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Sod dans une phrase (en anglais)

Sod all of them.
‘Oh, sod this.
‘Actually, sod it.
On this temporal sod.
Lucky sod, I thought.
And sod Coffee Republic.
'You little sod, William.

SOD YOU, THEN, Death said.
That Vatavai is a big sod.
isolated sod on the planet!.
catch… the… little… sod.
Now the sod was answering back.
Laying sod for an hour will burn.
Poor sod, having to live with that.
Not like you, though, you poor sod.
You stupid old sod, said Pender.
The sod walls flickered in the firelight.
It's only loaded with rice, yer silly sod.
Ground the faces of the poor into the sod.
Everything was constructed from dry, sod bricks.
He’s a depressing little sod, isn’t he?’.
I don't know what's got into the silly old sod.
you lucky sod, after the application of much arm-.
Beneath the sod, Brendan had written in his message.
piece of sod exactly 5 inches in diameter at the top.
Then we freed that fat sod you entombed in the hills.
thought "sod it I need to advance", and then affirmed.
The silly sod has gone and lost his bloody sword hand.
You're the sodding professional.
I’m the sodding tooth-fairy.
I'll give them sodding ostriches.
Smith’s sodding fan club, she sneered.
I wouldn't give an ant's fart for the whole sodding lot of them …'.
a sodding move on with this shit! The boys are going mental with cabin fever.
Halfshaft noted resentfully that the magician had even brought his sodding pipe with him.
“I agree with Alex,” Sondra Greenberg said from across the table, “but what is the sodding purpose?”.
corrections and God save your soul if you didn't do the corrections, I needed the sodding thing five minutes ago!.
You wanting more sex with your partner is the same as you wanting to put up a sodding great skyscraper, preferably 100 stories high, with great views, aircon and a swimming pool on the roof.
sodding Hood’s son was, he couldn’t possibly have taken cash out of the personal bank accounts of ‘African leaders’ - that’s what Bridges had called them - to put it into his aged Aunt’s account.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

'What those sods doing here?'.
You can hear the holy sods droning away.
The greedy sods took everything and gave nothing.
The sods would know just how well he could shoot.
sort of hut, which seemed to him to be built of sods.
The sods don't have no archers to protect them no more.
good living, living their truths (lucky sods), there are.
He'll make sure Robert Neville knows what you sods are up to.
‘Are you free for a brew? I’m going to kill the little sods.
Fizzicists experimental prototypes and all the villagers odds and sods.
I checked the other rooms and other than odds and sods there was nothing.
think of those starving kids in Africa or the poor maimed sods in war zones.
Mind, Your Eminence, they’re the usual odds and sods with crappy weapons.
The nasty sods were trying to rob a little boy of what his mother had given him.
These microbes are vicious little sods, and I don’t want to make things worse.
The lucky sods got a virgin! and he received a dirty look from Patty for his outburst.
May you have more luck than the poor sods who prayed to our gods for insight, Zarko said with a wry smile.
Not as deep as the shit those poor sods in and around that plant will be in if it blows, added Nick sombrely.
For example, in the name you could have a couple of flowers here and there or maybe some sods of grass next to each headline.
That was what poor old Peter himself had expected; having often, in imagination, looked up through the sods above him, and, unobstructed by.
Uncle Hobart's shed was filled to the gunnels with various odds and sods that he’d collected over the years, including all the things that he didn’t want Aunt Martha seeing.
Hareton, with a streaming face, dug green sods, and laid them over the brown mould himself: at present it is as smooth and verdant as its companion mounds—and I hope its tenant sleeps as soundly.
Hareton, with a streaming face, dug green sods, and laid them over the brown mound himself; at present it is as smooth and verdant as its companion mounds---and I hope its tenant sleeps as soundly.
The man took his hat off, and put the little fellow on the ground by the wayside, and he leapt and crept about a little between the sods, and then he suddenly slipped into a mouse-hole which he had sought out.
That’s right Johnny but have you noticed there are no flies anywhere I can’t understand it Johnny’s can should have been covered in the black sods and we should have been shooing them away but there’s hardly a one around.
My uniform was cut off at the aid station Sir and ever since I have been dressed in pyjamas and a dressing gown I was given short notice about coming home and these odds and sods you see me in mow Sir were all the nurses on the hospital ship could find me.
So next day my brothers decided a ladder toboggan might be the way so we hunted downstairs near the old kitchen that our father had turned into a work place, along by the passageway near the odds and sods room we called the Cave, in fact it was the place in the olden days they hung the meat.

Synonymes pour sod

greensward sod sward turf bozo cat guy hombre bugger sodomite