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Spend dans une phrase (en anglais)

Try to spend it all.
If you spend a few.
You spend a lot of.
We need to spend at.
They spend a lot of.
I knew he would spend.

To spend a term in its.
Or, did you spend the.
They spend much of the.
Spend time in what you.
You spend so much time.
It was foolish to spend.
Spend time in the nature.
He would then spend the.
You dont have to spend.
I now spend ten hours a.
Why then did I spend $19.
He will spend that half.
Spend all of your spare.
The more time you spend.
He would spend the rest.
He doesn’t spend a lot.
She could not even spend.
We spend the time chatting.
Spend the night with me.
It is important to spend.
So how I intend to spend.
I could spend all day here.
They would spend the day.
The time we spend in the.
You spend time and energy.
What a way to spend the day.
Spend one more day with me.
They spend five nights in.
What I don't spend, I lose.
I will spend less time with.
I will spend more time with.
You can spend days in there.
The state's spending of R8.
Me spending time with her.
We should be spending our.
He enjoyed spending the $2.
I would hold off spending.
To have some spending money.
I was tired of spending my.
The thought of spending an.
You spending night with Sid.
After spending most of 10 a.
There are spending caps in.
I love spending time with you.
I pictures spending the rest.
Spending time with friends or.
If you decide that spending $2.
He was used to spending hours.
We ended up spending most of the.
Spending hours playing with them.
Conscious Spending Plan and, 141.
Conscious Spending Plan and, 106.
After spending thousands of years.
We enjoy spending time with Bella.
This is conscious spending, applied.
I had missed spending time with him.
More hours at work? Less spending?
How about spending a little of your.
Rajji mama why he is spending so much.
Afraid of spending time with my own.
I figured I’d be spending most of.
Spending time with them is dangerous.
I'm spending the night with friends.
He’ll be spending the night here.
If the thought of spending hours and.
Painless Ways to Cut Vacation Spending.
Spending times with family and friends.
Now Aanya started spending most of her.
Here is some spending money from Mr.
A day or two spent.
I always spent a lot.
If you have spent a.
I spent time in jail.
I spent it in my bed.
I spent the month in.
I spent the two hours.
While I had spent the.
I spent my time outside.
They had spent most of.
Byron used to spent time.
This is time well spent.
She had spent the last.
They spent the next hour.
When all words are spent.
I spent my days running.
Where he spent one hour!.
We spent millions on her.
She spent time with him.
I spent weeks and weeks.
She must have spent 160.
Rob spent the majority of.
I spent a dollar at lunch.
We spent a very cold and.
He’d spent most of the.
During this time I spent.
The hour he spent with Mr.
They spent quite a bit of.
She spent 30 minutes with.
He had spent the last ten.
Samual spent a fortune on.
It was a spent shell casing.
And Moon spent time in a U.
I spent a couple of months.
I went and spent it already.
You and your women spent it.
I spent a lot of time in my.
I’ve spent searching for it.
He and Dakota spent the day.
In the meantime she spent a.
She spends a lot of.
He spends the night out.
He spends the entire time.
He spends hours in that shed.
One of the things she spends.
Thus, he spends his days in St.
The city spends them in sewers.
The more time a student spends.
He spends his time thinking and.
He spends the first night on the.
He spends money like it was water.
It’s bad enough that she spends.
Big government spends lots of money.
Spends all day at the Wellness Center.
The Adept spends much of His time in.
He spends all his time with the boy.
He spends most of his time at school.
Retired, he now spends his time writing.
Melanie spends it as fast as he makes it.
Spends the day rescuing kittens and----.
I mean, Dad probably spends that much on.
This is where he spends most of his nights.
He spends most of his time in the hole.
Let’s see where he spends all his time.
Don spends all week immersed in his business.
He often spends his vacations there with them.
Nic spends lots of time stuck in reports and.
Thus he spends twenty six years in prison when.
Any money she spends comes right out of capital.
Mars spends the entire month in your 4th house.
She loves Henry and Willie and spends time with.
She spends an hour in the tree, watching the hotel.
I’m lucky if he spends two nights here in a row.
She mostly spends her day out on her horse, Sir.
Allie spends more time there than she does at home.
I see how much time Natalie spends with volleyball.
He earns a smal income and spends every cent of it.
The other spends billions to fuel those same lines.
And in his journey he spends time reading Isaiah 53.
The average consumer spends about $1,750 a year on.

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