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Smooth dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Damn, he was so smooth.
  2. Not such a smooth ride.
  3. This man was so smooth.
  4. Notice how smooth it is.
  5. Stir until it is smooth.

  6. It was smooth like glass.
  7. With a smooth, but fast.
  8. It is smooth and uninjured.
  9. Very smooth and very slick.
  10. It is very smooth and hard.
  11. Smooth and soft and sweet.
  12. It should be smooth sailing.
  13. It had a smooth sandy floor.
  14. Smooth sides of mousse with.
  15. Above us is a smooth ceiling.

  16. Perched upon his smooth seat.
  17. Exhale and, with one smooth.
  18. Beat with whisk until smooth.
  19. The touch of his smooth skin.
  20. Europe was not smooth sailing.
  21. Her face is smooth and bright.
  22. His own hand was smooth, soft.
  23. The operation was smooth and.
  24. Its smooth, pretty pink head.
  25. His skin was smooth and clear.

  26. It was a short and smooth ride.
  27. His expression was smooth and.
  28. Take the rough with the smooth.
  29. As he had a smooth tongue and.
  30. She has a pair of smooth hands.
  31. That seemed to smooth her anger.
  32. Spread out and smooth into pan.
  33. The flight was smooth and clear.
  34. We can smooth it over with the.
  35. I smooth out the paper and look.
  36. The horns were smooth and black.
  37. All those smooth billiard balls.
  38. You mean the smooth roof?
  39. Had it always been this smooth?
  40. His putter was smooth like butter.
  41. While there are areas of smooth.
  42. The run was broad, smooth and dry.
  44. As smooth as cream-colored satin.
  45. But mother, I am smooth and bare.
  46. So smooth, so soft, so beautiful.
  47. He was smooth without being showy.
  48. It is a smooth and straight path.
  49. And what will smooth the road for.
  50. Expecting a shaved, smooth moist.
  51. Skin as smooth as Aaron’s chest.
  52. Very smooth, Emily, Sam said.
  53. His smooth little face was remote.
  54. Nice and smooth then bumpity-bump.
  55. A smooth, sarcastic voice answered.
  56. He was a very smooth horse to ride.
  57. Your skin is so soft and smooth.
  58. In any case, it was smooth sailing.
  59. With eloquent speaking and smooth.
  60. It was smooth and the perfect size.
  61. Stir every 30 seconds, until smooth.
  62. Even his voice was smooth and crisp.
  63. It went down smooth, warming a bit.
  64. The path is smooth, and meters long.
  65. For the safety of your smooth runway.
  66. I feel something smooth and fragile.
  67. The smooth bone felt strangely cool.
  68. They landed on the smooth yellow sand.
  69. They just smooth out your hard lines.
  70. But there was something smooth there.
  71. Then its smooth run on the grass.
  72. Do you hear? Tambour, not smooth work.
  73. Smooth the edges to prevent splinters.
  74. Whisk the flour to a smooth béchamel.
  75. Here the cold cement floor was smooth.
  76. Fat and smooth, glistening with slime.
  77. Note how smooth its long term chart is.
  78. Mr Big had a smooth but serious voice.
  79. Cook and stir until melted and smooth.
  80. Smoke this and have a smooth landing.
  81. Lazano was smooth, Athash gave him that.
  82. And the feel of smooth butt and breech.
  83. It was not a smooth ride, however.
  84. Add the chocolate and stir until smooth.
  85. He dug in the wood using smooth strokes.
  86. Notice the relationship between smooth.
  87. Stir frequently until melted and smooth.
  88. Things will start to smooth out in time.
  89. Mix until smooth (batter will be thick).
  90. Blend in a electric blender till smooth.
  91. Smooth to the touch, abrasive to the soul.
  92. Mike ran his hand across the smooth metal.
  93. He ran his finger on the smooth surface.
  94. It all sounded smooth and well rehearsed.
  95. They landed on a long smooth runway and.
  96. Marut was much taller with smooth black.
  97. His hand came to rest on a smooth surface.
  98. Sputtering, missing, then running smooth.
  99. Pour this over the chip and smooth level.
  100. Your focus should be one smooth flowing.
  1. Velvet held her tightly, smoothing her.
  2. Smoothing her messy hair behind her she.
  3. And smoothing his hair he began to pace.
  4. Smoothing my hands over his shoulders, I.
  5. Katarina smiled, her pretty face smoothing.
  6. Between the brandy which was smoothing out.
  7. And smoothing his hair he began to pace the room.
  8. He picked it up, smoothing it out on the table top.
  9. Of course, he said, his voice smoothing once more.
  10. But he was already on the TV, smoothing his ruffled fur.
  11. I sat down, smoothing the creases in my pants more than.
  12. Spoon the rest of the batter into the pan, smoothing the top.
  13. It is done by smoothing %K—usually over a three-day period.
  14. He kept smoothing his moustache against his beak with a wing.
  15. Rhal ran his hands down the front of his robes, the smoothing.
  16. Noise reduction is the principal purpose of a smoothing filter.
  17. There is no name, said she, smoothing it out upon the counter.
  18. A 2-day EMA of Force Index provides a minimal degree of smoothing.
  19. He was busily smoothing down the earth with the flat of his spade.
  20. He shared a long look with Norah that had his nerves smoothing out.
  21. Signals are generated when PDO crosses its own 10-period smoothing.
  22. For a moment, the floor stabilized, smoothing into a solid sheet of.
  23. The signal is generated when it crosses its own 10-period smoothing.
  24. I took all the money out of that secret pocket before smoothing her.
  25. A simple explanation of exponential smoothing is therefore given here.
  26. She sat with Libby on the couch, smoothing her hair, patting her back.
  27. Again, signals are generated when it crosses its own 10-day smoothing.
  28. Scrape the filling into the prepared crust, smoothing the top with a.
  29. Kate picked up the conversation, adroitly smoothing over Tony's silence.
  30. The calm returned, smoothing the edges of what he had just experienced.
  31. The greater number of data points will tend to have a smoothing effect.
  32. She blushed prettily, and thrust both hands in her hair, smoothing it back.
  33. Do you like it? I whispered, smoothing the dress fabric with my hand.
  34. MACD uses the difference between a 12-day smoothing and a 25-day smoothing.
  35. Signals are generated when this difference crosses its own 9-day smoothing.
  36. He wordlessly pulled on his jumpsuit, smoothing out what wrinkles he could.
  37. I’ve spent the last hour or so smoothing things over with the authorities.
  38. The modified VIX futures contract is a useful method of smoothing VIX futures.
  39. A somewhat more advanced smoothing technique is the exponential moving average.
  40. That’s not even a very funny joke, I say, smoothing out the ear flaps.
  41. Many traders prefer to use Slow Stochastic, adding an extra layer of smoothing.
  42. Smoothing her dress, she sat on the stained marble bench amid the raggedy roses.
  43. I wanted to talk to you, too, she said, smoothing down the layers of her.
  44. Smoothing volume data is one example of a good application for a median filter.
  45. We make pillars to support the mine roof and smoothing off rough wall surfaces.
  46. The queen thinks on this a moment, smoothing out a wrinkle in Rapunzel's sleeve.
  47. I’m ready, send her on in, I replied, smoothing down the towels on the bed.
  48. Ashley stroked Graisse, smoothing the soft, curly fur on his head, back, and sides.
  49. Your eyes will follow the tip of your pointer, smoothing the flow of speed reading.
  50. He could almost see it, breaking through his pain, smoothing away the ragged edges.
  51. She walked back to the bed and messed unnecessarily with the blanket, smoothing it.
  52. Smoothing plane #3 – a smoothing plane is used for final planning of surfaces as.
  53. Because the LTI is such a smooth line, a shorter 5-day crossover smoothing was used.
  54. A cat sits in the road licking a paw and smoothing it over its ears and watching him.
  55. This shows how the smoothing out of the triangular moving average reduces the number.
  56. Probably the best filter for most smoothing applications is a two-pole SuperSmoother.
  57. It’s a promise, he whispered, smoothing his hands over my back as he kissed me.
  58. Therefore, a decycler should not be used as a smoothing filter to remove aliasing noise.
  59. She fumbled with it, smoothing it out against the easel board and clipped it into place.
  60. He was in the middle of smoothing one piece of earth when a shadow fell across his hands.
  61. Prior to smoothing, the change in price each day is multiplied by the volume for that day.
  62. Dutifully looking toward another pad for himself while smoothing the cover over her soft.
  63. The exponentially smoothed moving average (EMA) which provides the best smoothing of data.
  64. Her father took them and shuffled them around, flipping some over and smoothing out creases.
  65. Exponential smoothing was developed to assist in radar tracking and flight-path projection.
  66. Exponential smoothing was developed to assist in radar tracking and flight path projection.
  67. Botox, botulinum toxin type A, is a neurotoxin most famous for its use in smoothing wrinkles.
  68. Using signals from a simple crossover smoothing is not the method Wilder suggested for its use.
  69. I can think of no other way, my Lord! Moshe finished lamely, nervously smoothing his hair.
  70. Now it’ll be all over town that I conducted myself most her room and began smoothing her hair.
  71. The three major trend movements (up, down, then up) were relatively sudden with no smoothing out.
  72. Furthermore, aligning with the EA will likely have the benefit of smoothing relations with Pakistan.
  73. Her long mermaid tailfin suddenly began to split down the middle, the scales fading and smoothing out.
  74. However, the SuperSmoother made the imaginary component useful by smoothing out its erratic behavior.
  75. In this case a period of 21 days was used for the smoothing of both the up closes and the down closes.
  76. She soon heard Nanosh talking into her ear, consoling her, placating her, smoothing her fears and 202.
  77. Finally Don walked out of the bathroom, pulling his shirt over his head and smoothing it down his torso.
  78. When Therese walks into the bathroom, smoothing her hair into a braid, Susan asks her for spare clothes.
  79. Did you just ask about weapons? She recrossed her legs, smoothing the fabric of her dress across them.
  80. I had a role in smoothing things out that involves the president’s wife as well as the president himself.
  81. Calculate the Average Directional Indicator ADX by smoothing DX with a moving average, such as a 13-day EMA.
  82. Smoothing out the wrinkles in his pants, he looked around the room as if searching for a particular object.
  83. The advantage of smoothing is that most insignificant local extremes disappear from the optimization space.
  84. Taking the wrinkled piece of paper the girl held out to him and smoothing it out on his leg, Frank studied it.
  85. In cells J 3 and J 4 you will copy cells I 3 and I 4 respectively except for changing the smoothing constant.
  86. Natasha, smoothing her gown, went in with Sonya and sat down, scanning the brilliant tiers of boxes opposite.
  87. No! Angel is- ‘Angel’ touched Resa’s head, smoothing her fingers through Resa’s chestnut curls.
  88. For Version 6 or higher, go to the Edit Menu, select Preferences, then choose the Smoothing Option and chose.
  89. A smoothing filter should have sufficient selectivity to reduce aliasing noise below the systemic noise level.
  90. WHAT! You put her on tips, the hairs on her neck ping, you can hear her smoothing back down her bristles.
  91. Natásha, smoothing her gown, went in with Sónya and sat down, scanning the brilliant tiers of boxes opposite.
  92. I hope that isn’t some indication of how the night’s going to go, she muttered, smoothing her clothing.
  93. Whichever, she came back and sat down across from him, smoothing the plain gray skirt she had on over her thighs.
  94. The smoothing constant is equivalent to 2/(n + 1) where n is the number of days used for a simple moving average.
  95. An exponential average uses a smoothing constant that approximates the number of days for a simple moving average.
  96. The smoothing constant is equivalent to 2/(n + 1), where n is the number of days used for a simple moving average.
  97. And the poets are the authorities to whom they appeal, now smoothing the path of vice with the words of Hesiod;--.
  98. An exponential average utilizes a smoothing constant that approximates the number of days for a simple moving average.
  99. Stone slabs were stacked all around, and the men were preparing the ground, pouring sand and smoothing it with sticks.
  100. This indicator is the difference between the closing price and a smoothing of the closing price, in this case 21 days.
  1. He smoothed back his hair.
  2. She smoothed the hair away.
  3. And smoothed things for him.
  4. My hands smoothed out my dress.
  5. Ned smoothed the map out with.
  6. Then I breathed, smoothed her.
  7. Chin who seemed to have smoothed.
  8. He unfolded it and smoothed it flat.
  9. She carefully smoothed out the letter.
  10. He smoothed his hair with his fingers.
  11. I do not believe you smoothed anything.
  12. I have been officially smoothed over.
  13. She smoothed her hair with little effect.
  14. She smoothed down the edges of her skirt.
  15. The terrain smoothed out in the darkness.
  16. It was as if he smoothed a rumpled sheet.
  17. She smiled, and smoothed his ruffled hair.
  18. He smoothed out an old newspaper clipping.
  19. The Red Widow rose, and smoothed her skirts.
  20. She smoothed her hair down self-consciously.
  21. Smoothed Directional Lines (+DI13, −DI13).
  22. Slowly Aiden's face smoothed out, from pain.
  23. I kissed her forehead, smoothed back her hair.
  24. He adjusted his tie, smoothed out his sleeves.
  25. Franco wiped my eyes and smoothed my forehead.
  26. The misunderstandings were later smoothed over.
  27. I have smoothed the hem of the robe of Parsifal.
  28. Holt smoothed Jen’s hair with a jittery hand.
  29. The bed had the coverlet smoothed tightly over.
  30. I smoothed my hands over my arms, hugging myself.
  31. She took his hand and smoothed it between her own.
  32. Now as she smoothed down the pencil skirt she had.
  33. She smoothed down the front of her purple knit top.
  34. The anxiety and unhappiness smoothed from his face.
  35. She smoothed his hair from his face and whispered.
  36. Rhone smoothed his moustache down with the back of.
  37. Fear flickered across his face but then smoothed out.
  38. He took off his black hat and smoothed down his hair.
  39. Caleb smoothed his hair down, looking mildly insulted.
  40. I smoothed my hand over my stomach and laughed softly.
  41. Del shook his head and smoothed a napkin onto his lap.
  42. His once-growling face had smoothed and his eyes sunk.
  43. She put her tiny hands on Rowan and smoothed her hair.
  44. Blossoms, is it? Rob smoothed his moustache with a thumb.
  45. Daniel smoothed out the old document he had found earlier.
  46. Her forehead smoothed as a slight frown darkened her eyes.
  47. At all events, the colonel smoothed the scowl on his brow.
  48. I opened it and smoothed the angry creases from its surface.
  49. Petrov nodded again and gently smoothed his wife’s sweat.
  50. She pushed the little dog off her lap and smoothed her dress.
  51. He smoothed back a lock of hair sweat-glued to his forehead.
  52. He reached out, gently smoothed a lock of hair back into place.
  53. As he sat down, he smoothed out his piece of paper attentively.
  54. Willie's body again and smoothed witch hazel onto the sore spots.
  55. He brought up a hand and smoothed thinning hair across his pate.
  56. Van Thorn slowly nodded his head in agreement then smoothed his.
  57. He smoothed his hair back from his face and did not look at her.
  58. Jed smoothed some wrinkles out of the tattered paper, which was.
  59. He smoothed his moustache with his finger as he continued saying.
  60. He came out, and he stretched himself and smoothed his red beard.
  61. She nodded and smoothed down the front, though it wasn’t creased.
  62. Chang dug the paper out of her pocket and smoothed it on the table.
  63. I smoothed her hair and put the back of my hand against her cheek.
  64. It is typically shown smoothed with an exponential moving average.
  65. He smoothed his waistcoat down again and gave himself a talking to.
  66. It will all be washed off, it will all be smoothed away afterwards.
  67. The silky hair that covered round the borders, now smoothed and re-.
  68. After they left, I pulled out the card again and smoothed the ceases.
  69. She smoothed down the back of her hair as she walked into the kitchen.
  70. He drew the stuff of her blouse tighter, smoothed it over her breast.
  71. Our momentary quarrel was smoothed over by this delicacy on his part.
  72. Joe Elegant stepped back and massaged his throat and smoothed his shirt.
  73. I emptied the ashes onto the worktable in a pile, then smoothed it out.
  74. His grimace smoothed back into a smile at that thought, yet it was true.
  75. However, if we use smoothed P/E ratios, the relation is quite nonlinear.
  76. I smoothed the auburn bedhead hairdo I had going on and felt a need to.
  77. In any event, he and Brach had apparently smoothed it all out in the end.
  78. Morgana laughed and smoothed her pale hands down the front of her velvet.
  79. George’s contorted face smoothed as he thought about his obvious answer.
  80. He reached to touch his shoulder length brown hair and then smoothed his.
  81. Ralf smoothed his hands down his robes, his mind coming back to the present.
  82. Instead he smoothed it out and slipped it into his bottom left hand drawer.
  83. He lifted my hair and smoothed it down my back, so it would not hamper him.
  84. Marcus embraced my body and smoothed my hair, offering me nurturing warmth.
  85. He might chew me out himself, but he always smoothed the way with head shed.
  86. Here I washed the arm at the fountain, and smoothed my disarranged clothing.
  87. One of his great spidery hands smoothed his hair and firmed the red bandanna.
  88. Michael smoothed my hair down and rested his cheek against the top of my head.
  89. He removed his robe, then uncrossed my legs and smoothed them with his hands.
  90. A similar smoothed filter output can be produced using a SuperSmoother filter.
  91. Over the centuries, it had been smoothed to fit Brumvack’s shape perfectly.
  92. And as she smoothed her hand over the silk collar she thought of her eldest son.
  93. She adjusted the bonnet and smoothed back her hair and looked about the square.
  94. He swiftly smoothed down the sleeve as if he has forgotten about it altogether.
  95. March smoothed the soft cheek, which suddenly grew rosy as Meg answered slowly.
  96. She smoothed out the corners of the towel, then pressed the towel into the hole.
  97. Remember that %D is a smoothed version of %K, which means that %K is more active.
  98. I smoothed the worried lines from his forehead and gave him a kiss on each cheek.
  99. Chin who seemed to have smoothed out the whole not showing up for work incident.
  100. He passed over the money and she smoothed the three notes in the palm of her hand.
  1. Then it smooths to a purr.
  2. With hurried hand smooths down his hair.
  3. He smooths his hand over my ass in circular strokes.
  4. The Signal line smooths the MACD line with another EMA.
  5. Marjorie smooths the wooden box with her hands and puts it in her dress pocket.
  6. Restylane smooths wrinkles, and helps shape and sculpt lips and facial features.
  7. By owning stocks in each factor group, he smooths his portfolio’s fluctuations.
  8. Your offer, however, smooths all difficulties, and I have only to ask you, my dear M.
  9. It’s fascinating—Magnus’s mild expression smooths out, lights up from the inside.
  10. A bad act only smooths the way to other bad acts, while bad thoughts irresistibly lead toward them.
  11. One of the most common approaches is to use a moving average, which smooths the data being presented.
  12. A simple moving average, or SMA, price line smooths out an investment’s path to show its trend more clearly.
  13. Tricks with numbers are a curse but half the point of having a broad portfolio is that it smooths lumps and bumps.
  14. Diversification both within and across asset classes smooths returns (I target 10% volatility for each asset class).
  15. Viparita-Karani is very much a beauty treatment for it supplies the skin with an extra amount of blood and so prevents and smooths away untimely wrinkles.
  16. A moving average smooths a sequence of numbers so that the effects of short-term fluctuations are reduced, while those of longer-term fluctuations remain relatively unchanged.
  17. What a Wonder is that malleable Organ! It licks, it tastes, it wets, it smooths, it slicks; it causes Nipples and Pricks to stand at attention, and sucks the Savour out of Capons and Cocks.
  18. For a failure of imagination and in the darkness, it feels as if  Werner has reached bottom, as if he has been whirling deeper all this time, like the Nautilus sucked under the maelstrom, like his father descending into the pits: a one-way dive from Zollverein past Schulpforta, past the horrors of Russia and Ukraine, past the mother and daughter in Vienna, his ambition and shame becoming one and the same, to the nadir in this basement on the rim of the continent where the apparition chants nonsense—Frau Schwartzenberger walks toward him, transforming herself as she approaches from woman to girl—her hair becomes red again, her skin smooths, a seven-year-old girl presses her face up against his, and in the center of her forehead he can see a hole blacker than the blackness around him, at the bottom of which teems a dark city full of souls, ten thousand, five hundred thousand, all these faces staring up from alleys, from windows, from smoldering parks, and he hears thunder.

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