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Somber dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His mood was somber, fretful.
  2. Children is somber as a grave.
  3. The witch’s tone grew somber.
  4. Again, he gave me a somber look.
  5. I then said with a more somber.

  6. The mood in the room turned somber.
  7. She gave him a somber look at that.
  8. Closse’s face then became somber.
  9. Meade’s flaming eyes went somber.
  10. It was Lori’s turn to become somber.
  11. It was Ingrid’s turn to look somber.
  12. I then took on a slightly somber look.
  13. Somber, the mage motioned to the table.
  14. She was somber and stared at the stove.
  15. Even somber Svensen is left speechless.

  16. Reese looked to Leland, his eyes somber.
  17. The paint had a somber mid-century tone.
  18. Cynthia and I went home in a somber mood.
  19. Each of them appeared somber and nervous.
  20. They sat staring at me, somber and serious.
  21. No one said much, the mood somber and grim.
  22. Her face lit up and then went somber again.
  23. Newt looked at him, his face suddenly somber.
  24. Warren nodded, his face becoming most somber.
  25. Why do you speak in such a somber tone?

  26. Lord Weston nodded, his wrinkled face somber.
  27. The rest of the night passed in somber silence.
  28. They were now glazed, crestfallen, and somber.
  29. Barron was somber as he recalled the grim news.
  30. My mood was somber and I kept mostly to myself.
  31. She immediately noticed his somber expression.
  32. That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire.
  33. Harold nodded again, his expression now somber.
  34. Fernand was silent for a while, his face somber.
  35. The mood at the end of the briefing was somber.
  36. Finally, she landed on the Styx’s somber beach.
  37. The girl’s face turned somber at that question.
  38. The family’s mood was serious, but not somber.
  39. Shan left with a somber face and closed the door.
  40. The latter nodded once her head, her face somber.
  41. They finally rejoined, each as somber as the next.
  42. Zem looked at me with a bit more of a somber look.
  43. Their stories told, a somber peace enveloped them.
  44. The boy grew somber, lowering his head to the stone.
  45. It was an admittedly somber collection of stories.
  46. In a somber but hushed tone, he addressed his friend.
  47. There was a generally somber mood amongst them, each.
  48. That, plus the card? Alvin asked in a somber sort.
  49. Just a somber household concerned for their Lord Holder.
  50. I have none of his features at all or his somber nature.
  51. Anderson's face lifted slightly from his somber demeanor.
  52. That is: go from one somber reality to a sunny one.
  53. He rubbed the back of his neck and his gaze became somber.
  54. The ambiance of the crazy block was so serene and somber.
  55. There they are met by a somber Jimmy Carter and his wife.
  56. Now he was set thinking and his mood grew somber and heavy.
  57. Her eyes stayed somber for long moments and his heart sank.
  58. Tina then turned somber, replying in a calm but firm voice.
  59. Silence fell as he continued speaking in a more somber tone.
  60. Her face was somber, her eyes holding Kay’s with concern.
  61. Whereas, I have heard that the Turks are rather more somber.
  62. A voice from the corner spoke out in a quiet and somber tone.
  63. Instead he nodded and they rode on, more somber than before.
  64. How’s she doing? the nurse asked in a somber sort of.
  65. His expression was somber as he spoke softly to the merchant.
  66. At the end, the old general’s face had become quite somber.
  67. Sue and I with a bit more of a solemn, somber look on his face.
  68. We were dirty, tired and somber but gradually our spirits rose.
  69. Then he became somber and said for me to remember the good times.
  70. Oh yes, she certainly did, Alexei replied in a somber voice.
  71. That, plus the card? Alvin asked in a somber sort of way.
  72. The mood was somber as they each took one last look at each other.
  73. With a sigh, she tilted her head up to meet Luke’s somber gaze.
  74. In all souls is a somber, sovereign king and silly, jesting fool.
  75. Scott’s face became somber as he answered her while stil walking.
  76. Somber silence rested on everyone as they tried to comprehend the.
  77. Her red lips parted as she stared up into his somber menacing eyes.
  78. Bev looked at Sue and said with a somber expression, There is much.
  79. A somber America awaits news about the severely wounded Ronald Reagan.
  80. It was a somber ride for me reliving the journey of four years before.
  81. She rose as he entered, thinking with proprietary pride that he somber.
  82. Edgar remained silent for some moments, and then spoke in a somber tone.
  83. Deland Gaunt, rumbled Ralf in his somber, prophesorial intonation.
  84. It was the Imperial’s turn to shut his hazel eyes in somber reflection.
  85. Then, taking on a more somber look again, I said, I have also heard.
  86. Once all seated, Tojo looked around the table and spoke in a somber tone.
  87. Tandrick waited in pensive silence, his somber gaze on the awakening Gate.
  88. Ours is a somber group that descends the cliff, battered, weary, and bleak.
  89. A palette of somber colors which fluttered like autumn leaves in the wind.
  90. Both of them had tears in their eyes and somber expressions on their faces.
  91. The mood, however, became more somber as they approached the large building.
  92. Hypnotized by his somber gaze, she lifted her face to accept his affection.
  93. He rose again for some Holy Scripture and a rambling, somber thought or two.
  94. A voice that is pitched back in the throat is dark, somber, and unattractive.
  95. At any given time the news was optimistic, somber, despondent and apathetic.
  96. A somber mood rested over the Glade, an easy thing to happen when all is gray.
  97. The somber elegance of its interior furnishings showed in every detail that Mr.
  98. He seemed a bit somber, Manda said, when she and Sierra were alone again.
  99. But it was the new and slightly somber Gauguin which caught my eye for a moment.
  100. Today he looked somber and worried and didn't answer me back when I greeted him.

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