went out and smacked his face.
  84. Lefty started to reach for her phone and she smacked his hand.
  85. He smacked his lips and moaned in some kind of twisted pleasure.
  86. Brian smacked Sonja to the floor and fell back against the wall.
  87. Carter in the Rio Grande and smacked me across the Texas-Mexico.
  88. I got out of the seat I was in and smacked Corrigan’s shoulder.
  89. Hey! She smacked my arm with her book and looked at me shyly.
  90. Charlotte smacked his arm playfully and told him to behave himself.
  91. He smacked a bat against his palm, then across the back of my head.
  92. Alex smacked the pipe out of his hand, adding, Heavens, not now.
  93. Eugene smacked his lips and mournfully said, He is hopeless!.
  94. She bounced off a second bin, then smacked into the concrete floor.
  95. She rubbed where I’d smacked, but continued on toward the church.
  96. Nelson smacked Frank hard against the side of his head, and the two.
  97. He was bein’ taken for a hearing and he smacked a cop and beat it.
  98. She smacked it with her open hand so hard the sound she made echoed.
  99. One bullet smacked into my side window and that’s where it stayed.
  100. For a moment, Philemon looked hurt, like a child unexpectedly smacked.
  1. A Hologis marble smacks his face.
  2. This all smacks of magic, Astley.
  3. I make no doubt it smacks of wenching.
  4. Shit! Amar smacks the steering wheel.
  5. He smacks me across my behind with his hand.
  6. Now that definitely smacks of an inside hand.
  7. But what I have heard hardly smacks of disorder.
  8. I was just happy I was able to avoid her smacks.
  9. The poacher, like the smuggler, smacks too strongly of the brigand.
  10. And he smacks his fist into his face and one after another in the stomach.
  11. She tries to turn too soon, and the ladder smacks into Fernando’s shoulder.
  12. After a punch in her stomach, she doubles over and smacks down to the ground.
  13. By way of punctuation, he takes the fungo bat and smacks it into a parking meter.
  14. The woman angrily looks at the man and slightly smacks him on the back of his head.
  15. Her lips glisten when she lowers the bottle and gently smacks it back into my hands.
  16. But for me, this smacks too much of solipsism, which has an overtone I don't.
  17. Mitch smacks and shakes Keith hand then says, You’re alright in my book Keith.
  18. Gordon suddenly smacks his arm and shouts, There’s mosquitoes around here!.
  19. Steng follows and when he turns, he almost smacks into The Hardware Killer's rear end.
  20. He smacks my behind and then cages me in by placing both hands on the counter around me.
  21. It smacks the girl on our team, who yelps and hangs her head when her suit deactivates.
  22. Rödel steps forward and swings the hose and smacks Frederick with it across the shoulder.
  23. My mobile phone smacks to the paving bricks and the car drives off with screeching tires.
  24. I have to conclude that my cookbook definitely is not political and it smacks of no lies.
  25. On the shore the fishermen's children were wading about and playing in the parental smacks.
  26. Peter barely groans, and smacks my ear with the flat of his palm, laughing under his breath.
  27. Justin’s head smacks the floor, and this time he’s truly unconscious, no faking about it.
  28. Rolling hills, valleys, coves and harbours, fishing smacks at sea, and small ships coasting along.
  29. He fumbled for something to say, but could come up with nothing but a few loose smacks of his lips.
  30. On the fourth, Frederick throws up his arms and the hose smacks against his forearms and he stumbles.
  31. Anything which even slightly smacks of being better, anything that is GOOD, anything that is not bad.
  32. These astrologers attempt to remove from astrology anything that smacks of superstition or mysticism.
  33. A size ten boot smacks into the woodwork, karate style, just below the latch and the door frame splinters but holds.
  34. An angry Charlotte tries to hit Diane D back but Diane D blocks her and smacks Charlotte hard across the back again!.
  35. Selena pulls him into the room and smacks the door shut in my face, very childish, still sticking out her tongue at me.
  36. The soldier tosses the clipboard onto the seat and smacks the driver on the shoulder, then takes his seat, in front of us.
  37. I’m not one to seize upon anything that smacks of a feminine characteristic and use it to build the case that I must be female.
  38. Marcus smacks at Tobias’s leg, blood streaming past his lips, but even if he was at his strongest, he still wouldn’t be as strong as his son.
  39. Davie and his brother try again, together this time, and the frame splits as the door judders on its hinges and then smacks into the hallway wall.
  40. Lynn smacks Uriah hard in the back of the head, Christina says, “Hey Tris!” and Uriah cries, “Ow! How on earth do you make a pillow hurt, Lynn?”.
  41. Why? Because if any of them suggest an improvement that smacks of good sense: they are hounded, cut out of the decision-making process, blackballed and never promoted.
  42. This case smacks of misinformation insofar as the public judged this to be a good reason for tort reform since so many people bring supposedly insignificant issues to court.
  43. Ominously, he continues, We don’t know if there has been political interference from behind the scenes but attempting to impose a whole raft of new conditions on a Tube Olympics agreement at this stage, smacks of an attempt from somewhere to sabotage these talks.
  44. Ho, officials of this house, high and low, great and small, make haste hither one and all, and print on Sancho's face four-and-twenty smacks, and give him twelve pinches and six pin thrusts in the back and arms; for upon this ceremony depends the restoration of Altisidora.
  45. She screeched in pain, and instinctively tried to cover her behind with her hands as she thrashed upon his lap, but he seized her wrists and held them with one hand, pressing them to the small of her back to hold her down, then continued until he had given her twenty smacks.
  46. Although it smacks of a Frank Capra movie (and me a bewildered Gary Cooper), two new poems (Naming Things and Homecoming), and all of Eldred's history came to me in a rush one day while I was driving to pick up some potting soil at the Green Fountain Garden shop in Sarasota.
  47. I jumped in sight unseen, and as one of my early reviewers of Killing the Giants so boldly said, "POOR WRITING SKILLS!" The reviewer didn't exactly say it with caps and an exclamation point, but that's how it feels when the stark reality of where you are as an author smacks you in the face.
  48. Thousands "posted at their bidding"; the complexion of the market altered hue when they nodded; they bought what they wanted, and for one of the humblest fishing smacks or a dory they could have given the price that was paid to build and launch the ship that has become the most imposing mausoleum that ever housed the bones of men since the Pyramids rose from the desert sands.
  49. Sancho went along anything but cheerful, for it grieved him that Altisidora had not kept her promise of giving him the smocks; and turning this over in his mind he said to his master, Surely, senor, I'm the most unlucky doctor in the world; there's many a physician that, after killing the sick man he had to cure, requires to be paid for his work, though it is only signing a bit of a list of medicines, that the apothecary and not he makes up, and, there, his labour is over; but with me though to cure somebody else costs me drops of blood, smacks, pinches, pinproddings, and whippings, nobody gives me a farthing.
  50. But he only smacks his lips,.

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