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Spicy dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Jack In The Jack's Spicy.
  2. For the Spicy Tomato Sauce:.
  3. The soup was rich, creamy and spicy.
  4. The Mexican salsa was fresh and spicy.
  5. The young ferns were spicy in the hollow.

  6. They have a spicy flavor I find refreshing.
  7. It was spicy and had a fine mix of flavours.
  8. She took a mouthful of the sweet, spicy soup.
  9. Maybe the spicy pizza had given me a bad dream.
  10. Spicy aftershave and warm, male smell assailed her.
  11. But a certain spicy and addictive smell made her stop.
  12. He evidently shared Humphrey’s passion for spicy food.
  13. My best friend in the whole world and I can’t handle spicy.
  14. Tell her to make it short and spicy, and never mind the moral.
  15. As a rule, the purer the chilli powder is, the more spicy it is.

  16. For people with pitt prakruti, spicy food will enhance their problem.
  17. It was lined with fur and smelled of sharp spicy cinnamon and cinnabar.
  18. Chanterelles have a spicy and interesting aroma reminiscent of apricots.
  19. He comes in here every night and orders plate after plate of spicy gumbo.
  20. Jane picked up a fork and speared a chunk of cod, wrapped in the spicy sauce.
  21. He sniffed and wrinkled his nose at the scent that was both spicy and sweet.
  22. As oppose to yang deficiency, It is caused by men who love to hot and spicy.
  23. For a spicier option, go with spicy salsa, OR use water to sauté the veggie.
  24. Twenty minutes later, Hugo was cramming spicy Sichuan alligator into his mouth.
  25. Damn Sally, what did you put in that sandwich it’s so spicy Kaoru asked.

  26. We enjoyed the spicy odors of the forest, could also smell the imminent downpour.
  27. Then he would take me and feed me some delicious but super spicy meats with 47.
  28. Please don’t give in to the stereotype that everything will be hot and spicy.
  29. Should spicy food be avoided in the days when preparing for board examinations?
  30. Many people from the northeast (Isaan) eat this spicy concoction nearly every day.
  31. I told him about my former college, filtering out all the spicy bits that occurred.
  32. After enjoying a nice spicy Mexican breakfast, the two of them exited the restaurant.
  33. He stood, dropping his head so that he could smell the spicy, smoky scent of her hair.
  34. I like the spicy taste it has, Cierra said, taking a small bite of her jerked meat.
  35. Shaking her head, she focused on his eyes instead of how wonderful and spicy he smelled.
  36. The fact that she was in reality only sixteen only added a spicy touch to her situation.
  37. Wickland savored the spicy General Tso’s chicken as the heat warmed his face and sinuses.
  38. She could still taste the tart and spicy bite of the tequila, lime and Cointreau on her tongue.
  39. Basically plant your peppers in full sun and you will have a nice spicy bunch for your harvest.
  40. They had a scent that was mild and pleasantly spicy; it seemed to calm the burning in my stomach.
  41. If a single human manages to cut it once or twice in the arm before dying, that's just spicy food.
  42. However, my mouth watered while seen the small brown crispy paani pudis and the hot spicy juicy water.
  43. That said certainly there are many other foods available that are not spicy including special delicacies.
  44. She returned the bow, taking the bowl from him and took a sip of the bitter, spicy aniseed scented liquid.
  45. A whiff of spicy, eastern perfume with a smile that still dominated the illness, which was still beautiful.
  46. Coriander: A plant with small round white spicy seeds, the leaves and seeds are used for cooking and medicine.
  47. Showing surprise at first, the three Romans then roared in approval, laughing at the more spicy lyrics of the song.
  48. Mixing the blue fluid with the spicy dressing Suzy felt confident that Sharon would not notice the added ingredient.
  49. Fresh green chillies whole--4 (Whole chillies only impart a lovely flavor to the cuisine and will NOT make it spicy).
  50. They feasted on chicken and lamb biryani served with fresh yoghurt, it was delicious, hot and spicy and very filling.
  51. Jack In The Box's Spicy Chicken Biscuit also makes the cut due to its 7 grams of trans fat (highest in the comparison).
  52. I sat down on the sofa, and it smelled like someone, like an actual person, with a stranger’s scent, a spicy aftershave.
  53. A cool morning breeze fanned their cheeks, and the spicy fragrance from the fir-trees filled their lungs with every breath.
  54. Going to the refrigerator she takes out a small plastic container with a similar oriental spicy dressing she used earlier.
  55. Ingrid reddened with embarrassment as the mechanics enthusiastically proposed various names, many of them rather spicy ones.
  56. They were having a lighter cuisine, spicy omelet, fresh home cooked bread, potato and carrot pakoras, which Gulab found addictive.
  57. The perfume had the sweet sensual smell of spring flowers with a stronger undercurrent smell that gave it a hint of spicy muskiness.
  58. Beth glared at the source of the spicy odor filling the air, while trying to picture Truman as cold, dangerous and quick to violence.
  59. Also you will need a strong constitution if you wish to indulge in the region’s cuisine because Indian cuisine is enormously spicy.
  60. A coworker on the KOSTROMA had told her how much he loved a juicy, spicy smoked meat sandwich, making her curious about that specialty.
  61. I could think of a few excuses and diarrhoea seemed the best believable option, considering we were in Thailand with its heat and spicy food.
  62. Several times during the three-hour service, huge baskets of hot and spicy communion bread were ferried in on the heads of the sturdier women.
  63. The newspapers of the island started concocting hurried, spicy biographies of the king and I became an avid reader of some of the more racy ones.
  64. And a second study by Canadian researchers found that men who ate spicy appetizers consumed 200 fewer calories at later meals than those who did not.
  65. I took a whiff of the stuff: it calmed me, made me think of spicy lavender, of silver-green by still pools where river-daughters sleep with open mouths.
  66. Preparing a thick spicy soup, Suzy hums happily as she cooks; taking out the frozen chicken breast in its sealed bag Suzy puts it into a large bowl of warm water.
  67. Coming to grips with her qualms in time, she developed the knack to induce beauties to keep Global’s supply lines fresh and spicy to cater to the high and mighty.
  68. The walls were banked with pine branches that gave out a spicy smell, making the corners of the room into pretty bowers where the chaperons and old ladies would sit.
  69. A spicy goulash with all the trimmings that Susie assured them had been passed down through the family for centuries and been simmering on her stove for the last four days.
  70. Given my feeble intestinal fortitude I would typically avoid such spicy fare but such was the depths of my hunger that I happily snatched it up and threw it on the campfire.
  71. But these three ruling groups at all the times try to mislead people by talkative tongue and spicy talks and divert people’s attention from real issues and their faulty actions.
  72. Berniece assumed that Marilyn didn’t want the food because she was watching her weight, or maybe because she’d been told that she shouldn’t eat spicy foods after her surgery.
  73. Thais eat SA-TO (Parkia Speciosa), which according to Pueng is peculiar to the South of Thailand where as far as I am concerned it can stay, with their soups and other spicy foods.
  74. By the time they arrived for dinner, he in his white pajamas and kurta and she in her light green cotton sari and a black blouse, Narasamma was ready to serve them some spicy dishes.
  75. The Priestesses bowed before the couple and led them, hands still clasped, into a large chamber that had been decorated with many candles and was scented with a sweet and spicy aroma.
  76. Soup, croutons, green salad garnished with Monique’s own dressing, vegetables served separately to guard their delicate flavours, and patties in crumbled cashews with rice and a spicy sauce.
  77. Both cooks in the village set up at his fireplace, one with a hearty thonga stew and the other with some crispy, tasty, spicy, thin rolls with lots of lorv and kalic seasoning the thonga strips.
  78. The spicy taste of the tender, juicy smoked meat overwhelmed nearly at once her tasting buds and made her close her eyes with delight as she savored her sandwich and as the meat melted in her mouth.
  79. He ate Banh Cuon, a rice flour roll stuffed with pork and prawns served with a spicy sausage, and watched a Vietnamese TV station report on several unexplained explosions in the Ha Tay area of Hanoi.
  80. Rich scents, both pleasant and not so pleasant, drifted to me through the passenger window, the spicy aroma of pakora and the nihari Baba had loved so much blended with the sting of diesel fumes, the stench of rot, garbage, and feces.
  81. Hadn’t she come to admire his nature and character as well? What could be a better recipe for a spicy married life than passionate love? But, as she remembered the love her father once showed her, she turned skeptical about love itself.
  82. I was downing a scrumptious bite of something that had the flavor of summer decadence with a hint of spicy warmth when Artaxis almost made me choke on it by saying, For your information, Philanthia’s army is more than three times the size of ours.
  83. Besides, amber is a hard, transparent, brittle, odorless substance, used for mouth-pieces to pipes, for beads and ornaments; but ambergris is soft, waxy, and so highly fragrant and spicy, that it is largely used in perfumery, in pastiles, precious candles, hair-powders, and pomatum.
  84. Besides that, there were several bottles of Blenheim Ginger Ale, which Graisco eyed with some satisfaction, for he had a profound liking for the spicy Southern drink that packed a stronger punch than any alcoholic drink he had ever tasted, including straight whiskey; it was, however, delectable and quite refreshing though it did require one to develop a taste for it.
  85. They were served a meal of hot spicy Hungarian Goulash,.

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