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Speed dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. At a speed of Mach 5.
  2. A top speed of Mach 7.
  3. It makes time speed up.
  4. It picked up more speed.
  5. Mix at low speed until.

  6. We soon picked up speed.
  7. It drones at high speed.
  8. Speed was of the essence.
  9. The average speed was 4.
  10. He started to speed read.
  11. The raft picked up speed.
  12. At exactly the speed of.
  13. God speed, said the wind.
  14. With the speed of light.
  15. He can feel it speed up.

  16. You’ll have to speed up.
  17. And go the speed limit.
  18. That will speed things up.
  19. He increased his speed a.
  20. Speed was the only choice.
  21. Speed had been the essence.
  22. He urged his mount to speed.
  23. Place in high speed blender.
  24. For example his speed and.
  25. He told me they were speed.

  26. Firstly, was the speed and.
  27. The train picks up its speed.
  28. I move with strobing speed:.
  29. The shouts, the speed, the.
  30. Speed up the machine again.
  31. The ship slowly gained speed.
  32. May the gods speed you away.
  33. The speed of sound depends.
  34. Speed reading will not help.
  35. Speed will be of the essence.
  36. What is a requirement? Speed.
  37. Andrew started the speed dial.
  38. Sticking to the speed limit.
  39. Later, they are speed freaks.
  40. He was a babblin speed freak.
  41. What does speed dating cost?
  42. The fan clicks to high speed.
  43. Not at the speed I was going.
  44. The clowns approached at speed.
  45. We move with astounding speed.
  46. How I fell in love with speed.
  47. Need That Bit of Extra Speed?
  48. What Happens at Speed Events?
  49. One of her gifts must be speed.
  50. My brothers are here to speed.
  51. The man moved with sudden speed.
  52. Yes, at one half light speed.
  53. How could you speed things up?
  54. He increased his speed slightly.
  55. Then he heard a car speed away.
  56. The speed boat pulled in closer.
  57. Then, proceed at maximum speed.
  58. Fred and Speed remained behind.
  59. The guy didn’t even speed up.
  60. I’m going the speed limit.
  61. Colours don't register at speed.
  62. Faster than the speed of sound.
  63. All this does is Speed Up the.
  64. It could speed up your recovery.
  65. Days speed in time, stars speed.
  66. It wasn‘t a high speed machine.
  67. May the stars give you speed.
  68. At high speed, beat until soft.
  69. Enjoy the increased speed ladies.
  70. Hours passed with unusual speed.
  71. The speed and everything on it.
  72. And what about the speed?
  73. That’s just a speed control.
  74. Judging the speed was impossible.
  75. The Jag suddenly picked up speed.
  76. Casey got up with lighting speed.
  77. Patty’s heart began to speed up.
  78. Speed wasn't a problem here, no.
  79. Speed is everything here, driver.
  80. He pressed Gary’s speed button.
  81. What speed the plane was racing.
  82. I can’t speed up the sunset.
  83. They raced with incredible speed.
  84. Harvey followed at the same speed.
  85. Proceed to Xerxes with all speed.
  86. Keep concentrating on your speed.
  87. Then came the speed in the hands.
  88. The speed at which energy moves.
  89. The speed of change fueled by the.
  90. No, you know me, I never speed.
  91. But there is a trade-off for speed.
  92. That was way over the speed limit.
  93. Increase speed of Repeat __ times.
  94. With a speed that impressed even.
  95. I started gaining speed as I went.
  96. Tennant went through a speed trap.
  97. The speed her skin was having to.
  98. Be safe, my friends and god speed.
  99. I have but one speed – flat out.
  100. The ship was making good speed now.
  1. Is this speeding up due.
  2. God is speeding the end up.
  3. This is a ton of speeding.
  4. A speeding car flattens him.
  5. They were really speeding past.
  6. Speeding Up the Cycling Process.
  7. The audience was speeding through.
  8. She was killed when a speeding car.
  9. The car was speeding across the lake.
  10. It is probably speeding on its way.
  11. I was worried he would start speeding.
  12. The pace of life is forever speeding up.
  13. The car was speeding? Conklin asked.
  14. Though the driver wasn’t speeding his.
  15. I’ve had one speeding ticket since then.
  16. Speeding, the myriad-handed, his wild work.
  17. She was speeding to the parking lot?
  18. They aren’t speeding up, Davis said.
  19. He found her button, his tongue speeding up.
  20. That's when she was struck by a speeding red.
  21. Sir, the rest of the caravan is speeding up.
  22. I’m sorry, officer… was I speeding?
  23. Facing the speeding car, he pointed his weapon.
  24. I was at first afraid I was busted for speeding.
  25. Of the house cat, speeding through their billion.
  26. I was obviously speeding because I was in a hurry.
  27. Something had hit me like a speeding runaway truck.
  28. As educators then, are there ways of speeding that.
  29. They had an argument, so she was speeding and she.
  30. She only saw a car with two men in it speeding away.
  31. The van was speeding past the front of Wicker House.
  32. Evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of.
  33. While speeding through the halls, Darek panted for air.
  34. The Speeding up of their Meditative processes towards.
  35. Speeding tickets will boost the cost of your insurance.
  36. Shit, Claire hissed, because she’d been speeding.
  37. That’s why I wanted to avoid speeding, Noah said.
  38. Speeding up, it began slithering towards the dark opening.
  39. Again, he stamped on the brake, the Mercedes speeding past.
  40. As the driver was speeding away, a passenger in the back of.
  41. I could hear his little fat feet speeding across the village.
  42. The speeding truck’s momentum carried it up the rock ramp.
  43. All I’d be doing is speeding up what’s already happening.
  44. He dreamed of a black carriage with fl aming wheels speeding.
  45. Speeding amid the seven satellites and the broad ring, and the.
  46. She stared at the speeding bullet as it flew towards her target.
  47. He had a DUI a couple of years ago and two speeding tickets.
  48. I was adventurous, but I wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet.
  49. A red sedan was now speeding into the junction from left field.
  50. The water in the tunnel shot upwards faster than a speeding train.
  51. Mason was in a hurry, and was speeding down the path to the house.
  52. On the Tuesday that week he was done for speeding outside Glasgow.
  53. That’s when she was pulled over by the state patrol for speeding.
  54. Nevertheless, an officer stopped us and issued a speeding citation.
  55. A sound of that a speeding rocket issued overhead for just a second.
  56. Roughly thirty seconds later several speeding patrol cars zoomed by.
  57. It was awesome – still is; singing my guts out speeding down the.
  58. Avoid the speeding car and you won't get hit by it - easy, right?
  59. The siren of the speeding car warbled above the rooftops of Brooklyn.
  60. She’d never been partial to speeding cars – or trucks in this case.
  61. Captains of the West were advancing and the Dark Lord was speeding his.
  62. It is also speeding up to 500+ miles an hour! Warfare Officer yells.
  63. Now we’re in the back of a black Fiat speeding past French road signs.
  64. Her breathing was speeding up and a little flush appeared on her cheeks.
  65. Then when the car speeding exceeds 7o(ΠΠ2) = 217 km/h the line the car.
  66. E pulled into the wrong lane of traffic, speeding through the oncoming cars.
  67. When the muscle-head got to the front porch he was hit by a speeding truck.
  68. He was intent on the road, speeding down the residential streets of Whittier.
  69. They feel the vibrational forces speeding up and vibrating at a faster rate.
  70. Some idiot cop decided to pull me over and give me a ticket for speeding.
  71. Infection and inflammation caused by bacteria or virus speeding up the body.
  72. The winged shapes wheeled, and stooped swiftly down, speeding back to Mordor.
  73. While I ran home, the wind speeding through my hair stubbornly, my mind raced.
  74. She was about to be interrogated and thrown from a speeding car, under a bus.
  75. Speeding down the street, E pulled out his cell phone and hit the call button.
  76. Brink steps onto his treadmill in his office, and starts speeding along at 1.
  77. It was speeding up now, battering her chest like solar wind on a damaged hull.
  78. At this very Moment, they were doubtless speeding towards our Rallying Ground.
  79. He could feel his heart, which still felt like it were in a vise, speeding up.
  80. Differences now occurred in every generation, speeding evolution a thousandfold.
  81. Looking through the rear-window of the Hyundai, he saw his VW speeding away….
  82. Bateman drove off at once, speeding towards the base security section building.
  83. The super-super stim had the effect of speeding up my body to the power of ten.
  84. As a wakeup call a speeding car almost struck me as I was entering the highway.
  85. Zinc nasal sprays may be even more effective than zinc lozenges at speeding the.
  86. Speeding up the mounting process and skipping inspections buys us eleven days.
  87. Dangerous driving is a little iffy, but he admits to speeding on the Lake Road.
  88. The men who were obviously Soldiers looked on as the speeding car came their way.
  89. He began to overtake one car after another, speeding and throwing his chest 352.
  90. Buttworst’s, speeding though the students’ problems with the same velocity as.
  91. Bhagirath had lost control of his speeding horse and was hurtling towards the cliff.
  92. Gulab wasn’t comfortable she cursed and threw a cabbage out of the speeding truck.
  93. It was flying down the mountain, obviously speeding, but staying in the proper lane.
  94. That means it’s speeding up, making huge leaps forward in shorter periods of time.
  95. So the actor's encounter with a speeding bullet ironically transformed him, via the.
  96. Alex called me last Friday afternoon and said he was almost hit by a speeding car.
  97. A wide sandy beach beyond the main road artery buzzing with excessively speeding cars.
  98. I have been in vehicles that can travel safely ten times faster than a speeding horse.
  99. And so they were ploughing on the vastness of space, speeding away from the Binary 888.
  100. The crate was now aboard the van and they were speeding through the city to the Thames.
  1. Al speeded the motor.
  2. The line of old cars speeded up.
  3. The motorcycles ahead speeded up.
  4. But this speeded up the process.
  5. In turn, the healing is speeded up.
  6. He reached the trees and speeded up.
  7. It can’t be stopped, or speeded up.
  8. He merely speeded the wheels of his factory.
  9. See it against the sky? He speeded his walk.
  10. Suddenly a man speeded towards her in the darkness.
  11. The policeman speeded his car to within a few feet of us.
  12. The rate at which human population increased speeded up.
  13. Jim saw the old man ahead of him and speeded up to catch him.
  14. When he was out of sight of the Guard post, he speeded up and.
  15. A black Mustang speeded up to them as Cara set food on the tarmac.
  16. Joe speeded his engines, gained altitude, and continued the circle.
  17. When the dog spotted the kittens, it speeded up on its short legs.
  18. Al speeded up, and when he came to the low brush he pulled up short.
  19. Flowers can seem to explode if the actual rate of time is speeded up.
  20. He increased the flow of vital energies as he speeded hastily in front.
  21. Alan’s heart immediately speeded up and his insides began to vibrate.
  22. Darius speeded up as his shoulders started to bunch upwards and outwards.
  23. It would be speeded up by the deleting of Cinderella from our consciousness.
  24. Then the Northwest Company based in Montreal entered the fray; and things speeded up.
  25. The warmth of the ambient air at this time of year had speeded up the decomposition process.
  26. He had displayed meekness that seemed out of character yet definitely speeded up the meeting.
  27. What? Talia! Mark exclaimed, re-gripping the armrests as they speeded to the top of the pass.
  28. Al speeded the pounding motor, and when he came to the boxcar camp, he drove down close to the red cars.
  29. Instead of slowing it down with useless detail as she had done in the beginning, she speeded up the work.
  30. There is detachment that is speeded for the inevitable ascension process to the fifth and sixth dimensions.
  31. Yes, time travel! The Earth passed by in front of his view at an extraordinary rate, like a speeded up film.
  32. For the briefest moment his heart speeded up at the thought that Sally had changed her mind about moving out.
  33. It had been hurled by a Sylvan, and speeded on its way by the spells of thousands more, piercing his faltering Shields.
  34. This development allowed societies to build tools and weapons, which speeded advancements in construction and technology.
  35. The story droned on, speeded up for the attack, grew sad over the wounds, struck a dirge at the burials on the great plains.
  36. He had several books-on-tape with him, borrowed from the local library, which speeded his journey back and forth in the car.
  37. It did this by encouraging customers to use credit cards to pay their bills, which speeded up its collection of receivables.
  38. The war has changed everything love and speeded things up you must take chances now because death and destruction is all round us.
  39. He reiterated his point by yet again demanding that the two key selection issues be speeded up, and in doing so drew up battle lines.
  40. Seeing her family settled into their respective seats, Sophia hurried to join them, as the welcoming bearing of her father speeded her.
  41. With my heart in my mouth, I thought: "we had gone so far to be discovered!" Then, Leonardo speeded up the step and dragged the dead weight of my body.
  42. The pressure and added heat of bodily contact had speeded the spasm on through, but no sooner had she seemed to relax than another was upon her, and then another.
  43. The sight of these men threw the County boys into a panic for fear the war would be over before they could reach Virginia, and preparations for the Troop’s departure were speeded.
  44. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going.
  45. They have speeded up this insanity after the USSR collapsed: at the exact time that their weapons became obsolete and should have been dismantled and destroyed and all manufacturing stopped.
  46. During the last generation the tempo of economic change has been speeded up to such a degree that the fact of being long established has ceased to be, as once it was, a warranty of stability.
  47. However, the intervention of a higher power than Hollywood, speeded decisions with the money-providers, quickened assembly of a crew, and put the fear of Death into the rapid organisation of making this film.
  48. Sometimes I speeded up to be sure I was still behind him, and saw tail lights only a car length ahead as I jammed on brakes to avoid ramming into the back of his vehicle, hoping my truck wouldn’t skid off the road as I did so.
  49. The scale of ecological rape and genocide rape and cultural rape, and every other kind of rape has accumulated and speeded up to the point where 33% of the world’s non-renewable resources have been destroyed in a short 35 years.
  50. The borrowing binge speeded up in good times—the 1950s, 1980s, and 2000s—and was supported by diverse benign developments: rising wealth (higher collateral value leading to greater creditworthiness, and also to higher risk tolerance), financial liberalization and innovation, loosening lending standards, low policy rates and abundant savings from emerging markets, improving faith in central banks’ ability to manage the economy, and other factors.
  2. It speeds the machine up.
  3. Flooring the car to speeds.
  4. CNC Feeds and Speeds Tutorial.
  5. My heart slows then speeds up.
  6. If you could travel at speeds.
  7. The ambulance then speeds off!.
  8. These speeds must vary with the.
  9. Understanding the process speeds it up.
  10. Silver speeds the process better than.
  11. The G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator.
  12. More vampires, moving at inhuman speeds.
  13. Introduction to CAM and Feeds and Speeds.
  14. What About Feeds and Speeds Calculators?
  15. My heart speeds up and my throat goes dry.
  16. Randy speeds off in one of the motorboats.
  17. It is a chemical which speeds up the body.
  18. Wind speeds are lower than those in a blizzard.
  19. Air Force jets flying at sonic speeds over land.
  20. Wind speeds have been estimated at 620kph (385mph).
  21. With my hands clinging to his chest, he speeds away.
  22. How aggressive should you be with feeds and speeds?
  23. I noticed that the various speeds were clearly marked.
  24. Nothing that big could hit the speeds the Bullet can.
  25. He speeds up to 204 mph and heads up through the clouds.
  26. Diane D’s car speeds up onto a ramp out of the highway.
  27. He speeds up the process by slightly levitating off the.
  28. Obviously, erosion speeds up as time to expiration nears.
  29. The boats were able to reach speeds of 50 miles an hour.
  30. But there is a category of drivers that actually speeds.
  31. Jaden speeds up and continues heading south in Manhattan.
  32. Ricci comes in and Ahmed jumps up, speeds to his embrace.
  33. Nadine and Deacon puzzled look at the car as it speeds off.
  34. He will travel at great speeds and his means of conveyance.
  35. It wil be capable of speeds greater than the speed of light.
  36. The UFO08 could start moving at faster speeds at any moment.
  37. Above calculations have been based on maximum b l speeds when.
  38. He was a damn fool, pursuing her in atmosphere at these speeds.
  39. Let's talk for a minute about how the G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds.
  40. The car speeds quietly towards the street with the headlights off.
  41. One, they up the feeds and speeds tremendously so the MRR's are.
  42. To figure out safe speeds consider all of the following factors:.
  43. Cremation merely speeds up the process of returning to dust.
  44. A security council with its power of sanctions speeds up the power.
  45. She said, trying to keep the words from tumbling out at high speeds.
  46. The computers will automatically adjust at lower and higher speeds.
  47. I'm sorry … I rush after her as she speeds down the corridor.
  48. Cooper must realize, because she speeds up, darting between two cars.
  49. The car speeds away in such a hurry that the back door is still open.
  50. On the highway he would regularly hog the centre lane at speeds av-.
  51. The higher speeds are commonly used for backbones and WAN connections.
  52. Identifying and tracking the key variables that govern cutting speeds.
  53. It has few enemies, but is still able to run at speeds of up to 50mph.
  54. Aaron told me, two layers of air moving at two different speeds in.
  55. The dark car goes into the service road and speeds around the corner!.
  56. Speeds over 64kmph (40mph) do not appear to make a greater difference.
  57. You can tell how sophisticated a speeds and feeds calculator is by the.
  58. Many internet connections upload files at much slower speeds that they.
  59. The wheels of time turn at different speeds in different dimensions.
  60. Weapons with standard bullets and high velocity muzzle speeds had been.
  61. I’m trying to! Michael shouts as he desperately speeds the van!.
  62. The sphere was roaming at incredible speeds along a network of pathways.
  63. There’s much more to the CNCCookbook Feeds and Speeds Cookbook on our.
  64. After you've upgraded your feeds and speeds calculations beyond what is.
  65. By that we meant the most aggressive feeds and speeds that could be used.
  66. The first round of the battle happened at warp speeds, with the Gorn ships.
  67. Most CAM programs have some sort of simplified speeds and feeds calculator.
  68. The NATE also loses much of its agility at speeds above 250 miles per hour.
  69. Before I realize what she means, Glacia ignites her thrusters and speeds away.
  70. Have them use their transporters if they have to in order to speeds things up.
  71. I should warn you that physical exertion such as this speeds up the process.
  72. The Casspirs moved quickly on road and speeds of 70 miles per hour were common.
  73. With the lid locking in moisture, steam forms and speeds up the cooking process.
  74. Two different layers of air moving at different speeds and in opposite directions.
  75. John sits on his knees in the dark van, lurches forward as the driver speeds away.
  76. I know of only one plane possibly capable of such speeds, sir: the American F-83.
  77. Likewise Boost Speed and Aid Speed, al ow a character to run at incredible speeds.
  78. Hence, it can be used without the hassles even in a multitude of depths and speeds.
  79. In fact, that's how my G-Wizard feeds and speeds software started out, but I'll 20.
  80. In his car, Sean speeds through the gate and down the driveway, heading to his house.
  81. The next thing Nancy knew she was in a super sonic elevator traveling at high speeds.
  82. Obviously sound waves would travel at different speeds through water of different.
  83. The husband becomes frightened and screams! He quickly speeds off into the distance!.
  84. You miss the equipment for travelling at higher speeds faster than the speed of light.
  85. This same method applies also to 100Base Ethernet devices incapable of multiple speeds.
  86. The collision of two bodies is considered to be oblique when the absolute speeds of the.
  87. They are shooting at me! Aaaahhhhhh, the lady in the car yells while she speeds up.
  88. If the water speeds up, the width of the river decreases to yield a constant flow volume.
  89. In all instances, the ‗hound‘ had to be a dog built to outrun its quarry with speeds.
  90. All the virtual images of Shelby lined up around him as he spun at vertigo causing speeds.
  91. In later life, it speeds by and we know we will reach our final destination too soon for us.
  92. Where the TF-58R variant of the XF-83 really differed, though, was at high supersonic speeds.
  93. She could feel her anger boil over her with heat spreading to her cheeks at lightning speeds.
  94. More than one simply flew into the ground at speeds the compensators simply couldn’t handle.
  95. Of course, there is always an inherent risk involved in traveling beyond relativistic speeds.
  96. The turbulence generated by other cars can be pretty brutal at the speeds these cars achieve.
  97. He gazed at the map, eyes measuring distances and considering the opponents’ relative speeds.
  98. The big trucks moved slowly now, but she knew they were capable of speeds in excess of 60 kph.
  99. Both systems use fuse hose, which protects against inclement weather and also speeds up—.
  100. To back up this much data, backup drives that are capable of unprecedented speeds are required.

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