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Sour dans une phrase (en anglais)

Mix sour cream with.
He's very sour today.
He made a sour face.
fat with sour cream,.
Lydia gave a sour look.
All the Past is sour,.
bitter, sour, so spicy.

with a sour green slime.
Sort of like a sour mash.
Prepare topping of sour.
And she just got too sour.
It's like the sour apples.
The news had a sour taste.
sky to really sour the mood.
Her expression turned sour.
Crumley gave it a sour eye.
Sweet and cheap: soon sour.
it is made by sour thoughts.
smiled; a sour, bitter smile.
She gave him a sour look.
things had started to go sour.
I shot Kirby a very sour look.
I would turn its stomach sour.
I tasted her sour nervousness.
The beer turns sour in my mouth.
The Galaef gave Ben a sour look.
Which meant souring.
smelling a souring glass of milk hidden somewhere within.
The faintest whiff of souring milk and bales of hay lingered in the air.
I think he suspected my infidelity and our relations started souring at that point.
A sour wine, moreover, or a souring, for its influence on the mood of those who drank it was to make them gloomy.
There was perpetually a half-pot souring in the faculty lounge at school, and visiting it gave him a way to mark time.
But now that he saw them plainly inked upon the parchment, the pain in his head and souring of his temper gave way to intrigue:.
On the way, there were many infinite thoughts rose in my mind, and souring elsewhere as the waves of sea- rising up and falling down.
In reality, his stomach was souring up at the mere idea of sending such a prize agent and other action agents in such a hopeless trap.
I had seen the rising smokes in the air- the white and black smokes rolling as the clouds in the early morning sky, souring higher and higher.
Having mooned away during the honeymoon, she finds her life souring well before she turns forty as by then her man would have developed a roving eye.
In France, sour cabbage is served as choucroute, in Korea as kimchi–they are basically the same, but vary in flavor based on the kind of cabbage and the technique or souring.
People believed him scornful and soured.
Najeela‘s face soured when he said this.
What was in the Hindu dharma that soured St.
My stomach soured; I tasted it in my throat.
She could only guess at what had soured his mood.
’ Raiya said, watching as his expression soured.
Louie soured and said he absolutely wouldn’t go.
Steve’s mood immediately soured to exasperation.
It has soured your judgment, confused your thoughts.
between the Mahadev and his wife had soured the mood.
of memories so horrible they soured everything for her.
Her empty stomach soured at the thought of all that food.
Two nuns with soured expressions accompanied Mother Superior.
investment dried up and the export market soured in the 30s.
barroom the morning after, the scent of soured booze and sweat.
She found none of course, which only soured her temper further.
I tried to calm her, gave her heather tea and soured cow’s milk.
It had been soured for Rob only by the absence of coffee, or even tea.
tenderness once soured always ended by boiling and turning to indignation.
Found half a glass of soured wine at the bottom of a bottle and poured it.
By the time I’d made it downstairs to my office, I had thoroughly soured.
She understood the allusion well, and wondered what it was that so soured the.
A strange metallic taste soured the back of my tongue, and my gums were bleeding.
All right! Nadine soured out of her eagerness and entered the car ecstatically.
that contain live bacterial cultures, such as yogurt and other soured dairy products.
Salvation Women’s Hotel in downtown Kingston, having moved out after things had soured.
Then the contract negotiations soured and he stopped coming around the training facility.
Life in the Three Realms is usually good; it is only soured when I have an outburst of energy.
The 1929 crash and the Great Depression of the 1930s had soured the nation on the stock market.
My mood sours as I think about Aaron’s and my conversation.
Joe was talking with Kevin, both with a whiskey sours, David?.
That this incident should be the one that sours Judas is somewhat ironical, but it is a.
Jokers and Twos are wild, the dealer continued, And make that a round of whiskey sours, on her.
By eight o’clock the news was in the Palace Flop house, and the early men were ingesting it with their whisky sours at the La Ida.
He’d drink three whiskey sours, drive his Corvette to the launchpad, then fly to the moon in a command module smaller than my Rover.
A thought about palimony: Whenever a woman, of her (own) free will, chooses to enter into a relationship of convenience with a man, a celebrity let‘s say, and that relationship subsequently sours, for whatever reason(s), (as is so often the case, the man in question has grown tired of the woman), and the women seeks compensatory emoluments for ―services‖ rendered or alleged physical abuse or.

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acidity sour sourness tartness ferment turn work rancid dark dour glowering glum moody morose saturnine sullen false off turned

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