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Sound dans une phrase (en anglais)

No sound came to him.
No one made a sound.
The sound of the sea.
There was not a sound.
It was a sweet sound.
I hear the sound of.
Not a sound was heard.

It is all about sound.
I try to sound casual.
A sound from his right.
The next sound that I.
If you stop the sound.
With the sound of the.
We were safe and sound.
The sound you wil hear.
That was the only sound.
He never made a sound.
She jumped at the sound.
Say the vowel sound /a/.
The sound was no animal.
I moved toward the sound.
There was the sound of.
I like the sound of that.
No sound came from above.
I like the sound of Tilly.
There was a ripping sound.
She ran toward the sound.
By the sound water makes.
Does that sound fair to.
Fast and without a sound.
The sound of a slamming.
Sound easy? Well it is!.
Suddenly he heard a sound.
The sound of his guitar.
The E tone sound aerials.
Carl made a gagging sound.
Yeah, he was really sound.
When I heard the sound I.
Is making the wrong sound.
The sounding of the sea.
Its note is sounding forth.
That was a nice sounding idea.
The harp was no longer sounding.
It started out sounding like an.
At the risk of sounding crazy, a.
She regretted how she was sounding.
A sleepy sounding Taksin answered.
I hate sounding like Calamity Jane.
Wright, sounding busy and stressed.
Forgive me for sounding judgmental.
And then, more urgent sounding he.
This was sounding a little familiar.
To talk it is only sounding bass.
American sounding with certain words.
Oh, she said, sounding confused.
Notice the nice sounding name given.
It’s now sounding shrill in my ears.
It came out sounding a bit breathless.
Then he started sounding frustrated.
It's much better sounding without the.
Look, he said, sounding exasperated.
A groggy sounding Brian said, hello.
Keep sounding the call until all have.
Terese exhaled audibly, sounding tense.
What? Garcia said, sounding tired.
Robert’s own alarm bells were sounding.
This is sounding weirder by the minute.
Then Alex responded, sounding frustrated.
Primagnon, what an awesome sounding title.
What is it? he says, sounding tired.
You are? he asked, sounding confused.
Nothing, he said, sounding confused.
Thanks, Alex said, sounding livelier.
She felt guilty about sounding so abrupt.
In the distance I can hear ships sounding.
Oh, Charity said, sounding surprised.
Over the low hills the horns were sounding.
If you are aware of sounding or "hearing".
Not bad, Sorren said, sounding amused.
It sounded so very dull.
It sounded like a child.
It sounded for the best.
It sounded like he was.
It sounded like a pistol.
It sounded strange to me.
It sounded like a cannon.
She sounded sore as hell.
I loved how that sounded.
It only sounded that way.
To him, he sounded like.
A siren sounded and the.
She sounded very far away.
He sounded tired and weak.
It sounded funny and wrong.
Then, he sounded the alarm.
He sounded like a werewolf.
It sounded more like a roar.
The deal sounded good and.
It sounded sad and depress.
A knock sounded at the door.
It sounded like a real kid.
She sounded sure of herself.
His voice sounded very weak.
He sounded just like a girl.
It sounded odd, but she did.
It sounded like Kate, drunk.
He sounded grim, and scared.
This sounded dangerous to me.
The words sounded like truth.
It sounded a bit mad,.
That sounds good to me.
So it all sounds great.
The sounds of the city.
I know that it sounds.
I know how it sounds.
I know it sounds silly.
It sounds fine to me.
It sounds so much like.
And he sounds like the.
I listen for any sounds.
It sounds like a story.
Even the sounds of its.
The mother of all sounds.
Sounds like a good idea.
Your accent sounds of it.
In the sounds of silence.
Half an hour? Sounds good.
But he sounds more like.
There were no more sounds.
The above all sounds good.
It sounds like an engine.
See? It sounds the same.
That sounds fine to me.
The sounds of itsy, bitsy.
I think it sounds awesome.
But it sounds pretty safe.
Where sounds a magic choir.
It all sounds so miserable.
Sounds great to me Chantal.
As the sounds you can hear.
Sounds like a lot of other.
It sounds like I was wrong.
And then the sounds stopped.
My God, it sounds so awful.
That sounds pretty good.
It sounds great, I guess.
It sounds simple, and it is.
All other sounds are muted.
It all sounds rather vague.
That's as easy as it sounds.

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