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Specific dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A goal must be specific.
  2. The specific mass of atoms.
  3. Is there any specific one.
  4. The specific factors in a.
  5. His orders had been specific.

  6. Then Kepler had a specific.
  7. You need to be more specific.
  8. He looked for specific words.
  9. He needed to be more specific.
  10. My orders are very specific.
  11. Not in those specific words.
  12. McKaskill on a specific topic.
  13. My brief was far too specific.
  14. Can you be more specific?
  15. But I want a specific woman.

  16. There are specific lessons in.
  17. No, there’s a specific one.
  18. Could you be more specific?
  19. The story has no specific end.
  20. The specific item is not here.
  21. Used to point out specific time:.
  22. To be specific, these were seals.
  23. Be specific about what you want.
  24. Includes the specific words and.
  25. There is no specific astral realm.

  26. The footnotes are specific enough.
  27. Let’s get a little more specific.
  28. Is that specific enough for you?
  29. You don’t have to be specific.
  30. Be specific about what you expect.
  31. You’ll have to be more specific.
  32. It has to do with specific density.
  33. Acron was tuned to a specific sound.
  34. The specific reason stated is the.
  35. Insist on being specific when they.
  36. Using words that are more specific.
  37. The source of guilt is more specific.
  38. Still, she had specific instructions.
  39. Can you be any more specific?
  40. That's nice and specific, isn't it?
  41. You’re going to really be specific.
  42. The fact that there are no specific.
  43. Cp = Specific heat of mould material.
  44. As specific examples, we mentioned:.
  45. That specific position drove me crazy.
  46. She was very specific with her wishes.
  47. Nothing specific, Alric told her.
  48. He didn’t want to be specific, but.
  49. Irene was pretty specific about that.
  50. He was very specific about his dream.
  51. It is specific with a cause and effect.
  52. A specific trade is not that important.
  53. I want a specific piece of information.
  54. Something specific was pissing her off.
  55. Here are specific things to pray for:.
  56. Be as specific and detailed as possible.
  57. The information had to be very specific.
  58. Could deals with only specific problems.
  59. There's a very specific reason for this.
  60. Physical effects of LSD are not specific.
  61. He will also be specific as to how the.
  62. For more info see specific plant or herb.
  63. Commonly there will be a specific topic.
  64. This helps if you have a specific agenda.
  65. Here brotherhood denotes no specific sex.
  66. If you develop a specific plan for your.
  67. Second, these plays have specific targets.
  68. You have to say it in terms of specific $.
  69. Provide the specific setting of the story.
  70. That will be your specific responsibility.
  71. Who’s here? Be a touch more specific.
  72. Two specific things would happen—quickly.
  73. Most people focus on specific plant types.
  74. He couldn’t think of anywhere specific.
  75. You don’t have a specific arrival point.
  76. Resolution 1441 is already specific enough.
  77. It goes to The Field and chooses specific.
  78. Certain specific questions have been asked.
  79. Specific gravity of these varieties from 3.
  80. Many of these waters are used in specific.
  81. Specific: How can you live without couture.
  82. He’s getting data specific to each piece.
  83. Most operate in specific locations or areas.
  84. If there is something specific, add that in.
  85. Huh, Mickey, you have to be more specific.
  86. At least it's not specific, but troublesome.
  87. Is there a specific reason for that?’’.
  88. He could not make out any specific features.
  89. Gravity, specific, on the means of taking, R.
  90. They just have a specific influence on one.
  91. Specific gravity of three massive pieces, 5.
  92. I was looking for a specific cause of death.
  93. You use the specific criteria you were given.
  94. The key is to have two specific sets of rules.
  95. A specific action leads to a specific result.
  96. We should take note of specific things that.
  97. Mathematicians came up with specific numbers.
  98. The specific confirmation may be made with:.
  99. At one specific moment in the commute morning.
  100. Should I head towards a specific point?

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