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Snout dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His snout was really torn.
  2. How answer you that? SNOUT.
  3. He rubbed its snout up to its head.
  4. CTS snout up the trunk of a black DTS.
  5. That’s what the boar’s snout means.

  6. Behind came the terrible snout of the croc.
  7. That I, one Snout by name, present a wall;.
  8. Bao gently bowed her brilliant green snout.
  9. The shots ripped into the snout of the Kraken.
  10. The sloth nudged Mike’s knee with its snout.
  11. A rally of cabs pitted the stand, snout to tail.
  12. His snout became a noise, his lips human again.
  13. Ammit whimpered and put his paws over his snout.
  14. It had impressively thick whiskers on its snout.
  15. With ivory teeth, or ploughs it with his snout;.

  16. Worrying at his lower lip, he wrinkled his snout.
  17. He gave the mynamather a gentle pat on its snout.
  18. She pushed her soft, warm snout against his hand.
  19. It discharges weapons from the snout at the front.
  20. Major glanced at Kevin and gestured with his snout.
  21. Soffen wrinkled her snout, smiling uneasily at him.
  22. The hadrosaur brings its snout forward and sniffs.
  23. Grey's snout wrinkled as he considered her statement.
  24. Joey touched its snout without it reacting in defense.
  25. Shaking his head in confusion, he wrinkled his snout.

  26. It had a pointer snout and appeared to be covered in.
  27. Things carried on until my first run in with the snout.
  28. It stopped at the leese wallow and stuck it's snout in.
  29. The Preceptor stood before him, concern lining his snout.
  30. As I entered, a sturdy odor of phenyl wedged me in snout.
  31. That gets the penis interested, and he lifts up his snout.
  32. Grey stared at him, his snout puckering as he lent forward.
  33. It is pleased with you rubbing its snout, Lafit said.
  34. He kissed his snout then changed into an even larger wolf.
  35. Why should I not serve him, buffoon with a hairy snout?
  36. The animal had huge tusks and a snout just like a wild pig.
  37. His snout lifted barked at the wavenoise, herds of seamorse.
  38. The snout of the wolf was only inches away but she felt no.
  39. But they did have a long snout that apparently held a long.
  40. She put out her hand and touched his warm, smoldering snout.
  41. With his snout, Ulfur nudged Malengin and then looked up at.
  42. Jaffa wrinkled his snout - that didn’t sound like much fun.
  43. Joey could tell by the horns on its snout that it was a nuta.
  44. Joey slowly raised his hand to touch the creature on its snout.
  45. So ISLAUGGH’s snout has a potent message: ‘I am a warrior.
  46. He kept his snout to the ground and slowly approached the tree.
  47. So that’s the harvest, she whispered, wrinkling her snout.
  48. Redbolt kicked at the gufders and waved its horned snout at them.
  49. He jumped onto the couch and nudged Stelze�s snout with his head.
  50. He looked up into the oak and took in a sniff through his long snout.
  51. Bao had lowered her snout, in a gesture designed to be less threatening.
  52. Let the shark take it fully in the snout, or go for the gills and eyes.
  53. Shaking his head, he looked up at his companion and wrinkled his snout.
  54. He curled his spine, tucking his snout under the tip of his bushy tail.
  55. He lifted the smooth snout of the gun, pressed the lever, left it down.
  56. With one stroke, he severed the leather tied around my snout and waited.
  57. Then a wrinkle distorted his snout as a sudden thought clouded his mind.
  58. Laeron licked his snout and closed his eyes with a small sigh of longing.
  59. And Darcy screamed and leapt backward as his huge green snout came at her.
  60. His stomach had been ripped open, his snout crushed, and his leg broken.
  61. Laeron backed away, a soft hiss escaping his snout at the spirit guardian.
  62. Golden chains exploded in the monster’s face, wrapping around its snout.
  63. He could tell it was a gufder based on the long snout and the sharp teeth.
  64. Laeron rolled his eyes over at Aesa and a sly grin spread across his snout.
  65. Then he wrinkled his snout and relaxed a little, nodding his head slightly.
  66. As he waved his snout through the scented air, he recognized a different smell.
  67. Then something touched Darkburst's snout, an irritation that made his skin pucker.
  68. Then wrinkling her snout in an attempt at light-heartedness, she cocked her head.
  69. Not really! A frog, for example, just eats whatever moves in front of his snout.
  70. But when its snout faced directly towards us, there was heard a skittering noise.
  71. Instantly the croc changed direction, the tapered snout locked on the swimming dog.
  72. Ranger could feel the air pouring out of her nostrils rising from her scaled snout.
  73. Without warning, he swiped Brightness across the snout, raking her from eye to nose.
  74. Cherva poked his snout out over the edge of the ridge, studying the guards carefully.
  75. His snout had a fresh scar running down one side, still outlined in congealed blood.
  76. His head started to break the water's surface, followed by the eyes, snout and mouth.
  77. It’s my fault, repeated Bryony, unable to stop a tear trickling down her snout.
  78. His shoulders, face and snout were armored, unyielding to tooth or claw, root or rock.
  79. He tried to lift her out of the dish, but Bryony butted his hands away with her snout.
  80. When the shark was in striking distance Ben used his sword and stabbed it on the snout.
  81. Then wrinkling his snout, he counted them once more, and just to be certain, yet again.
  82. Brock looked about, wrinkling his snout as though trying to remember something important.
  83. He was no bigger than a house cat with the snout of a terrier and the tail of a squirrel.
  84. The turnip hissed at Bryony, who pulled her snout away just in time to avoid a nasty bite.
  85. A large tear ran down Soffen's snout and she shook it away with a quick flick of her head.
  86. Retracing his steps along the track he'd taken earlier, Slikit's snout twitched zealously.
  87. Then wrinkling his snout, he squeezed his eyes tight shut again, trying to clear his head.
  88. Jodie would have been almost perfectly formed had it not been for her slightly askew snout.
  89. He floated down before Amirgath and crouched on all fours with his snout touching the sand.
  90. It treads around me, presses its snout up against my back and pushes me gently off balance.
  91. It was a wild boar, thirty feet high, with a snotty pink snout and tusks the size of canoes.
  92. It was a black, medium-sized, heavy and metallic device with a hollow snout: it was a gun!.
  93. Its constant rooting with its snout also caused it to be seen as a guardian of the underworld.
  94. Casting a downward glance at his own torn and bloody coat, Thesa wrinkled his snout in disgust.
  95. One corpse, missing a right foot, had a protruding snout, the large and red flesh of a dracoid.
  96. It was a dog-like head, with large pointed ears, a long snout, and a pair of bright amber eyes.
  97. He just trusts the fact that it’s all contained in the stuff that moves in front of his snout.
  98. With a small round head and a snout like a pig he ruled the society of Sodom with a rod of iron.
  99. Fenn looked about helplessly, unable to speak, scarcely able to breathe, so swollen was his snout.
  100. She nodded leading with her snout she tilted her head, as if to acknowledge her task was complete.

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