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Specify dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We simply specify the diction-.
  2. All other texts specify one day.
  3. Used to specify days and dates:.
  4. You have to specify it using a.
  5. I specify it in the limit order.

  6. You cannot specify 'What's your.
  7. Specify the problem to be analyzed.
  8. I will specify one difficult case.
  9. Used also to specify barrel length.
  10. I kept trying to specify whether or.
  11. So to specify our fcc WE call it as.
  12. Please specify the term of 'simulation'.
  13. That is the reason why all steels specify.
  14. Specify a date by which you expect payment.
  15. You also have to specify the name of the error/.

  16. First, you will usually specify a starting column.
  17. In the file sharing options, specify the passwords.
  18. It is hard to specify which is the most urgent prob-.
  19. Just what those higher things were he didn’t specify.
  20. Now, you can specify the string as 'What\'s your name?'.
  21. What are the 3 things that are needed to specify a route?
  22. You specify the single quote as \' - notice the backslash.
  23. With a conditional return policy, you specify the conditions.
  24. The user ID is then checked against the criteria we specify.
  25. Further more, I would like to specify that on the territory.

  26. You could even specify the search terms you want searched on.
  27. If function is not returning any values we have to specify it.
  28. This item should specify any other resources needed for the task.
  29. The idea is that you can specify a stop order along these lines:.
  30. For example, how do we specify which files are to be backed up?
  31. The remainder of the bits specify the precise function of the PDU.
  32. If we don't specify a mode, then the read mode is the default one.
  33. She doesn’t have to specify which memory she’s talking about.
  34. Please specify your conclusion 'there are no traces of technology'.
  35. The plan should specify how to tell when these activities should stop.
  36. You can specify strings using single quotes such as 'Quote me on this'.
  37. If you are having ground meat, specify to the butcher that it is to be.
  38. If you do not specify any decimal places, SAS rounds to the nearest hour.
  39. The technique of hierarchical decomposition has been used to specify the.
  40. This item probably should specify the minimum results that are acceptable.
  41. In the following R code, we specify that the setosa occur 60% of the time:.
  42. In fact, all the skin care products specify the type of skin they cater too.
  43. The associated text may not specify or imply certain quality attributes or.
  44. Whenever you specify a number to a sequence within square brackets as shown.
  45. Let my specify that this monumental occurrence took place during the third of.
  46. Alternatively, you could just specify the step number, together with the total.
  47. The alerts simply specify the symbol, direction and the exact price where this.
  48. Martin didn't really specify how our relationship would change - he didn't have to.
  49. The main difference between the two is that the EIGRP command must specify the AS.
  50. You can further specify at which point you want to exercise the options agreement.
  51. In the Install Directory field specify the server directory where you unpacked the.
  52. When you specify '%B %d,' there will always be one space between the month and day.
  53. However, this is not the case; the Bible does not specify that it was indeed an apple.
  54. If we observe more about this occurrence, we can create a more specify statement: Dr.
  55. For two variable data table, specify formula at the intersection of the row and column.
  56. A market order buys at the current price and a limit order buys at a price you specify.
  57. You can specify default argument values for parameters by following the parameter name.
  58. Now select Do not scan files larger than… and specify 10,240 in the field that appears.
  59. Quantity: Specify the number of contracts you’re interested in either buying or selling.
  60. If this is set to TRUE (which it is in this recipe) you'll need to specify next_prev_url.
  61. With a limit order, you specify the price at which you are willing to sell your option(s).
  62. The default value of w is 6, but you should specify 8 if you are reading four-digit years.
  63. It can use class path with java as well as javac to specify the location of class as shown.
  64. We look after this aspect in our contracts too and specify where the bank account must be.
  65. The default value of w is 4, but you should specify 6 if you are reading four-digit years.
  66. I don’t specify how many pips to set your stop at or where you should take your profits.
  67. The default value of w is 7, but you should specify 9 if you are reading four-digit years.
  68. But these rights only specify, Obama chafes, what the government cannot do to its citizens.
  69. Standards specify the requirements, whereas the models share the best practices to be followed.
  70. In the third usage func(c=50, a=100), we use keyword arguments completely to specify the val-.
  71. Suppose, you want to have a string which contains a single quote ('), how will you specify this.
  72. You should also specify a width for the informat to indicate how many characters are to be read.
  73. When you apply a stop order, you can often specify the length of time for which the order is valid.
  74. We have to specify and fix the algorithms for selection of option strategies and underlying assets.
  75. What if you wanted to specify a two-line string? One way is to use a triple-quoted string as shown.
  76. In our programs we don’t need to specify leading zeroes if fields are defined integer or decimal.
  77. To customize datetime formats, you would specify a datetime format instead of a date or time format.
  78. In line 2 of the code below, the DEFAULT= option is used to specify a default length for the format.
  79. If you have some functions with many parameters and you want to specify only some of them, then you.
  80. James soon discovered how to specify his requirement to the system, so it would produce the solution.
  81. You also specify the limit level, which is the minimum price you are willing to accept for the sale.
  82. You will notice that I have used quotes to specify 'print' so that Python can understand that I want.
  83. To use inheritance, we specify the base class names in a tuple following the class name in the class.
  84. The second argument is optional, but you can specify the format that should be applied to the result.
  85. For example, you can specify *~ in this file to not include any filenames ending with ~ in the backup.
  86. It is impossible for me here to enter on details, but I may specify a few of the points of difference.
  87. To make the program user-friendly we have supplied certain options that the user can specify to learn.
  88. A stop order allows you to specify in advance the price at which you would like to sell-up and move on.
  89. For example, you can use the seasonality argument to specify your year as having 53 weeks instead of 52.
  90. Was this group - any of them, really - part of the Shadow Legion? The book didn’t specify, but-.
  91. In above example, 5 specify total number of strings that the array may contain and 10 specifies maximum.
  92. This enables administrators to specify a time-to-live value based on the volatility of their server data.
  93. I always said it was all hand signals and threats, I just didn’t specify who was doing the threatening.
  94. You also specify the limit level, which is the maximum price you are willing to pay to open the position.
  95. The person said that he would be up for another hour or so, but the caller did not specify what time it was.
  96. While stop orders cannot help you to decide what to buy, they certainly allow you to specify when to buy it.
  97. In general, it is always better to specify a format width that is too long rather than one that is too short.
  98. When asked to specify their returns, however, 80% of those investors reported gains lower than the market’s.
  99. Here is the new graph that we get from using the HAXIS option in the PLOT statement to specify the axis range:.
  100. I realised that the key to obtaining new equipment was to specify not what we wanted to buy but what we wanted to do.
  1. Also, by specifying 20° rather than 30°.
  2. Specifying a width larger than 6 will only add leading spaces.
  3. You can change the port by specifying it at the end of the line.
  4. Your husband? he inquired without specifying what he meant.
  5. When specifying integrated appliances, make sure there is no existing.
  6. When specifying the operation of a tool, surface speed goes hand in hand.
  7. Another way of specifying this specific string would be "What's your name?" i.
  8. Specifying any value greater than 11 will display the same results as if w were 11.
  9. Specifying that the setosa are the most plentiful yields a quite different decision tree.
  10. The slicing operation is used by specifying the name of the sequence followed by an optional pair of.
  11. A limit order specifying a lower price than the current one might miss the chance to buy this rising star.
  12. Optimum Values of the Parameter Specifying the Number of Underlying Assets (n) Used for Capital Allocation.
  13. Since this format will only write 1 character, specifying a width greater than 1 will just add leading spaces.
  14. The list of items should be enclosed in square brackets so that Python understands that you are specifying a list.
  15. It’s also possible to log in using a different username by specifying it on the rlogin command line with the -l switch.
  16. Pushing involves specifying that our app is waiting for money and that it would like to be notified when money has arrived.
  17. Network administrators create VLANs by specifying the MAC port or IP addresses of the systems that are to be part of each subnet.
  18. Specifying these layers, Marx and Engels speak of the initial subjection of women by man; they speak of race and class oppression.
  19. We can access the items in the tuple by specifying the item's position within a pair of square brackets just like we did for lists.
  20. You can also copy entire directories by adding the -r parameter to the command and specifying directory names instead of filenames.
  21. Notice, that we are specifying value for parameter c before that for a even though a is defined before c in the function definition.
  22. Note that you can always run the program on any platform by specifying the interpreter directly on the command line such as the command python.
  23. Depending on the exchange or local regulatory authority, there may be special rules specifying the conditions under which stock can be sold short.
  24. Graf offered at the end of 20th years of 20 century the formula of concrete strength (specifying the Abrams formula for practical calculations) as follows:.
  25. Most traders simply refer to these strategies as ratio spreads, specifying whether more options are purchased or sold and the ratio of long to short options.
  26. We access the third item in new_zoo by specifying new_zoo[2] and we access the third item in the third item in the new_zoo tuple by specifying new_zoo[2][2].
  27. Instead of specifying the forward price, suppose that we are dealing with a stock that is currently trading at $100 and that has the same 20 percent volatility.
  28. This also usually includes specifying skills, knowledge, and attributes of the job for future use as a more functional set of job descriptions in the enterprise.
  29. When a trader feeds a volatility into a theoretical pricing model, he is specifying the magnitude and frequency of price changes that will occur over the life of the option.
  30. Marilyn said that she had seen her doctor (not specifying which one), and, she claimed, the only other person she had come into contact with the entire day was Eunice Murray.
  31. Thus, specifying the name of the server on a browser opens the default site on port 80, but specifying the server name with the selected port accesses the administrative site.
  32. Specifying any value greater than 11 will have no effect on the date returned, although the implied cursor placement can cause an INPUT statement (not function) to yield unexpected results.
  33. The error was with the authorities who had sent him to us, without specifying for what reason it was thought necessary to have him come into the hospital—which was unpardonable negligence.
  34. At its simplest, you do this by installing an application in the usual manner and specifying a directory on a network drive instead of a local directory as the location for the program files.
  35. The full-duplex flow control mechanism is called the MAC Control protocol, which takes the form of a specialized frame that contains a PAUSE command and a parameter specifying the length of the pause.
  36. It is a form of Creationism and a contemporary adaptation of the traditional theological argument for the existence of God, but one, which deliberately avoids specifying the nature or identity of the designer.
  37. Normans work in specifying and identifying genomes had taken a rapid upturn, and with the new magnetic resonance imaging technology, they could now categorise the DNA a lot faster than the old x-ray system could.
  38. You can also compare the performance of various routes through your network (or through the Internet) by specifying the IP addresses of the routers that the Echo Request packets must use to reach their destinations.
  39. After some hesitation and a quick call on another line, the duty officer in Muroc authorized Margaret to land in the afternoon in Muroc, specifying that her plane would have to land in the southern part of the base.
  40. One way to implement a server-based application is to perform a complete installation of the program on each workstation, specifying the same directory on a server drive as the destination for the program files in each case.
  41. A 2-byte pause-time parameter follows the opcode, which is an integer specifying the amount of time the receiving systems should pause their transmissions, measured in units called quanta, each of which is equal to 512 bit times.
  42. By specifying the name of the object and the names of its parent containers up to the root of the domain, the object is uniquely identified within the domain, even if the object has the same name as another object in a different container.
  43. By specifying in advance the conditions under which you will buy or sell, and by respecting those decisions without question when the time comes, you protect yourself from trading under pressure driven by the negative emotions of fear and greed.
  44. This technique need not be limited to spread betting accounts, and you could practice the part-closing technique in a regular brokerage account – by specifying a number of shares (or value of shares) to sell rather than choosing the Sell All option.
  45. In addition to the four standard DOS file attributes, an NTFS file includes a Compression flag; two dates/times specifying when the file was created and when it was last modified; and a security descriptor that identifies the owner of the file, lists the users and groups that are permitted to access it, and specifies what access they are to be granted.
  46. But, that the statement (B) shows the permanent capital given to each office of discount and deposit; the balance due in account current by the offices of the bank, (exclusive and in addition to the said permanent capital,) on the 27th day of March last; the amount of the notes actually discounted and due to the bank by the last returns, specifying the amount discounted at Philadelphia, and at each office respectively; and an estimate of the gross amount of the annual expenses and losses of the bank, including its several offices, by which it appears that the annual expenses, being about $125,000 a year, the ascertained losses must in the whole have amounted to about $35,000 a year.
  47. If you create a cookie without specifying an expiration date, you are creating an in-memory cookie,.
  2. The reasons were already specified.
  3. She specified something non alcoholic.
  4. It is issued on a specified banker only.
  5. Where A- coefficient, specified in Table 7.
  6. The specified stopping distance shall be.
  7. He had not specified a real suit versus a.
  8. Officer Andre drove to a specified location.
  9. The vehicle should stop within a specified.
  10. He specified that the sacrifices should be you.
  11. I did some of the workout examples you specified.
  12. Even though we have not specified a space between.
  13. SALARY: Not specified, some are paid by Salary, some by.
  14. Therefore, the width of the informat is specified as 10.
  15. These annotations will appear in your video as specified.
  16. Tubing is specified with 20 µ inch Ra internal and 30 µ.
  17. The deft Count Jaume had not specified what kind of bouquet.
  18. In fact, no kind of misery or pain is specified in this text.
  19. One bar will print at the end of each specified time interval.
  20. Returns one value if the specified condition evaluates to TRUE.
  21. A clause used in leases and mortgages that cancels a specified.
  22. The files and directories to be backed up are specified in a list.
  23. You use it to automatically sell a position at a specified price.
  24. Turn to the section most likely to contain the specified details.
  25. Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the address specified in.
  26. The value name identifies the entry for which a value is specified.
  27. For numbers, the base of the number needs to be specified as well.
  28. Each is effective for arterial blood loss from the area specified.
  29. A loan with an interest rate that fluctuates based on a specified.
  30. He specified some rather interesting new equipment for the ship.
  31. The two options are combined and specified in a shorter way as -qr.
  32. The chart of Hewlett-Packard specified bail-out at a 10% drop, or 19.
  33. A series of ancient prophecies have all converged at specified and.
  34. SAS will abbreviate the month name to fit the format width specified.
  35. The specified sales price had been set, but the sale price was lower.
  36. I specified a pile of large, loose stones at both ends of the piers.
  37. So the magicians were gathered for the appointment on a specified day.
  38. Even where the manner of calculation has been specified, there can be.
  39. It is not specified anywhere in the Bible that the generation of Cain.
  40. Ledger Names vertically, and should return the value to that specified.
  41. The return statement: - It returns the value specified by the function.
  42. An earnout aligns the purchase price with the achievement of specified.
  43. In a reverse auction, the price begins dropping at specified intervals.
  44. Were it not for a specified time, the punishment would have come to them.
  45. Kandras had already specified which containers emanated life-forms; there.
  46. Earlier we have specified the solidification rates of Steels with various.
  47. SAS will use a 2-digit year if necessary to fit the format width specified.
  48. And He regulated the sun and the moon, each running for a specified period.
  49. Always breathe through the nose both in and out, unless specified otherwise.
  50. It is unknown if he or anyone else specified which engine needed feathering.
  51. On the specified day, she dutifully sat for the interview and photo session.
  52. Counts the number of cells that meet the criteria specified in the argument.
  53. Powers to be reclaimed are to be specified by the Conventions of the States.
  54. To meet my goal I will complete the following tasks within a specified time:.
  55. Court–The courtyard, walking area, or the path outside of the specified area.
  56. We use the first argument to check if any options have been specified to our.
  57. The formal cause of a bit is specified a priori and requires no investigation.
  58. For those of you unlucky enough to have specified and scoped a large number of.
  59. There is no way you can hit a target if you haven’t even specified the target.
  60. To build these models, the length of the historical horizon has to be specified.
  61. One simple technique is to set the return to the Investor at a specified rate of.
  62. You actually can’t trade the continuous contract—only a specified month.
  63. Commandments and gave them to Moses at Mount Sinai, He specified that the Sabbath.
  64. Then the program sends the visitor to the page in your site that you had specified.
  65. Time and karma likewise have the ability to cause specified effects in our universe.
  66. Bear in mind that these summaries describe these stocks only at the times specified.
  67. TZONEDSTOFF returns the time zone offset value for the specified daylight saving time.
  68. TZONESTTOFF returns the time zone offset value for the specified daylight saving time.
  69. These data shall be specified (by the User or the Supplier) and shall be approved by.
  70. Then the program sends the visitor to the income-building site that you had specified.
  71. The conditions under which cabinet bids are permissible are specified by each exchange.
  72. It wasn’t yet the time Sister Gita had specified, but he wanted to get this over with.
  73. When used with a filename argument, returns the LIST information for the specified file.
  74. On top of that, you can even set Keyword Elite to run on a scheduler at a specified time.
  75. Session Lifetime – Auto log out a user after they have been inactive for the specified.
  76. If the first number is not specified, Python will start at the beginning of the sequence.
  77. The actual message content then appears, in the format specified by the Content-Type value.
  78. As the deadline specified in the RFP nears, proposals from vendors will begin filtering in.
  79. Contingencies are time-sensitive, and expire if not formally removed by the specified time.
  80. The merge happens from a specified source-child disk to a specified destination child disk.
  81. Treated water should comply with the chemical and microbiological quality specified in the.
  82. The Virtual Machines folder contains the configuration XML of the specified virtual machine.
  83. Each option contract you purchase will have a specified expiration month associated with it.
  84. Service has specified close to 25 million acres in Maine,.
  1. Specifies the path of the.
  2. It specifies whether to use.
  3. This specifies if the cookie.
  4. Specifies whether you wish to.
  5. This specifies the name of the.
  6. It specifies the length of time.
  7. This specifies that if the user.
  8. Specifies the character set that.
  9. This specifies whether or not to.
  10. Specifies the name of the hidden.
  11. Specifies the name of the cookie.
  12. Specifies whether or not to store.
  13. This specifies that if the cookie.
  14. Specifies whether to turn request.
  15. It specifies that if the user closes.
  16. YEARV Specifies ISO 8601 yearly intervals.
  17. It specifies the path to the folder where.
  18. An arrow indicator specifies that the left.
  19. R445MON Specifies retail 4-4-5 monthly intervals.
  20. R544MON Specifies retail 5-4-4 monthly intervals.
  21. R454MON Specifies retail 4-5-4 monthly intervals.
  22. Another string of It specifies whether the cookie.
  23. It specifies the path to the cookie—chances are.
  24. WEEKV Specifies ISO 8601 weekly intervals of seven days.
  25. The Airborne Hunting Act of 1972 specifies the conditions.
  26. It specifies if the specific form element must have data when.
  27. Specifies the URL CodeIgniter should use for the << or >> links.
  28. The Question section specifies the DNS name to be resolved (www.
  29. Example: An observation, which specifies there is a potential non conformity.
  30. Near: specifies the area you want to monitor and Within: specifies the radius.
  31. The Ethertype specifies the memory buffer in which the frame should be stored.
  32. The boundary parameter specifies a text string that is used to delimit the parts.
  33. Specifies how the days of the week are written in the days row of the calendar grid.
  34. Suppose that the strategy algorithm specifies the following sequence of procedures.
  35. The -r option specifies that the zip command should work recursively for directories i.
  36. Local variables declaration: - It specifies the variables needed by the function locally.
  37. The x in the format name specifies the separator that you want to use according to the table below.
  38. The x in the format name specifies the separator that you want to use according to the following table.
  39. In above example, 5 specify total number of strings that the array may contain and 10 specifies maximum.
  40. For each job Ji, S specifies the time interval s and the processors on which this job i is to be processed.
  41. Function type It specifies type of the value that the function is expected to return to the program calling.
  42. The HTTPVersion variable specifies the standard supported by the server, using the same values listed earlier.
  43. The first number triggers the stop and the second number specifies the minimum selling price you will accept.
  44. The administrator specifies the location of the directory and the alias under which it will appear on the site.
  45. Clause 1: Scope specifies the application of this standard to Information processing organizations and details it.
  46. Inline specifies that it is desirable for the compiler to produce inline calls to the functions named by function-.
  47. Put-call parity specifies the price relationship between three contracts—a call, a put, and an underlying contract.
  48. Functional specifications The technical document that specifies exactly what a software and/or hardware system will deliver.
  49. It specifies the release version or builds which was tested and how many test cases are tested and coverage of testing, etc.
  50. The control field of the LLC header specifies the type of service needed for the data in the PDU and the function of the packet.
  51. The first digit of the code specifies the general nature of the response, and the second two digits give more specific information.
  52. Article Two specifies that any descendant of the ship's company of the Fair Winds can with reasonable need have a portion of the ship.
  53. The Constitution specifies that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof.
  54. Network backup software products nearly always have an indicator that specifies whether each backup job has completed successfully or has failed.
  55. He specifies the arrangement of the cells in the tissues, and of the leaves on the axis, as cases in which natural selection could not have acted.
  56. The default filename is configured on each server and specifies the file that the server will send to a client when no filename is specified in the URL.
  57. The ATM layer specifies the format of the cell, constructs the header, implements the error-control mechanism, and creates and destroys virtual circuits.
  58. So this verse serves that each animal should hear these heavenly words said over it, because God specifies “over it” and does not say “over them”.
  59. Finally, the standard specifies how the NIC should encode the data generated by the computer into electrical impulses that can be transmitted over the cable.
  60. The value type specifies the nature of the data stored in the entry, such as whether it contains a binary value, an alphanumeric string of a given size, or multiple values.
  61. Specifies which day of the week is leftmost in the calendar grid, so if you entered 'sunday', the day row (the row which describes the days) in the calendar grid will start at Sunday.
  62. The contract with the service provider also includes a committed burst information rate (CBIR), which specifies the maximum bandwidth that is guaranteed to be available during bursts.
  63. The network layer protocol header in turn specifies one of the transport layer protocols, and the transport layer protocol identifies the application for which the data is ultimately destined.
  64. The schema specifies the attributes that each object must have, the optional attributes it may have, the type of data associated with each attribute, and the object’s place in the directory tree.
  65. Both of these frames have a value in the Duration/ID field that specifies the amount of time needed for the sender to transmit the forthcoming data frame and receive an acknowledgment (ACK) frame in return.
  66. The mount command specifies a directory shared by a server, the access that client applications should have to the remote directory (such as read-write or read-only), and the mount point for the remote files.
  67. The periods between the words are not included, so to delineate the words, each label begins with a single byte that specifies the length of the word (in bytes), after which the specified number of bytes follows.
  68. An absolute domain name (also called a fully qualified domain name [FQDN]) does specify the path all the way to the root, while a relative domain name specifies only the subdomain relative to a specific domain context.
  69. The method used to determine when acknowledgments are sent is left up to the individual implementation, but each acknowledgment specifies that the data, up to a certain point in the sequence, has been received correctly.
  70. In addition, data link layer protocols usually include an error-detection facility and an indicator that specifies the network layer protocol that the receiving system should use to process the data included in the packet.
  71. The information in the header and footer specifies the addresses of the system sending the packet and the system that is to receive it and also performs several other functions that are important to the delivery of the packet.
  72. Medicaid policy specifies that when a legally married individual needs Medicaid to help pay for nursing facility services, a portion of the couple's income and assets may be protected for the spouse at home, the community spouse.
  73. After this header comes the separate parts of the message, each of which begins with the boundary value on a separate line and a Content-Type field that specifies the format for the data in that part of the message, as follows:.
  74. You install a leased line by contacting a telephone service provider, either local or long distance, and agreeing to a contract that specifies a line granting a certain amount of bandwidth between two locations, for a specified cost.
  75. The use of dynamic routing on the network typically results in all possible routes to a given network being entered in the routing tables, each of which includes a metric that specifies how many hops are required to reach that network.
  76. MIME adds two additional fields to this initial header, a MIME-Version indicator that specifies which version of MIME the message is using and a Content-Type field that specifies the format of the MIME-encoded data included in the message.
  77. Each entry in the Answer section contains the NS resource record for one of the root name servers, which specifies its DNS name, and the corresponding entry in the Additional section contains the A record for that server, which specifies its IP address.
  78. The QTYPE field in a Question section entry specifies the type of resource record being requested from the server, and the TYPE fields in the Answer, Authority, and Additional section entries specify the type of resource record supplied by the server in each entry.
  79. The value of the option may be represented in one of two ways: It may be a three- or four-letter acronym that describes the time zone (for example, EST, for Eastern Standard Time), or a time-zone ID that specifies a region and an area, separated by a forward slash (/), such as America/New_York.
  80. An audit is expected to check, does the Quality System meet the requirements of the relevant Quality System Standard/model or Contract? Does the organization do what the Quality System specifies? Is the Quality System, as implemented, effective in ensuring maintenance and improvement of the quality of products and services?
  81. Whatever the model, it will usually require at least three inputs: a primary month against which all other months will be compared, a mean volatility to which implied volatility tends to revert, and a whippiness factor that specifies how implied volatility changes across other expirations with respect to changes in the primary month.
  82. In addition to the four standard DOS file attributes, an NTFS file includes a Compression flag; two dates/times specifying when the file was created and when it was last modified; and a security descriptor that identifies the owner of the file, lists the users and groups that are permitted to access it, and specifies what access they are to be granted.
  83. It specifies the allowed mime types,.

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