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Soundly dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We can soundly conclude that.
  2. He should be soundly trounced!.
  3. His first Westerns were soundly.
  4. The company should be soundly managed.
  5. Rachel slept soundly in the other seat.

  6. They were soundly defeated, 65 to 33.
  7. He was asleep there, and sleeping soundly.
  8. In two breaths she was sleeping soundly.
  9. His waist shrinks and he sleeps more soundly.
  10. Cosette had slept only a few hours, but soundly.
  11. I should have fallen soundly asleep, as you say.
  12. Nicole had been sleeping soundly for a few hours.
  13. Mina sleeps soundly and her breathing is regular.
  14. Jorma took her in his arms and kissed her soundly.
  15. Twice she caught him at it, and rated him soundly.

  16. Once they had fallen soundly asleep, she left them.
  17. Soundly ravaged the city, won the spoils of victory.
  18. He held Jesus over his shoulder as He slept soundly.
  19. The servant with the bandage was being soundly rated.
  20. In bed next to him Sophie was still sleeping soundly.
  21. Anchor, I believe Miss Ashton would sleep more soundly.
  22. At last I went to bed much fatigued, and slept soundly.
  23. Richard was sleeping soundly in the back of the pick-up.
  24. He was soundly sleeping stretching his arms and smiling.
  25. I had been sleeping so soundly that I forgot where I was.

  26. All the men to all appearances continued sleeping soundly.
  27. That day, Cuddles was sleeping soundly as he was too tired.
  28. An hour afterwards, lulled by hope, he was sleeping soundly.
  29. She could not remember the last night she had slept soundly.
  30. Hedy slept soundly until midday, and awoke with a hangover.
  31. The drunk in the alley soundly shouted out in his inebriated.
  32. Meanwhile, Mamma Cruse was sleeping soundly in the back bedroom.
  33. He is sleeping soundly; you know, I think he is going to live.
  34. There is an aspect of having these x-rays that soundly validates.
  35. Canaanites attack the children of Israel and are soundly defeated.
  36. Samantha was sleeping soundly when her cell phone began vibrating.
  37. Maybe he was back and sleeping soundly beside me in Rose’s house.
  38. She was sleeping so soundly he didn’t notice anyone else, only her.
  39. Head to its breast, it slept soundly and without a care in the world.
  40. Ingram had slept soundly for seven hours, and felt altogether renewed.
  41. She was sleeping soundly, and upon her eyelashes there lingered tears.
  42. Frodo made light of it when he learned that they had slept soundly for.
  43. She was sleeping soundly, so soundly that even my coming did not wake her.
  44. He was sleeping soundly, his heart rose and fell with regular respiration.
  45. I heard the front door open and close soundly as Dave called, Torie?
  46. I shuddered to think of that, had a shower and went to bed and slept soundly.
  47. When I finally dozed off last night I slept as soundly as I have in years.
  48. Well, but they had had a nice rest; they had slept soundly now for two hours.
  49. I just wanted to cover myself in her warm shawl and sleep soundly in her lap.
  50. Karan went back to his room and found Tarana sleeping soundly under a blanket.
  51. He kissed it from behind his mask, turned in the bed and went to sleep soundly.
  52. He was torn between a desire to shake her soundly, and a desire to caress her.
  53. The horses slept soundly in the paddocks serenaded by the chirping of crickets.
  54. He was sleeping soundly, his breath was regular and his pulse was almost normal.
  55. That night I fell deeply into Morpheus’ arms and slept soundly and peacefully.
  56. And the Lord is always going to help you through everything, safely and soundly.
  57. Once or twice he went to check on Virginia, and always she was sleeping soundly.
  58. Adrianne turned to her sister, who was still sleeping soundly on their double-bed.
  59. Lucia was relieved to see that Harald was still sleeping soundly in his new crib.
  60. I slept soundly but dreamily and this morning I am struggling to wake up properly.
  61. The child was sleeping soundly, she had got warm under the blanket, and her pale.
  62. RACHEL COLLAPSED ON HER BED and slept soundly for the first time since she had left.
  63. Dominic was stretched out across the foot of the bed, sleeping as soundly as a baby.
  64. All this time our prophet, a thin man with brown Hair, was nearly and soundly asleep.
  65. Two hours later, she was still sleeping soundly when the door to her apartment opened.
  66. These were the reasons which, added to the fatigue, caused Andrea to sleep so soundly.
  67. And as Bilbo murmured the last words his head dropped on his chest and he slept soundly.
  68. I took it when I knew I needed to sleep soundly because I had an early morning meeting.
  69. The force of the acceleration tired her quickly and she slept soundly in long stretches.
  70. He undressed her and put her under the covers where she slept soundly through the night.
  71. It was the last self-exhausting effort of my fretfulness, for after that I slept soundly.
  72. She climbed in and before he was able to close it she was curled up and sleeping soundly.
  73. I was sleeping soundly by a fountain when I was nearly crushed by a collapsing catapult.
  74. His first Westerns were soundly rejected as lacking the authenticity of a Max Brand yarn.
  75. Given the historical record and comparative studies, the contention appears to be soundly.
  76. On the following morning we gathered in my study while John was sleeping soundly in his room.
  77. True to the prophecies, I was soundly rejected, ignored, ridiculed, and treated with disdain.
  78. Eugenie approached softly, and saw the old man sleeping soundly in an arm-chair in his lodge.
  79. He apparently bade the woman give us some supper, and when she refused, he rated her soundly.
  80. The bulk of IPOs, where a soundly trading corporation raises finance to expand, are of course.
  81. Receivership of a soundly capitalized (electric) utility company or system is almost impossible.
  82. We entered the house and checked on the children; thankfully they were both still sleeping soundly.
  83. He turned to face the other bullhorn, closed his eyes and before soon he had fallen soundly asleep.
  84. O, a disciple of swamiji, soundly rebuked the complainant and warned him not to trouble her anymore.
  85. That somewhat relieved me, and at last I fell asleep fairly soundly, in fact, for I was very tired.
  86. The child was sleeping soundly, she had got warm under the blanket, and her pale cheeks were flushed.
  87. Aunt Polly raised him by the usual handle—his ear—and cracked his head soundly with her thimble.
  88. Polk’s offers to purchase New Mexico territory and California were soundly rebuffed by the Mexican.
  89. All boats and rafts must be soundly tested in safe water near the camp before setting out on a journey.
  90. How could he sleep so soundly while his love was kidnapped, possibly hurt or worse? His body took over.
  91. I think I may congratulate you, whispered Anna Pávlovna to the old princess, kissing her soundly.
  92. I wrapped my arms around him and drifted off to sleep sleeping as soundly as I think I have ever slept.
  93. He is sleeping very soundly, she reflected as she sat down and began to work at something or other.
  94. Harold was thumped soundly upon his back and his hands were again shaken vigorously by both Harry and Mr.
  95. As soon as he went away she would throw herself down on her bed and sleep soundly and quietly till morning.
  96. He slipped into an uncommon deep sleep moments after leaving Saldon to snore and the others sleeping soundly.
  97. He attempted to sleep soundly that night but the wavering emanations of Chaotic Magic would not let him rest.
  98. Then, falling back into the fragrant hay, she soon slept peacefully and soundly still the bright morning came.
  99. I smiled up at him and, while he still held me in his arms, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him soundly.
  100. I went inside the bed room to have the last glimpses of you where you were sleeping soundly; unaware of anything.

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