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Special dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This is a special I.
  2. It was and is special.
  3. He is a special child.
  4. In a very special way.
  5. He is a very special.

  6. There is a special way.
  7. In a very special book.
  8. You think she is special.
  9. None is a special type.
  10. Her mind was so special.
  11. And this girl was special.
  12. It was a special blessing.
  13. To have a special friend.
  14. And you are very special.
  15. But this one is special.

  16. You're very special to me.
  17. They hold a special place.
  18. She knew you were special.
  19. There was no special case.
  20. He chose no special victim.
  21. My son Corey is a special.
  22. The love of my special ones.
  24. It is a very special place.
  25. A: I’m not special at all.

  26. The pads have special inks.
  27. It was too special to them.
  28. This is a special kind of.
  29. More special than you know.
  30. You are special, little one.
  31. You are of special blood.
  32. But this monkey was special.
  33. The most special moment ever.
  34. There are no special doors.
  35. This was a special occasion.
  36. It was a special day for us.
  37. It is not a special process.
  38. Nothing special, but it did.
  39. This tells you why special.
  40. I made this special for you.
  41. A night with her is special.
  42. Did that count as special?
  43. You and I have a special gift.
  44. This girl really was special.
  45. It was very special for them.
  46. Give out special offers and.
  47. This is my Monday special.
  48. It is a special place for me.
  49. Items that are special to us.
  50. This was special tar, though.
  51. He was her special favourite.
  52. I didn't know it was special.
  53. They have the special weapon.
  54. Since this is your special.
  55. He had a special y made bum.
  56. Never as special as this one.
  57. A special bulletin was airing.
  58. Of special concern were the.
  59. Special Agent in Charge Max.
  60. Darn a special spade and Mr.
  61. In the other was her special.
  62. Special time is coming here -.
  63. What's so special about it?
  64. We have a special connection.
  65. And special thanks to Jennie B.
  66. Special Branch has briefed me.
  67. He is beyond special, Richard.
  68. Homestead is special to you.
  69. It will be a special blessing.
  70. The water they use is special.
  71. You knew this one was special.
  72. In a special collaborative way.
  73. They have many special sorrows.
  74. There, clad in their special.
  75. Turpan) are of special inter-.
  76. There is no special faith, no.
  77. Isn't it there a special code?
  78. No valet, no special treatment.
  79. I am considered a special case.
  80. And my special guests of course.
  81. But they were special to you.
  82. As Talia said, a special place.
  83. She is a special one, that one.
  84. I haven’t felt special since.
  85. They make me feel very special.
  86. One more special than the rest.
  87. It did not mean he was special.
  88. I treated her with special care.
  89. A special messenger would give.
  90. You are a special memory for me.
  91. There was someone special there.
  92. Cats in homes need special care.
  93. If it isn't the special couple.
  94. We are creating a special breed.
  95. I didn't have a special student.
  96. What makes this one so special?
  97. Love in their special relations.
  98. He has a special hatred for you.
  99. You're special today, God bless.
  100. Is that a special stone?

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