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Sore dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And then a bed sore.
  2. She got sore when I.
  3. Bear with a sore paw.
  4. My body was very sore.
  5. Vai, am I ever sore.

  6. My hand was very sore.
  7. I rubbed my sore neck.
  8. I had hit a sore spot.
  9. Plasters on a sore eye.
  10. They were tight and sore.
  11. My behind was sore but.
  12. That was the sore point.
  13. I was sore all the time.
  14. And my breasts are sore.
  15. She sounded sore as hell.

  16. He washed his sore body.
  17. I started out pretty sore.
  18. The skin may become sore.
  19. My balls were sore for a.
  20. I feel pretty sore over it.
  21. Sore tired of being scared.
  22. And his tongue wagging sore!.
  23. He felt ignominious and sore.
  24. Heat is applied to the sore.
  25. His heart was sore within him.

  26. It began with a mild sore in.
  27. At my praise of thee was sore;.
  28. She was so sore and tired that.
  29. He arrived weary and sore, and.
  30. His balls will be sore for days.
  31. Whitton woke up with a sore neck.
  32. The child may appear to be sore.
  33. My knees were sore all the time.
  34. My leg is gettin� a might sore.
  35. They stood out like a sore thumb.
  36. Sore mouths are caused by a virus.
  37. GRRRR still sore about that one!.
  38. Cause I am just nothing but a sore.
  39. I guess he’ll have a sore leg.
  40. He got that sore lying in America.
  41. It causes various kinds of a sore.
  42. Her left leg was also sore and cut.
  43. My legs were sore, I was a little.
  44. The entire body is bruised and sore.
  45. It has been grievous, and very sore.
  46. His skin was still bruised and sore.
  47. But sore annoyed was he without it;.
  48. They were sore for some time though.
  49. He was sore from the transformation.
  50. Every part of him was stiff and sore.
  51. There is no use in being sore losers.
  52. He nudged a sore spot on Willie's arm.
  53. It is a sore trial for a hobbit, that.
  54. He was still sore, though not as much.
  55. I’m still sore , but I’ll mend.
  56. It was a trifle sore from the workout.
  57. Therese woke up sore Wednesday morning.
  58. Still a little sore from yesterday.
  59. This is a way of soothing a sore head.
  60. My neck was sore, and my mind was hazy.
  61. I think he’s still sore, I said.
  62. My head is sore; it hurts all the time.
  63. The original Greek, describes this sore.
  64. You know kids when they're sore at you.
  65. My throat was sore and I needed to pee.
  66. The stomach-acid hurt on his sore lips.
  67. She arose slowly noticing she was sore.
  68. He was picking at a bleeding sore with.
  69. Too sore to move and dispirited she was.
  70. Still, the beer soothed the sore throat.
  71. At the same time he pinched her sore hand.
  72. Her sore lips burned in the freezing air.
  73. Not too bad, Professor, but good and sore.
  74. Then I couldn’t help feeling a bit sore.
  75. I might’ve said you have sore testicles.
  76. It remained a festering sore in his heart.
  77. If they’re sore and mean, we’ll fight.
  78. My old man would have been sore if he knew.
  79. Glad it’s not you that has the sore back.
  80. No need, I'm alive and well, sore but well.
  81. Tear-lined cheeks were sore from the deluge.
  82. With what a deadly sore my soul doth smart;.
  83. It was sore from the work, but not too much.
  84. A few years ago I felt a sore throat coming.
  85. The next morning Joseph awoke stiff and sore.
  86. I touched my chin, which was still very sore.
  87. Get the bag out and put it on the sore spot.
  88. She never got sore, though, Miss Aigletinger.
  89. Oh, you're just a sore loser like me, Nathan.
  90. This was a sore point for the mercenary leader.
  91. That’s still a sore point with a lot of men.
  92. Why is this topic such a sore subject for me?
  93. Where is he? I whispered, my throat sore.
  94. I pedaled as fast as my sore leg would let me.
  95. Then my fist got sore so I started kicking him.
  96. My arms tremble lightly, muscles taut and sore.
  97. On the third day, when they were sore, two of.
  98. His heart was rather sore; he did not know why.
  99. My hands were sore from sun burn, and Zip Strip.
  100. Sore throats were an annoyance of smoking, but.

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