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Spate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Consider the spate of articles about.
  2. Marketing techniques went through a spate of.
  3. A southern state in India saw a spate of suicides.
  4. Yes, said Dafyd, as well as Coyle and Spate.
  5. It had come, too, after a spate of embarrassing losses.
  6. Uh-huh, yes, I know, I heard about the epidemic spate of.
  7. He’d have more success trying to stop a river in full spate.
  8. Yes, mostly, and we've had a spate of more difficult problems, too.
  9. She tried hard to ignore a guilty, lust-provoked spate of selfishness.
  10. If investors expect a normal spate of inflation to occur, long-term rates.
  11. As the national election drew near, a spate of Perspective articles in the New.
  12. A spate of hitherto unpublished obscene books came out in quick succession.
  13. Then she was crushed against him in a bruising embrace, listening dazed to a spate of.
  14. He grunted with the effort, then his much-creased face erupted in a spate of wheezing.
  15. All bad things bring their own spate of myths and gossip and foreclosure is no exception.
  16. Give me better health and a little spate of energy, and I shall try conclusions with him yet.
  17. They must grab Harald and get him into their boat when the tide was running at full spate back out to sea.
  18. What was happening? Everyone was aware of all the drunk drivers, but lately there was a real spate of them.
  19. This weakness may just be a spate of profit taking, or it may be in response to news or an earnings announcement.
  20. The creatures around him tumbled back as the man erupted in an unrestrained spate of head-bashing limb-breaking mania.
  21. If he had any chance of solving the spate of new problems that had collapsed all around him, old emotions, he decided, had to be reined in.
  22. There was a spate of drug abuse and linked crime, which quickly stopped when a newcomer, thought to be at the root of it, mysteriously died.
  23. For the local G-men, the taxing week had become even more taxing, what with the spate of reports and follow-up reports and non-stop phone calls.
  24. Recently there has been a spate of last year’s incentives suddenly being relabelled ‘vicious avoidance loopholes’ that need to be withdrawn.
  25. The result was a spate of money-losing government-owned mills that couldn’t compete with newer, more efficient operations in low-wage countries.
  26. Arriving at rivers without bridges (none of them had bridges because they were normally dry and used as roadbeds), I found they were now running in full spate.
  27. Monique, crossing her fingers that Robert’s recent spate of good humour would last, returned to clothes sorting, head already filling with plans for Friday’s meal.
  28. There’s been a spate of incidents recently which could indicate that someone, somewhere, is trying to hack into the system, so we’ve been asked to check, said Griffin.
  29. The phenomenal success of IBM and a few other companies was bound to produce a spate of public offerings of new issues in their fields, for which large losses were virtually guaranteed.
  30. People swarming in, cities doubling and trebling in numbers of inhabitants, while the fiscal guardians groan over the increasing weight of improvements and the need to care for a large new spate of indigents.
  31. At that time there had been a spate of kidnappings of influential people across Europe, but luckily without much success and the gang mostly didn’t get away with any ransom money; and as far as I know, nobody except Jane was killed.
  32. The relief rally itself may just be a spate of short-term profit taking or a short squeeze (where shorts are forced to cover their positions and buy back shares due to a surprising reversal), or it may be in response to news or an earnings announcement.
  33. As Tlatoani, Mocteuzoma had been quite the builder and was responsible for much of the current splendor of the Temple Precinct as well as a new palace and the general spate of stone housing which gave Tenochtitlan its splendid aspect, making it the envy of much of Anahuac.
  34. That John Orr had been a fire chief in Glendale, California, during a very long and devastating spate of fires that over the course of nine years had consumed sixty-five homes, acres of woodlands, and numerous retail stores and had killed four people, one of them a three-year-old boy.

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