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Smokestack dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Under the smokestack Mr.
  2. The smokestack industries fell over, which put a.
  3. Then the huge black hull and one smokestack could be distinguished.
  4. The huge plant lay dormant, its massive smokestack black against a starry sky.
  5. The smokestack was still on it, and its firedoor, two feet wide and eighteen inches high, still swung on rusty pins.

  6. As far as stuff going up a smokestack, as long as the government knew about it; as long as you followed guidelines, you could get away with it forever.
  7. These ships had definite superstructures, set back at least a few feet from the outer edge of the hull at deck level, and only a single smokestack each.
  8. He imagines two observers in a field pacing out the distance between them, then leveling their eyes on a far-off landmark: a sailing ship or a smokestack.
  9. The industrialist paused, looking up at the automotive’s tall smokestack, then backed deliberately away until he could see the entire vehicle without turning his head.
  10. Only the odd ship coming and going, the smoke emerging from the smokestack of the electricity generating plant just outside the village and a tiny cockroach car snaking its way towards the nearby village of Kaspakas indicated that life was in full swing.
  11. Behind the building, in a gravel patio surrounded by chicken wire, stood two large warehouses of more recent construction, and at the back there was a closed sewer pipe, dirty and foul-smelling, where the refuse of a half a century of river navigation lay rotting: the debris of historic boats, from the early one with a single smokestack, christened by Simón Bolívar, to some so recent that they had electric fans in the cabins.
  12. Every contortion of the face, every move of the eyebrows, every flare of the nostrils, every motion of the lips, was there, as perfect as the sketches that Doré made when he came home from a long night’s prowl in the cinder-dark smokestack lanes of London, with all the grotesques stashed behind his eyelids, his empty fingers itching to grab pen, ink, paper, and begin! Even as Doré had, with total recall, scribbled faces, so Roy’s inner mind had photographed the Beast to remember the slightest hair moving in the nostrils, the merest eyelash in a blink, the flexed ear, and the eternally salivating infernal mouth.

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