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Spew dans une phrase (en anglais)

Candidates would spew all sorts of nasty.
He shouted a spew of dialects in his native language;.
Norah could no more spew her news into that than she could fly.
Hot water began to spew from the other so we connected a hose to the.
Gagging, choking noises came from Randy's throat as he toppled over in a spew of blood.
Xavier grabbed Raekwon by the collar and head-butted him making blood spew from his nose.
Layla was excited when she saw that you had died, and even said you had it coming, I spew.

Then Marcus came face to face with Jane as saliva spew from his mouth, and his spit became acid.
Factories that spew toxic waste are denounced for their unthinking destruction of living organisms.
As they say, the little tongue can become a fiery dragon and unchecked, can spew volcanic destruction.
He was saying that he was the demon behind every hell; the dragon that spew fire in every ancient tale.
Now he got to spew a lifetime’s fury and frustration all over his pupils and call that motivation.
She detected me just as I acted, and caught me with a bit of her spew before her vow of justice took hold.
Bowl-bowel: eat from a bowl-digest your shit and spew it out onto the earth to poison it with rotted dead organic feces.
I shot the other snowmobiles up before mounting mine, which I fired up and gunned in a spew churned spray of snow away from the clearing.
There was a new moon with storm clouds about to spew forth rain and when I arrived, the only person there to greet me was the coven leader.
You don’t see me go on ESPN offering advice about whom the Mavs should trade, though if we grabbed a beer I would spew an opinion on the matter.
And then the Talmud begins to spew its filth, its obvious lies: by giving ‘appropriate interpretations’, which are all politically correct BULLSHIT.
Wa, sealed inside his spacesuit and still strapped to his command chair, could see thick black smoke starting to spew out of the air vents of the bridge.
A city that was showing the damage of their shots upon it, but damaged or not the city’s tall towers had not ceased to spew their deadly colored light.
The taller and more powerful a volcano was: the higher it could spew out its energy and cover all other erupting volcanoes with the clouds of its fallout.
To stew for however many days they’d be away and seek out Elm on his return to discuss more, to hear more of the lies he could spew forth with such ease.
He opened his mouth, ostensibly to spew some effusive pleasantries, but Sandra cut him off, back to the curt irritation she’d displayed when Cam had arrived.
All affected areas will need to be washed with a high-pressure spray of a mild alkaline solution, as you may have traces of the spew trapped beneath your scales.
I was going to inform him that people were still eating off the sidewalks regardless of how dirty they were, but I thought it better to sit back and let him spew his stories.
It took a moment, a panel opened here, the pull of a lever there; the turn of a wheel, the tap of a button and the machine began to purr and spew copy over the floor at a furious pace.
Inerrant thoughts and faiths such as this new cult have arisen to take advantage of our lack of knowing and without the complete word we cannot refute the lies that they spew in ever increasing volume.
Whorls and eddies of intelligence and drive continuously erupt to spew red-hot molten productivity and ingenious ideas across the planet’s surface, only to be quenched in the sea of couch potato quicksand and Happy Meal appetite mud-slides.
There would be a total wipe-out of all life, while some of the animal and plant remains would be buried under the massive quantities of sediment that would spew out of the crack and later roll out sideways, away from the cracks onto the surface of the planet.
And nevertheless in that same black darkness they see black things as devils, that ever maul them and afflict and harass them with all kinds of tortures; and tailed drakes, horrible as devils, that devour them whole and spew them out afterwards before and behind.
He glanced behind and in horror saw that the Nathaniel wasn’t following, but was rather closing in on the giants in the water as her twin guns were depressed as far as they could go, as they continued to spew out the deadly grapeshot that was turning the water red.
No matter into what great depths they may have fallen, when they seek the light with a whole heart, the spirit of the Lord God of heaven will deliver them from their captivity; the evil circumstances of life will spew them out upon the dry land of fresh opportunities for renewed service and wiser living.
Perceiving of the Indians already living there as the enemy: instead of these harmers of the land and invaders into the land of the natives living there; the invaders being the good guy/protagonist and the people being invaded being the bad guy/enemy is another reversal of the truth which myths and history spew forth.
And as long as nobody investigates them… all of their secret corruptions and goings-on, and deals will remain invisible until what they are doing finally blows up so badly; that Chernobyl will look like a firecracker compared to the death they are selling with their latest discoveries and techniques… working as technological observers and researchers for every weapons manufacturer and chemical plant, and high-tech labs that spew out their products and tests to make them as much money as possible.
And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God says these things: I know your works that they are neither cold nor hot; I would prefer you were cold or hot but then because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth because you say: I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked; I counsel you to buy from Me the gold tried in fire so that you may be rich and have white clothes so that you may be clothed and so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear and to anoint your eyes with eye ointment so that you may see; as many as I love I rebuke and punish therefore be zealous and repent; note I stand at the door and knock; if any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and I will dine with him and he with Me; to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on my throne even as I also overcame and am seated with my Father on his throne; he who has an ear let him listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.
Then it all came spewing out.
The explosion causes a spewing.
The fountain was spewing forth and.
He rolled to the side, spewing more blood.
He spoke in English, his mouth spewing hate.
The suction generates a drift and the spewing out a.
His stomach reacted by spewing acid into his throat.
He looked up at the rotors and saw smoke spewing out.
He was spewing curses and saying the vilest of things.
Now they followed, spewing out questions at every turn.
I knew any second I would be spewing all over the place.
Spewing and sputtering he surged to his feet in the pond.
When he let go of the brake, the van shot forward spewing.
Gasses and rubber sludge were spewing out all over the shop.
Khris said scornfully, Destiny? You’re just spewing the.
The fire spewing from Sorid’s mouth burped and sputtered out.
She retched, this time successfully, spewing foul-smelling goo.
There was a fire spewing from a nest of firewood underneath it.
Don’t tell me it’s that cannibal crap people are spewing.
Crazed maniacs spewing their anger and rage out into the crowd.
By the time I reached your tower, fire was spewing from fissures.
Blood was spewing out of his mouth and covering most of his chin.
The bull collapsed, neck broken, spewing blood from a vital artery.
Suddenly and unaware of the words spewing from my mouth, I continued.
Three Zeros orbited it, spewing streams of bullets and cannon shells.
In the center, that was a graceful fountain spewing blue tinted water.
After a bit of sputtering and spewing water finally came out of the sink.
I rocked the motorcycle back and forth, spewing a cloud of sand in the air.
Police cars screeched to a halt, spewing uniformed officers into the square.
A jolt ran through the ground and the fire collapsed spewing hot coals over.
He coughed once more with blood spewing forth, running down his lips and chin.
As he choked to keep the drink from spewing out, his face turned pale, sweat.
The attack plowed into the wall and sent dust and chips spewing out like bomb.
The proverbial ass of the beetle had four round rockets spewing out orange flames.
Someone had scattered the blazing logs in the open and spewing them up like water.
At that same instant, the wall collapsed, spewing rubble and dust across the floor.
It's so sexual, that whoever watches it couldn't get past the bot spewing boner.
Several large infernos, spewing black smoke, were consuming the atoll’s oil tanks.
His stark bright yellow eyes scanned the room as water began spewing from the walls.
Volcanoes spewing out their insane hatred; the red hate of volcanic red molten lava.
Blood spewed but no spurt.
Repulsed, she spewed it out.
Paul spewed a volley of curses.
Garbage spewed onto the street.
He nearly spewed his beer back.
Corks popped and champagne spewed.
Where the feeble lamp had spewed out.
Sparks and smoke spewed from the wound.
He spewed blood all over my new clothes.
He spewed vodka out of his mouth as he.
Water spewed from her slackly open mouth.
Great, steaming engines spewed out fire.
Blood spewed from the hole in Nacho’s brow.
As Eke emerged from the plane, he spewed out.
But when he did he spewed forth a wealth of data.
I took a sip and about spewed it across the table.
The ghost spewed out the mass of swamp water that.
As he waved his hand, the fingertips spewed flames.
What kind of jungle? Where? He spewed out the.
The smoldering pieces of the city gate were spewed out.
He spewed out a few facts, but Casey stopped listening.
The monstrous, winged Demigod spewed acid flame from his maw.
He gathered all his things that were spewed out on his front.
As I said, this underwater crater spewed lava, but not flames.
His body was so swollen with the fluid it spewed from his eyes.
Its fangs spewed venom and its eyes were blazing like a volcano.
Fountains made in the form of statues spewed water into the air.
Sarah balked at this and nearly spewed her mouthful down her blouse.
I nodded dumbly, unwilling to open my mouth in case I spewed on him.
Forked tongues spewed draconic vapor when through them he dictated:.
Coming up to the border gates vomit spewed all over my father's shoes.
Blake had some last words for them before he went under that spewed out.
Samuel nearly spewed out the animal blood he was drinking, watching him.
The State spewed out lies, tainting and moulding minds with its pollution.
Closing his eyes, Conal spewed up on the path, heaving over and over again.
In his fury, as his rhetoric spewed and his passion mounted, he lost control.
The spider spewed its webbing, and all of the children were caught in its web.
That looks like Nakajima, spewed out Fred, stuff was happening too fast.
Sand spewed from her mouth, her breath came in great sucking choking gasps as.
You know, I could have spewed my usual diarrhoea of swearing about the.
That puppy really spews heat.
Honks and the like are grotesque spews.
Spews all these toxic fumes over the township, and.
In his throat, nausea rises and he spews out dust and water.
Avoid cordless phones as the base spews vast amounts of radiation.
You-know-what? My, the language that spews out of that potty mouth of yours.
One that spews lies and distortions twenty-four hours a day in search of profits.
It then spews this intense form of compressed energy out of its two polar orifices.
Supposing the volcano spews out the waste? Darrow countered, positively intrigued.
Just because it spews the numbers we expect doesn’t mean it’s measuring what we think it is.
One of the flamethrower hunters spews out liquid fire from its mouth and the idiots roll screaming on the ground.
The more energy it sucks in, the more powerfully it spews gamma rays and radio waves out of its two polar orifices.
Galaxies that accumulate too much matter, have black holes in their centers that suck this excess matter into a gravitational hell that destroys it, and spews this excess energy out as high-level radiation.
I don't know of a single instance where the need arose for him to do so which is also for the better as a MAG spews out hundreds of bullets per minute and it would have killed many including some of us though it is an accurate weapon.
There is a castle in the distance, slowly growing closer, and as they near its passage, atop which archers stand with bows and arrows, there comes from its depths a dragon—a cold, black creature which spews from its mouth green fire in the name of queen maleficent who within her robes holds the damndest of men—and in this dragon the world collides and then again.

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