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Smitten dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was already smitten by Sonja.
  2. Sebastian is so smitten with you.
  3. I think he’s smitten with Eva.
  4. I do believe our Alec is smitten.
  5. She was smitten with Jon who as.

  6. Had he been smitten by some dart.
  7. Christian, smitten with me? Hardly.
  8. Frogs covered all the smitten land;.
  9. He had always been so smitten with her.
  10. Apparently the doctor had been smitten.
  11. His eyes are smitten with an ugly truth.
  12. He was smitten with my sultry looks and.
  13. It was easy to be smitten with Anna Petrov.
  14. Then take it from the smitten half-blood.
  15. Stu knew Spock had become, like him, smitten.

  16. My people, I have smitten the people that.
  17. I'm smitten with the person you've evolved into.
  18. She’s jealous of how smitten I am with you.
  19. Him as the serpent of Brass and the Smitten Rock.
  20. Cheska, who was obviously smitten with the girl.
  21. The question is, are you as smitten as he is?
  22. It sounds as though she’s pretty smitten with him.
  23. The pain was as of being smitten with white-hot iron.
  24. How do you know I’m smitten with her? he asked.
  25. She's obviously smitten with Mike, but then, most women are.

  26. The image was smitten on its feet, which was the Roman empire.
  27. Hastings’ first phrase had smitten him with a sudden contrition.
  28. You admitted that you were smitten with her when you first met.
  29. Even at the age of twelve, I knew I was more than a little smitten.
  30. She could tell that he was completely smitten with the vampire queen.
  31. They seemed smitten with each other already, despite the language barrier.
  32. Are you trying to tell me that you’re smitten again? Christine laughed.
  33. I’m that smitten, and you wouldn’t blame me; she’s amazing he said.
  34. To the smitten woman they held no answers, only mysterious, devilish magnetism.
  35. Jonah, smitten by the heat, reproaches God anew for allowing the gourd to wither.
  36. I have to admit, she thought , I already adore him, and Robert is totally smitten.
  37. The Minions of Chaos were smitten severely by the prepared warriors of the redoubt.
  38. The shrubs and bushes are similarly smitten, the fruits shrivelled on the branches.
  39. Investing is a fun game and you want to find the people who are just smitten with it.
  40. And yes, he was a doctor and a respected member of the community, but he was smitten.
  41. So she listens to the suit of a disgusting old fossil, who is smitten with her charms.
  42. We were a captivated audience, beholden to this creature, utterly smitten and charmed.
  43. The young priest was smitten with the Lanviere girl, wicked creature, and now he was gone!.
  44. Wickland suppressed a smile at her comment that indicated she was quite smitten with her boss.
  45. You know it is written, `The shepherd will be smitten and the sheep will be scattered abroad.
  46. Because even as poorly as you told the story, it’s obvious that you’re smitten with her.
  47. Aw look at you, you’re completely smitten with him, and who could blame you? He’s a catch.
  48. He smiled as if he was sure I was smitten with him all over again, but I most definitely wasn’t.
  49. Whatever that thing was it felt indeed as they had been nearly smitten by a fiery God of thunder.
  50. But fear not, my First has no designs on her; he already has a mate and is quite smitten with her.
  51. One day when he saw Tadias’s wife Evala for the first time he was completely smitten with her eyes.
  52. He had been instantly smitten, and she could not return his stare very long without shyly looking down.
  53. There was a new barmaid on, big redhead called Wendy, and Al was immediately smitten, but he does tend.
  54. I clutched a stool, preparing to throw it at him, and Gabe said, It’s true, he’s smitten with her.
  55. When we entered Desiree's room, I told her the legend had worked because the young man was smitten with her.
  56. The Lord shall cause you to be smitten by your enemies; you shall be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth.
  57. The elves have been swayed into a state of melancholy by the turbulence that has smitten the Dharmic Equilibrium.
  58. I was completely smitten with the girl that stood so commandingly before me that I had the privilege of calling wife.
  59. Surely he has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
  60. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
  61. I was in my own room as usual—just myself, without obvious change: nothing had smitten me, or scathed me, or maimed me.
  62. He has a strong moral character; and I believe he is smitten with you! Of course it could be because he has the dreams!.
  63. The story is that when the vampire hunter tried to kill the queen, he was unable to because he was smitten by her beauty.
  64. I turned him and brought him to Egypt where he met you, and I could tell from the moment he saw you, that he was smitten.
  65. Hank was smart enough, and smitten enough, to just want to hear her voice, even if it was to hear a story he had heard before.
  66. They kissed like a despairing brother and sister who have been smitten with a common loss and who meet to mourn a dead parent.
  67. What melting tenderness and sympathy were expressed in it! He was smitten and afflicted; he was wounded and bruised for my sake.
  68. It had indeed smitten him: from a sensation which he trusted that gentleman might never feel: against which he seemed well secured.
  69. Torralva, when she found herself spurned by Lope, was immediately smitten with love for him, though she had never loved him before.
  70. Pugilistic Fraternity, every time she knitted her eyebrows or laughed, there were be countless number of men who got smitten by her.
  71. Love it continuously, generously, if needs be obstinately; smite its hardness, as once a rock was smitten, with the rod of generosity.
  72. Why does a crowd of people stand by, smitten to the heart and miserable, and by ostentatious outward signs pretend to enjoy a lynching?
  73. Helez was surprised that he agreed so readily on her choices and she eventually gathered that he was totally smitten and couldn’t care less.
  74. As he placed his hand rather firmly upon her waist, she noticed that he had an unusual look in his eyes as though he had been smitten with love.
  75. Make a clean sweep, and then, when you have smitten them all, kick up the embers of their banked fire as a signal that you have made an end to them.
  76. Many, already smitten, went home only to die: some died at the school, and were buried quietly and quickly, the nature of the malady forbidding delay.
  77. I must have been about four years old and smitten with the legend of Zorro as played out on the tiny black-and-white television set in the front room.
  78. Thereupon she approached him, turned the coverlet back, and saw that he was stiff and cold—that he had died suddenly, as though smitten with a stroke.
  79. Natalia Savishna had been so sorely smitten by her misfortune that not a single wish of her own remained in her soul—she went on living purely by habit.
  80. The grey of the dawn, the far, desolate reaches of the fenland smitten with winter, the sea-meadows rank with herbage, were stark enough to rejoice his soul.
  81. He is without exception the kindest man I’ve ever met, and much too smitten, even after all these years, with my mother to ever challenge her in any real way.
  82. To her he had become again the boy-comrade of Avonlea days, and as such could hold his own against any smitten swain who had so far entered the lists against him.
  83. In 1997, an analyst at Oppenheimer was so smitten by Goizueta, who died later that year, that he wrote that Coca-Cola had absolute control over near-term results.
  84. Through the bamboo-made windows, his smitten eyes were concentrated on the glittery sky, until it seemed to completely bare the innocent face of the strange creature.
  85. And they had hardly discovered me, when, as he owned afterwards, he was smitten with a violent love for me, as the manner in which it displayed itself plainly showed.
  86. He said that he is equal with God (13:7), would be sold for 30 pieces of silver (11:12-13), smitten (13:6; 12:10), and open up a fountain for the cleansing of sin (13:1).
  87. I always knew they had a close friendship like she and Anna do, but there was something else, and Samuel admitted to me that he was smitten with her once, Billy said.
  88. He is instantly smitten by Amanda’s beauty and sets in motion a plan to win her heart without revealing his identity as the super-rich businessman being parodied in the revue.
  89. Next instant, the luckless mate, so full of furious life, was smitten bodily into the air, and making a long arc in his descent, fell into the sea at the distance of about fifty yards.
  90. She was thinking of what Will had no knowledge of—the conversation between her and her husband in the darkness; and she was anew smitten with hopelessness that she could influence Mr.
  91. Yes, a long time ago, he seemed smitten with someone else, but they dated behind everyone’s back, because…when we were young he did mention he was in love, but I thought he meant me.
  92. Is that what it looked like to you? I was so smitten by your beauty that I could not even speak! Your words filled me with such hope, that I was terrified that you were only teasing me!.
  93. One of these seafaring men—the shipmaster, indeed, who had spoken to Hester Prynne—was so smitten with Pearl's aspect, that he attempted to lay hands upon her, with purpose to snatch a kiss.
  94. In this passage, the term destruction is used to denote the effect of the mortal disease with which the incestuous man was smitten for his sin; the final result of which was certain, unless he repented.
  95. Surely there was the Lord of the Nine Riders returned to earth to lead his ghastly host to battle? Here, yes here indeed was the haggard king whose cold hand had smitten down the Ring-bearer with his deadly knife.
  96. The old gentleman liked the fun, and amused himself by sending odd bundles, mysterious messages, and funny telegrams, and his gardener, who was smitten with Hannah's charms, actually sent a love letter to Jo's care.
  97. And Azariah the chief priest, and all the priests, looked upon him, and, behold, he was leprous in his forehead, and they thrust him out from thence; yea, himself hasted also to go out, because the LORD had smitten him.
  98. The women appeared to ail through life, constantly being smitten down by one thing after the other, but at least they stayed alive; while the men, who went year by year out robustly to work, died after a single smiting.
  99. It was as though she had wonderfully been converted from boyhood to womanhood, smitten suddenly with womanhood there in those gardens, and every muscle of her mind and will had relaxed into a sweet fatigue of abandonment.
  100. On the morrow one could hardly imagine that there had been three weeks of summer: the primroses and crocuses were hidden under wintry drifts; the larks were silent, the young leaves of the early trees smitten and blackened.

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