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Smoke dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. God is not a smoke.
  2. I can make it smoke.
  3. You go have a smoke.
  4. Dreams go up in smoke.
  5. No fire or smoke there.

  6. Burning up in the smoke.
  7. Fred blew out some smoke.
  8. Not even a hint of smoke.
  9. Said you wanted to smoke.
  10. You can smoke there also.
  11. Smoke clawed at my throat.
  12. I could smoke it all day.
  13. Smoke rolled off the roof.
  14. Think of those who smoke.
  15. So I read it in the smoke.

  16. I don't think I'll smoke.
  17. A bit of smoke inhalation.
  18. Cold smoke left his mouth.
  19. Smoke stabbed at my lungs.
  20. Smoke rose from the cigar.
  21. If the smoke of their.
  22. The smoke floated softly up.
  23. He then blew smoke in her.
  24. Black smoke choked the air.
  25. The smoke was getting thick.

  26. Can't smoke on the press-.
  27. Could he smell the smoke?
  28. More smoke filled the room.
  29. We saw the smoke from here.
  30. Wisps of smoke started to.
  31. He peered through the smoke.
  32. The black smoke grew thicker.
  33. And a shadow of thick smoke.
  34. There still is a mild smoke.
  35. We must smoke it out of him.
  36. Don't blow smoke in his face.
  37. Smoke was filling the garage.
  38. Yes! You can see the smoke.
  39. A tongue of flame and smoke.
  40. I smoke cigarettes and bidis.
  41. The smoke had veiled the sun.
  42. Over it ascended light smoke.
  43. She disappeared in the smoke.
  44. I came out for a quick smoke.
  45. Smoke puffed from my nostrils.
  46. Adam Clarke Her smoke rose up.
  47. Smoke troweled across the sky.
  48. You will also smell gun smoke.
  49. This is why smoke symbolizes.
  50. Only the smoke from the fire.
  51. His smoke floated into the air.
  52. Then he was lost in the smoke.
  53. Smoke spiraled toward the sky.
  54. I could really use a smoke.
  55. A muffled pop and puff of smoke.
  56. Another cloud of smoke blew in.
  57. Adam Clarke: Her smoke rose up.
  58. Lit up another smoke and blew.
  59. I shall go and have a smoke.
  60. Smoke and fire cover the decks.
  61. I could almost smell the smoke.
  62. Like the smoke shop where you.
  63. The cloud of acrid smoke when.
  64. Don’t blow smoke in his face.
  65. Wisps of smoke drifted lazily.
  66. I shan't ever be able to smoke.
  67. No smoke rose from the chimneys.
  68. He noticed a wisp of gun smoke.
  69. Smoke billowed from the barrels.
  70. The bacon was starting to smoke.
  71. The whole air reeked with smoke.
  72. Smoke curled from every chimney.
  73. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.
  74. He exhales the smoke and proceeds.
  75. He does smoke something terrible.
  76. The smoke came through the vents.
  77. A plume of thickening smoke was.
  78. James pointed to some smoke ahead.
  79. Shit! Let’s have a smoke first.
  80. No smoke damage, no scorch marks.
  81. Just ignore the smoke and walk.
  82. The smoke and mirrors disappeared.
  83. I smoke the pipe of magic canvas.
  84. She smelled smoke and glanced up.
  85. The smoke of their torment is a.
  86. Not only would the smoke take a.
  87. The smoke once had clouded my mind.
  88. Smoke was furling out the opening.
  89. The smoke and burning embers faded.
  90. This smoke has been changed from.
  91. Bino took a long drag on his smoke.
  92. Wisps of smoke soon emanated from.
  93. But the years had burned into smoke.
  94. As you know, it all ended in smoke.
  95. You better pray smoke does not die.
  96. She would sometimes smoke with him.
  97. Ted is wreathed in cigarette smoke.
  98. The smoke cleared in thirty seconds.
  99. Smoke came out from under the table.
  100. There were no flames or even smoke.
  1. I love smoking my pipe.
  2. One or two were smoking.
  3. He was smoking a cigarette.
  4. This was not a smoking gun.
  5. There's no smoking in here.
  6. She started smoking as well.
  7. The ashes are smoking still.
  8. In fact smoking affects the.
  9. Some seem to be still smoking.
  10. Smoking by the way was allowed.
  11. We went on smoking the cigars.
  12. They began smoking meth again.
  13. Despite a decline of smoking.
  14. He had the smoking gun, miss.
  15. He quit smoking two months ago.
  16. He sat in the kitchen, smoking.
  17. Oh, there is no smoking in the.
  18. The effects of smoking on health.
  19. A safe source is smoking tobacco.
  20. My shirt had smoking holes in it.
  21. Social smoking was a fixture at.
  22. Imagine your life without smoking.
  23. Heat a griddle (tawa) to smoking.
  24. He was smoking a short black pipe.
  25. He is sprinting the smoking woods.
  26. The effect of smoking on the heart.
  27. He really enjoyed smoking pot, to.
  28. The officer came out, still smoking.
  29. Sorry, no smoking in the airport.
  30. A woman smoking – as she should-.
  31. Helping Your Child to Quit Smoking.
  32. And stop smoking themselves-to death.
  33. Smoking leads to increased bone loss.
  34. Oh, there’s no smoking in the room.
  35. Haines sat down on a stone, smoking.
  36. Litter of books, smoking things, etc.
  37. Smoking cigarettes is very hard to do.
  38. Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.
  39. A discussion of the role of smoking.
  40. Quitting smoking is a challenging task.
  41. Smoking a pipe was Gramboil’s only.
  42. Cigarette smoking is toxic to the body.
  43. Soon I smelt that the log was smoking.
  44. Rio ignored him and continued smoking.
  45. Were you smoking then? she teased.
  46. All the ground was black, smoking soot.
  47. He sat there smoking, and drinking tea.
  48. You’re chain smoking, Proud said.
  49. Carroll was smoking a crumpled cigarette.
  50. One of the major ones is social smoking.
  51. Smoking has been with us for a long time.
  52. That chick was smoking hot last night.
  53. An ample vase receives the smoking wave;.
  54. Find out more about their smoking habits.
  55. Are you related to Smoking Mirror?
  56. MÍTRITCH is sitting on the oven smoking.
  57. Mítritch is sitting on the oven smoking.
  58. He stood against the wall smoking a pipe.
  59. May have stepped on a smoking caterpillar.
  60. He had a pipe in his mouth and was smoking.
  61. Leona remembers the smoking gun at the bar.
  62. I joined Monson in my little smoking room.
  63. Ordered society falls into a smoking ruin.
  64. He was smoking a strong smelling cigarette.
  65. I told you to stop smoking in your room.
  66. Berg held a smoking pipe between his knees.
  67. Stress is among the major smoking triggers.
  68. Again I walked up and down, always smoking.
  69. Now it was just a game of smoking them out.
  70. So I decided then and there to stop smoking.
  71. Rick prefers functioning while smoking pot.
  72. Even passive smoking is not healthy at all.
  73. Hypnotherapy has been a recognized smoking.
  74. It was not smoking or rumbling, fortunately.
  75. I think you have been smoking too much weed.
  76. In the smoking room I got a corner to myself.
  77. Second hand smoking by which you inhale the.
  78. Half a day passed, just reading and smoking.
  79. It was still smoking and black on the edges.
  80. There was no cone and there were no smoking.
  81. He shut his eyes and his tail ceased smoking.
  82. Scraps of metal, twisted and hot and smoking.
  83. Alternative Therapies for Smoking Cessation.
  84. She had stopped smoking about five years ago.
  85. There was a Moor smoking his pipe on the quay.
  86. The Process Used for Hypnosis to Quit Smoking.
  87. This increases the difficulty to quit smoking.
  88. Cigarette smoking is the most important factor.
  89. For real? Give me what that guy’s smoking.
  90. Everywhere lay the smoking, shrinking corpses.
  91. The pain lessened by smoking, what the shark.
  92. Fletcher was leaning against the wall, smoking.
  93. Vandevere sat at his desk smoking a cigarette.
  94. And, seriously, he was looking SMOKING HOT !!.
  95. They were both smoking large, fat cigars and.
  96. My husband had quit smoking back in late 1970s.
  97. Stupid, but guts, the cigar smoking man said.
  98. Peter's head was smoking and his hair was fried.
  99. Sore throats were an annoyance of smoking, but.
  100. Additionally, the drinking and smoking would be.
  1. He smoked a big pipe.
  2. He smoked like a fiend.
  3. So then you smoked it?
  4. We smoked a couple of.
  5. Fish can also be smoked.
  6. He had even smoked there.
  7. Next to him Bobby smoked.
  8. I have smoked for 30 years.
  9. I’ve smoked on and off.
  10. I lit a cigarette and smoked.
  11. I smoked as a youth (in the.
  12. But she had never smoked alone.
  13. Baba smoked his pipe and talked.
  14. I guess Harold had smoked just.
  15. Today he smoked as every day so.
  16. He had smoked his lucky cigarette.
  17. Mostly we smoked with alder chips.
  18. Some smoked long, thin clay pipes.
  19. She declared that I smoked too much.
  20. He smoked a little black cigarette.
  21. Ganesh had never smoked in his life.
  22. But then he no longer smoked anyway.
  23. A few pieces of smoked salmon on a.
  24. Jinnah smoked fifty cigarettes a day.
  25. He had the ever-present half smoked.
  26. He paused whilst she smoked furiously.
  27. Nothing was sacred to him; he smoked.
  28. He drank and smoked himself to death.
  29. I never smoked again after that night.
  30. Holmes smoked for some time in silence.
  31. They smoked a lot of cigarettes, but.
  32. After the hit, Casella was smoked out.
  33. The marijuana joint was all smoked up.
  34. He asked me how long ago I had smoked.
  35. I had smoked two cigarettes before he.
  36. She tore off a long shred of the smoked.
  37. They drank beer and smoked cannabis for.
  38. He hadn't smoked a cigarette in 5 hours.
  39. He has never smoked but always wanted to.
  40. He rolled another joint and we smoked it.
  41. Hours passed, and Fishmael sat and smoked.
  42. He affected the artistic style, he smoked.
  43. My dad was a Hippy and he smoked every day.
  44. In sweet silence we smoked and bathed in.
  45. She made fresh coffee, smoked and showered.
  46. Tom and Alistair smoked a cigarette apiece.
  47. They ate dry, salted bread and smoked meat.
  48. No amount of Buddhist incense smoked over.
  49. The sky and slipping thorough smoked clouds.
  50. Parker paced and smoked, and sat once again.
  51. I had smoked two cigarettes before he moved.
  52. That they are looking through a smoked glass.
  53. His hair smoked ash-white in the summer wind.
  54. I had smoked a pack of cigarettes in an hour.
  55. If it weren’t for the smoked buns I'd tell.
  56. The general smoked and watched the two of them.
  57. He put his legs in up to his knees, and smoked.
  58. He would show me how the ‘Lingit smoked meat.
  59. He asked me how long ago I had smoked marijuana.
  60. After which he smoked three pipes and went to bed.
  61. He smoked his fil and then set about his business.
  62. Andrew sat down on the carpet then smoked a joint.
  63. Cold smoked chicken, bread rolls and fresh fruit.
  64. HE HAD smoked a packet of cigarettes in two hours.
  65. He had smoked a packet of cigarettes in two hours.
  66. He lighted one and smoked quietly for a long time.
  67. MEAT Processed meats, such as salted, smoked, can.
  68. Seems to have smoked heavily during the night, too.
  69. Chuck Day smoked Lucky Strikes and cracked jokes.
  70. I'm the only one in my family never to have smoked.
  71. My parents both smoked; I swore I would never smoke.
  72. Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn’t.
  73. There they smoked and drank, and gambled and laughed.
  74. But if she had smoked, her fingers would have smelled.
  75. Vincent sat on the dilapidated picnic table and smoked.
  76. He smoked a cigarette as he studied me across his desk.
  77. Wemyss smoked his pipe in practically unbroken silence.
  78. He smoked his cigar composedly focusing his eyes on her.
  79. He had smoked almost a whole pack in a matter of hours.
  80. But none of the pirates smoked or "chewed" but himself.
  81. He smoked in the morning before work and on the way to.
  82. The captain had smoked two cigars before Martin returned.
  83. Grate the smoked mozzarella; if using fresh herbs, chop.
  84. He remembered how they smoked and drank, taking the time.
  85. Although they smoked their pipes all the time they were.
  86. The smoked salmon starters were consumed with a glass of.
  87. They lit one final cigarette and smoked next to the truck.
  88. Between the quarters and the smoked Scarlett up the avenue.
  89. To help him reflect, he smoked a joint of Thai Buddha weed.
  90. He’d never smoked and had always been healthy and active.
  91. Gimel, the first he smoked after the most passionate night.
  92. He had worked underground for 28 years and had never smoked.
  93. They wore eccentric clothes, smoked pipes, and took on airs.
  94. The poker smoked and sizzled as it burned through the flesh.
  95. He said no more and smoked his cigar in silence for a while.
  96. His shoes smoked as he pushed through piles of fuming litter.
  97. Brian had almost smoked to the end of the cigarette when he.
  98. I hadn"t taken anything! I haven"t smoked weed in over a year.
  99. Which she herself had smoked, the year before he rescued her.
  100. Kev smoked, and so did Chas, but nothing more than cigarettes.
  1. Steng smokes, by the way.
  2. And let our crooked smokes.
  3. Holy smokes, was that him?
  4. Pa smokes it in a corn cob.
  5. They had a few smokes.
  6. Ricci smokes a cigar while THE.
  7. Excellent meat which smokes well.
  8. And I didn't need the smokes anyway.
  9. Tell him if he smokes he won't grow.
  10. The shell flies into a wall and smokes.
  11. An illusion going up in smokes, a pink.
  12. He shoved the smokes back into his pocket.
  13. One smokes, another turns over the papers.
  14. He wondered if she had any smokes stashed.
  16. The fellow's everlastingly cadging for smokes.
  17. Ran out for coffee, smokes, that kind of thing.
  18. The scientist, she smokes electronic cigarettes.
  19. Let you have a couple of packs of Earth smokes.
  20. Where the hell’s Earth? Probably shit smokes.
  21. One of them smokes, another examines some papers.
  22. They both reeked of gun oil, and one smokes a lot.
  23. The self-indulgent excuse is that he smokes a pipe.
  24. But I sold some of those smokes in a bar downtown.
  25. A few of the other men accepted the proffered smokes.
  26. Where’s my smokes? He wandered into the galley.
  27. Vinny dug deep into his pack of smokes and pulled out a.
  28. Apparently, she smokes two packets of Winfield Blues a day.
  29. He smiles, smokes a cigarette and stares with his cold eyes.
  30. It’s kind of like the parent who smokes and curses up a storm.
  31. Needing fresh smokes, he dug out a new pack from his stateroom.
  32. The clear sky was turned into dark clouds with the rising smokes.
  33. I was about to sit on his chair, but It was full of dust and smokes.
  34. Smokes and steams drifted in sullen clouds and lurked in the hollows.
  35. Gone were Elle’s signature smokes and drinks and Gabe's sporty look.
  36. When she gets too hungry, she smokes a cigarette to lessen her appetite.
  37. He buys me smokes and gives the best rubdowns I’ve had in this place.
  38. Dusts and smokes were polluting and spreading every corner of the room.
  39. Smokes, toxins, chemicals—all flew freely from that tower into the sky.
  40. Then again, two packs of smokes a day might have something to do with it.
  41. To keep his mind off his problems he pulled out his smokes single-handedly.
  42. She got up then, begrudgingly enough, and took a pack of smokes off her desk.
  43. Elijah handed the smokes out and Johnny poured the tea into our mugs saying.
  44. With dark narrow stairs and a kitchen that smokes, I suppose, said Elinor.
  45. Either will keep your mind off the smokes and you'll have a good time doing it.
  46. Did you still receive the four-pound parcel? It contained sausage, lard and smokes.
  47. It remained dark, not only because of the smokes of the Mountain: there seemed to be a.
  48. I'll put two smokes in on that Dash-K then you guys cream his ass, Travers transmitted.
  49. It seems that the night rainfall had washed away all the dirty dust, smokes and sewages.
  50. That’s eight bucks a day, two-fifty a month, and I’ll bet Stocky smokes just as much.
  51. She smokes, lights a bit of the decorations on fire and waits while he smothers the flames.
  52. Half of them are probably losers they pick off the welfare line and buy with a pack of smokes.
  53. You ungrateful shits we offer you our last smokes and you ignore us well just piss off then.
  54. A physician who advocates a puff or two as good for one’s health, who himself smokes a pack 153.
  55. By the time he'd tossed her a packet of smokes and lighter she had draped her sun dress over herself.
  56. There smokes trailed on the ground and lurked in hollows, and fumes leaked from fissures in the earth.
  57. He touches his skin with a red-hot iron; the skin smokes and scorches, but the sleeper does not awake.
  58. Shaun is probably cool under pressure, Jock thinks, because he smokes weed like it is going out of fashion.
  59. The man at work might once have found solace in a glass of beer; now, perhaps, he smokes an extra cigarette.
  60. They hastily cleared an area, fetched some white lime, and painted two giant words on the ground: FOOD SMOKES.
  61. Then comes the evening paper, which he reads till supper-time, and after supper he smokes till he goes to bed.
  62. He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette.
  63. Sleazy, sexy, violent & dirty-dialogue shows, along with death-dealing smokes now have to have warnings on ‘em.
  64. The cars, auto rickshaws, scooters, buses and trucks were swung above the sky with blowing fires, flames and smokes.
  65. Decades of easy living, two packs of regular smokes a day, and a litre-a-day whiskey habit finally caught up with him.
  66. Some part of me knows nine-to-fivers should be out having last smokes of the day, but there’s no one on the streets.
  67. His listeners held their cigarettes poised to hear, their smokes ascending in frail stalks that flowered with his speech.
  68. Needing a cigarette, Hans swung his legs over the cot, stumbled to the door, grabbing his coat and smokes as he opened it.
  69. The count will have his cushions of silver cloth brought there, and as he smokes his chibouque, see all Paris pass before him.
  70. I was worried and started looking them all around the hilly place, but my gaze caught me on the rising black smokes in the far sky.
  71. Dippa sits at the table not wanting to go back into the lounge with Curly Pete he smokes a cigarette, sips at his water and waits.
  72. And we sip by and by, lost into each other eyes, blowing the white smokes of cigarettes in the air, and watching the circling smokes.
  73. One of them mots that do be in the packets of fags Stoer smokes that his old fellow welted hell out of him for one time he found out.
  74. Beth always had her smokes above the refrigerator, even though there was no smoking in the house, so it was to the kitchen she headed.
  75. The thing with Bru was all that unlimited free time; especially when he had five bucks for gas, a half a roll of film, and a few smokes.
  76. He smokes a pipe and doesn’t inhale: he says it’s for constricting his blood vessels: that is how he manages his psychobiological pain.
  77. I had seen the rising smokes in the air- the white and black smokes rolling as the clouds in the early morning sky, souring higher and higher.
  78. And he could name the streets he strode past, with sovereign certainty, by the butcher or shoeshine or drugstore or poolhall smokes and smells.
  79. Bridget went out one morning and before I headed out of the house I grabbed a fresh pack of smokes from the draw and a guys phone number fell out.
  80. Looking back they saw the dome of the house crack and smokes issue forth; and then with a rush and rumble of stone it fell in a flurry of fire;.
  81. In towns, only crowded roads, busy traffic, narrow streets, smoke-grimed houses, factories with chimneys belching smokes, pollution and suffocation.
  82. No, mine neither drinks nor smokes, said the woman who was conversing with the old man, glad of the opportunity of praising her husband once more.
  83. Inside were three meat-loaf sandwiches his wife had made for Traye, a bottle of chocolate milk, a bag of Chips Ahoy, twenty dollars, and a pack of smokes.
  84. And within a second, the driver started the van and it was vanished in the midst of the crowded vehicles, zooming away and left the dark smokes in the air.
  85. O! Sweet is the sound of falling rain,and the brook that leaps from hill to plain;but better than rain or rippling streamsis Water Hot that smokes and steams.
  86. After peeling off the cellophane wrapper and removing the tin foil wrapping of the twenty-count pack of smokes he would reinsert one of the cigarettes face-down.
  87. Smokes were pouring from it and while those that rose into the upper air trailed away eastward, great rolling clouds floated down its sides and spread over the land.
  88. After a while we stopped and just chatted as good friends do then we had a few more beers and smokes and finally without anyone saying anything we made our way to bed.
  89. The balloon, green as slime, printed with titan pictures of winged scorpions, ancient phoenixes, smokes, fires, clouded weathers, swung its wicker basket wheezing, down.
  90. The crowd turns to Diane D‘s family as the reporter says to them, I had no idea Diane D smokes! Doesn't she preaches against that? Everyone looks at the reporter.
  91. Farther along, ten thousand other blue fires and laurel incenses, black tobacco smokes and fir weeds, cinnamons and bone dusts rose soft as moths through the Martian night.
  92. It’s not until she cuts back on work, smokes a little pot, and takes up ballroom dancing classes with her neglected husband that she realizes what is truly important in life.
  93. He swallowed the pills down with a sip of water from a disposable cone-shaped cup, and reached for his smokes, figuring that on autopilot, he could enjoy the view on the way in.
  94. It was sad to hear Levon’s great voice so damaged by the years, the smokes, and by cancer and its treatment, but on that evening his spirit and humor seemed inextinguishable.
  95. Yea, the darkness therein is so thick that one may grasp it, for the fire there gives no light, but blinds the eyes of them that are there with a smothering smoke, the worst of smokes.
  96. Is a tall man, left-handed, limps with the right leg, wears thick-soled shooting-boots and a grey cloak, smokes Indian cigars, uses a cigar-holder, and carries a blunt pen-knife in his pocket.
  97. The RSM Mover off towards the Officers no doubt to tell them about what had happened but Dusty and Ted stayed with us we sat down for a moment and I passed the smokes round we lit up then Ted said.
  98. Outside, Will's father moved toward the library, stopped, moved toward the courthouse, stopped, waited for some better sense to direct him, felt his pocket, missed his smokes, and turned toward the United Cigar Store.
  99. But he might be gone away some time, or he might be lying out on the mountain-side keeping watch, and still I expect smokes and steams would come out of the gates: all the halls within must be filled with his foul reek.
  100. I didn’t fancy going to the pub and to tell the truth I was missing Helen anyway I had a few more smokes and then I went upstairs and back to bed which still smelled of Helen I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew it was teatime.

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